Personal Path Chart Interpretation for Princess Diana





The following pages contain a brief evaluation of key elements of your birth chart, although it is by no means complete. Astrology can reveal many things about a person's life and personality, and you could study your chart for a lifetime without knowing the answers to all of your questions. The descriptions that follow will give you a "thumbnail" introduction to yourself through astrology.

In interpreting your chart, this report considers the sign of the planets and the north node in your chart, as well as their house placements. It also describes the sign of the Ascendant and the strongest aspects between the planets.

You may note that some of the following descriptions appear to contradict each other--and indeed we are all walking bundles of contradiction. If you examine yourself carefully, you will probably realize that you do in fact possess the qualities of both conflicting descriptions. Even though some parts of the reading may seem to clash, you will see that certain themes are repeated throughout the following pages. These are the ones that will become major issues in your life.

The readings stress that you are the ultimate decider of your fate. The stars may indicate the hand you were dealt at birth, but it is up to you to play that hand well enough to achieve your goals. Also, bear in mind that every "bad" aspect of a chart also has a "good" side. How it is expressed is really up to you. We tend to work at expressing ourselves more positively most of the time and only lapse into the negative behavior described when depressed, angry or scared. Or it is possible that some aspects may better describe your personality or behavior earlier in life. They may seem alien now because you have already worked through them.

A "Strength" number precedes each aspect description; this number takes into account how exact the aspect is, whether the aspect is a major or minor one, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles. The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to act it out in your life.





Planets in Signs and Houses


Sagittarius Ascendant

You are open and friendly, and your response to others is spontaneous and sincere. Although at times others may see you as downright blunt and tactless, you are just seeing things philosophically rather than personally. If you can cultivate a little diplomacy, you will do well in public relations, sales or promotion. You are an especially persuasive fast- talker.

In your work you are very organized and would be good at administration and planning projects. But you need to delegate the more routine tasks to others. Getting caught in a maze of little details can be frustrating for you, and you could develop a "who cares" attitude. Your worst habit is overcommitting yourself and then indulging in prolonged procrastination.

You hold firm spiritual beliefs and are a pioneer of new thought and ideas in this area. At the very least you have a philosophical outlook on life and are constantly looking for those elusive universal truths that explain why we're all here. You feel very good about yourself and are able to inspire self-confidence in others.

You love to socialize with friends and may even engage in a little gambling. The more fire you have in your chart, the less chances you should take on gambling. Your confidence that nothing can go wrong is the main reason why you should not gamble excessively.

Physically, Sag Rising is usually tall and slender with a slight tendency to stoop--perhaps because you grew so quickly as a child. You have long arms, legs, hands and feet. Both men and women are generally large-boned and have a wide hip structure. Your hair is usually abundant and wavy, but men tend to bald early. Problem areas are your hips and your liver. You tend to overeat and overindulge in drink.

In romance you generally are likely to be less impulsive than you are in other areas of your life. You have a healthy attitude toward sex and would prefer to "do what comes naturally" rather than plan an encounter down to the last detail. You have a great deal of physical stamina in sex and should choose a partner of similar bent.


Sun in Cancer

Natives of this sign are known as "moonchildren," and their wildly fluctuating moods seem to coincide with the phases of the moon. As with all water signs, there is a tremendous depth of emotion with Cancer. In times of sadness or despair, you may retreat into solitude just as a crab retreats into its shell. At other times, you can display another trait of your namesake--crabbiness.

Cancer has a natural desire to understand its emotional make- up. You engage in self-directed psychoanalysis, striving to feel every detail of life. This is Cancer's purpose in life--to learn to love, trust and accept all that life offers. No sign feels so intensely as Cancer, although this may not be obvious to others. You may set up defenses against being hurt, such as shyness or reclusiveness.

You have a strong need for security, and a comfortable home environment is of utmost importance to you. The security you seek can be found in the knowledge that you are unconditionally loved. You also like to surround yourself with mementos and other reminders of your past. You use your resources wisely, knowing that to waste not is to want not. Like other water signs, Cancer can be manipulative. You never go directly for something (or someone) you want, but once you have it, you will never let it go. Cancer can exercise artful control of feelings--his or her own or those of others. The Moonchild truly needs to be needed, and can provide loads of nurturing and mothering in return.

The threat of becoming emotionally vulnerable in relationships can dissuade Cancers from falling in love. But once they make the big leap, they become very protective of their loved ones. But be careful not to become a "clinging vine" in relationships. Anyone who is strongly independent would feel smothered by your love and would try to break free.

You can be very secretive, and few people will ever witness an outpouring of your deepest, darkest feelings. Yet others will unload their secrets on you and seek your compassion and understanding. You may even have a talent for healing or a green thumb with plants.

Physically, Cancers are more vulnerable to injuries or illness in the chest region, the head and face, knees, and skin. Other trouble spots are the stomach, digestive system, kidneys, and bladder. A strong sense of optimism will do wonders for their health.


Sun in the Seventh House

You learned early to get along with others, and you feel that you function best in partnership with another person, whether it is for work or play. You are able to see both sides of a controversy and can even help others settle their disagreements. As a matter of fact, you may pursue this as an occupational goal and enter a profession in counseling or consulting.

With the Sun in this house you need to learn to be more independent. It is nice to have partners to work and play with, but you need not sacrifice your needs in order to please a friend. Sometimes you must be willing to let a loved one go in order to keep them. Social status and a good reputation are important to you, and you enjoy receiving recognition and public appreciation.

In relationships you must learn to let your partner take the lead sometimes and to not be too demanding. You tend to be dependent on your lovers, particularly during times of difficulty. Therefore you must choose your partner carefully, and unless he or she can also be a friend, close companion or business partner you may soon become bored with the association.

You are happiest in an egalitarian relationship, where both partners exercise a sense of fairness with the other. Your relationships will be very important to you, and you are proud of your talent for getting along with others. Just be sure that your love life does not dominate your life to the detriment of other aspects, such as your career and social life. Your partner may be the perfect match for you, but everyone requires stimulation from other areas of life as well. Be sure to allow room for your partner to have friendships and activities in which you do not share.


Moon in Aquarius

With your Moon in Aquarius you are highly imaginative and should direct this energy into creative channels. You are very open-minded about the changing trends in society and can adapt quite easily.

Most of all you love to shock others with your opinions, which often violate taboos. You can see the need for old arbitrary restrictions to be cast aside. Freedom is very important to you, but you must sometimes remember to extend the same freedom to your partner.

You are a mixture of radical thought and conservative action and are sometimes plagued by anxiety and tension. Often you take on others' problems or causes without getting anything in return.

In relationships you seek a person who is somewhat unusual. You look for a companion who can share many interests with you. In business you need a stable partner who can make good practical use of your creative imagination and keep you grounded. Metaphysics and occult sciences are also of interest to you.

The one drawback of this moon placement is a tendency to gossip and spread rumors. Although this may be done with the best of intentions, you may not enjoy dealing with the consequences when you are identified as the source. Physically, your areas of weakness are varicose veins, eye afflictions and ulcers on your legs.


Moon in the Second House

Good physical health and financial well-being are essential for your emotional security. You find nothing romantic about a love affair which requires you to live on a shoestring. You worry a lot about money and need to be able to express your concerns to your partner. Otherwise, resentment and disappointment will build up and will explode at the most inappropriate times.

You enjoy being lavished with expensive presents and tokens of love. This can be great if your partner can afford it. Just be careful you are not burdening him or her with your demands and your expensive taste. Material expressions of love are nice, but be sure you are not using them as a screen to avoid facing deep-rooted problems in the relationship.

You value honesty and integrity in a partner and have a strong set of fundamental values yourself. You treasure loyalty and stability in others. You need someone who can appreciate you and offer you a sense of direction through their stability.

This house placement often indicates a tendency toward financial fluctuations--ups and downs. You must learn to budget your resources, no matter how distasteful the idea may be to you. Your finances may have a "feast or famine" quality about them. Prepare for the "famine" by conserving some of the excess at times of "feasting."


Mercury in Cancer

You have an intuitive mind and at times can pick up other people's feelings psychically. You are very sympathetic to the needs of others and will find yourself worrying about the problems of loved ones or of the world in general. Mercury in Cancer also gives you an appreciation for your home and family, and especially for children.

It is difficult for you to separate your thoughts from your emotions, and this is one of the challenges you face in life. You spend a good deal of time thinking and talking about yourself. Don't allow yourself to get so caught up in depression and despair in a seemingly hopeless situation that you are unable to take appropriate action to solve your problems.

You are easily impressed by everything you pick up through your senses (sights, sounds and smells) and overreact to great ugliness or beauty. This extreme sensitivity to the world around you can be creatively channeled through art or other creative activities. Since you have such a strong need to be needed, you depend on compliments and praise from others to raise your spirits.

You value your privacy and share your innermost feelings with very few people. Once you choose a lover, you are very devoted and loyal. You need little more in life than someone to love and a comfortable home. Indeed, you tend to be more of a "home body" than a socialite, and you need a partner who has similar preferences.


Mercury in the Seventh House

Traditionally, this placement of Mercury indicates that you are attracted to partners much younger than yourself. You get along well with others because you are a natural peacemaker. You seek the company of those you consider your intellectual equals, and you enjoy lively discussion. On challenging projects, you work best with others. You'll gain maturity by lessons learned through relationships.


Venus in Taurus

With Venus in Taurus (the sign it rules), you are very affectionate and loyal with your friends and lovers. You enjoy the finer things in life, and you also enjoy showering your loved ones with gifts. Those who love you appreciate your encouragement and support. Although some may consider you stubborn, you would prefer to call yourself "persistent."

You have very clear opinions as to what is true art, and you are probably artistically inclined yourself. You also enjoy getting out into nature to relax and drink in her natural beauty. Since you do prefer to have things your way, you tend to put forth the effort required to succeed. With Venus in Taurus, chances are your most treasured material possessions will be the product of your hard work.

You are an earthy lover and enjoy indulging in the physical pleasures of your relationships. The best way to win your heart is to lavish you with affection and gifts. You appreciate the finer things in life and require a comfortable home environment. This placement of Venus also makes you determined (maybe even stubborn) and slow to arouse (whether in anger or in sex).

It is important that your partner be consistent and reliable. You admire inner strength in a lover; it is important that your mate love you without leaning on you or clinging to you. You tend to expect near perfection in your partners and should try to remember that no one is perfect--not even you. Your sexual experiences can be enhanced by a pleasing, romantic setting.


Venus in the Fifth House

You are sensuous and enjoy indulging in the pleasurable senses to the fullest possible extent. You enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful art and music, and you may have creative talents in these areas. From an early age you were attracted to the opposite sex and are affectionate and loyal toward those you love. You have a talent for inspiring children and would be a stimulating teacher.


Mars in Virgo

Your ability to assert yourself is often frustrated by your own incessant worrying and scrupulous attention to detail. While it is good to be organized and to have a plan of operation, you also need to learn to be a little more spontaneous and carefree.

In your career you are an energetic worker. Although you are ambitious, you find it hard to handle positions of high responsibility. You tend to take on everyone's problems and end up with stomach upsets or skin rashes. Although you are practical and diplomatic with others, you are not prone to taking risks or to participating in cutthroat competition.

You are a very careful and meticulous lover and will make sure that the surroundings and atmosphere are perfect for yourself and your partner. Although you are somewhat slow to arouse sexually, you go out of your way to please your lover, employing superior technique, sensitivity and attention to detail.

Personal cleanliness is important to you, and you probably enjoy taking showers with your lovers. You can be somewhat picky and critical of your partner, although it is sincerely done with the intention of helping them. Sexual tools can be fun for you if you will allow yourself to be so bold and spontaneous.


Mars in the Eighth House

You have very strong desires, and once you decide to possess something, you usually succeed in doing so. You may experience shortages of love and money to encourage you to be less possessive in these areas of your life. You have the ability to see through the false pretenses of others. Karmically, you can make up for past lives of greed and abuse by sharing your resources with others in need.


Jupiter in Aquarius

You are highly intuitive and tolerant of differences in others. With your natural ability for working with groups, you could inspire others to help bring about humanitarian changes in society. You are an excellent diplomat and can help smooth over differences between groups of seemingly incompatible people. You have a natural talent for occult knowledge, for you recognize the existence of forces beyond those you can see, feel and measure.


Jupiter in the Second House

You prefer to live an elegant lifestyle, and you have the self-confidence and optimism to achieve the success necessary to support one. Jupiter brings pure good luck to your financial dealings, and your investments usually pay off if you follow your intuition. You must learn self- discipline and caution in spending money, or your wealth will be "easy come, easy go."


Saturn in Capricorn

You are highly ambitious and well-organized, and you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals. Since you have a natural ability to put abstract concepts into layperson's terms, you would be an excellent writer or teacher. With your natural talent for finance and science, you would also do well in these fields. Having a good reputation in your community is very important to you. Avoid a tendency to work too hard and neglect your personal life.


Saturn in the First House

You are reserved and serious, and even as a child you seemed older than others your age. It is possible that you were forced to take on adult responsibilities as a child and did not have much time to play with other children. You will encounter much hardship in life, and through this adversity you will discover your own self-worth. Avoid a tendency to become pessimistic and depressed in difficult times.


Uranus in Leo


You are confident and well-organized, and have excellent leadership abilities. Since you find it difficult to tolerate restrictions of any kind, you can be defiant and rebellious toward authority. You do not follow trends, and in fact your values are usually different from what others consider to be acceptable in society. You will learn a great deal through sudden ups and downs in your love life.


Uranus in the Eighth House

You have strong intuition and psychic abilities, and are generally fascinated by occult and metaphysical sciences. With your quick temper, you should not drive when you are upset because of the increased risk of accidents. Can indicate unexpected inheritances or other windfalls. If Uranus is afflicted, you could suffer great losses through dishonest or unscrupulous acts.


Neptune in Scorpio


You are driven to uncover the deepest secrets within society, and you have a keen interest in metaphysical sciences. With your strong desire for physical pleasures, you must avoid overindulging in food, drink, sex or drugs in an attempt to escape the tension of daily life.


Neptune in the Tenth House

You are strongly idealistic and would enjoy work that has humanitarian purposes. You may have difficulty deciding upon a career because you fear making the wrong choice. Whatever you choose as a profession, you will be happiest if you are serving others. You may overidealize a parent who then cannot live up to your opinion of them. There may be karmic difficulties to work out with the father.


Pluto in Virgo


Your generation saw the birth of social reforms, such as free medical clinics and food banks. Chemicals also became popular, and many miracle drugs were discovered. There was also renewed interest in organic health foods, vitamins and herbal remedies. You have a strong desire to achieve perfection. Avoid being too critical of yourself or others.


Pluto in the Eighth House

You are deeply interested in psychic and metaphysical subjects and may have clairvoyant abilities. Your relationship with a marriage or business partner may cause financial difficulties. Can indicate possibility of inheritances. If Pluto is afflicted, you may suffer financial losses as a result of your attempts to manipulate and control others.


Libra Midheaven

You will do best in a career which makes use of your social skills and which allows you to appeal to popular tastes. You have an in-born sense of beauty and proportion which could lead to a career in the arts. Friendliness and social poise are important to you, so that you would make a good diplomat or agent. A partner may play an important role in your career.

Not impulsive, you strive towards a fair assessment of every situation. You can help others to see the many different choices available, in such fields as communications, publishing, advertising, teaching, politics, or therapy. With your love of variety and social interaction, you have a wide picture, but not a deep picture. If you are not successful in your career, it will be because you use your charm to avoid work, or are too indecisive, superficial, or pleasure-loving. Have confidence in your own judgment and do not become overly dependent on other people.

Occupations consistent with your aesthetic style of work include public relations, architect, artist, musician, diplomat, designer, theatrical agent, builder, planner, strategist, arbitrator, or social commentator. For the most personal career guide, also consider the nature of any planets which fall in the 10th house or conjoin the Midheaven, the sign and house placements of Venus, ruler of the Midheaven, and any aspects which other planets make to the Midheaven.


North Node in Leo

You have many friends from all walks of life, but few close ones. During many lifetimes you have worked with groups toward positive change, and now you feel most effective as a member of a larger team. Your challenge is to develop your own individual will and strength without relying on your friends for help. For greatest satisfaction, find ways to satisfy your own ego and still serve the needs of humanity. Dare to risk your freedom by becoming emotionally involved; relate straight from your heart rather than intellectually.


North Node in the Eighth House

In past lifetimes you have become overly attached and possessive regarding your belongings. In this lifetime you will learn the value of uniting your resources and efforts with others to achieve a common goal. You know that true value is found in people rather than in material goods. Your challenge is to enjoy and share your possessions rather than being dominated by them.


Chiron in Pisces

You are highly sensitive and intuitive, and probably have keen psychic abilities. With your strong sense of compassion, healing comes naturally to you, and you may enter a career in the healing arts. In your personal and professional lives, you tend to take on the feelings of those around you, and at times it may be necessary for you to get away and find alone time to "find yourself" again.

You are highly idealistic, and you have a sincere desire to somehow help make the world a better place. You truly want to see the best in everyone and everything, and for this reason you can sometimes be misled or deceived. Be willing to question the truth of what someone tells you if your intuition tells you something is not right. Listen to your inner guidance, and you will always appreciate the underlying lessons in life's daily events.


Chiron in the Second House

You know what you want in life, and you will go to great lengths to achieve it. With your natural ability to attract people and resources, you can usually manifest whatever you need. Once you've mastered this art, you may decide to share this knowledge to help those members of society who are less fortunate.

Your childhood upbringing left you with issues around wealth and money. You decided at an early age that you did not share your parents' values and priorities in life, and you searched hard to create values of your own. When life gets rough, you'll gain strength and insight by connecting with Nature and the Earth.


Planets in Aspect


Moon square Venus (Strength: 06.36)

It is very important to you that you have the approval of loved ones, and for this reason you are often hesitant to express your true feelings. You may have felt pressured by your parents (especially your mother) to share their value system, and even as an adult you may feel guilty if you disagree with those you love. As a result you may shy away from commitment altogether rather than risk the responsibility involved.

You probably will (or did) leave home early in life, for your personal freedom is very important to you. Your closest friends will understand this about you and will love you just the way you are. Because you are easily manipulated in matters of love, you must be careful to closely examine the integrity of your potential partners. In other words, be willing to take off the rose-colored glasses and see them as they really are.

By learning to stand up for your personal beliefs, you will gain strength and integrity (as well as the respect of others). With your rebellious nature, it is best that you be honest with your partner about your need for freedom within the relationship. This aspect shows that you have the potential to maintain a successful open marriage, as long as you act with honesty and integrity.


Sun trine Neptune (Strength: 05.98)

You are very talented, but you may not be motivated to do anything about it. You tend to start many projects but finish few of them. You learn quickly and then rush on to the next new item.

You are extremely psychic and have the ability to seemingly pick up information out of thin air. As a child you may have been bored by teachers who seemed to be giving you information you already knew. You learn so easily that you find no challenge in it. Therefore, it is difficult to move you to take action.

You will face few challenges in your life that seem insurmountable. Your greatest vice is that of procrastination. You may operate best being self-employed. Then you can operate at your own pace, with no one depending on you to meet their schedules. You would do well in: art, drama, writing, education and research.

You must have mutual trust in your close relationships. Although you are devoted to your mate, you allow him or her a great deal of personal freedom (and it is probably mutual). You would greatly enjoy children and a stable family life.


Moon opposite Uranus (Strength: 05.29)

You experience many emotional ups and downs as you attempt to balance your intellect and your emotions. It may always seem that you cannot have them both functioning satisfactorily in your life at the same time. This balancing act will become easier as you mature. Be patient and know that this conflict within you is resolvable.

In truth, you are suffering from lack of confidence in your ability to relate well to others. While you are anxious to meet new friends and form close relationships, you are insecure about "putting yourself out there" in your interchanges with others. Just relax and be yourself; you are very lovable. People sense the protective wall you put up around yourself and are deflected by it. Don't be afraid to respond to others with warmth and love. Remember: whatever you want to receive in life, be willing to give it to others.

You often find yourself involved in the decisions of others, and you may even make your living dealing with the personal affairs of others. Teaching would be a good profession for you; and as you inspire self-confidence in others, you will also build it in yourself.

Romantically, your love life is anything but "normal." You seem to end up with lovers who are already attached or are otherwise unavailable to you. The most complicated and even bizarre qualities of a relationship actually appeal to you. Maybe this is your own way of remaining unattached. You enjoy being free to flirt with others, even though you may not consummate the seduction physically. For this reason, some partners may find you a bit of a "tease."

Maintain good health by taking time off for nothing but relaxation. Otherwise, nervous distress could become physical distress. Go out to the country, enjoy some peace and quiet, do pleasant things.


Moon trine Midheaven (Strength: 05.01)

You are extremely sensitive emotionally and have a highly-developed sense of intuition. Because others know that you will not intentionally hurt them, they trust you and share their innermost feelings. Animals also have confidence in you, and you've probably brought home your share of strays (especially as a child).

Because you feel so deeply, you can become very emotionally attached to the people (and things) you love most. This is a wonderful trait, as long as you don't allow yourself to be overly protective or possessive (even if you think it's for their own good). Instead of endearing them to you, such behavior could literally drive your loved ones away in self-defense.

Because of your sentimental attachment to the past, it is difficult for you to let go of possessions that remind you of fond times. The more history there is connected to an object, the more you value it. Just be careful not to clutter up your life by saving everything. Use your appreciation for the past to your advantage in a profession involving history, antiques, or remodeling older homes.


Venus square Uranus (Strength: 04.93)

Among other things, this aspect indicates that you must be careful to get enough rest. Natives often have a high level of nervous energy and can easily "run down their batteries" if not careful. This nervous energy carries over into your business as well as social life. Your tendency to react spontaneously and intensely to others makes you appear to be emotionally erratic and aggressive.

You make friends easily but do not make commitments casually. You are attracted to persons who seem mysterious and unusual, but you immediately lose interest when they become "serious." If you do form close relationships, they will definitely be unconventional. You are very much a free spirit and do not care for the idea of belonging to anyone. In order for you to find happiness in a love relationship, you must be willing to meet your partner half way, even if it means giving up a little freedom yourself.

You can be promiscuous and oftentimes delight in defying convention. Your sexual desires are quite strong, and you must be careful not to jeopardize other aspects of your life in your pursuit of satisfaction of your many sexual fantasies. You should not deny these desires, but you should control them, not let them control you.

Career-wise, you must slow down your pace long enough to accept and carry out responsibility on the job. Unless you can demonstrate an ability to focus on tasks and patiently follow them through to a successful conclusion, you will not find promotions on the job easy.


Moon conjunct South Node (Strength: 03.86)

You are extremely emotional at times, and you should avoid a tendency to become depressed and pessimistic. Even if things are going horribly, complaining and whining does not improve things. Instead, it may alienate those who would otherwise assist you. During past lifetimes you survived by using your emotional pleas to take advantage of others. In this lifetime you will encounter karmic situations which encourage you to become more self-reliant.

Many with this aspect form a strong attachment to one or both parents, usually the mother. This bond can become so strong that it limits your growth because you fear parental disapproval. If this is the case, the eventual loss of this parent will be devastating to you but can also allow you the freedom to finally become the person you truly want to be.


Uranus sextile Midheaven (Strength: 03.72)

You are a very unique individual, and many of your ideas and philosophies are considered eccentric by others because you are a bit ahead of your time. You enjoy being different from the norm, and your career needs to reflect your uniqueness. Because you like to do things your own way (and because others may consider your innovative ideas rather far-fetched), you may find it more gratifying to work for yourself. You could excel in areas such as computers, science and technology, engineering, or metaphysical sciences.

Although you usually like to work alone, you would also enjoy working with groups of people dedicated to humanitarian goals. Associating with other intelligent, eclectic individuals will stimulate and challenge your sharp mind. This mental exercise is very important to help ward off boredom and monotony.

This aspect is common among inventors and others who've become famous for their revolutionary ideas. No matter how strange some of your concepts may seem to others, if an idea sticks with you, be sure to pursue it.


Venus trine Saturn (Strength: 02.57)

You exercise caution and good judgment in your relationships with others; you know on whom you can depend and on whom you can't. Your optimistic attitude toward life allows you to be understanding when others are in need. You pride yourself on being responsible and trustworthy, and you are always willing to compromise when necessary.

Because of the training of your youth, you are well- disciplined and can focus your efforts quite effectively in order to achieve success. Even though you will climb your way to the top of your own ladder, you will not hesitate to offer a hand up to others you meet along the way. This quality is one of the main reasons for your success--your sensitivity to the needs of others.

In terms of a career, you would enjoy working with the arts--music, painting, writing, poetry, sculpture, and graphic arts are a few examples. You could also use your organization skills in other areas, such as banking, law, real estate, finance, insurance, commerce or architecture and design. You may want to teach arts and crafts to children (whom you enjoy) or work with a social club or organization.

You are a good parent and will be a benevolent disciplinarian. You expect your children to learn to respect others and to be conscious of needs other than their own. Instead of trying to mold them into being a carbon copy of yourself, you will encourage your children to develop their own individuality. This will provide many benefits for you in your old age when your children are in a position to repay you for your kindness.

In romantic matters, you do not rush headlong into affairs of the heart. You check out each potential partner carefully, assessing their good and bad qualities. Most importantly, you require that the partnership contain mutual respect and loyalty. You feel more comfortable in a stable, long-term relationship than in a series of "casual flings."


Mars conjunct North Node (Strength: 02.52)

You are highly competitive and have an intense thirst for all of the excitement you can find in life. Learning to assert yourself appropriately will be a major source of spiritual growth in this life. If you can add some concentration and self-discipline to your enthusiasm and drive, you will have a greater chance to achieve your goals and ambitions.

In past lives you have sacrificed a great deal for those who did not appreciate your efforts. Now you are learning to be more decisive and to assert yourself in order to be sure your needs are met as well. Your challenge is to learn the difference between assertion and aggression. Since you become restless easily, you prefer to stay active.


Jupiter square Neptune (Strength: 02.46)

You are highly creative and only require self-discipline and direction to put your talents to good use. Since you are so self-indulgent, your dreams often have little chance of being realized. You tend to overextend yourself by buying on credit and to waste your time on tasks of questionable value. You tend to be gullible and are easily influenced by others to take their side.

You have well-developed mental faculties, but you don't like to face reality and live up to your responsibilities. You could be easily deceived by misleading or false promises. Since you tend to be kind to others and sympathetic to their needs, be careful not to be taken advantage of and stuck with someone else's burden.

Some consider this aspect to indicate that the person is "accident prone." This does not always happen in the form of physical injury; you could get stuck with the blame for someone else's infraction. Exercise discretion in telling your personal secrets. They could be used against you. Avoid discussions about religion or the occult sciences. You won't win arguments in these areas.

In romance, try to see your love without your rose-colored glasses. You tend to cling to your prince or princess charming and do not accept the end of a relationship very well. You tend to idealize relationships and lovers and then are terribly disappointed when reality rears its ugly head.


Mercury sextile Mars (Strength: 02.46)

You are a very friendly and outgoing person and are not usually shy about making new acquaintances. As a matter of fact, meeting and conversing with people may be one of your favorite pastimes. You enjoy talking, but you are also a very good listener. This talent has allowed you to learn much in your lifetime; you are never afraid to ask when you don't know the answer.

Although you are friendly to everyone, you can be vicious when deceived. You speak the truth bluntly, even when it would be easier not to. And when you make a stupid mistake, you won't hesitate to admit it and even to laugh at yourself. You have an insatiable curiosity and thoroughly enjoy learning new things. In conversation you don't speak rashly or from a shaky base of information; you prefer to know what you're talking about before you open your mouth. By the same token, you don't jump to conclusions concerning others without solid evidence. You can be very persuasive and have a talent for winning people over to your ideas.

You would do well in such occupations as law, teaching, writing, public relations, or any other field which requires you to exercise your intellect. You could also succeed in media work; the constant stimulation and movement would attract you. Communication is your strongest skill, and you should make the most of it. You would also find politics interesting, and you would enjoy giving your opinions to those who are less informed.

In relationships you prefer a partner who is also intellectually stimulating. They should also be strong enough to act as a "Devil's Advocate" and challenge your ideas and opinions. This would encourage you to develop your own mental skills even further.


Uranus trine Ascendant (Strength: 02.08)

You are an independent thinker and demand that others respect your freedom. Although you are not necessarily rebellious, you insist on being allowed to be yourself. You enjoy being around people who can share new and exciting ideas and concepts with you. You also enjoy shocking people with your remarks from time to time, especially those people who are particularly rigid and dogmatic in their beliefs.

With your natural talent for adaptation, you take even major changes in stride. Your optimism and willingness to take each day at a time keep you from focusing on the negative occurrences in life. With your incredible creativity, you have no shortage of ideas to develop into money-making projects. All you need now is someone to back you financially.

You require a partner who has an above average intellectual capability; otherwise you will become bored with them. Although you sometimes can see things about people that they themselves cannot see, be careful not to rub their noses in it. It does no good to tell people something they are not ready to hear. You need a lover who is relatively free from fears and inhibitions. Although they don't have to be the rebel you are, they must respect your right to your own beliefs.


Mars conjunct Pluto (Strength: 01.61)

You will relentlessly pursue your goals in life, determined to achieve satisfaction. Not only is it important that you acquire power and status, but you also see the climb to the top as a personal challenge to your abilities.

In times of crisis you have an uncanny sense of timing and seem to know how to invest the least amount of energy for the maximum result. Although you can be aggressive at times, you will not tolerate a dominating attitude in others. You have a healthy respect for power and authority if it is handled fairly.

This aspect gives you a somewhat Scorpionic attitude toward your lovers. In other words, you will be possessive and demanding in your relationships. You will usually be the aggressor and may even scare some people away with your intense approach to love and sex. Your sexual desire nature is a very strong one, and you may even use sex as a bargaining chip in your relationships in order to achieve your goals.

You are impatient with social problems and injustices and may even work for reform in these areas. As a matter of fact, this would be the healthiest way to express your need for transformation. You could inspire others with your drive and would be very creative in finding sources of funding for worthy projects.


Neptune sextile Pluto (Strength: 01.40)

This is the only aspect Neptune has made to Pluto during this century, and the planets will remain in sextile to each other for another hundred years, although the signs the planets occupy will continue to change as time passes.

For those born between 1942 and 1956, Neptune was in Libra and Pluto in Leo. These people were born at a time of global war. Governments rose and fell; kings were ousted from their castles. There were breakthroughs in air power (Neptune in Libra) which helped establish the balance of power between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. This time was filled with meetings and peace conferences between global leaders. Those born during this time know that compromise is not enough to achieve peace; you are naturally suspicious of your leaders, and this will help to promote greater honesty and accountability on the part of political figures.

If you were born between 1957 and 1970, Neptune was in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo. There were new advances in health and medicine, as well as rapid spread of illegal drugs. Our long- held conservative attitude about sex began to dissolve, and we began to realize that marriage was not essential to maintain a committed relationship. Those born during this time seek to serve and improve society. You are also angry about the current state of our environment and natural resources.

If you were born between 1971 and 1983, Neptune was in Sagittarius and Pluto in Libra. Your attitudes about religion, education and human interactions are most likely different from those of your parents. Your religious beliefs, or spiritual practices, are important to you, and you are deeply concerned for the fate of your planet and the race of man. You will insist that your leaders be straight with you and will not accept excuses or manipulation. You are also interested in occult sciences, and many advances in this area will be made by members of your generation.

If you were born between 1984 and 1998, Neptune was in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio. You are part of a generation which will make great progress in dealing with power responsibly, both in terms of interpersonal relationships and as protectors of our Mother Earth. You will seek to transform society and replace rampant injustice with compassionate guidance.


Sun sextile Pluto (Strength: 01.38)

You have a very strong will and at some level know that you can accomplish anything you set out to do. Because you recognize that you require knowledge to achieve your goals in life, you have developed a unique ability for communication. Others find your message to be hypnotic and intense; this ability to communicate so effectively with others is your most valuable asset.

Others have confidence in you, and you would be very good at handling others' resources. It is your destiny to share your many talents with others and to inspire them with your example. You live life with self-confident intensity, and others know that they can trust you with their deepest secrets.

You are an advocate of social change and seek to alleviate the oppressive social conditions that must be tolerated by the less fortunate members of society. You have no patience with social injustice and are not afraid to take on city hall if necessary. Since you are so dedicated to this cause, you would be an excellent spokesperson for any group working for social change.

In your close relationships you have a talent for encouraging others to get back on their feet and keep moving forward in the face of temporary setbacks. Others come to you when they need an ego boost, and you seem to know exactly what to say to restore their self-confidence.

You are naturally interested in and have a talent for metaphysics and occult matters, and you could even make your living in a New Age field. You have strong psychic abilities (whether you know it or not) and use this power to see to the root of problems (your own and others'). Learn to depend on your intuition more than on your logical reasoning skills.


Saturn square Midheaven (Strength: 01.22)

Relationships often seem too complicated and troublesome to you, and you may prefer to spend much time alone. You find it difficult to meet all of the expectations that others have of you, and you consider it a personal failure whenever you let someone down. Remember that you can't please everyone all the time, and try not to be so hard on yourself. Otherwise, you could become lonely and depressed.

Because you expect others to criticize or reject you, you tend to withdraw emotionally or reject them first. It may seem that they are cold and distant toward you, but in reality they are reacting to the wall of protection that you've built around yourself. If you try taking down the wall, you'll find some wonderful people on the other side.

Although no one enjoys being rejected, very few people have died from it. It's said that "nothing ventured, nothing gained." How will you ever know whether you can succeed unless you risk it?


Uranus conjunct North Node (Strength: 01.16)

You are interested in and attracted to anything unusual or unique. Being a bit of an adventurer, you are always curious about new ideas and concepts. You will achieve your greatest spiritual growth through your efforts to bring about constructive change in the world. You are a humanitarian at heart and believe that the needs of the larger society outweigh the needs of an individual, no matter how rich and/or powerful.

In past lives you have achieved a position of power in society, maybe even as a member of a royal family, and you had no concern for the welfare of the weaker and less fortunate members of society. Now you are learning that everyone is your brother and that we are all equal. Your actions will now be motivated by a concern for betterment of our planet.


Mercury sextile Pluto (Strength: 01.15)

You are proud to be a sincere person and have a way of digging through to the truth in all situations. You have a keenly developed analytical mind and are able to solve problems easily that others cannot even understand. Since you are so perceptive, you are able to see the hidden meanings behind everyday occurrences in life. In fact, you have a natural psychic ability; learn to trust it and use it to your advantage.

You do not hesitate to explore new ideas, and you will research each one thoroughly until you know all there is on the subject. Since you are somewhat self-disciplined, you are able to handle your resources wisely. Because of your sincerity and honesty, you are often able to secure financial support from others by convincing them of the purity of your motives.

In terms of a career, you would do well as a researcher, psychological analyst, doctor, chemist, teacher or criminal detective. As a teacher you would encourage your students to constantly seek the truth and to be perceptive enough to locate it. You would be an effective researcher, analyst, doctor, etc. because you would leave no stone unturned before answering every possible question.

In your love life you seek a mate who is as honest and sincere as you. You have no patience with deception and will "bust" someone immediately if you realize you are being taken. Since you are self-confident and ambitious, your partner should be also. You should handle joint finances well--you understand the value of money and can get by on a small amount.


Jupiter inconjunct Pluto (Strength: 01.05)

You will be required to undergo several major adjustments as you come to grips with your mission in life. The lesson here is for you to submit to your fate and to resist less when pulled in certain directions. It is the nature of Pluto to demand surrender from those who wish to be transformed.

You have the ability to understand the changing social conditions of today and to have a hand in bringing about a restructuring of society. This is a tremendous responsibility, and you shy away from it. It is important that you serve others in some way, for this is where your greatest potential for growth lies.

Be sure to recognize the difference between the terms "to serve" and "to be used." There will also be those who will try to take advantage of your generosity. You will learn to choose not to extend your kindness to those who would not appreciate it, once you learn to use your ability to see others' motivations quite clearly.

Your greatest fulfillment will come with recognizing that it is not important to ask "What's in it for me?" when getting involved in any situation. There is a delicate balance here between this attitude and the tendency to be used by others. This is the balance you must achieve. Live life in moderation and learn the joy of serving others.


Venus inconjunct Midheaven (Strength: 00.65)

Your personal relationships are very important to you, and you will go to great lengths to gain the approval of loved ones. Just be sure that you do not compromise your own sense of ethics or of self in the process. In that case, you may gain the approval of others, but lose your self-respect.

In your early life, it may have been difficult to gain the approval of your parents. Perhaps they criticized your choice of careers or friends. As you mature, you can give yourself permission to be different. Then you'll discover that people can and do love you for the person you really are.

At times you may find it frustrating to balance the demands of home and career. As a result, you may decide to focus on one and neglect the other. During times when career seems to get more attention, be sure to consciously set aside time for home and recreation. It will make going back to work a little easier.


Mercury trine Neptune (Strength: 00.55)

This aspect indicates that you are highly creative and have a flair for dramatic communication. Since you have a highly developed intuitive sense, you can understand others' motivations in their dealings with you. You are highly intelligent and very sensitive, and you have a strong sense of social responsibility. You have natural artistic talent and the imagination required to successfully implement it.

You enjoy a warm and friendly social life, and others find you a fascinating partner in conversation. You are a very persuasive speaker and have a natural feel for what will stimulate your audience. Rather than get caught up in superficial matters, you prefer to focus on life's important issues. You are impatient with social injustices and are hopeful that others will become spiritually aware enough to help solve them.

In your career you could do well in many areas because of your talents and your easy-going temperament. Because of your ability to adapt well, you can do a good job in any environment. You tolerate the imperfections of others and do not make impossible demands on co-workers or employees. Others are inspired by your unfailing hope and optimism. You are well suited to a career in writing, art, music, design or social work.

In your love life you prefer a mate who is refined and respectable. Because your inner life is so satisfying, you are rarely lonely. While you enjoy the company of people whom you respect, you do not need social contacts in order to be happy.


Sun conjunct Mercury (Strength: 00.53)

You have very strong opinions and don't hesitate to state them without being asked. This can be irritating to people, especially since you tend to dismiss their own opinions as unimportant. You usually have the first and last word in any discussion. In your haste to be first, you may make decisions prematurely. This means you may have to retract what you've said later, and this is not easy for you. You don't like to admit you were wrong and can be very self-centered.

You are creative and could be a good leader if you would take the time to make good decisions. You need to take others' needs into consideration and to learn a little humility. At times you can be something of a "know-it-all," which can be very annoying to others. Try to cultivate some objectivity.

Communication comes naturally for you, and you can express yourself articulately. You love to give orders but may become frustrated if they are not followed. You are not above intimidating others to get their support. Express this aspect more positively by inspiring rather than threatening others. Your enthusiasm can be infectious, and you can work well with the public. You are good at making and carrying out plans.

In your love life, be careful of your tendency to misinterpret your partner's signals. Try to see yourself through their eyes during times of misunderstanding. Your partner should be able to take your directness and lack of diplomacy. You speak straight from the heart.


Moon opposite Mars (Strength: 00.38)

Your personal relationships are a constant source of conflict in your life, and this is mostly because of your unwillingness to compromise. You seem to be willing to fight over the smallest things, and often take things personally that you shouldn't. Your emotions are intense, and you are easily provoked.

In men this aspect indicates a lack of tenderness; in women it shows arrogance and pushiness. In either case, you are impatient with the needs of others and impose your demands on those around you. You usually seek out relationships that are physically or economically advantageous to you without considering the person's personality or compatibility with yours.

When you learn to compromise you will find it easier to reach a balance in both your personal and professional lives. Learn to allow yourself to make mistakes; even try admitting you are wrong now and then. This endears you to others because they can see you are willing to admit your imperfection. When challenged by others, take advantage of the situation to clear up all misunderstandings. Be more understanding and forgiving of others, and they will be the same toward you.

Your domestic life is likely to be a stormy one until you have mastered this art of compromise. It is not difficult to get into an argument with you. For your own protection, don't tell your secrets to anyone other than your most trusted loved ones. Also, be careful not to stick your nose into others' business or to spread gossip about your friends and neighbors. This will surely backfire.


Mercury inconjunct Jupiter (Strength: 00.10)

Although you are highly creative, you have some difficulty expressing yourself. It seems that something more important always has to be taken care of. In truth, it is only a matter of deciding to devote the time and energy to your own enjoyment of your creative expression. You seem to have more time to devote to the needs of others than to your own satisfaction.

It is difficult for you to turn down anyone in need, and if you must do so you will feel most guilty. Learn to say no with a clear conscience and to devote more time to your own needs. You are still a wonderful person even if you devote energy to yourself as well as others.

It would be good for you to get away from the rat race from time to time in order to unwind. From this perspective it would be easier for you to make plans and set priorities on how to expend your time and energy. This will allow you to use your resources most efficiently in order that you don't become "burnt out." Too much stress and worry could cause problems with your digestion or nervous system.

You may tend to automatically assume that everyone else around you is more talented or capable than you are. Don't feel that you must take the advice others give you regarding your projects if you feel confident that your own way is the best to pursue. In a career you would do well in education, travel, or public relations. If you consider your job to be rewarding, you are willing to work very hard and diligently.

Just as you feel the need to prove yourself to others by constantly serving them, you will tend to do so with your lovers as well. Be sure not to promise the Moon too quickly; find out first whether the other person feels as strongly about you as you do about them. Sincerity and honesty are musts for a successful relationship.


Balance of Elements and Modalities


Abundant Water

In your case, the heart rules the head. Your emotional drives are strong and you act primarily on the basis of your feelings. Whether your feelings are purely personal, interpersonal, or transpersonal is up to you, but generally you are a life-oriented person who feels keenly and who acts to support your family, friends, and community. You are happiest when you are in a caring relationship with a significant other. That person should be comfortable with the emotional closeness that you bring to relationships, while providing the structure or inspiration that you need. Some of your friends will not be as comfortable with emotional closeness as you are, and you will have to respect their boundaries. You have probably learned over the years how to keep your sensitive nature from being hurt. Don't permanently withdraw, but find the people with whom and the environment in which you can be yourself.

Because of your sensitivity, you easily pick up others' thoughts and feelings. You can anticipate others' needs before they have expressed them. You can usually rely on your intuition when it comes to forecasting the outcome of personal and career decisions. If you decide to use your psychic abilities for healing, learn to let go of the negative feelings that you process from others. Since you are so sensitive, find quiet moments for private introspection in which you can reconnect with what you feel instead of what others feel. You also find it revitalizing to be around large bodies of water.

You do have a need to stop and think things through before acting. Make the effort to communicate with others who may have a more objective viewpoint or who could see solutions that elude you. You can sometimes be criticized for acting from a purely personal perspective, which you could avoid by learning and respecting society's larger viewpoint. You can be very creative in finding paths to your personal goals. Keep the larger viewpoint in mind and later you will not have to try to rationalize to others why you chose those paths.


Abundant Earth

You are in touch with the real world. More than others, you know where the rubber meets the road; persistent study has shown you how to make things happen in a practical sort of way. Your nature is well-suited to the adult world of responsibilities, which you master at a young age. Not impulsive with your resources, you would only start a business after careful study, but you would manage it well. You enjoy the satisfaction that comes not just from starting projects, but from finishing them. Your steady, organized approach is actually more productive in the long-run than is that of the quick, flashy types. You know how to establish a pace and keep it.

Do not let your awareness of the material world make you unappreciative of the spiritual plane that underpins our life here -- to which others may be more sensitive than you. Practicality is fine, but try to understand that dreams, feelings, and enthusiasms are also important and should not be squelched. Others might surprise you with what their optimistic risk-taking is able to achieve. You can be so cautious and reserved that some people find you conservative and dull. If you yourself become bored or depressed, admit that security isn't everything and try to be more spontaneous. Open up to the new and follow your bliss (in a careful sort of way).


Lack of Fire

You are willing to let flashier individuals take center-stage and lead the way. You are probably unenthusiastic about change and are passive when it comes to creating change through leadership. You may be aggressive in a defensive way, but lack the self-confidence to take the offensive. Lacking the impulsiveness of Fire, you are more likely to be a careful worker and a reliable mate, though you could stand to be less detached and more personally involved with your spouse and family.

A lack of planets in Fire signs can be offset by a Fire sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the houses of Life.


Abundant Substance

With abundant planets in the houses of substance, you know your place in the material world. You know how to extract value and give value via your business, work, and career activities. The rules of the world come easily to you. Others admire and depend on your hard work and practical nature. If you get depressed, make time for recreation and family.


Lack of Life

You could have difficulty envisioning or planning for the future. You are likely to accept the status quo, living in the past and present, but not actively striving to create the future. Lacking your own passionate goals, you are more likely to be a follower than a leader.

A lack of planets in the houses of Life can be offset by abundant planets in Fire signs.


Abundant Fixed

With an abundance of planets in Fixed signs, you have the staying power to complete a project, grow a family, or expand a business. Your strength is what friends notice most about you. You have definite values; you focus your affections on the people and things that are part of your team. Friendships formed over time are important to you. You may be found at the center of a circle of friends, a large family, a government agency, or a business. You understand the contribution that stability and security make to prosperity and growth. It throws you off-balance when friends are not as reliable as you are or when love and ideals are not part of your life. Concentrate on developing confidence in yourself, a wholesome world for your family or group, and binding others to you with love. If you have a weakness, it is trouble changing or listening when people tell you a better way to do things. You can handle this weakness by empowering your team, as among them will be individuals who are good at reacting to a constantly changing world.


Abundant Succedent

An abundance of planets in the succedent houses increases your ability to enjoy life. In turn, you can give others pleasure. You are a basically stable person with strong values, feelings, and attachments. You enoy working to build the structure of your life. As you gain confidence in your self, you bind others to you with love. You have a strong physical presence.


Abundant Angular

An abundance of planets in the angular houses helps to give you drive and initiative. It makes you active in the external world. Expressing your individuality is important to you. You are probably a leader who enjoys challenges and can get things moving.


Lack of Cadent

A lack of planets in the cadent houses tends to reduce the time that you have to yourself. You may feel that you are always in the limelight or somehow involved with others. This leaves you little time for solitary reflection. The life of a spiritual recluse is not for you. You don't change quickly, but must gradually grow into changes.

A lack of planets in the Cadent houses can be offset by abundant planets in the Mutable signs.


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