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Planets in Aspect

Venus conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  5.71)

You seek depth and intensity in your relationships, and may well encounter repeated crises in this area of your life.  In truth you are being transformed through your close personal relationships, and this process can often be painful yet is eventually fulfilling.  You are a very ardent lover, and you require someone who can handle the depth of love you seek.  Your partner in love must be your companion emotionally, physically and spiritually--nothing less.

In your present love affairs you are intensely possessive of your partner until someone comes along who can offer you more depth of feeling.  You may demand gifts and other tokens of love from your lover, and you are eager to return the kindness.  You are strongly committed to those you love, and you expect the same from them.  Material displays of affection reassure you that your partner doesn't want you just for your body, but that there is more depth to the relationship.

Others are drawn to you like a magnet and find you fascinating.  They see the great depth to you and are drawn to it.  People often react to you strongly, whether it be positively or negatively. Some will find you charming and sexy, and others will be scared off by these same qualities. You may have a preoccupation with sex, but your attitude tends to improve with time. Eventually you learn to enjoy all levels of human contact, not just the deep intensity of sex.

You would do well in an occupation dedicated to improving social problems, and you are often appalled at the coolness of government officials who are trained to deal with these problems. You may even be willing to volunteer time or contribute funds to such a worthy cause, and you would be a good fund-raiser for nonprofit organizations.

Sun conjunct Mercury  (Strength:  5.54)

You have very strong opinions and don't hesitate to state them without being asked.  This can be irritating to people, especially since you tend to dismiss their own opinions as unimportant.  You usually have the first and last word in any discussion.  In your haste to be first, you may make decisions prematurely.  This means you may have to retract what you've said later, and this is not easy for you.  You don't like to admit you were wrong and can be very self-centered.

You are creative and could be a good leader if you would take the time to make good decisions. You need to take others' needs into consideration and to learn a little humility.  At times you can be something of a "know-it-all," which can be very annoying to others.  Try to cultivate some objectivity.

Communication comes naturally for you, and you can express yourself articulately.  You love to give orders but may become frustrated if they are not followed.  You are not above intimidating others to get their support.  Express this aspect more positively by inspiring rather than threatening others.  Your enthusiasm can be infectious, and you can work well with the public. You are good at making and carrying out plans.

In your love life, be careful of your tendency to misinterpret your partner's signals.  Try to see yourself through their eyes during times of misunderstanding.  Your partner should be able to take your directness and lack of diplomacy.  You speak straight from the heart.

Mars square Chiron  (Strength:  5.11)

You are attracted to explore issues of current political relevance.  You do not shrink from raising awareness about controversial issues.  You have an outspoken style.  You are someone who could challenge complacent assumptions.  You are an active person who likes sports.  You are comfortable around new technology.  At an early age you developed and became interested in the opposite sex.

Venus sextile Mars  (Strength:  3.70)

You are a very affectionate person, but you don't manifest this quality with anyone other than those you know well.  You understand that each relationship has to involve a mutual give and take arrangement and are therefore fairly easy to get along with.  You try to develop yourself to your fullest potential and admire the same quality in others.

Your favorite friendships are those which have lasted for years.  This does not mean you are in constant touch with these people, but they know you are their friend nonetheless.  You can sometimes wax nostalgic and seem to remember the good memories more than the bad.

You enjoy surrounding yourself with beauty and art and appreciate good music, books and social contacts.  You would do quite well in a job that brings you in contact with people on a personal level (such as public relations).  You have a ready smile and a positive outlook on life that is infectious.

You could find a life-mate who will work with you to achieve much material success in life. Your relationships always teach you something, whether they are "successful" or not.

Be careful in spending money and don't live "beyond your means."  You want to surround yourself with beauty, but be sure you can afford it.  Learn to conserve what you have and make do when necessary.

Moon trine Saturn  (Strength:  3.66)

You may have only a few friends, but what you lack in number you make up in quality.  Your friends (and lovers) must respect themselves in order to earn your respect.  You are a loyal friend and would never let down another who is depending on you.

You have a fantastic memory and could use it well in such careers as: management, politics, public relations, law, education, or even engineering.  You seek a position of authority and would be very fair with your underlings--as long as they lived up to their part of the deal.  You look for a well-developed sense of responsibility in those with whom you work.

You may appear to be conservative to those around you, but the truth is that you have a good amount of common sense.  You are not overly cautious, just careful.  For this reason you are also very law-abiding.  In making decisions you will examine all options carefully before acting.

Friends enjoy your company and the sense of well-being they derive from your emotional stability.  This is a quality that can also help children to grow and develop their own stable foundation, and you would be a kind disciplinarian as a parent.

Chances are that your more satisfying love affairs will come later in life after you have reached a height of maturity.  You behave responsibly in your relationships and expect the same of your partners.

Saturn sextile Uranus  (Strength:  3.56)

You appreciate the value of education and have the ability to apply knowledge.  You have a healthy dose of self-confidence and know how to develop your innate talents.  You are good at achieving what you set out to accomplish.  This is because you can exercise a great deal of self-discipline in working toward your goals.  You don't believe in wasting your time or energy.

You would find satisfaction in your career as a teacher or in some other capacity in the field of education.  You would also do well in research, politics, management, and even astrology.

In order for you to respect someone, they have to share your respect for the intellect.  You appreciate self-direction in others.  Still, it is best not to "show off" your mind at the risk of appearing to be a stuffed shirt.

In relationships you appreciate a lover who brings new experiences and excitement into your life.  Any long-term relationship must maintain an air of newness and must be able to adjust to changes taking place in both partners.

Venus inconjunct Chiron  (Strength:  3.41)

You are likely to have a friendly, out-going personality.  You could find success in a career that depends upon how personable you are.  This aspect indicates that you must deal with alternations in your popularity and emotional circumstances, making you intermittently vulnerable to depression.  Some of these ups and downs could be caused by your own ingenuous or excessively innocent nature.  Your mother could have indulged you.  You can be characterized as a humanist, i.e., a person having a strong interest in or concern for human welfare, values, and dignity.  You care about other people and are engaged with your community.  You have a rich inner life; you could keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings.

Jupiter trine Neptune  (Strength:  3.33)

Because of your deep sense of spirituality, you are inspired to make your life as rich as possible on all levels.  You also wish to help all those whose surroundings are bleaker than your own. You are idealistic enough to see the good in every person and/or situation, and for this reason you can be very effective in identifying problems and taking action to solve them.

You are rather sophisticated and have a keen appreciation of the finer arts.  Since this aspect is considered a "lucky" one, you will probably be successful in your life (assuming that other negative aspects to Jupiter and Neptune do not conflict with this).  You may even be in a position to create or develop programs aimed at helping poor people realize their full potential in life.

Whatever you choose as a career, you will be highly creative and imaginative.  You would do well in education, writing, art, or in spiritual groups.  You have a strong interest in the occult sciences and have considerable psychic abilities.  Others are drawn to your spiritual strength and will come to you with their problems.  Giving sympathy and understanding to those in need is a very gratifying spiritual experience for you.

You will be happiest when you are serving others, and you want to make a significant contribution to the Earth in general.  In seeking a mate you will look for spiritual awareness as well as social refinement.  A purely casual one-night-stand leaves you cold.

Pluto inconjunct Chiron  (Strength:  3.30)

This aspect makes you clear-sighted and hard-headed, having few illusions.  It does not make your path easy, but it does give you the strength and power to handle it.  Your clear-sightedness can make you good in business -- you see what would be the most efficient procedures.  You could be a cost-cutting reformer who streamlines operations and eliminates waste.  You are someone who sees the future and can make it happen.  You can be a leader and a mediator.  You are known for being poised, confident, modest and calm.

Mercury conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  3.04)

Your mind is very intense, and you are constantly researching everything (and everyone) in life. You seek a deeper meaning behind everything and have a keen eye for details.  Your intense curiosity can lead you to go to extremes in gathering data in order to solve your problems.

Mysterious and occult matters have a special fascination for you.  You love a good intellectual challenge and would therefore do well in such positions as: detective, analyst, chemist, researcher, surgeon or pathologist.  Other possible areas of satisfaction for you would be exploration and financial advising.

It is not difficult for you to win people over to your position by gentle but firm persuasion.  Once you set a goal for yourself, nothing or no one should try to stand in your way.  It is hard for you to take advice at times like this, although it would be advisable for you to develop such listening skills.

In your dealings with others you can be quite vindictive and vengeful.  One of your pet peeves is social injustice, and you have no patience for public officials who allow unjust social conditions to prevail.  You may be tempted to work for the underdog yourself as lobbyist or spokesman. This would be a positive channel for your pent-up anger over social inequities.

You are a demanding lover and can sometimes be lacking in compassion when asked to accept your lover's faults.  You try to dominate your partner and then lose respect for him or her when they allow you to do so.  You require a strong mate who can hold firmly to his or her own position and work with you so that you both can grow from the association.  A common goal or ideal will form a strong bond between you.

Mars sextile Pluto  (Strength:  2.70)

You are driven by a powerful urge to know the truth and are very good at collecting and analyzing facts.  Since you are so well informed, you are an articulate conversationalist and enjoy a good debate or heated discussion.  You use drama in your discourse very effectively and would be a moving public speaker.  This is especially the case if you are involved in a humanitarian cause or mission.  You are impatient with social injustice and respect those who are doing something about it.

It is not difficult for you to ascertain others' motives in your dealings with people, and this gives you the upper hand if someone tries to deceive you.  You expect frankness and open communication from those you deal with.  You even respect your competitors if they can be direct and to the point instead of using subtle and indirect tactics.

Your physical desires are strong, although you require much more than sexual gratification in your long-term love relationships.  The ideal partner would be one who could be your companion and friend as well as your lover.  You always let your friends, family and lovers know exactly where they stand with you--and you will be clear about what you expect from them.  At times you may need to practice more compromise in order to solve conflicts of interest.

You feel strongly about your objectives in life and must do more than just talk about them.  Get involved and work to bring about your ideal.  If you apply yourself, you can accomplish a great deal.

Moon sextile Uranus  (Strength:  2.62)

At an early age you probably noticed that you were different from others.  Even as a child you seemed able to see lessons in everything that happened to you.  You also learned to not hold onto the past but instead to release disappointments and hurts and move on into the future.

Your friends are many and widely varied.  It would be hard to give a general description of the typical person you associate with because they are each uniquely different.  As a youngster your parents may have disapproved of your choice of friends or even tried to choose your friends for you.  However, since you are "negatively suggestible," this only increased your determination to maintain such friendships.

You would excel in an occupation as a: teacher (especially of history), writer, reporter, politician or researcher.  You would be a different teacher or writer than most because you would make your work come alive for your students or readers.  You are highly intuitive and can tune in easily to the feelings of others.

One of your worst faults is impatience.  You learn quickly and want the rest of the world to keep up with you.  It is frustrating to you to be able to see so clearly what has to be done to improve a situation but have to wait for others to share your vision before anything can be accomplished.

In your personal relationships you require a partner who can allow you complete freedom of movement and expression.  Remember that your partner may not be as receptive to rapid change as you are.  If you see changes in the relationship which need to be made, be patient with your partner.  Take baby steps instead of giant leaps.

Sun conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  2.59)

The Sun's conjunction with Pluto only occurs once (it's in orb for three weeks or so) each year, so it is unusual to have this aspect in your birth chart.  No matter what your Sun sign is, the close proximity of Pluto will give your Sun Scorpionic qualities.  You are a very intense person and find it difficult to do anything with moderation.  There is little middle ground with you--you either hate or love something, or someone.

One of the greatest lessons of this aspect is to rise above your powerful ego.  Since an early age you've been used to getting what you want, and you will courageously take on anyone who gets in your way.  You seek positions of leadership and power, and you are intolerant of weakness in others, or in governments.  Just remember that more can be accomplished with careful planning and consideration.  Be willing to give up any attachment you may have to fame, and share the credit for group accomplishments with the group.

You are in favor of social reform and may even work for noble causes seeking to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate.  You are quick to speak out against social injustice or intolerable situations.  And you are not afraid to confront authority figures if need be.

In your love life, you must find a mate with physical needs as strong as yours.  Others find you hypnotically charming, and it may be possible for you to bring some people under your control with little effort.  Just remember that all Pluto aspects contain a strong element of karma.  Unless your motivations are sincerely for the good of all, using your power over others to obtain your goals will only result in your ultimate ruin.

One danger with this aspect is that you may become a workaholic.  Remember not to push yourself too far.  Although your ego is powerful enough to surmount virtually any obstacle, your body may need a rest now and then.  Focusing your energy in order to use it more constructively is your key to success.

Mercury conjunct Venus  (Strength:  2.39)

You get along with most people and are willing to make compromises in relationships to maintain harmony.  That doesn't mean you become a doormat for others, but you have a strong sense of fairness and do not offend others without just cause.  Others are seldom threatened or intimidated by you, largely because of your affable nature and social grace.  You are willing to listen to anyone's opinions and suggestions before making major decisions.

Direct competition may be uncomfortable for you, and you may feel more at ease working with a small group of people.  Perhaps you enjoy public speaking or performing in the dramatic arts. Another possible source of satisfaction for you would be writing, because of your natural talent for expressing yourself well.  You have an imaginative mind and are clever at cooking up schemes to improve your economic situation.  It is not difficult for you to turn your many creative ideas into ready cash.

Others will usually support you in what you do because they can see that you exercise good judgment.  They can believe in you and are glad to pitch in to help you succeed.  Just be sure you don't ask anyone else to take risks you yourself wouldn't attempt.  Actually, any chances that you take will be well considered and are probably not that risky after all.

In love relationships, you have a talent for communicating your needs and desires to your partner.  You are attracted to people who share your artistic talents or at least an appreciation of the arts.  The worst possible mate for you would be one who is socially uncouth.  In sex you have a healthy open attitude and can discuss the subject rather easily with your partner.  Verbal expression during sex can be very stimulating for you.

Jupiter square Uranus  (Strength:  2.07)

You have an uncanny ability to accomplish whatever you set out to do, although it often exacts a price from you.  In your drive to do everything, you can overload and overcommit yourself instead of setting priorities and focusing on them.  Try to develop more self-discipline in this area.

You would do well in politics, law, education, religion or even the occult.  But remember that the end does not always justify the means, and don't compromise your standards in the name of success.  Learn to be diplomatic and patient in your dealings with others.

Don't be selfish with the limelight.  You cannot start at the top like you want to.  Learn to work slowly and determinedly for your goals.  Prepare well for your tasks.  Look two or three times before leaping.  And learn to accept "failure" as the great teacher that it is.

You can be arrogant and pretentious in your love life.  Try to remember that not everyone finds you irresistible.  Many will, but watch out for those who are not charmed by your shining personality and wit.  You are very impulsive and need much growing room in relationships. Sexually you are very inventive and curious.

Sun conjunct Venus  (Strength:  1.94)

You have a strong need to be loved by others, and you always seek to make a good impression on those you meet.  This means you are usually more willing to compromise, although not always, because you don't want to appear weak.  When you know your actions will not be misinterpreted, you are very loving and generous.

It is important to you that others consider you a person who holds important values and ideals. You are a good listener in conversation but also enjoy being asked to state your opinion.  You enjoy your friends and social gatherings, where you like to "mingle" with everyone.  You can never tell when someone you meet could be useful at a later time.  You also have a talent for music or the arts.

But not everyone is overwhelmingly charmed by you.  And your presence alone is not enough to please everyone.  Be sincere in your dealings with others, and don't be swayed by a display of affection.  You enjoy the finer things in life and should surround yourself with them as much as possible.

You have no shortage of potential lovers in your life, and you are attractive in a natural sort of way.  Don't rub this in with those less fortunate; be modest instead.  You handle love relationships with grace and diplomacy, and for this reason you could carry on several different affairs simultaneously.

Moon semi-square Chiron  (Strength:  1.67)

You could have a cynical sense of humor combined with a fertile imagination.  You understand and have a connection with the common man, with the masses.  You would be good at developing or advertising products for the masses.  You gradually learn what works and you continually improve your appeal.  You are likely to be oriented around family and children.

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