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Place a $300 or higher order for AstrolDeluxe or any of its add-ons during this sale period and save $150.00.

First of all, if you are feeling stuck because your new computer has no CD drive or you have a Mac, see this page of solutions.

As a sale example, you might order the modern and new In The Beginning report, normally $449, which contains 2,882 male and female delineations, which I have researched since 2014, the year that I came out with the Chiron interpretations, and pay just $299.00.

Or you could bundle the $249 KidZone Combo version 3 child natal report, which added a total of 1008 (144 x 7) delineations of the sign and house combinations of each planet, Sun through Saturn, to the excellent Sun/Moon/Ascendant synthesis in the earlier KidZone with Sun/Moon version 2 child report, together with a compatibility report, such as the $100 StarMatch report or the $100 Composite Couples report, and for both the $249 KidZone Combo natal report and the $100 compatibility report, pay just $199.00.

You could also do the $200 upgrade from AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter to AstrolDeluxe Platinum and bundle any $100 report, such as the very useful $100 LifeTrends transits interpretations, and, for the $200 program upgrade plus the $100 add-on report, pay just $150.00.

AstrolDeluxe Platinum includes the Nested Time list on the Options menu, which sorts together all the transiting aspects, progressed aspects, and directions aspects for one calendar year. The combination of the LifeTrends and Journey Progressions interpretations lets you click on and see an insightful pop-up interpretation for any aspect in the Nested Time list. For this sale, if you add Journey Progressions to your $300 order, you can get another $25 off that $100 progressions and directions interpretation set, and pay just $225.00 for $400 worth of software.

The $300 AstrolDeluxe Platinum program comes bundled with the $49 Spirit Success natal reports, the $49 Halloran TrueType Fonts with sharp glyphs for planets, signs, aspects, and asteroids, and the $59 collection of 5,712 Famous Charts. Does your only experience so far involve using the hobbyist Astrology for Windows program? AstrolDeluxe Platinum will work seamlessly with your existing collection of saved charts. You will never again have the opportunity to obtain the $300 AstrolDeluxe Platinum program for just $150.00.

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