Astrology of World-Entertainers John Denver and Elvis Presley

by Joyce Lott

Just for fun one day a couple of years ago I ran the charts of Elvis Presley and John Denver. I was blown away. They were both Capricorns with Pisces Moons....and they both had Pluto conjunct a Moon's Node. So I did a little research...and found that Pluto conjunct a Node has the power to transform masses of humanity. They both did ...through music, the international language.

 Celebrity Chart

John Denver opened Communist China to Western influence. He was the ONLY person from Western culture allowed in there. The reason was that the Chinese foreign minister came to the USA and heard John's music on the radio. He decided that it was wholesome and would be good for the Chinese people. So he acquired all the tapes he could, took them back to China and all the radio stations in China were required to play them. John traveled there often and wrote the beautiful song "When the Breezes Blow in Old Shanghai" on one of his trips. Japan loved him as well. There are wonderful YouTube videos of little Japanese people in their rain slickers singing "Country Roads" with John in the pouring rain. Now, you know they had no idea where West Virginia was.....or what a "mountain mama" was. But they knew every word, and they loved it.

John's work for the environment is legendary....including his close friendship with Jacques Cousteau and their joint efforts. It is a great note of sadness to learn that two of his trusts were involved in the Bernie Madoff disaster....

Then there was ELVIS. The more I have studied that chart the more I have learned. I am a student of Esoteric studies.....I was idling in my study and picked up Bailey's "Esoteric Astrology" from the shelf. It fell open to the page with: JUPITER (2ND) -- The School of Beneficent Magicians. ........its graduates work with the Law of Supply and are frequently called the 'sowers.'

 Celebrity Chart

Elvis was a "Magician." He came into incarnation with the Law of Supply and Abundance already developed. He had the 13th Degree of Sagittarius Rising and chart ruler Jupiter in the 12th House with a sextile from Neptune and a quintile from the North adverse aspects. The ruler of the 12th was PLUTO, which was conjunct the South Node in the 8th.....opposition a huge creative stellium in the 2nd ...SUN exactly conjunct 2nd House Cusp. This was all squared by Uranus in the 5th....a new form of self-expression, a new art form.....lots of rhythm.....And what a physically beautiful man!

He was born into dirt poverty.....learned music and rhythm from the Southern Gospel music at the Assembly of God church when he was an infant.....Nothing ever deterred him.....he was just always sweet and loving and sang what he heard in his head.....he always thought he could be a star....although they flunked him in music in high school and threw him out of the chorus.....

that was in Memphis where he used to jam on the street corners with the guys from the black projects...and he learned black music and rhythms....

Well, he became a success at 19 after recording "That's Allright Mama," and within three years was the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Now, that seems like magic to me. I do believe that Soul had mastered the Law of Supply and Abundance before he came into incarnation. Money flowed to him and through him....he was incredibly generous and just gave it away.

Also, the highest planets in the chart are Mars in the 10th and Neptune in the 9th. Mars is in the 13th degree of Libra....there's that MAGIC number again.....and so his ambition was directed into peace loving activity involved with the creation of beauty. Neptune in the 9th .....a very spiritual man on a serious spiritual quest.....he studied it all.....even read the Kabbalah.... Neptune is trine Mercury.....and so we have that wonderful repertoire of the greatest Gospel Music ever's still winning number one on the charts.

And he was definitely a transformer of humanity.....he "shook it up" ....he changed the way music is performed forever. He shook up conventionality and set the planet rocking. He also integrated music.....Jerry Lee Lewis was there before him, but didn't have the stature. Elvis brought black music (which was taboo) onto the Ed Sullivan show.....and the Milton Berle show.....and everybody was shocked....and my God, he moved his left couldn't move your body with music ..... that was "evil." We have come a long way, haven't we? forward to today. There is a music station ....SIRIUS XM 13 .... (must be an accident....don't you think?).....which goes all over the planet 24 hours a day on the internet....

More and more, everyday his talent and greatness are being acknowledged. The candlelight vigils held on the anniversary of his death get larger every year and can be seen from space.....NOBODY who ever lived gets that kind of tribute.....These are just common folks from all over the planet who show up. It is an expression of how much his music and the beauty of the man and his Soul mean to humanity.....still....and it's growing.... pays to study the chart. We had a REAL, LIVE magician and adept who moved and transformed humanity.

All the intelligentsia and the snobs would really belittle this.....but I am correct.....and Dane Rudhyar and Alice Bailey would agree.

The Adepts do not all live in the ethers in the Himalayas......real stuff happens!!

You have to go back to Esoteric Astrology and understand the RAYS that express through the planets......this stuff is real and it acts out on the physical plane. Amen!!

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