Welcome to the KidZone (tm) Combo Child Report.

The KidZone Combo child report is the first natal report to draw on eight megabytes of text. It is version 3 of Marise Payne's child natal interpretations, which Marise expanded by writing a total of 1008 delineations for the possible sign and house combinations of each planet, Sun through Saturn. It adds almost five megabytes worth of text to the previous KidZone with Sun/Moon interpretation set.

You must have at least version 6.3.16 of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter in order to run the KidZone Combo Child Report. AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter has been at version 8.3 since May, 2013.

The KidZone Combo Child Report is a new type of natal report with three new templates and its own file of interpretations. The interpretation file is called KZCMBO.HNP. The templates are called KidZone Combo Basic, KidZone Combo Compact, and KidZone Combo Full.

The Basic gives about a 10-page report that has just the highly personal combination interpretations that were not in the original KidZone version 1 (2002) report -- i.e., the Sun/Moon/Ascendant synthesis from version 2 (2004), and the new (2010) combo delineations for the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the signs and houses.

The 2nd template, called Compact, does about a 23-page report that has the above features with the addition of the planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the houses, interpretations of the chart aspects starting with the strongest aspects down to a strength of 3, and interpretation of the three most dominant houses in the chart.

The Full template gives about a 50-page report which adds to the Compact all the sign interpretations for the Ascendant and the Sun, Moon, and planets through Pluto, plus all the aspects, the three most dominant planets and signs in the chart, and the abundance or lack of elements and modalities in the chart. So, you have a choice between a 10-page Basic report, a 23-page Compact report, and a 50-page Full report.

Note that the KidZone Combo file includes all the delineations that were in the earlier version 1 and version 2 child interpretation sets, so you can also successfully use the KZCMBO.HNP file with the earlier KidZone and the KidZone with Sun/Moon report templates, giving a total of five reports from which to select.

The KidZone Combo interpretation set costs $249, but the resulting reports are worth it - they are very personal, and Marise's writing shows a high degree of astrological insight and compassion (Marise has sun in Aquarius on the Descendant with a close trine between Uranus and Neptune and a close sextile between Saturn and Pluto). Although written to help the parents of children, subjects of any age can benefit from the very personal insights in the KidZone Combo Report.

"Wonderful Reports. Your child report is the best out there. Your solar return and vocational reports are also the best.
M. Baruch"

"Outstanding!! I have rarely encountered delineations in birth chart reports that "open my eyes" and elicit great respect for the author of the delineations.
The Kid Zone Combo Natal Report is an exception. It is the most comprehensive and most insightful natal report I've yet encountered.
H. Friedman"

Click to read a short Basic report with just the combo interpretations for Charlie Sheen. This deep new interpretation set costs $249. A customer who already has the version 1 KidZone report can upgrade for $150. It is just $100 to upgrade from the version 2 KidZone with Sun/Moon report.

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