Sample Kid Zone with Sun/Moon Report for John Kerry illustrating a combination Sun/Moon/Decan reading for a known birth time at sunrise

AstrolDeluxe Child Report for John Kerry


John Kerry
Saturday, December 11, 1943 8:03:00 AM
Politician, Pres. Candidate
Denver, Colorado
Time Zone: 06:00 (MWT)
Longitude: 104° W 59' 03"
Latitude: 39° N 44' 21"


This is an Astro-Analysis based on the exact time, date, and place of birth calculated on the details supplied.

It is not intended to predict a budding mega-star or a future world leader - the objective is to provide some insights into the psyche of John to give everyone concerned a better chance of understanding, and hopefully helping this special child through the difficult growing times that they will face.

The astrological Chart is a little like a jigsaw puzzle without the benefit of a picture to follow. Some pieces are easy to recognize and they fit together beautifully. Another batch might fit well - but seem unrelated to the first "batch". Several straggly bits probably seem to belong to another world altogether, but that is the human psyche. The depths are immeasurable with many, many forms, faces, and dimensions.

Any Astrological chart will have seemingly several contradictions - again - just like human nature and our psychological make-up. But these apparent differences are all shades, shapes, and forms of the full picture. These "contradictions" should be seen as a balancing factor, knocking some of the edges off our sharp corners or, sharpening up the "softness" in the areas defined.

It should also be recognized that all of us have our own very personal lessons to learn in this life and these lessons unfold throughout the span of our entire life on earth. The learning experiences will not be systematic - they will be random episodes and experiences. Some interpretations of this Chart will give a glimpse of these very personal lessons that are an obvious part of this little one's character. Others may be so private or subtle that the child "learns" all by itself. And then there will be further lessons that will not have emerged or even seem significant yet.

It is hoped that the brief explanations throughout this analysis will help to explain the meanings and terminology of basic Astrology to give as much understanding as possible.

The two most valuable things that we can give to any child are our unconditional love and our time.


The following passages give a comprehensive summary of the character traits of this child and a brief description of each section explains the specifics. It has been kept simple deliberately because, as mentioned in the introduction, Astrology is a complex subject, and the intention is to clarify, not confuse.

Included are:

The Sun/Moon sign combination

The Ascendant, when the birth time is known

The Sun, Moon and planets in the Signs and, when the birth time is known, the Houses

The major aspects

The Balance of the Elements and Modalities

The strongest Signs, Houses and Planets

Nothing is quite like having a Chart done on a "one-to-one" basis, but this enormous electronic age has opened the way for anyone who is interested to have a closer look at this ancient science and benefit from its wisdom.

Planets in Signs and Houses

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini

The "SUN SIGN" is the one part of the Astrological Chart that most people know. It is the inner core that drives and motivates us. It is our own true light. When we read and discuss our Sun signs we can easily recognize bits that fit, and maybe, question bits that do not seem to apply. The contrast noted is often related to the power of the other luminary - the Moon.
The Moon is our instinctive response. It reflects our earliest conditioning. The Moon governs our emotional responses, - our likes and dislikes - our innate sensitivities. Often the Moon sign is related to the maternal influence, or perhaps, the general home environment. Remember that this powerful response is inherent. Most of us try to improve on our own nurturing even when we feel that our childhood was wonderful. We want to adapt to the world we are living in now and want our kids to get the best out of "their world". But, even so, we instinctively revert to our own experiences without knowing why. That is how powerful the Moon influence is. We, in turn, treat our kids emotionally in the much the same way as we were treated when tiny. For this reason, the maternal influence is a part of these interpretations - as a natural influence that flows through the subconscious.
With this in mind one would think that all kids would have the same Moon sign as the maternal figure, but this is not necessarily so either. Life doesn't stand still, we are forever growing and each child can be very different. We "respond" accordingly.
Both the Sun and the Moon are the two major players. When in a very different sign this does complicate the projected personality. This can be an essential but difficult learning curve that can be confusing for all concerned. Our Sun can try so hard to shine only to feel over-shadowed by a powerful, or competitive, Moon. Some of us will need to learn to accept and understand our emotional conditioning and allow the Sun the right to burst through, combining both strengths in a positive way.
This combination attempts to tie together both of these very significant forces and come up with a sharper, more focused picture.
Some signs are very compatible - others compete.

A combination of Fire and Air suggests a charismatic individual who will be a little like an electrical storm - spectacular, awesome and full of surprises. John will be full of confidence, the communication skills lively and clever, and capable of being highly persuasive. This is a real live-wire, constantly charged. However, life can be a little like a hot-air balloon ride too - carried away at the mercy of the elements with little in the way of perspective or boundaries. These kids can be bombastic and insensitive to others. The nature is restless and dogmatic. Accepting commitment can be difficult; finishing off the bright ideas that flood the mind can be a struggle; practicality can be a difficult lesson to learn. John can become too much of an opportunist and, like the rolling stone, gather up a whole lot of experiences throughout life, but little in the way of tangible rewards.

John has the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini, which is a very animated and rather mischievous combination. This little one is outgoing, boisterous, and loads of fun. John will develop a great sense of humor and will delight in showing off and playing to an audience. Friends will come from all directions. The only friends that this kid does not have are those they have not met. This is a thoroughly social personality. It would be rare for this combination to produce any sort of shyness. However, John does burn off a lot of energy and when exhausted is a little less charming. This is when the nature becomes belligerent, self righteous, and quite unmanageable. Time out before burn out is a wise move.

This adventurous little soul will want to try anything that is going. There is little sense of fear - just a strong sense of fun. Learning about everything there is to know is priority, but nothing is taken particularly seriously. John is quite content and easily pleased. As long as there is lots of variety, and boredom does not get a chance to cross life's threshold, John will be quite happy. These kids often pick up another language with relative ease so maybe this should be encouraged.

The greatest gift here is the gift of gab. This is the hallmark of a true sales executive - one who springs some unique ideas and is able to convince anyone who will stop long enough to listen. The word power is persuasive, colorful, and very credible. John will never be stuck for an answer - although the elements of both fact and truth can be stretched. This is certainly not a deceitful child, but if a story can be sold better with a little embellishment, then that is the only way to go.

Like all the mutable signs - which both Sagittarius and Gemini are, the innate flexibility can be at the expense of staying power. John will prefer to flit from one project to another rather than become an expert. The retention of knowledge is very good and understanding comes easily, but once the basic facts have been taken on board and filed away, that is often enough.

John combines a Gemini Moon with an Aries Decan. The Aries Decan is a pure dynamo but the Gemini Moon just has to communicate all this heat and energy. Nothing will be secret or sacred with this child. It will be seldom that John does not dominate any conversation because the mind here works just as quickly as the vocal chords. Ideas crop up, are processed, and initiated before most people have left first base. However, this is a restless individual that can skim through life and miss a whole lot of important points. This can lead to some huge errors of judgement. Try to teach John to think things through, slow down just a little, and learn to listen to what others have to say. And with a little effort, this can be achieved. But this needs to be slipped into the curriculum early. Once a pattern has been set, it will be difficult to change John without it becoming a major battle of wits and will. This combination produces a whole lot of nervous energy that can be difficult for all concerned.

The sense of humor should be strong and colorful because John does think quickly and can see the "funny" side to most situations. This coupled with a strong word power can make for quite a clever comedian or a dynamic and colorful entertainer. The vitality of the Aries Decan sharpens the clever intellect of the Gemini Moon.

The Gemini Moonchild could have a Mom who is young at heart, easy-going and a lot of fun. The home environment is often busy and ever-changing - with lots of friends and lots of interests. Mother could well be young at heart and is likely always to be that way.  Or, perhaps an older sibling, or a relative, could be the most influential maternal role model. The emphasis with the Gemini Moon would be on interaction rather than strict routine. This is often the sort of house where all the kids in the neighborhood like to congregate, so John could learn early that the best way of being noticed is to either make a whole lot of noise or simply, "go missing". Certainly, verbal expression would be encouraged, but there could be serious competition involved in actually getting heard.

Remainder omitted from sample....

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