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Sorry, but I am once again sold out of Thomsen's excellent The Sumerian Language book, which has been out-of-print for several years. Starting in 2001, I acquired and sold about 290 copies of the 3rd edition. I thought that I was sold out in 2007, but then I discovered a stack of unsold copies, but those are sold out now too. If you have a copy, I will buy back from you one in good condition for $250 and one in perfect condition for $350. Mail your book to me by certified mail in order to receive a check in return.

Announcing the availability of the published Sumerian Lexicon with 6,400 Sumerian-English entries and a bibliography of 96 sources. This book took a huge effort to perfect and publish - it tries to synthesize and encapsulate the lexical knowledge of the world's top Sumerologists while at the same time reflecting the latest understanding of Sumerian word forms. Sumerian Lexicon: A Dictionary Guide to the Ancient Sumerian Language, by John Alan Halloran, Logogram Publishing, Los Angeles 2006, 336 pages, 9 inches by 6 inches, paperback with glossy cover $89 (ISBN-13: 978-0-9786429-0-7, ISBN-10: 0-9786429-0-2) or hardcover library binding $110 (ISBN-13: 978-0-9786429-1-4, ISBN-10: 0-9786429-1-0).

There is a price discount for teachers who wish to order more than one copy of the Sumerian Lexicon at a time for their students. The discount is 25% for five or more copies and 15% for more than one copy. Use the personal Message field to authorize a custom order.

Not only is this Sumerian Lexicon the most complete available dictionary of ancient Sumerian vocabulary, with a wide range of actually used meanings in the definitions, but it aids the reader of texts with extensive coverage of Sumerian's grammatical particles.

Since August 2008, I have been working on an index to the Sumerian terms in my Sumerian Lexicon book - it is already up to 8,000 single-word and multi-word English entries (unfortunately, in this recession I have had to put this work aside for other work that will pay the mortgage).

Check from time to time to see if I have a copy in stock of The Sumerian Language: An Introduction to its History and Grammatical Structure, by Marie-Louise Thomsen, Copenhagen, Mesopotamia 10, 3rd edition, 2001, 376 pages including a new 13-page Supplementary Bibliography; 15 cm. by 22 cm. paperback.

Thomsen has been the standard textbook for learning the Sumerian language. This well-organized book teaches Sumerian grammar and provides many helpful examples of usage. This book is now out-of-print with the publisher, who has decided not to reprint. The author sent me a letter saying that she had signed a contract to reprint with another Danish publisher, but that was three years ago, with no reprint in sight.

I am back in stock with softcover copies of John L. Hayes, A Manual of Sumerian Grammar and Texts, Second Revised and Expanded Edition, Malibu 2000, 471 pages. Hayes introduces reading Sumerian in cuneiform in the form of 26 lessons. Each of the lessons introduces new vocabulary, parts of speech, and additional cuneiform signs in the way that the Sumerians wrote them (as opposed to their later Assyrian form). The appendices discuss the sign lists and other resources that are available to Sumerologists. When these two books are in print, students typically start with Hayes and then graduate to Thomsen.


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Sumerian Lexicon: A Dictionary Guide to the Ancient Sumerian Language - paperbound book - $89.00
Weight for postage: 24 ounces (.68 kg.).

Sumerian Lexicon: A Dictionary Guide to the Ancient Sumerian Language - hardcover book- sold out - $XXX
Weight for postage: 28 ounces (.79 kg.).

The Sumerian Language, Expanded 3rd Edition - softcover book - $XXXX
Weight for postage: 28 ounces (.79 kg.).

A Manual of Sumerian Grammar and Texts, 2nd Revised & Expanded Edition - paperbound book - $50.00
Weight for postage: 48 ounces (1.36 kg.).

A Manual of Sumerian Grammar and Texts, 2nd Revised & Expanded Edition - hardcover book - sold out - $XXXX
Weight for postage: 60 ounces (1.7 kg.).

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