Now you can use your computer to analyze handwriting

The handwriting analyzer analyzes any handwriting and gives you an interpretation that may be printed out or displayed on-screen. You simply tell the program what the handwriting sample looks like by answering 58 multiple choice questions. Handwriting Analyzer discovers the underlying patterns in the writing, evaluates them, and prints a detailed character description. The character description is in graphic form and is based on the detection of seven character types. You do not need to know anything about handwriting analysis to use Handwriting Analyzer.

Features include:

· Display or print an analysis of any handwriting

· On-screen help and instructions

· Easy to understand menus

· Single key-stroke answering

· Storage of each analysis on disk for later recall

· Screens show character-based pictures of various handwriting styles--simply select the image most like your writing sample

· Handwriting patterns are also defined in words on each screen

· Questions may be skipped and user may move backwards/forward to check or correct answers

· Each screen points to a page number where you can find additional information in the documentation

· Interpretations based on research plus the knowledge of a professional handwriting analyst with 25 years experience

· Each print-out is three pages long

· Seven supplementary information sheets provide deeper understanding of the personal print-out

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