Spirit Success Chart Interpretation for Princess Diana




This Spirit Success Report from Halloran Software's AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter program draws upon 634 paragraphs which interpret the places of the planets at the time of your birth, describing your personal houses, sign placements, and planetary aspects.

These astrological delineations depict your potential and how to make the most of it, or the challenges you will continue to face and how to confront and benefit from them. Though you may change through experience, your inherent characteristics will still motivate how you act and react to circumstances. How you handle yourself is really a clue to your success, and it is up to you to make the "right" choices.

Here are the parts which make up your chart:

HOUSES: Govern sections of your life, e.g., your money, your health, your partners, etc. They are also meaningful as to where your early interests lie and if they are worth pursuing.

SIGNS: Contribute feelings or vibrations to "color" planets, e.g., MERCURY rules GEMINI and VIRGO and emphasizes their qualities of thought, travel, health, and work. JUPITER rules SAGITTARIUS and higher education, spiritual growth, and law.

ASPECTS: Are angles combining the planets in the SIGNS/HOUSES that trigger the manner in which you will be influenced or can handle your qualities to advantage, e.g., MERCURY (thought) TRINE (in good aspect to) JUPITER (education and law) may indicate that you can succeed as a counselor in legal matters.

A "Strength" number precedes each ASPECT interpretation towards the end of the reading. This number synthesizes how exact is the aspect, whether the aspect is major or minor, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles. The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to live it out in your life.

You are most likely to feel and act out the Spirit Success Report's sign and house placement interpretations when the planets involved are strong in your chart. This is true especially of the outer planets, Jupiter through Pluto. The Astrodynes program, also available from Halloran Software, calculates the respective power and harmony of all the planets in your chart.




Planets in Signs and Houses


Sagittarius Ascendant

(The Forthright)

Your most outstanding quality is your cheerfulness, even in the face of adversity. Your friendly grin is always ready, open, and happily infectious. You think and speak rapidly. It's hard to stay angry with you, since your charm outweighs your lack of diplomacy, but the bluntness of your words can be detrimental to your success. Try to practice patience, tact and discretion, as in the axiom: "If you can't say anything worthwhile or pleasant, don't say it at all!"


Sun in Cancer

(Keynote: I FEEL)

You are sensitive, nurturing, devoted and caring, but can be moody, petulant, over-emotional and unforgiving. Your attachment to the home stems from an allegiance to a mother-figure. Your interest in food may extend to gourmet cooking as a hobby or a career. You are an excellent business person, with a shrewd and logical view, but tend to keep things to yourself, which is not always wise. If you have no outlet for your feelings, you may make yourself the victim of digestive ills, or prolonged seclusion may cost you the friendship of those who represent security in your life.


Sun in the Seventh House

(The Partner)

Partnerships will always take precedence in your life because of the power you give them. You feel the need of another person to keep you in balance. It is vital that you learn how to compromise your views to agree with those of other people. Though you may be the primary agent in a relationship, at some time you may have to take a subordinate position. If you are not prepared to do this, your pairing will suffer and may turn into an open conflict. Partnership requires team effort. Do your best to find solutions to problems that will benefit you both.


Moon in Aquarius

(The Individual)

You are not always practical, but are unorthodox and misunderstood by those who do not appreciate that you are a true liberal of rare talent. You cannot be restricted by the bonds of convention or a regulated society. Whatever you do is done with all your heart, but once you have accomplished your purpose, you move on, which may give you a reputation of indifference. Your independence can result in loneliness, though you surround yourself with people and join causes in which you strongly believe. You search for enlightenment to bring you to the state of peace and tranquility you long for.


Moon in the Second House

(The Collector)

You may take some time to settle into a job. Bank a portion of your paycheck -- even ask someone to manage your money for you. Otherwise you may become a compulsive spender, gathering possessions which may substitute for emotional needs. Going it alone, you may identify too closely with your possessions. In choosing a partner, it should be a person who is appreciative of your spiritual, as well as material growth and is willing to contribute and grow with you.


Mercury in Cancer

(The Parent)

Your remarkable intuition lets you see the vulnerability of your fellow man, but it may be somewhat narrow in concept. You often depend more upon feelings than rationale to treat issues in an appropriate manner. You may tend to relive childhood experiences, which can make you moody and sometimes reclusive, if the recall is painful. Rather than retreat, learn from experience and consider the consequences of present actions as they may affect your future.


Mercury in the Seventh House

(The Acrobat)

You are definitely not a loner. Your on-going love affair with words calls for the companionship of a partner to share your mental gymnastics. Your friends will be innovative and clever, but your indecisiveness and an inclination to avoid serious commitment may prevent you from a conventional marriage. Use your famous intuition to select an appropriate life-mate, while your carefree attitude is still admired as "charming," rather than "childish."


Venus in Taurus

(The Voluptuary)

You love comfort, luxury and things that appeal to your senses. You are a party-giver, with a liking for rich foods, and a particular fondness for chocolate. Music is a major part of your life and strongly affects your moods. Dissonance produces nervousness and harmony soothes and quiets you. You are a traditionalist who enjoys the security of the tried-and-true and are not given to accepting the unconventional without a thorough understanding of a need for change.


Venus in the Fifth House

(The Butterfly)

You possess fairy-gifts: Beauty, popularity -- even riches and fame, but they are as fickle as you, yourself, are capable of being. Don't take your charmed existence for granted. Make the most of your talents by applying them productively. The lessons of your life may not be laughed off as easily as the jealousy you inevitably attract. If you try, you will find yourself in the rags of disappointment, unknown to you when you were the Belle of the Ball!


Mars in Virgo

(The Indispensable)

You perform "to the letter" and often to an "nth" degree that is unnecessary. You seem to have unlimited physical resources, take orders well and respect regimen, but may have difficulty in relating to co-workers. In arguments, you express quickly, accurately, and, too often, sarcastically. You are a valuable helpmate in personal relationships, though a need to avoid expressing yourself in a superior manner should be recognized and modified to an acceptable level.


Mars in the Eighth House

(The Broker)

An inner knowledge fits you to deal with people on the most basic of levels. Through human encounter, you will continually change your life patterns, if not your goals. Others will trust you to handle their ideas, personal conflicts and their money. It is up to you to find ways to encourage the expansion of your associates and their assets in an objective manner without forcing an egoistic view of your personal evolution upon them.


Jupiter in Aquarius

(The Cosmopolitan)

You are truly liberal in your humanitarian views. What some call "idealistic," you practice as a way of life. You sympathize with minority needs and work with the majority to improve mankind. Visionary gifts allow you a glimpse of the future. If you succeed in your efforts to enrich the world, it will be a far better place in which to live.


Jupiter in the Second House

(The Big Spender)

You'll let someone else take the dinner check, but if it's haute cuisine, you don't mind paying for it. You may even spend to impress others, or talk them into investing, but your free-wheeling ways can squander their money. And, you're so cheerful about it, they may not even mind! Your motto is, "If it's there to enjoy, count the pleasure, not the cost!


Saturn in Capricorn

(The Controller)

Ambition motivates you to achieve your goals "no matter what!" It is your belief in your executive qualities of perseverance and discipline that will get you to the top and determination that will keep you there. Your relationships often take a back seat to your achievements, but man cannot live by bread, alone. Do not take yourself so seriously that you fail to permit the sweetness of the outside world to intrude, however briefly, in your somewhat solitary life.


Saturn in the First House

(The Burdened)

You were born with the weight of the world on your shoulders and a profound sense of what is proper and what is not. You take life seriously and assume responsibility, but are frequently disappointed when others don't recognize your value. You may have to enlarge your concepts, and grow past a tendency to magnify your difficulties. Discard negativity. Childhood sicknesses may also vanish, releasing you from other inhibitions which have held you back.


Uranus in Leo

(The Trend-setter)

You are first to volunteer, to explore, to introduce, to accept and to BE first in everything. You enjoy standing in the limelight as someone creatively innovative. But, you will not be content to perform; you are driven to take your place in an executive position that will distinguish you from your peers. You attract off-beat people and situations. Be sure to know who you are inviting into your life to avoid the unhappy pitfalls of impulsively-formed alliances.


Uranus in the Eighth House

(The Artful Dodger)

You're somewhat of a plunger and inclined to involve other people in your investments. You may receive windfalls which encourage you to believe you can exist on "luck," alone. If you are in over your head, you may find yourself losing friends, loved ones and even having to look for a way to avoid debts you cannot repay. You would do better to depend on your own resources for your income, unsteady as that may be, rather to chance risking all and losing.


Neptune in Scorpio

(The Initiator)

You take great delight in other people's secrets and may use them to advantage. If you have information that needs disclosure for the benefit of others, you may expose it in a subtle, but effective way. You may also use your knowledge to promote a principle or public figures while working behind the scenes. A leaning towards self-indulgence needs careful monitoring so that your strength is not used in abusive ways, but as a benefactor who prefers to remain anonymous.


Neptune in the Tenth House

(The Bewildered)

As if establishing goals for career and initiating a life course were not difficult enough, before you complete your education, you may despair of fitting into ANY role you have chosen. Rather than change WHAT you are doing, try to discover if you are realistic about your potential and the manner in which you apply yourself. If you need the advice of a counselor, choose one who does not deal with abstractions, but can suggest a practical means of achieving success.


Pluto in Virgo

(The Restorers)

You have a rare opportunity of renovating the world in carefully-structured channels when the environment seems at its lowest ebb. Drugs, disease, addictions and crime will no longer be tolerated. You will have a major part in seeing that justice is done. Law-makers, and those who execute the law will be among your peers, as well as some who are willing to educate those who truly desire self-improvement as their contribution to elevate mankind.


Pluto in the Eighth House

(The Rejuvenator)

Your life is one of constant change, as though you are living several lifetimes in one. Your gifts of intuition and an ability to restore to advantage when things fall apart are in your favor. You can usually see beneath the surface of any situation, which gives you a decided edge, but try to avoid circumstances which put someone else in the driver's seat. You can look forward to each transforming experience which usually announces a period of spiritual growth.


Libra Midheaven

You will do best in a career which makes use of your social skills and which allows you to appeal to popular tastes. You have an in-born sense of beauty and proportion which could lead to a career in the arts. Friendliness and social poise are important to you, so that you would make a good diplomat or agent. A partner may play an important role in your career.

Not impulsive, you strive towards a fair assessment of every situation. You can help others to see the many different choices available, in such fields as communications, publishing, advertising, teaching, politics, or therapy. With your love of variety and social interaction, you have a wide picture, but not a deep picture. If you are not successful in your career, it will be because you use your charm to avoid work, or are too indecisive, superficial, or pleasure-loving. Have confidence in your own judgment and do not become overly dependent on other people.

Occupations consistent with your aesthetic style of work include public relations, architect, artist, musician, diplomat, designer, theatrical agent, builder, planner, strategist, arbitrator, or social commentator. For the most personal career guide, also consider the nature of any planets which fall in the 10th house or conjoin the Midheaven, the sign and house placements of Venus, ruler of the Midheaven, and any aspects which other planets make to the Midheaven.


North Node in Leo

(The Nonchalant)

You yearn for success, but your carefree attitude requires discipline to channel your energies. You need support, but give the impression of being self-sufficient, so seldom receive it. Curb your independence. Work with others to acquire necessary skills to exploit your unquestionable talents, when desire is not enough to accomplish your purpose.


North Node in the Eighth House

(The Driver)

You may try to CONTROL rather than to guide or manage. You take setbacks as much to heart as triumphs. Your obsessive passions have another side to them. Using unselfishness and tolerance instead of jealousy and greed can unravel the tangles of your life so that the yarn is again clean, straight and ready for a new and more delicate weaving.


Planets in Aspect


Moon square Venus (Strength: 06.36)

(The Impassioned)

You are intent on romance, but may be too fervent to realize you are over-protective or possessive of your loved-one. If you do not have a relationship, you will feel out of balance until you attract a partner, and will make every effort to do so. Your feelings may stem from a parent-child affinity if you are sentimental about the marriage of your parents. Be sure you are acting from real love more than sentiment or need if you consider entering a commitment.


Sun trine Neptune (Strength: 05.98)

(The Harmonious)

Your innate idealism is spiritually inspired. You believe in the "good, the true and the beautiful." Your relationships symbolize a wish for accord with all humanity. Do not waste your gift of a lively imagination in idle daydreams. Coupled with an acute business acumen, it may take you far in the material world. But, at some time you will discover a need for metaphysical growth and find a channel for expression that may be unusual but of benefit to others.


Moon opposite Uranus (Strength: 05.29)

(The Late Bloomer)

You may be reluctant to release old patterns from early childhood, or feel guilty as you grow away from familiar habits ingrained by a mother-figure. However, your inquisitive nature presses you to explore new methods that will help you expand. Once you decide on liberation, develop patience to learn the result of your actions before insisting others follow your example, whether or not they share your enthusiasm for drastic change.


Venus square Uranus (Strength: 04.93)

(The Trifler)

A search for excitement keeps you constantly on the go. Your flirtatious manner may not be acceptable to your companions, unless you have a partner who shares your love of adventure and freedom to explore. A great deal of flexibility is necessary for your unions to survive. If suppressed, your energy will demand undisciplined release, which is the stuff from which nervous breakdowns are made. Find positive expression in the creativity with which you are blessed.


Moon conjunct South Node (Strength: 03.86)

(The Overwhelmed)

You are often overcome by emotions that can stem from a lively imagination or unwarranted fears. If you suppress your feelings, you may be subject to outbursts beyond your control, sometimes when you least expect them. Your sensitivity can be put to good use, but you must find ways of expression that conform to society's molds. Otherwise, you will be on the outside looking in on a world you have had a major part in creating, but to which you are denied admittance.


Venus trine Saturn (Strength: 02.57)

(The Stable)

You view relationships realistically so the bonds you form are sensible and of lasting quality. In business, you are able to stretch resources or make do with limited means. You realize the value of commitment in personal unions as an opportunity to build something substantial with a helpmate, but are not necessarily unromantic in your approach. If you remain single, you will provide for emotional support to keep your life in balance, which is one secret of your success.


Mars conjunct North Node (Strength: 02.52)

(The Champion)

Others willingly follow your lead and believe in you because you radiate confidence. You are free with your advice and firm in your decisions. You enjoy helping the "underdog," and revel in recognition for your achievements. You can be intolerant and take criticism badly, if at all. Your aggressive outlook can draw the respect you enjoy or label you as a bully. The choices you make determine your success. Once the die is cast, there is no turning back.


Jupiter square Neptune (Strength: 02.46)

(The Converter)

Others may resist your attempts to better conditions through faith, hope and charity. But, that will not destroy your belief that humanity merits improving. You must prove yourself and your convictions if you are to win supporters of your compassionate causes. Appearances can be deceiving. Be sure that those who receive your generosity are worth your concern. Your opponents may not always be aboveboard. Try to discern who is really on your side and willing to help.


Mercury sextile Mars (Strength: 02.46)

(The Taskmaster)

You cannot expect everyone to keep up with your stamina or restless thoughts, and are apt to be too impatient to work well as a team member. You may be a good employer, but only if you extend tolerance for the faults of others. It is difficult for you to allow anyone a chance to do what you think you can do better. You may be right, but use your quick and logical mind to reason whether it is worth the energy to prove over and over that you are "Number One."


Mars conjunct Pluto (Strength: 01.61)

(The Adamant)

You are convinced that doing things "your way" is the best, if not the only way and will try to impress upon others that their opinions are worth little. You may feel strongly that you can literally transform those who choose to follow your lead for the better and will work unceasingly in their behalf. In reality, you may be reinforcing ego energies which need evaluation. Perhaps you must adjust more realistically to circumstances before you can comply with your ego demands.


Neptune sextile Pluto (Strength: 01.40)

(The Self-aware)

It is important that you have the support of your family and friends. You are extremely sensitive and subject yourself to self-criticism that can be destructive and depressing. It may be that you need professional help to build your self-esteem. Later, you may transfer your intense feelings into knowledge you share with others. You may pursue a career in psychiatry or psychology, but will continue to investigate your own psyche for answers as to what "makes you tick."


Sun sextile Pluto (Strength: 01.38)

(The Booster)

You have a great deal of creative energy which you may use to advance your ambitions or to promote improvements through others for a common good. You can impress authority figures with your individuality, or may head an organization where you can exercise your abilities to increase potentials beyond established limits. Yours is a life of never-ending expansion and elevated aims that are the result of your willingness to accept changes for the better.


Uranus conjunct North Node (Strength: 01.16)

(The Innovator)

You make it your business to know "everyone," but few know you, intimately. Your streamlined good looks, coupled with a mesmerizing personality and gift of "gab," gain you entry to "inaccessible" people and places. You know how to promote yourself and exploit others successfully. Avoid being eccentric and rebellious instead of original and strong in your resolves. Others may not understand, but will never forget you, once you have touched their lives.


Mercury sextile Pluto (Strength: 01.15)

(The Researcher)

Your favorite question may be "Why?" and you will not be content with superficial answers. You have the drive and persistence to penetrate the heart of any matter that piques your curiosity. Once you are sure of your facts, you seldom change your mind. The same is true of your opinion of others. You may investigate a relationship before getting involved, and will either become a friend for life or turn your back on an association you are sure will go nowhere.


Jupiter inconjunct Pluto (Strength: 01.05)

(The Moralizer)

You try to impress others that you know best. Some will buy your extravagant promises of reform, and you may act as a guru or convert them to what you consider a superior way of thinking. You cannot always afford to pay your way, and your excessiveness can prove costly to those who support you. If you find it necessary to adopt a role of humility, consider that humility combined with learning is often valuable to produce the wisdom or balance you may still lack as a teacher.


Mercury trine Neptune (Strength: 00.55)

(The Sentimental)

You are a romantic who enjoys fantasizing dreams. You will not be easily discouraged if you exercise a talent for writing. There are those who will appreciate your efforts. You can be a daydreamer, but are also in touch with reality. Though you may dislike discipline, you are capable of using it to achieve your aims. Because of your affinity with humanity, you may sacrifice to help others, validating the spiritual insight inherent in your sympathetic nature.


Sun conjunct Mercury (Strength: 00.53)

(The Conversationalist)

You express your opinions and ideas well, and may preface each sentence with "I", since your focus is on yourself. If you are promoting your interests commercially, you will get your point across, but should listen to the views of others to enhance your chances of success. You enjoy travel and meeting with people to exchange ideas. You are a natural teacher. If you show a flair for writing, voicing your opinions may be useful and is often the mark of a successful columnist.


Moon opposite Mars (Strength: 00.38)

(The Untenable)

You ride an emotional see-saw which is difficult to control, particularly in personal relationships. You may have trouble relating to women as a result of childhood programming by a mother-figure. Your emotions can provoke involuntary tantrums that may prove embarrassing. Try to develop a tolerance for others since you are not essentially a "loner." You need people in your life who may help you to mature as a calmer individual, capable of leadership instead of tyranny.


Mercury inconjunct Jupiter (Strength: 00.10)

(The Blind-spot)

You may be so intent on impressing others with your grandiose ideas that you fail to see your own shortcomings. If you preach philosophical concepts, be sure that you adhere to the rules you set for others. Or, you may be easily flattered and led to attempt more than you can handle. It is unlikely that you will over-do periods of self-examination, or deal harshly with your faults. Take an inward look before embarking on the outward leap that may lead to your downfall.


Balance of Elements and Modalities


Abundant Water

In your case, the heart rules the head. Your emotional drives are strong and you act primarily on the basis of your feelings. Whether your feelings are purely personal, interpersonal, or transpersonal is up to you, but generally you are a life-oriented person who feels keenly and who acts to support your family, friends, and community. You are happiest when you are in a caring relationship with a significant other. That person should be comfortable with the emotional closeness that you bring to relationships, while providing the structure or inspiration that you need. Some of your friends will not be as comfortable with emotional closeness as you are, and you will have to respect their boundaries. You have probably learned over the years how to keep your sensitive nature from being hurt. Don't permanently withdraw, but find the people with whom and the environment in which you can be yourself.

Because of your sensitivity, you easily pick up others' thoughts and feelings. You can anticipate others' needs before they have expressed them. You can usually rely on your intuition when it comes to forecasting the outcome of personal and career decisions. If you decide to use your psychic abilities for healing, learn to let go of the negative feelings that you process from others. Since you are so sensitive, find quiet moments for private introspection in which you can reconnect with what you feel instead of what others feel. You also find it revitalizing to be around large bodies of water.

You do have a need to stop and think things through before acting. Make the effort to communicate with others who may have a more objective viewpoint or who could see solutions that elude you. You can sometimes be criticized for acting from a purely personal perspective, which you could avoid by learning and respecting society's larger viewpoint. You can be very creative in finding paths to your personal goals. Keep the larger viewpoint in mind and later you will not have to try to rationalize to others why you chose those paths.


Abundant Earth

You are in touch with the real world. More than others, you know where the rubber meets the road; persistent study has shown you how to make things happen in a practical sort of way. Your nature is well-suited to the adult world of responsibilities, which you master at a young age. Not impulsive with your resources, you would only start a business after careful study, but you would manage it well. You enjoy the satisfaction that comes not just from starting projects, but from finishing them. Your steady, organized approach is actually more productive in the long-run than is that of the quick, flashy types. You know how to establish a pace and keep it.

Do not let your awareness of the material world make you unappreciative of the spiritual plane that underpins our life here -- to which others may be more sensitive than you. Practicality is fine, but try to understand that dreams, feelings, and enthusiasms are also important and should not be squelched. Others might surprise you with what their optimistic risk-taking is able to achieve. You can be so cautious and reserved that some people find you conservative and dull. If you yourself become bored or depressed, admit that security isn't everything and try to be more spontaneous. Open up to the new and follow your bliss (in a careful sort of way).


Lack of Fire

You are willing to let flashier individuals take center-stage and lead the way. You are probably unenthusiastic about change and are passive when it comes to creating change through leadership. You may be aggressive in a defensive way, but lack the self-confidence to take the offensive. Lacking the impulsiveness of Fire, you are more likely to be a careful worker and a reliable mate, though you could stand to be less detached and more personally involved with your spouse and family.

A lack of planets in Fire signs can be offset by a Fire sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the houses of Life.


Abundant Substance

With abundant planets in the houses of substance, you know your place in the material world. You know how to extract value and give value via your business, work, and career activities. The rules of the world come easily to you. Others admire and depend on your hard work and practical nature. If you get depressed, make time for recreation and family.


Lack of Life

You could have difficulty envisioning or planning for the future. You are likely to accept the status quo, living in the past and present, but not actively striving to create the future. Lacking your own passionate goals, you are more likely to be a follower than a leader.

A lack of planets in the houses of Life can be offset by abundant planets in Fire signs.


Abundant Fixed

With an abundance of planets in Fixed signs, you have the staying power to complete a project, grow a family, or expand a business. Your strength is what friends notice most about you. You have definite values; you focus your affections on the people and things that are part of your team. Friendships formed over time are important to you. You may be found at the center of a circle of friends, a large family, a government agency, or a business. You understand the contribution that stability and security make to prosperity and growth. It throws you off-balance when friends are not as reliable as you are or when love and ideals are not part of your life. Concentrate on developing confidence in yourself, a wholesome world for your family or group, and binding others to you with love. If you have a weakness, it is trouble changing or listening when people tell you a better way to do things. You can handle this weakness by empowering your team, as among them will be individuals who are good at reacting to a constantly changing world.


Abundant Succedent

An abundance of planets in the succedent houses increases your ability to enjoy life. In turn, you can give others pleasure. You are a basically stable person with strong values, feelings, and attachments. You enoy working to build the structure of your life. As you gain confidence in your self, you bind others to you with love. You have a strong physical presence.


Abundant Angular

An abundance of planets in the angular houses helps to give you drive and initiative. It makes you active in the external world. Expressing your individuality is important to you. You are probably a leader who enjoys challenges and can get things moving.


Lack of Cadent

A lack of planets in the cadent houses tends to reduce the time that you have to yourself. You may feel that you are always in the limelight or somehow involved with others. This leaves you little time for solitary reflection. The life of a spiritual recluse is not for you. You don't change quickly, but must gradually grow into changes.

A lack of planets in the Cadent houses can be offset by abundant planets in the Mutable signs.


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