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Craig Newmark is the public-spirited software engineer and entrepreneur who in 1995 founded Craigslist, a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements – with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums. Started and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Craigslist now serves 570 cities in 50 countries. Craigslist provides a free market forum where people can buy and sell. The difference from its main competitor, eBay, is that each forum is for the local city. Craigslist provides a service for its users that is just as helpful as any government service, and it does so at no charge. The support structure that it provides for people's lives can be compared to the post office, the phone company, or satellite TV, even if a person only resorts to it very occasionally, such as when buying or selling a used car. Craig Newmark has been supported in running and expanding the company since the year 2000 by his equally public-spirited CEO, Jim Buckmaster (for whom we have no birth data). The Craigslist websites are similar to my sites in not accepting banner advertisements, feeling that banner ads interfere with the website visitor's mission. And, similar to what I did in creating a software program for public domain astrology calculations in 1985 (hundreds of people still download and use Astrology for Windows for free every month), Craig started his service just to contribute and give something to his community.

Craig Newmark's birth data is December 6, 1952 in Hillside, New Jersey. His birthtime is 1:29 PM (given by him to Shelley Ackerman). Craig Newmark has Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Leo, and Aries Rising (all three Fire signs). Mars and Saturn are in the Air signs of Aquarius and Libra. Venus and Jupiter are in the Earth signs of Capricorn and Taurus. There are several close aspect patterns in his chart. The strongest is an Arrow Yod pattern, involving the Sun, Mars, Chiron, and Uranus. There is a tight Fixed T-Square involving Moon opposition Mars both squaring Jupiter. There is a Cardinal T-Square formed by wide oppositions from Uranus in Cancer to Venus and Chiron in Capricorn, which square Saturn and Neptune in Libra. And there is a fairly close Yod pattern in which Jupiter and Uranus, the planets of success and technology, aspect Craig's Sun. You can click below to read an AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter interpretation that will explain what this combination of signs and aspect patterns means.

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Click to see the Arrow Yod in Craig Newmark's chart.

Click to see the Fixed T-Square in Craig Newmark's chart.

Click to see the Cardinal T-Square in Craig Newmark's chart.

Click to see the Yod in Craig Newmark's chart.

If you turn on using the Ascendant/Midheaven and Moon's Nodes at Customization, Aspect Patterns, in AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, then the program will also display this Kite pattern involving the Sun, the Moon, Mars, the Moon's Nodes, and the Ascendant. in Craig Newmark's chart. While my Halloran Aspect Patterns do not include interpretations for the Ascendant or the Moon's Nodes, AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter does come with Alfred Witte's 1700 interpretations of possible planetary pictures included, so if we call up the Sensitive Point/Planet Aspects list and double-click on Moon Opposition North Node, we read, "Moo at 134:30 OPP NO at 315:25, NO : Links, connections. Establishing relations, associations, alliances. To seek contact with others. The public." If we go to the Midpoint/Planet Aspects list and double-click on the Moon's North Node Conjunction Sun/Asc, we read "MNN at 15Aqu25 CJN Sun/Asc at 14Aqu26, SU+AS-NO: Physical association with others. Connections thru social intercourse."

Click to read a 34-page natal interpretation report (Acrobat pdf file) for Craig Newmark. If you can, read it all the way to the end, as the aspect pattern interpretations at the end of the report are very personal. The report has been shortened by inserting the program template command to cut off aspect interpretations with a strength of less than 5 (this is perfectly valid as it eliminates wide-orb aspects that are less applicable to the person). You can generate reports exactly like this yourself with the combination of the $169 AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, the $100 Personal Path natal interpretations, and the $50 Halloran Aspect Patterns natal interpretations.

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