The following pages contain a brief evaluation of key elements of your birth chart, although it is by no means complete. Astrology can reveal many things about a person's life and personality, and you could study your chart for a lifetime without knowing the answers to all of your questions. The descriptions that follow will give you a "thumbnail" introduction to yourself through astrology.

In interpreting your chart, this report considers the sign of the planets and the north node in your chart, as well as their house placements. It also describes the sign of the Ascendant and the strongest aspects between the planets.

You may note that some of the following descriptions appear to contradict each other--and indeed we are all walking bundles of contradiction. If you examine yourself carefully, you will probably realize that you do in fact possess the qualities of both conflicting descriptions. Even though some parts of the reading may seem to clash, you will see that certain themes are repeated throughout the following pages. These are the ones that will become major issues in your life.

The readings stress that you are the ultimate decider of your fate. The stars may indicate the hand you were dealt at birth, but it is up to you to play that hand well enough to achieve your goals. Also, bear in mind that every "bad" aspect of a chart also has a "good" side. How it is expressed is really up to you. We tend to work at expressing ourselves more positively most of the time and only lapse into the negative behavior described when depressed, angry or scared. Or it is possible that some aspects may better describe your personality or behavior earlier in life. They may seem alien now because you have already worked through them.

A "Strength" number precedes each aspect description; this number takes into account how exact the aspect is, whether the aspect is a major or minor one, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles. The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to act it out in your life.

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Rising Sign

Libra Ascendant

Libra was rising at your birth; a sign belonging to the element air and to the cardinal or movable quality. You believe in justice and peace, and are forever trying to bring these forces into play in your life. When in balance, you are delightful to be with--gracious, good- natured and with a good sense of humor. But like the scales after which the sign is named, Libra dips wildly from one side to the other before attaining that perfect balance, and this results in restlessness, stubbornness and confusion.

People with Libra rising are usually attractive, charming, refined and cheerful. They enjoy socializing with friends in pleasant surroundings, and usually come to functions well- dressed. They deplore rudeness or vulgarity and always have time to listen to the concerns of a friend. You are an equally good conversationalist and are rarely at a loss for words. It is likely that you are artistically talented, such as in music or art.

You enjoy physical beauty in your lover, and are a very romantic and sensual lover. In your lovemaking you delight in all the trappings--incense, perfume, satin sheets. Just be careful not to idealize love too much. It is hard for someone to live up to such idealistic expectations. They are normal people who sweat and get pimples, just like you.

Physically, you are generally attractive and wear a pleasant, warm expression. You usually have dimples--if not in the chin or cheek, then in the knees. Quite frequently you have a beautiful smile, perfect teeth and curly or wavy hair. Your height is moderate to tall, and if you are not careful, you may be inclined to gain weight by indulging yourself. Your health is generally good, but be careful that you get enough liquids in your diet. Problem areas are the kidneys and skin diseases.


Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarians have a strong need for freedom and self-expression. Ruled by Jupiter, the mythological King of the Gods, you love adventure, travel, exploration, flirting, gambling, and--most of all--truth seeking. You are constantly looking for new opportunities to accomplish your goals in life, and for this reason you are not likely to miss much. Just be careful that your optimism does not swell into over-confidence and laziness so that you sit back and do nothing as chances pass you by.

You pursue your personal and professional goals with great vigor, but are quite likely to get distracted along the way when something (or someone) else seems more interesting and challenging. Sagittarians are well known for being socially active--even promiscuous. This is especially true for the men, who take on the womanizing qualities of Jupiter himself. Natives of both sexes are usually attractive and well-dressed, and they have a knack for setting new fashion trends.

In your relationships with others you are frank and honest, sometimes brutally so. It's not that you mean to be, but not everyone can take so much raw truth at one time. You enjoy physical activity and can grow restless without it. You have little regard for customary social etiquette and prefer to behave in a nonconventional manner. Existing rules of conduct are no more than a charade to you, and you refuse to play. You thoroughly enjoy socializing with your friends, but they must learn to take your blunt outspokenness.

Just like their ruler, Jupiter, Sagittarians can have a very nasty, thunder-and-lightning kind of temper. But once the storm passes, they return to their sunny selves; they don't hold grudges like Scorpions. In fact, they can be very philosophical about such outbursts and quickly identify a higher meaning to them. In fact, Sagittarians always look for a deeper meaning behind everything. They continually ponder over the secrets and great mysteries of the Universe.

Romantically, you seek a long-lasting and deep relationship. You must have a special close intimacy with your partner that transcends sex. Although you may spend your youth being somewhat promiscuous, in the long run you realize that casual sex is not satisfying to you. It is important that your lover help you grow rather than try to limit you.

Sun in the Third House

This house placement of the Sun indicates that you have qualities normally associated with the sign Gemini. You have a very quick mind, an active curiosity, and a tendency to become bored unless you are constantly stimulated by new information. You love to talk and enjoy a good debate with a worthy opponent. Travel is a very mind-expanding experience for you, and you will benefit greatly from visiting or living in foreign lands.

Communication is very important to you, and you may find that your chosen occupation will include writing, public speaking or other forms of communication. You have a strong appreciation for education and seek to develop your intellectual abilities to their fullest. You enjoy picking up new information through reading or through your daily interactions with others. Your relationship with your siblings and childhood friends will play an important role in your life.

In your love life, you seek a partner who can provide the excitement and constant change you need in order to feel alive. You would not be happy with a mate who wants to settle into a familiar rut and stay there. You do not need to be in the constant company of your loved ones and are able to carry on long-distance relationships by phone or mail. You do not have to be with a person to communicate your love.


Moon in Aquarius

With your Moon in Aquarius you are highly imaginative and should direct this energy into creative channels. You are very open-minded about the changing trends in society and can adapt quite easily.

Most of all you love to shock others with your opinions, which often violate taboos. You can see the need for old arbitrary restrictions to be cast aside. Freedom is very important to you, but you must sometimes remember to extend the same freedom to your partner.

You are a mixture of radical thought and conservative action and are sometimes plagued by anxiety and tension. Often you take on others' problems or causes without getting anything in return.

In relationships you seek a person who is somewhat unusual. You look for a companion who can share many interests with you. In business you need a stable partner who can make good practical use of your creative imagination and keep you grounded. Metaphysics and occult sciences are also of interest to you.

The one drawback of this moon placement is a tendency to gossip and spread rumors. Although this may be done with the best of intentions, you may not enjoy dealing with the consequences when you are identified as the source. Physically, your areas of weakness are varicose veins, eye afflictions and ulcers on your legs.

Moon in the Fifth House

Your feelings are strong and you are honest with others about your emotions. Entertainment is important to you, and you enjoy attending the theater and attending social gatherings. Just be careful not to party too hardy. When you are in such high spirits you may take unwise risks with your health. There is also the possibility that you will get carried away by emotions at such times.

The older you get, the more you seem to enjoy young children. For this reason you would make a good teacher of youngsters, whether this is done in a classroom or through setting an example with your life. Children (and adults) can appreciate your poetic imagination and your openness. Although you may not actively seek the spotlight in life, you don't mind a little publicity every now and then.

Your friends and loved ones are inspired by your enthusiasm for life. It is easy for you to make friends, and you reap much joy from your close relationships. This Moon placement indicates that you will go through a multiplicity of love relationships during your life. This is partly due to your popularity with others and also your tendency to exit a relationship when it becomes too complicated. Learn to face such difficulties head-on instead of running from them. This will be much more satisfying in the end.


Mercury in Sagittarius

With Mercury in Sagittarius you are very direct about your opinions and, if you are not careful, can become very critical of others. While some people will appreciate your frankness, others may wish you would use more tact. You approach life with a youthful and adventurous outlook, and you will retain this quality well into old age.

Because of your keen mind and impulsive nature, you will explore many different subjects and philosophies during your life. Travel to foreign lands would be very expansive for you, as it would widen your view of the world. You also have a deep respect for education. Your main weakness is your inability to stay focused for extended periods of time. While you may have grandiose ideas about extravagant projects, you very seldom manage to follow through on these inspirations.

With Mercury in Sagittarius you are prophetic, philosophical and truthful. Others come to you for advice on their problems, which you are always willing to provide. You constantly support justice and freedom of thought, and you are quick to speak out against unjust treatment of others. You sometimes overlook the details of life because you are completely focused on the larger perspective. In other words, you miss things right under your nose because your eyes are on the mountaintops.

You will achieve your greatest success once you learn to focus your energy on one project at a time and to follow it through to completion. This will allow you to turn your lofty ideals into concrete realities for the benefit of everyone.

Mercury in the Third House

You have an intense curiosity and love to travel. You have a deep respect for education and enjoy communicating your ideas to others. With your versatile mind, you are open and receptive to change and new perspectives. Focus on one project at a time rather than scattering your energies, and you will have greater success.


Venus in Capricorn

Rather conventional in your values, you look at things for their practical use rather than for decorative appeal. You take life seriously and are probably interested in business and banking matters. Although you may not be a classist, per se, you are definitely conscious of your reputation in the community and pride yourself on being above reproach. You prefer to associate with others who are similarly inclined.

As a friend or lover, you are very loyal and trustworthy. Once you commit yourself to a relationship, you will be a solid and dependable mate. You look at love practically, just as you do the rest of your life. If possible, you would prefer to "marry up"--that is, to marry someone who will make you look good because of their own success or social status.

You are attracted to people who are practical, persevering and accomplished. With this Venus position you certainly recognize true value in a partner when you see it. Security is very important to you--both emotionally and materially. You seek quality in your relationships and will not settle for anything less. You would not last long with a partner who tarnishes your reputation or otherwise threatens to lower your status on the social scene.

Venus in this sign makes you somewhat controlled and reserved in your love life. You are able to be patient and wait for what (or who) you want. Actions speak louder than words to you in your love life, and you will be a tremendously loyal and helpful mate. You seek security in your relationships, and you truly need to be needed. It is important to you that your mate treat you and your relationship with respect.

Venus in the Fourth House

Your home and family are very important to you, and your home will be as beautiful and comfortable as possible. As a parent, you provide a loving environment for your children. You enjoy entertaining at home, and you make your guests feel quite welcome. Although you're not a neat fanatic, you can't tolerate clutter and dirt for long. You will achieve your greatest pleasure and comfort later in life.


Mars in Virgo

Your ability to assert yourself is often frustrated by your own incessant worrying and scrupulous attention to detail. While it is good to be organized and to have a plan of operation, you also need to learn to be a little more spontaneous and carefree.

In your career you are an energetic worker. Although you are ambitious, you find it hard to handle positions of high responsibility. You tend to take on everyone's problems and end up with stomach upsets or skin rashes. Although you are practical and diplomatic with others, you are not prone to taking risks or to participating in cutthroat competition.

You are a very careful and meticulous lover and will make sure that the surroundings and atmosphere are perfect for yourself and your partner. Although you are somewhat slow to arouse sexually, you go out of your way to please your lover, employing superior technique, sensitivity and attention to detail.

Personal cleanliness is important to you, and you probably enjoy taking showers with your lovers. You can be somewhat picky and critical of your partner, although it is sincerely done with the intention of helping them. Sexual tools can be fun for you if you will allow yourself to be so bold and spontaneous.

Mars in the Twelfth House

You tend to put the needs of others before your own, and if you are not careful, people will take advantage of your good nature. It is difficult for you to take an action which could in any way harm others, and for this reason you often find yourself immobilized and unable to act at all. Remember that you certainly cannot please everyone all the time, so you may as well try to please yourself.


Jupiter in Scorpio

You have a flair for finance and the management of the resources of others, as well as natural healing abilities. People are attracted to you by your magnetic personality and deep inner strength. Avoid using your power over others to manipulate and control them. With Jupiter in Scorpio, you may benefit from inheritances. You are hard-working, efficient and resourceful, and therefore you often attain your goals. Sex is very important to you, and if Jupiter is afflicted you may become obsessed with sexual fantasies.

Jupiter in the Second House

You prefer to live an elegant lifestyle, and you have the self-confidence and optimism to achieve the success necessary to support one. Jupiter brings pure good luck to your financial dealings, and your investments usually pay off if you follow your intuition. You must learn self-discipline and caution in spending money, or your wealth will be "easy come, easy go."


Saturn in Libra

You always seek balance and justice, and for this reason you have a strong sense of social responsibility. With Saturn in Libra, your greatest lessons will be learned through your close personal relationships. Through your partners, you will learn greater cooperation and sharing as you seek harmony and balance. You may encounter relationships which are restrictive and limiting, or which in some way require you to develop greater self-discipline. Traditionally, this placement indicates that you will marry late in life.

Saturn in the First House

You are reserved and serious, and even as a child you seemed older than others your age. It is possible that you were forced to take on adult responsibilities as a child and did not have much time to play with other children. You will encounter much hardship in life, and through this adversity you will discover your own self-worth. Avoid a tendency to become pessimistic and depressed in difficult times.


Uranus in Sagittarius

You have a strong curiosity about foreign lands and cultures, and you would find travel to be very mind-expanding. With your strong need to express yourself in your own unique way, you are a revolutionary thinker who could inspire others to bring about needed changes. You approach life philosophically and with great optimism, and you are constantly seeking spiritual enlightenment and evolution.

Uranus in the Third House

You have a curious and inventive mind, and you frequently change your mind. With your lightning quick thinking, you would be a good writer or public speaker. You are very restless and impatient. Following your strong desire for travel, you may visit many foreign lands. As a child you were probably influenced by an adult role model who had very unorthodox beliefs.


Neptune in Sagittarius

You are philosophical and even prophetic about societal change. You have a strong love for freedom and a restless optimism about the future. Since you have clairvoyant abilities, you can gain knowledge from your dreams and visions. You will fight religious and moral fanaticism.

Neptune in the Third House

You have an active imagination and are highly creative. With your keenly developed intuition you can develop clairvoyant abilities. As a child you may have suffered deep feelings of insecurity which produced nervous tension. You tend to be vague when expressing your feelings. Current difficulties with relatives are karmic in nature, and you will be healthier and happier once they are resolved.


Pluto in Libra

Your generation has seen massive changes in laws regarding such things as marriage, birth control and sexual behavior. You will also work to curb violence and sexism and to clean up the environment. Because of your strong desire to achieve harmony and balance, you will expose and eliminate corruption in society.

Pluto in the First House

You are very intense and have a magnetic personality which attracts people to you. Others may find you difficult to understand, and you may become a loner. Your self-image will be radically transformed through crises. You are gentle and sensitive and have healing abilities. If Pluto is afflicted, you may be skeptical and inconsiderate. Avoid a temptation to manipulate and control others.


Cancer Midheaven

You will be attracted to a career which allows you to maintain strong family ties. A career which allows you to be nurturing or productive will give you emotional and creative satisfaction. You are good at sensing and supplying the needs of the public. Security is important to you. It can cause you to value money for its own sake rather than for what it will buy. Recognize that security also comes from loyalty and honesty in your business relationships. You are capable of making personal sacrifices in order to nurture the growth of those with whom you work.

Although you are good at switching careers because of your good sense of timing, avoid an indiscriminate, profligate lifestyle which would leave you with no permanent home base or relationship bonds. You need to have a home of your own and a settled existence. If you were the proprietor of a little shop, this could be a second home for you.

Occupations consistent with your nurturing style of work include home- or family-oriented businesses, restaurant owner or manager, real-estate broker, jobs connected with fluids or the public, politician, teacher, counselor, manufacturer, musician, entertainer, dancer, art dealer, advertiser, marketer, nurse or doctor. For the most personal career guide, also consider the nature of any planets which fall in the 10th house or conjoin the Midheaven, the sign and house placements of the moon, ruler of the Midheaven, and any aspects which other planets make to the Midheaven.

Moon's North Node

North Node in Cancer

You have spent many lifetimes accumulating wealth and managing others. Although you achieved material success and gained the respect of your peers, you did so without regard for the needs of others. During this lifetime you feel compelled to succeed in order to regain the respect you once had. You control your emotions very well and are not easy to get close to. Although you may feel others are neglecting you, you have put up a wall to keep them away. Your challenge is to give nourishment as well as receive it.

North Node in the Tenth House

In past lifetimes you did not appreciate the love of those who nurtured you. In this lifetime, you may find your spouse and children to be unappreciative of your best efforts. At times you may feel like retreating from society to your safe and secure home. But you are destined to share your talents and inspiration with others through your career. This will be your greatest source of recognition.


Chiron in Taurus

Material security is an issue for you--one which you probably inherited from your parents. Perhaps they seemed to place a very high value on possessions and the acquisition of wealth. Or your family was a poor one, and you had no sense of financial security. As a result, you will either follow your parents' example, or resolve to make your life different from theirs.

Once you've worked through the lessons that Chiron in Taurus brings, you may work with groups dedicated to helping the disadvantaged members of society. The assistance you give will empower the needy to help themselves, rather than encouraging them to remain dependent. You can be very resourceful when working with limited resources, especially when you follow your intuition.

Chiron in the Eighth House

Your greatest lessons in life will come to you through areas ruled by the Eighth House: sex, death, money and power. You like being in control in all areas of your life, and you will vigorously defend yourself if someone tries to undermine your power. You tend to have a calm, controlled exterior, so that most people can't tell what you're feeling underneath.

Many people with Chiron in the Eighth House place very high emphasis on sex and have extremely high expectations of their mate in this area. Others constantly crave new sexual experiences and are always looking for the next conquest. As you develop a greater sense of personal power, this preoccupation with sex will diminish, and you'll balance it with a deep emotional commitment to your partner.


Venus conjunct South Node (5.65)

Loving others comes naturally for you, and you are extremely devoted to your friends and family. However, getting to know strangers is difficult for you because it is not easy for you to adapt to new people or situations. Once you have formed a close relationship, you may approach it with such a strong sense of duty to your partner that you suffocate either of your chances for growth.

You need to reevaluate the way you love others (as well as the way you desire to be loved) to be sure that your actions are based on choice rather than on your need to fulfill your sense of obligation to your partner. Learn to relax and have fun with your loved ones. Your worth in life is not determined by how well you satisfy others. Allow them the joy of satisfying your needs as well.

Mars square Neptune (5.25)

Your attempts to assert yourself often result in turmoil for you and/or for others. Therefore, you swing from one extreme to the other--asserting your needs powerfully at times and at others slipping into a state of total apathy.

It would be best if you could be self-employed or at least manage to work alone in your occupation. Because of your need to serve others, you would do well in the field of medicine and healing or social services. This way you can assert yourself and serve others at the same time. Also, if you work alone you will have no one but yourself to blame when things go wrong, which may be difficult for you since you tend to point fingers at others.

You lead a somewhat sexually repressed life although your sexual needs are significant. You suffer from anxieties regarding your sexuality (probably carried over from parental conditioning around sex) and therefore find it difficult to find satisfaction in this area.

Also, you may be attracted to persons who are unavailable, perhaps because they are already married. And then you languish in guilt over fulfilling your desires with someone who does not belong to you. Sometimes you find it more convenient to see your lover as you wish them to be rather than as they really are. You tend to lower your standards when choosing a lover and end up with someone who is interested in you primarily for sex. You may feel bitter when you are disappointed in love, but you really have only yourself to blame for setting it up that way.

You can be accident-prone at times, and you should avoid occupations which require the use of heavy machinery and other mechanical devices. You are also more subject than most to infections and disease, so you should be very careful with your health. Watch your diet and hygienic practices.

Venus square Pluto (5.15)

Your emotional life is filled with turmoil, and you sometimes feel that everything good you experience always has a negative side. You pursue goals that are not necessarily right for you, and therefore you encounter obstacles along the way. Learn to listen to your inner voice which directs you along certain paths. Fighting it will only cause you more trouble.

You give of yourself only when there's something in it for you, and you are even likely to use love or sex to get what you want. Financial security and social comfort are important to you, and you will do what is necessary to achieve them. It is likely that you will experience at least one major upheaval in your life which will transform your attitude. You will learn to value spiritual and intellectual companions--not just those from whom you benefit materially.

If you are unable to resolve this problem, you will certainly experience difficulty in both your domestic and professional relationships. Live up to your responsibilities without being forced to, whether you will reap any material benefit from it or not. Conduct yourself with honesty and integrity, and you will attract similar people to you.

Learn to hold back on making promises unless you are sure you can carry them out. Don't be so quick to accuse others of wrongdoing, and learn to accept criticism from others. According to Universal Law, the best way to receive is to give away exactly what it is you want to get. It always comes back. Be warm, sincere and compassionate with others and they will respond in kind.

Health-wise, you are prone to illnesses relating to the generative organs. Be sure that you have periodic check-ups and watch your diet.

Venus trine Mars (4.17)

You are warm and affectionate and are a pleasant companion. Your willingness to compromise prompts others around you to return the courtesy. You are outgoing and friendly without being overbearing, and people generally respond to you positively. You do not ask anyone to do or be anything that you are not willing to do or be yourself.

Your friends appreciate the fact that you always manage to see the positive side of a person and kindly overlook their faults. They find your self-confidence contagious and know that you will always respond to them with understanding. You tend to bring out the best in people. This is perhaps because they do not find you threatening and therefore do not criticize or attack you in self-defense.

Others seek you out to join in their social activities, and you are a cheerful addition to any party. You are very creative and could excel in any occupation that allowed you to express this creativity, such as dance, art, music, drama, etc. You would also do well in jobs which require you to appear before the general public. Public relations would be a good job for you; you can smooth the feathers on the most dissatisfied customers with your charm and wit. Whatever your occupation, you would probably experience greater satisfaction being self-employed.

Your early home life was probably happy and focused on maintaining a positive attitude toward life. You can help your own children by passing this down to them. Children find you interesting and easy to relate to. They bask in the warmth of your strong belief in yourself and are comforted by your inner strength.

You will certainly help out any friends in need, but you may wait to be asked before butting into their private life situations. Be careful not to be used by love partners who will take advantage of your loving, generous nature.

Your attitude about sex is a healthy one, and you have few hang-ups in this area. Although you are not wildly experimental in sex, this is not because of inhibitions. You just don't feel the need to get so fancy and way-out about sex; you'll take yours nice and simple. As a matter of fact, you could simplify sex for others and help them work on their own inhibitions.

Jupiter trine Midheaven (4.16)

Your strong sense of optimism and self-confidence inspire others, and they will readily come to your aid. Since childhood, you've had very harmonious relationships with authority figures (beginning with your parents and teachers). Although you know you are very talented, you don't need to brag about your accomplishments. You prefer to just live your life and let others judge you by your actions.

It's not enough for you to have a highly paid job. You want to be able to practice your most sacred principles and beliefs through your career. You must feel you're making a difference in the world, and that your work has some higher purpose. You would not last long in a job that required you to sacrifice your principles and ethics.

With your creative mind, you like to stay busy to avoid becoming bored. In addition to the work you do professionally, you also like to have special projects or hobbies for entertainment at home.

Uranus sextile Ascendant (3.30)

You are a very independent person and are quite outspoken about your opinions. While you do not expect everyone to agree with your views, you do expect them to respect your right to have strong views. You have an active and highly creative mind, and you are always interested in a new subject or different perspective. You keep up with the changing trends in society and are quick to abandon the old, traditional way of doing things in favor of the new method. This is great, as long as you don't throw away something valuable just because it's old.

Whatever career you choose must allow you a great deal of independence and autonomy. Time is meaningless to you, and you resent being limited by the concept. You are highly inventive and would do well in any career which would allow you to implement your creativity, such as in researching and developing new products. One of your greatest strengths is your never-ending supply of unique and novel ideas. If you follow your intuition, many of your hunches will turn out to be prophetic. You will find it difficult to retire because you are continually finding new interests.

Your have friends from all races, cultures and economic backgrounds. You prefer to surround yourself with other independent thinkers and enjoy sharing different perspectives with them. You are an innovative and creative lover, and you desire a partner who is comfortable enough with their sexuality to engage in fantasies with you.

Sun sextile Moon (2.65)

For the most part, your life is peaceful and happy. You have many friends and generally get along well with family members and associates. You do not allow yourself to get stuck in the past or to live entirely in the future but instead are able to strike a balance between the two. However, you do have a talent for learning from past mistakes in order that you don't repeat them.

You are not afraid to assert yourself when you feel it is necessary, although you usually manage to do so in a way that is easy for others to accept. You are always willing to compromise in your dealings with others and therefore are generally an easy person to get along with. You truly practice the Golden Rule of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," and for this reason those around you respect you and feel comfortable dealing with you. You don't judge others harshly and instead allow them their flaws and imperfections.

Although you have a strong ego, you are not willing to step on others' feelings in order to achieve your goals. You are a master at communicating your feelings and intentions to others, and others respect you because it is obvious that you have a great deal of self-confidence. Also, others feel comfortable around you because you always look upon them as equals, no matter what their social status or level of experience may be.

Your chances for success in your chosen career are quite good, and you would be very happy working for yourself, especially if you can work from your home. You have an endless database of new ideas and creative suggestions, and others will appreciate your versatility on the job. And since you are willing to make compromises in order to get along with others, you enjoy pleasant relationships with your employer and coworkers. You always have time to listen to another's problems, and others freely place their trust in you.

You had a healthy relationship with your parents as a child, and this left you well prepared to deal successfully with others. You can pass on your optimistic outlook on life to your own children, and they will learn a great deal from watching the example you set.

Sun conjunct Mercury (2.39)

You have very strong opinions and don't hesitate to state them without being asked. This can be irritating to people, especially since you tend to dismiss their own opinions as unimportant. You usually have the first and last word in any discussion. In your haste to be first, you may make decisions prematurely. This means you may have to retract what you've said later, and this is not easy for you. You don't like to admit you were wrong and can be very self-centered.

You are creative and could be a good leader if you would take the time to make good decisions. You need to take others' needs into consideration and to learn a little humility. At times you can be something of a "know-it-all," which can be very annoying to others. Try to cultivate some objectivity.

Communication comes naturally for you, and you can express yourself articulately. You love to give orders but may become frustrated if they are not followed. You are not above intimidating others to get their support. Express this aspect more positively by inspiring rather than threatening others. Your enthusiasm can be infectious, and you can work well with the public. You are good at making and carrying out plans.

In your love life, be careful of your tendency to misinterpret your partner's signals. Try to see yourself through their eyes during times of misunderstanding. Your partner should be able to take your directness and lack of diplomacy. You speak straight from the heart.

Mercury sextile Ascendant (2.25)

You have a sharp wit and an intense curiosity. Communication comes easily for you, and you are an adept conversationalist. You are well read and therefore can speak with authority on many subjects. In your dealings with others you approach situations from an intellectual rather than emotional perspective. With your talent for detached observation and your way with words, you would also be an excellent writer.

With your natural ability at communication, you would do well in any career which would allow you to use this talent. Since you also enjoy relating to people, you would enjoy a job which allows you to have contact with the public. You are a never- ending source of new and clever ideas, and this too can help you in your career. Just be sure you don't share your ingenious ideas with supervisors who will take the credit or see your sharp mind as a threat to their position.

You are a master at combining verbal language with subtle body signs to further convey your meaning. It may take your partner a while to learn to read your subtlest communications, but once you are familiar with each other you will be able to communicate very well, even without words. You are attracted to others primarily through their minds; if they measure up intellectually, then you get to know the rest of them.

Neptune sextile Pluto (2.08)

This is the only aspect that Neptune made to Pluto during the 20th century, and the planets will remain in sextile to each other for another hundred years, although the signs the planets occupy will continue to change as time passes.

For those born between 1942 and 1956, Neptune was in Libra and Pluto in Leo. These people were born at a time of global war. Governments rose and fell; kings were ousted from their castles. There were breakthroughs in air power (Neptune in Libra) which helped establish the balance of power between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. This time was filled with meetings and peace conferences between global leaders. Those born during this time know that compromise is not enough to achieve peace; you are naturally suspicious of your leaders, and this will help to promote greater honesty and accountability on the part of political figures.

If you were born between 1957 and 1970, Neptune was in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo. There were new advances in health and medicine, as well as rapid spread of illegal drugs. Our long-held conservative attitude about sex began to dissolve, and we began to realize that marriage was not essential to maintain a committed relationship. Those born during this time seek to serve and improve society. You are also angry about the current state of our environment and natural resources.

If you were born between 1971 and 1983, Neptune was in Sagittarius and Pluto in Libra. Your attitudes about religion, education and human interactions are most likely different from those of your parents. Your religious beliefs, or spiritual practices, are important to you, and you are deeply concerned for the fate of your planet and the race of man. You will insist that your leaders be straight with you and will not accept excuses or manipulation. You are also interested in occult sciences, and many advances in this area will be made by members of your generation.

If you were born between 1984 and 1998, Neptune was in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio. You are part of a generation which will make great progress in dealing with power responsibly, both in terms of interpersonal relationships and as protectors of our Mother Earth. You will seek to transform society and replace rampant injustice with compassionate guidance.

Mercury conjunct Uranus (1.55)

This aspect indicates that you are intelligent, articulate, and intuitive. You find life itself terribly exciting and are fascinated by innovative and unusual ideas. You constantly seek further knowledge, and your mind moves very quickly in its pursuit of the answers to your many questions.

Even as a child, you were highly curious and creative. You always wanted to know what made things work the way they did. Your parents never had to think up things to amuse you. Your strong curiosity about life kept you constantly on the move.

Truth is very important to you, and you spend a great deal of time seeking it. Therefore, you would excel in such careers as science, psychology, human behavior and philosophy. Any job that keeps you busy seeking answers to difficult questions would be an enjoyable challenge for you. Research and technical writing are other possible avenues of expression for your highly developed intellect and intense curiosity.

In your love life you would be very unhappy with a partner you considered to be boring. Again, truth is very important to you, and you will walk away from any lover who cannot be frank with you. You probably have many platonic relationships based on common interests or goals.

You constantly look to the future rather than crying over what could or should have been in the past. Your only liability with this aspect is a tendency to jump from one subject (or project) to another. Learn to focus your energies when necessary to follow your undertakings through to completion.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto (0.95)

You literally want to get all the gusto out of life that you possibly can. Your tremendous drive and ambition make it impossible for you to be satisfied with less than what you want in life. As a matter of fact, you can grow very impatient with delays in obtaining your goals. You do not accept the possibility of defeat, and have an unwavering determination to be all that you can possibly be. You ask things of yourself that no one else would dream possible, and you inspire envy in those around you who are less motivated.

You could excel in many fields, including: law, politics, religion, medicine or psychology. Whatever occupation you choose, you will grow tired of it as soon as its growth potential is depleted. You enjoy working closely with others. The other possible expression of this aspect is that you can become preoccupied with yourself and seek recognition through sports, gambling, exploration, or any other "risky" job. You don't play for small stakes, and if you are careful this can be expressed in the form of successful financial enterprises.

Power is a great aphrodisiac, and you will attract others to you with your success. You will look for a mate who is as ambitious and successful as you are. You would not be happy with a "wimp" because you could not respect their lack of inner strength. The relationship should be one of mutual admiration, with each partner encouraging the other to achieve their goals. Just be careful that this doesn't turn to "nagging" should your partner fall short of your expectations. Remember, there's more involved in a love relationship than the material benefits it can offer.

Venus square Saturn (0.17)

It is not easy for you to relate well with others, and this may hinder your social relationships. In truth, you don't want to deal with the responsibility of a close personal relationship. This causes you to become defensive with those you love--you are afraid of the demands they will make upon you. This can be traced to an early rejection in life--possibly by a parent. Because of this rejection you built walls around yourself in order to avoid further hurt.

Perhaps you feel that you were not meant to enjoy happy relationships in your life. But if you will learn to accept others as they are and are willing to compromise, you can achieve social and domestic happiness. There is nothing different about experiencing difficulties in relating to others. Everyone goes through times of trouble--you are not alone in this.

Once you have learned to make concessions in your dealings with others, you will see that others are willing to do so. Your greatest lessons in life will be achieved through making adjustments to others. After all, everyone has their own idiosyncrasies to deal with--even you. Cultivate a more positive attitude toward life instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Otherwise, you will suffer physically from tension and anxiety through high blood pressure or other illnesses. Give of yourself instead of complaining about others' demands of you.

If you are to be successful in your career, you must learn to deal more easily with others. You can achieve great heights in this area if you are willing to compromise and accept others' shortcomings. You could succeed in a career in law, banking, insurance, real estate, or designing. You are well organized and exercise good judgment in your work. All you need to ensure success is to build up your own self-esteem. Others will admire your honesty and integrity.

In your love life you must learn to avoid destructive relationships. Approach your love affairs more realistically--don't expect too much of those you love. This sets you up for disappointment and convinces you that you are not destined for happiness in love. However, this can become a self-fulfilling prediction. Learn to enjoy your lover without making judgments or criticisms.

Uranus inconjunct Midheaven (0.13)

The way this aspect manifests itself in your life depends largely on your early childhood upbringing. By nature, you are rebellious and disruptive, and the way your parents, teachers and other role models responded to your behavior greatly influenced the way you expressed this energy later in life.

If your parents and others were willing to allow you the room to go against their guidance and make mistakes, then you had the chance to discover that at least some of what your elders told you was true. Eventually, you would become less aggressive and resentful of authority as you understood the logic and reason behind their rules.

On the contrary, if your parents and others were very restrictive and controlling, without helping you to understand the meaning behind the rules they enforced, you would develop a deep loathing for authority. After a while, you'd stop listening to their advice altogether. If you're not careful, this attitude could cause continual disruption in both your personal and professional lives.

Moon trine Saturn (0.11)

You may have only a few friends, but what you lack in number you make up in quality. Your friends (and lovers) must respect themselves in order to earn your respect. You are a loyal friend and would never let down another who is depending on you.

You have a fantastic memory and could use it well in such careers as: management, politics, public relations, law, education, or even engineering. You seek a position of authority and would be very fair with your underlings--as long as they lived up to their part of the deal. You look for a well-developed sense of responsibility in those with whom you work.

You may appear to be conservative to those around you, but the truth is that you have a good amount of common sense. You are not overly cautious, just careful. For this reason you are also very law-abiding. In making decisions you will examine all options carefully before acting.

Friends enjoy your company and the sense of well-being they derive from your emotional stability. This is a quality that can also help children to grow and develop their own stable foundation, and you would be a kind disciplinarian as a parent.

Chances are that your more satisfying love affairs will come later in life after you have reached a height of maturity. You behave responsibly in your relationships and expect the same of your partners.

Venus square Jupiter (0.10)

Any Jupiter contacts to Venus indicate that you never have a shortage of possible love or sex partners in your life. With the square, you may wish at times that you did. You must learn to practice discrimination and keep high standards in your choice of a partner. Be yourself and you will attract those who are best for you.

You are generous when it gets you something in return. Don't try to justify not helping someone by believing that they wouldn't have appreciated it anyway. Learn to give unconditionally without expecting a return. It all comes back, you know, whether it's from the same person or not. Helping others makes you feel good, which is important if you are to maintain a positive outlook in life.

Guard against any tendency to be careless about responsibilities. You like for things to go your way and can be hard to deal with when they don't. In confrontations you may feel that if the other person only understood you, there would be no problem.

You would do well in any occupation which utilizes communication skills. Be careful not to be defensive on the job. People are not all out to take advantage of you. Give them a chance and you'll find they are willing to meet you halfway. There's no need to be suspicious of a sincerely extended helping hand.

Be careful that you can afford to indulge yourself in the finer things in life before you spend the money. Also, be careful not to over-indulge in food and develop a weight problem. The best diet for you would be one low in carbohydrates. Get lots of rest and take frequent breaks while working.