Romantic Compatibility Report for Charles & Diana

Charles Prince of Wales
Sunday, November 14, 1948 9:14:00 PM
Royalty; Prince of Wales
Source: AFA quotes public records/AA
London, England
Time Zone: 00:00 (UT)
Longitude: 000? W 10'
Latitude: 51? N 30'

Diana Princess of Wales
Saturday, July 01, 1961 7:45:00 PM
Royalty; Princess of Wales
Source: Harvey quotes her mother/A
Sandringham, England
Time Zone: -01:00 (CET)
Longitude: 000? E 30'
Latitude: 52? N 50'


The StarMatch(tm) astrological compatibility report helps you compare two charts by 1) identifying each partner's emotional needs by describing their Descendant (7th house cusp), Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars; and 2) examining the way their two charts interact. After describing what each partner needs in their love life, the report assesses their interaction by describing the significant aspects between their charts. These aspects identify areas of attraction, harmony, and conflict. The "Strength" noted for each aspect shows its degree of influence on the relationship. The Strength combines the aspect's closeness of exactitude with its positive or negative value for compatibility purposes. The higher the Strength is, the more strongly the aspect is likely to be felt and acted out in the relationship.

Planets in Signs

Charles' Aquarius Descendant

Because of your strong ego and solid self-image, you will attract many partners. Even if you are married, you may engage in clandestine affairs on the side. These flings are actually the proving ground for your creative and romantic instincts, and once you have proven to yourself that you are the "king" in these areas, they will no longer be necessary.

While marriage is necessary for you to feel truly stable, you may have difficulty maintaining a long-term relationship because of your strong need for personal freedom. For this reason, divorce is common with this Descendant. You require a mate who is willing to be less demanding and more supportive of your own individual pursuits.

Diana's Gemini Descendant

In love relationships, you prefer a partner who is intellectually stimulating and exciting to converse with. They must also be adaptable, inquisitive and somewhat dualistic in personality. You may often choose young partners or at least those who maintain a youthful demeanor into their adult life. Gemini on the cusp of the 7th house usually indicates at least two marriages and, sometimes, dual relationships--even bigamy. With the proper supporting factors in the chart, this could also indicate an interest in bisexuality.

Through marriage (or other long-term committed relationship), you will learn to express yourself with consideration for another. The best lover for you would be one who could provide some grounding to help you cope with the mundane realities of life.

Charles' Sun in Scorpio

Life is an intense experience for you, and you need to express your passion in all that you do. You go for either all or nothing in your relationships and will not hesitate to let your partner know this. You tend to manipulate others to bend to your will and are often tempted to use sex to get your way. But your deepest wish is for a long-term commitment, and you can be just as intensely loving and loyal as you are jealous and possessive.

Your love relationships may be somewhat turbulent, and fights in Scorpio relationships are quite common. You may have a tendency to dig deep into your partner's psyche to reveal their darkest secrets, and they may feel they are being constantly probed. Those who enter into relationships with you will not emerge without going through a transformation. You need a partner who can withstand the intensity of your emotions and your sexuality.

Diana's Sun in Cancer

You are very much like the crab in your relationships-- soft on the inside and hard on the outside. Only those close to you know how vulnerable you truly are. You are very private about your relationships; you do not appreciate others prying into your personal affairs or spreading gossip about you.

As a lover, you tend to lavish your partner with love and affection. You are generous to a fault, and you can engulf your lover with your all-consuming love. For this reason, you would do better with a partner who is not overly independent--one who will see your constant attentiveness as clinging. You would do best with a partner who enjoys staring into your eyes for hours, and who wants to not only love you, but to merge souls with you.

Charles' Moon in Taurus

The best relationship for you is one that is stable and honestly simple. You are honest with your partner and expect the same in return. You take the issue of commitment quite seriously and would not be happy for long with a partner who left you feeling insecure. It is important that you know you can rely on them.

You are a Rock of Gibraltar to your lover and always have a willing ear for their problems and a shoulder to cry on. You are patient and do not anger easily, although you kick up a great deal of steam when you do. Be sure to air any resentments immediately instead of letting them build up.

Diana's Moon in Aquarius

It is important to you that any love relationship you form be one of equality. You are not inclined to go along with what your partner desires for that reason only but will insist that your needs be considered as well. You are highly creative and responsive sexually, and for this reason, you are a desirable sexual partner.

It is best if your mate provides a challenge for you rather than accepting a stagnant and unchanging relationship. You appreciate intellectuality in your mate and value communication highly. You tend to filter your sexual nature through your mind instead of allowing your instincts to guide you. Your best relationships will be those which you allow to develop slowly over time.

Charles' Mercury in Scorpio

You take sex very seriously and find it to be a very deep, intense experience. Since you have a special appreciation for having all of the physical pieces fit together in harmony, you tend to get the most you can out of sex. You are intensely passionate and have powerful sexual fantasies. It is much healthier to find a willing lover to act out these fantasies playfully than to try and repress them, which would result in tremendous frustration.

The more secretive and clandestine an affair, the more exciting it is for you. You are secretive about your life, even when there is really nothing to hide. To others, you appear very mysterious. You have a powerful, passionate sex drive and should resist any temptation to use your hypnotic effect on others as a means of control and manipulation.

Diana's Mercury in Cancer

You value privacy and share your innermost feelings with very few people. Once you choose a lover, you are very devoted and loyal. You need little more in life than someone to love and a comfortable home. Indeed, you tend to be more of a "home body" than a socialite, and you need a partner who has similar preferences.

You want to share everything with your lover, and to you the perfect mate is one with whom you can blend souls completely, so that you become one person. While this sounds blissful and ideal, attempting to bond so tightly with some people will cause them to feel crowded and pull away. Whether you are a male or a female, this placement can be a sign of someone who is prone to "love too much." You need a partner who will not take advantage of your complete devotion.

Charles' Venus in Libra

With Venus in Libra, you can fall in love with the idea of being in love. Having a partner on the social scene is very important to you, especially if he or she is one of the beautiful people. You admire physical grace and beauty in a lover and feel your value is enhanced by having an attractive partner.

You would become quickly bored with a stick-in-the-mud partner. You need someone who is able to constantly change and adapt to life rather than someone who likes to settle down in a rut and get comfortable. Although you are attracted to a partner who is stable and reliable, they also need to be flexible and fun to be with.

Diana's Venus in Taurus

You are an earthy lover and enjoy indulging in the physical pleasures of your relationships. The best way to win your heart is to lavish you with affection and gifts. You appreciate the finer things in life and require a comfortable home environment. This placement of Venus also makes you determined (maybe even stubborn) and slow to arouse (whether in anger or in sex).

It is important that your partner be consistent and reliable. You admire inner strength in a lover; it is important that your mate love you without leaning on you or clinging to you. You tend to expect near perfection in your partners and should try to remember that no one is perfect-- not even you. Your sexual experiences can be enhanced by a pleasing, romantic setting.

Charles' Mars in Sagittarius

You are intensely curious, love adventure and can have a short attention span in matters of love. You enjoy the chase more than the actual culmination of a love affair. Because you tend to jump into any affair with vigor, you may need to develop more patience for engaging in prolonged foreplay and building up the anticipation before rushing into sex.

Since you are very enthusiastic about sex, you need a partner who is similarly inclined. You have a talent for cheering up your lover when he or she is down, and you set a good example with your optimism and zest for life. It is important that your partner has a philosophical outlook on life and hold strong principles. This will attract you more than anything else.

Diana's Mars in Virgo

You are a very careful and meticulous lover and will make sure that the surroundings and atmosphere are perfect for yourself and your partner. Although you are somewhat slow to arouse sexually, you go out of your way to please your lover, employing superior technique, sensitivity and attention to detail.

Personal cleanliness is important to you, and you probably enjoy taking showers with your lovers. You can be somewhat picky and critical of your partner, although it is sincerely done with the intention of helping them. Sexual tools can be fun for you if you will allow yourself to be so bold and spontaneous. Mars in Virgo may also enjoy tying up their partner and then pleasuring them in every way imaginable.

Planets in Mutual Houses

Diana's Sun in Charles' 12th House

This combination indicates that you share a karmic link. You have a mutual interest in psychic or occult matters, and you may even share a telepathic connection. Your influence on each other is largely determined by whether the Sun in Diana's natal chart is well-aspected, as well as the balance of "positive" and "negative" contacts in the relationship. If Diana's Sun is well-aspected, and if a more harmonious comparison, Diana can help Charles explore and discover Charles' deepest unconscious motivations. Charles, in turn, can share intuitive impressions and spiritual insights with Diana. If a more difficult comparison (or if Diana's Sun is heavily afflicted natally), Diana may confuse Charles and may seem unreliable. In such a case, there may be dark secrets between you, and maybe even outright deception.

Charles' Sun in Diana's 11th House

You share a close friendship and each can easily accept the other as they are, including any imperfections. Each of you inspires scientific, humanitarian and metaphysical interests in your partner. You share common goals and ideals and may even meet through a group dedicated to bringing about social change. Charles can offer good advice to Diana, but does not insist that Diana follow it. In this way, Charles can inspire Diana to reach for lofty goals rather than being accused of trying to dominate Diana.

Diana's Moon in Charles' 8th House

There is nothing lukewarm about this combination--you'll either be very hot for each other, or not interested at all, depending on the overall compatibility between you. Either way, the two of you share a karmic bond and have similar interests in psychic or occult matters. People with this combination often share finances in some way, perhaps through an inheritance or joint ownership due to marriage. If the Moon is well-aspected in Diana's natal chart, and the comparison is mostly a positive one, you could build a successful business together, especially in the areas of real estate, food, farming or home products. Such a business may involve one or both of your families. If your comparison is a difficult one (or if Diana's Moon is heavily afflicted natally), you may have trouble trusting each other and dividing jointly-held assets could be problematic.

Charles' Moon in Diana's 4th House

This combination is common between marriage partners or others who are members of the same household. You feel at home in each other's presence and share many common family experiences. You are very sensitive to each other's feelings and may even share a telepathic link. Each of you will nurture the other, and if you live together you'll create a very comfortable home. Charles should avoid becoming overly protective or "(s)mothering" Diana. Diana may find Charles to be moody or overly sensitive at times.

Diana's Mercury in Charles' 11th House

You share many of the same intellectual interests (especially in the areas of science and metaphysics), and this may have been the main source of attraction when you met. Your discussions are objective and factual, and you stimulate each other's minds with new, innovative ideas. You may both belong to groups which pursue humanitarian or environmental goals. Charles will share hopes and dreams with Diana, who will help Charles be more realistic about what is possible. If a more difficult comparison, your friendship will not be genuine and you'll look upon each other with cool detachment.

Charles' Mercury in Diana's 10th House

This is a wonderful combination between business associates, especially in the areas of writing, publishing, advertising, teaching and transportation. Charles understands the importance of Diana's professional goals and ambitions and will do everything possible to help. Charles can offer new and innovative ideas to improve Diana's professional efficiency and will remember details that Diana has overlooked. Diana will help support Charles' ideas and can help Charles gain the acceptance and backing of important contacts. If a difficult comparison (or if Mercury is heavily afflicted in Charles' natal chart), you may disagree on business matters and could even spread rumors that tarnish each other's reputation.

Diana's Venus in Charles' 11th House

You share similar ideas regarding metaphysics and science, and you each can share many new ideas that the other had not previously considered. You also have similar attitudes about humanitarian and environmental issues, and you may belong to the same groups working toward these goals. In a romantic relationship, you will first learn to value and respect each other as friends before becoming lovers. This is a common combination between marriage partners. If a more difficult comparison (or if Venus is heavily afflicted in Diana's natal chart), Diana may find Charles to be detached, while Charles may believe that Diana is too possessive.

Charles' Venus in Diana's 9th House

You have common interests in philosophy, religion, foreign cultures and higher education. As traveling companions, you can each contribute to the other's knowledge of history, art and music. You may have met through a university, church, school, or through travel to foreign lands. Charles can offer suggestions as to how Diana can travel more comfortably and may suggest areas Diana would enjoy visiting. Diana can help expand Charles' social life by helping to widen Charles' circle of friends. If a more difficult comparison (or if Venus is heavily afflicted in Charles' natal chart), you may each try to convince the other to convert to your own viewpoint.

Diana's Mars in Charles' 2nd House

Your influence on each other is largely determined by the overall compatibility between you. If the comparison is mostly positive, you could successfully run a business together, especially in the areas of insurance, taxes, and financial investment. Diana can offer advice on improving Charles' finances and encourages Charles to be financially independent. If a more difficult comparison (or if Mars is heavily afflicted in Diana's natal chart), Diana may be jealous of Charles' financial condition and encourage Charles to take foolish risks. In a love relationship, this combination indicates a strong sexual attraction, although this alone will not ensure compatibility.

Charles' Mars in Diana's 1st House

This is an excellent combination between business partners, as you will each provide encouragement to the other to set higher goals and ambitions. You enjoy friendly competition, and you each know your partner will do their best to prevail. Charles brings out the best in Diana by pushing Diana's limits, requiring Diana to reach ever higher. Although Charles is always ready to go to battle for Diana, Charles also admires Diana's independence. In a love relationship, this combination indicates that there is a strong physical attraction between you. This contact is common between marriage partners.

Diana's Jupiter in Charles' 6th House

This combination is common between people who work together on projects involving religion, education, hospitals or charitable organizations. You are both inspired to help those who are less fortunate than you, and you will encourage each other's efforts in this regard. As you work together to help others, your own spiritual and educational growth increases. Diana can help improve Charles' health, possibly through the use of herbs or holistic health. You may have to travel a great deal in your work, and this broadens your awareness and understanding of cultures different from your own.

Charles' Jupiter in Diana's 1st House

You stimulate each other's interest in philosophy, religion and spirituality, education, law, travel and foreign cultures. The mutual respect between you bolsters your self-confidence and helps heal your mind, body and soul. If you share a household, you'll work together to create a home environment that promotes harmony and cooperation among family members. Charles will be protective of and generous toward Diana. Diana greatly respects Charles and encourages Charles to put Charles' beliefs into everyday practice. If a difficult comparison (or if Jupiter is heavily afflicted in Charles' natal chart), Charles may demand more than Diana can provide.

Diana's Saturn in Charles' 6th House

This combination is common between people who work together in some way, such as co-workers or boss and employee. You share a deep sense of duty and responsibility on the job and respect each other's professional abilities and accomplishments. Charles can help Diana become more efficient and organized, while Diana may help further Charles' career goals. If a difficult comparison (or if Saturn is heavily afflicted in Diana's natal chart), Charles may consider Diana to be overly demanding and critical, while Diana may believe Charles to be irresponsible and lazy. Diana may feel that Charles is obligated to serve Diana in some way.

Charles' Saturn in Diana's 8th House

This combination is common between people who share financial responsibilities, especially in the areas of corporate matters, inheritance, accounting, insurance, or marriage. Charles can help Diana become more organized in economic matters, and Diana can help enhance Charles' career through the use of their joint finances. If a difficult comparison (or if Saturn is heavily afflicted in Charles' natal chart), Charles will be emotionally cool and unresponsive toward Diana, and you may have disagreements over joint finances or spiritual beliefs. Charles may become overly critical and parental toward Diana, and Diana may have to make many compromises in order to preserve the relationship.

Diana's Uranus in Charles' 2nd House

This combination is common between business associates, especially in the areas of science, inventions, electronics, and metaphysics. Diana can encourage Charles to invest in new and innovative ideas and to be more willing to take risks financially. Charles can help Diana practically apply intuitive insights to everyday economics. If the comparison is positive overall (and Uranus is well-aspected in Diana's natal chart), you could help each other become wealthy. If not, then you may lead each other deep into debt. While together your financial situations may go through many ups and downs. Diana may find many excuses to dip into Charles' resources.

Charles' Uranus in Diana's 7th House

This combination is common between partners, whether business or personal. You respect each other's freedom of expression and encourage your partner to be a strong individual. You share a close friendship and common interest in humanitarian goals, scientific research, cutting-edge technology, and metaphysics. If you work together as business partners, it will probably be in one of these areas. In a love relationship, you may have felt it was "love at first sight" when you met, and you may be tempted to marry on impulse. If the comparison between you is a difficult one (or if Uranus is heavily afflicted in Charles' natal chart), your marriage is likely to end in divorce unless you take your time to get to know each other before rushing into a committed relationship.

Diana's Neptune in Charles' 4th House

This combination indicates a strong karmic tie and is very common among family members or people who share a household. If the comparison between you is a positive one overall (and Neptune is well-aspected in Diana's natal chart), Diana inspires Charles to become more spiritual and intuitive. Charles will create a peaceful, harmonious home life conducive to prayer and meditation. If a more difficult comparison (or if Neptune is heavily afflicted in Diana's natal chart), your home life will be fragmented and confused. Diana may feel neglected or misunderstood by Charles, and Charles may feel Diana is untrustworthy (especially in real estate matters). There may be problems with your families because of religious differences.

Charles' Neptune in Diana's 9th House

You share similar interests in religion, mysticism, psychic sciences, and the history and religious practices of foreign cultures. Traveling together (especially on spiritual quests) would be an exciting and inspiring adventure. Charles encourages Diana to become more spiritual and intuitively aware. Diana can help Charles learn to express Charles' beliefs more freely. If a difficult comparison (or if Neptune is heavily afflicted in Charles' natal chart), Charles could use religious or spiritual beliefs to mislead or deceive Diana, or you both may be taken in by a cult or false guru.

Diana's Pluto in Charles' 2nd House

You will have a profound effect on each other's value systems, and especially your attitudes about money. If the comparison between you is a positive one overall (and Pluto is well-aspected in Diana's natal chart), Diana can help raise Charles' awareness of socially conscious practices, such as conservation and recycling of resources. You can also be very resourceful when doing business together, and this could benefit you both financially. If a difficult comparisom (or if Pluto is heavily afflicted in Diana's natal chart), you may have conflicts over jointly-held assets, especially inheritances, corporate holdings, or alimony. Avoid the tendency to try to manipulate or control each other's resources.

Charles' Pluto in Diana's 8th House

This combination is common between people involved in inheritances, insurance, corporate holdings, the military, scientific research, and the occult. You share an interest in life after death and reincarnation, and Charles can share profound insights with Diana in these areas. Diana can help Charles become more resourceful in generating and managing resources. In a love relationship, you may share a strong sexual attraction, although this alone is not enough to ensure compatibility. If a more difficult comparison (or if Pluto is heavily afflicted in Charles' natal chart), there may be intense power struggles between you.

Planets in Aspect

Charles' Sun square Diana's Uranus (Strength: -586.7 )

Freedom is a problem area in your relationship. Charles finds Diana to be annoyingly unpredictable, and Diana resents Charles' attempts at control and will rebel against any display of power or authority by Charles. In extreme cases your conflicts may even become violent. It is difficult to achieve cooperation with this combination, and it often causes conflict and separations. Both of you are impatient with the other and find it difficult to see things from their perspective.

Charles' Moon trine Diana's Mars (Strength: +499.2 )

Diana stimulates the imagination, ideas and self-confidence of Charles. You can work well together in order to maintain a comfortable home environment and accomplish mutual career goals. As a team, you encourage each other to be the best you each can be. Charles has a soothing effect on Diana, while Diana can help Charles gain the courage to fight life's battles.

Diana's Jupiter opposite Charles' Ascendant (Strength: +375.0 )

This is an excellent aspect in all relationships, whether professional or personal. You treat each other with honesty and respect, and you share many of the same religious, educational and cultural values. Diana can introduce Charles to different religious, cultural or spiritual beliefs. Charles will encourage Diana's higher education and personal growth.

Charles' Sun square Diana's Moon (Strength: -308.9 )

This aspect indicates major differences in temperament. Charles may sometimes be inconsiderate of, ignore or offend Diana, usually without intending to. Diana should avoid being too sensitive and taking it all so seriously. This aspect does not present serious problems, but you each must adjust to the other's temperament if you are to achieve harmony in your relationship. Charles usually plays the leading role in your relationship, with Diana adapting to Charles' lead. Charles needs to be more considerate of Diana's emotional sensitivity and moodiness.

Diana's Sun trine Charles' Mercury (Strength: +267.9 )

This is an excellent aspect for communication. It is easy for you to agree and cooperate, and you have many common interests. Diana is a willing listener and encourages Charles to express ideas, so that Charles feels thoroughly understood. Charles would be wise to heed Diana's advice, and Diana may be able to provide Charles with opportunities for learning and study. This is a good aspect in any comparison, particularly between the charts of parent/child, teacher/student, employer/employee.

Charles' Moon trine Diana's North Node (Strength: +240.0 )

Diana can help Charles make difficult social adjustments to fit in with the prevailing trends and social customs. Charles will provide support for Diana and benefit Diana's social and economic status.

Charles' Moon square Diana's Saturn (Strength: -156.1 )

Diana may tend to parent and even discipline Charles, who will grow to resent it. Diana can be very demanding and difficult to please and may even be critical, inconsiderate or selfish toward Charles. There is difficulty agreeing and a general lack of sympathy between you. Diana may at times disregard the moods and feelings of Charles, who becomes even more sensitive to this as time passes. Diana may place too much responsibility on or limit Charles in some way, or try to pass on the blame for everything that goes wrong. Charles will have to be patient in dealing with Diana. Unless there are many other positive aspects to outweigh this one, this is not a good aspect for love or marriage. Sometimes in-laws will be a source of conflict between you.

Charles' Moon sextile Diana's Mercury (Strength: +153.9 )

There is a mental affinity between you and an appreciation for each other's ideas and views. Conversation is very exciting and stimulating and you can play the roles of both teacher and student with each other. You have many mutual interests, and your association encourages learning. Often there is telepathic thought projection between people with this combination. Diana is able to understand Charles' worst moods and to even see them as endearing. Charles may be fascinated by Diana's intellectual qualities and will be a captive audience.

Diana's Mars trine Charles' Jupiter (Strength: +133.4 )

You have similar aspirations and ambitions and could accomplish a great deal together. You will be helpful and supportive toward each other and any association will result in your mutual benefit. You encourage optimism, ambition and growth in each other and share a love of nature and the outdoors. This aspect is often found between the charts of marriage or business partners.

Charles' Mercury conjunct Diana's Neptune (Strength: +133.2 )

Diana inspires, elevates and encourages Charles' ideas. There are many mutual interests with this combination, and you have each other's better interests at heart. You have well-developed mutual understanding and perhaps even share telepathic communication. In most cases this aspect indicates a strong psychic tie. Diana especially can intuitively sense what Charles is thinking. Charles can often make practical suggestions to apply Diana's intuition and imagination.

Charles' Venus sextile Diana's Ascendant (Strength: +118.0 )

This aspect indicates mutual harmony and friendship and is frequently found between marriage and business partners. Between partners in a love relationship, there is strong sexual attraction. You are mutually supportive of each other's professional and social goals.

Charles' Mars conjunct Diana's Ascendant (Strength: +117.1 )

Charles' enthusiasm and high energy level inspire Diana to put plans into action. There is a strong attraction between you and you made an immediate impression on each other upon meeting. In some comparisons, especially when one or both of the partners is immature, this aspect can indicate a contest of wills.

Charles' Mercury sextile Diana's Pluto (Strength: +115.7 )

Your experiences together will transform both your lives and will especially stimulate Charles' mind. Diana's influence on Charles is stronger than Charles' on Diana. Diana can help Charles to deepen perceptions of the occult and psychic realms. Charles can help Diana verbalize and communicate these deep insights. You can teach each other a great deal and will broaden each other's view of the world.

Diana's Mercury conjunct Charles' Uranus (Strength: +107.9 )

Diana finds Charles to be highly stimulating intellectually and very imaginative. Indeed Diana can learn a great deal from this relationship, if Diana is willing to remain open to different lines of thinking. Diana could help give the many ideas of Charles substance in the real world by giving them practical application. You have a great deal of intuitive communication between you, and this allows you to share each other's ideas more freely. Charles may stimulate Diana's interest in occult or spiritual matters. This is a good combination in an astrologer-client relationship.

Charles' Jupiter trine Diana's North Node (Strength: +105.0 )

You share common attitudes and beliefs about religion, education and politics. This is a good combination in any partnership, particularly if you are working together in the areas of politics, education, religion, or charitable organizations. You share many mutual interests and ideals.

Charles' Mars trine Diana's Uranus (Strength: +103.7 )

You stimulate creativity, inventiveness, independence and a sense of adventure in each other. In this way you bring out the best in each other by inspiring confidence and growth. Both of you will benefit from knowing each other. This is also a good combination in business partnerships. Charles may have the opportunity to put Diana's ideas into motion.

Charles' Sun opposite Diana's Venus (Strength: -91.3 )

Although no aspects between the Sun and Venus are truly adverse, this one is less harmonious than most. You may have different backgrounds and cultural or social upbringing. Your interests may be very different, as well as your ideas of what constitutes good fun or recreation. There is much attraction between you, and possibly envy, jealousy and possessiveness as well. If you do not plan time away from each other, you will suffer temporary separations against your will which allow you to miss each other. For the two of you it is very true that "absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Charles' Pluto trine Diana's Ascendant (Strength: +89.8 )

You share a common interest in economic, scientific, occult and metaphysical subjects. Charles has a profound effect on Diana and inspires Diana's creative self-expression. You make an excellent team for purposes of survival as well as for spiritual growth. You inspire courage and ingenuity in each other.

Diana's Mercury sextile Charles' North Node (Strength: +87.5 )

You can help each other understand and follow the prevailing cultural trends, fads and attitudes. Diana has a multitude of fresh and exciting ideas; Charles has a feeling for trends and public opinion. You may be able to help each other capitalize on this information by working together in advertising, publicity, or even politics. You are also able to help each other gain insight into your own cultural and social conditioning.

Diana's Mars sextile Charles' Uranus (Strength: +85.2 )

You stimulate creativity, inventiveness, independence and a sense of adventure in each other. In this way you bring out the best in each other by inspiring confidence and growth. Both of you will benefit from knowing each other. This is also a good combination in business partnerships. Diana may have the opportunity to put Charles' ideas into motion.

Charles' Mercury trine Diana's Mercury (Strength: +81.9 )

This aspect indicates a great deal of intellectual harmony and agreement. There is much mutual understanding, and any disagreements are easily worked out. Conversations between you are very stimulating, and you have many things in common. You can learn a great deal from each other, as this aspect encourages mutual growth.

Charles' Uranus sextile Diana's North Node (Strength: +75.0 )

This combination can lead to growth in both of you. Charles encourages Diana to be more of an independent thinker; Diana can help Charles be more aware of how the public reacts to Charles' unique ideas in order that Charles can gain more popular acceptance.

Diana's Neptune square Charles' Ascendant (Strength: -65.6 )

Your cultural and spiritual backgrounds are so different that it is difficult for you to understand each other. Diana will seem evasive and elusive to Charles, who considers Diana to be an unreliable daydreamer. Diana considers Charles to be pushy and domineering, and Charles is distrustful of Diana's actions.

Diana's Sun square Charles' Neptune (Strength: -59.3 )

This can be a difficult aspect in a close relationship, as there is a natural power conflict. Charles will seem elusive, evasive and even deceptive to Diana, and Diana is baffled by Charles. There is a mutual lack of trust and frequent misunderstandings. Charles can behave in a misleading manner, appearing to be submissive to Diana but actually eluding the issue. The relationship may be marked by doubt, confusion, deception and infidelity.

Diana's Moon trine Charles' Uranus (Strength: +57.3 )

Your relationship has an unusual quality about it, which you both find very stimulating. Charles can help Diana in unexpected ways by awakening and inspiring new ideas in Diana. Diana's imagination can stimulate Charles' originality and versatility. There is certainly a very strong attraction between you, although you may find that circumstances dictate that you be separated from time to time. This is actually the healthiest thing for your relationship--constant excitement and stimulation can itself become boring.

Diana's Mercury sextile Charles' Saturn (Strength: +50.4 )

Charles steadies the mind of Diana and deepens Diana's thinking, drawing attention to the seriousness of life. Diana can offer extra facts or a new way of seeing things for Charles to ponder. Diana can appreciate the knowledge and experience of Charles, and Charles can make constructive suggestions to Diana without being critical. This aspect is especially favorable between teacher-student, employer-employee, parent-child or business partners. As with most aspects involving Saturn, it indicates endurability.

Charles' Saturn conjunct Diana's Pluto (Strength: -37.8 )

Diana, as the reformer and transformer, challenges Charles' attitudes toward life's responsibilities. If the bulk of the comparison is positive, this aspect will represent a mild test. If there are many negative aspects, it can increase resentment and even lead to hatefulness. This aspect is especially troublesome between parents and children. Diana may be tempted to play on Charles' fears. Charles may try to restrict Diana's freedom.

Diana's Mars trine Charles' North Node (Strength: +37.2 )

Cooperation comes easy for you, whether it's in business or domestic affairs. Diana has a great deal of energy and motivation to initiate projects. Charles has a finger on the pulse of society's fads and trends and can help Diana's projects gain wider public acceptance.

Charles' Mercury square Diana's Jupiter (Strength: -36.1 )

You find each other to be mutually inspirational. Diana's optimism and Charles' mental qualities are a great combination for creative expression by both of you. However, there may be differences of opinion along religious or ethical lines which are irritating to both of you. Charles may seem petty at times to Diana, who in turn may seem to promise more than can be delivered. This is not a serious source of conflict if there are many other indications of compatibility in the comparison.

Diana's Moon sextile Charles' Mars (Strength: +34.6 )

Charles stimulates the imagination, ideas and self-confidence of Diana. You can work well together in order to maintain a comfortable home environment and accomplish mutual career goals. As a team, you encourage each other to be the best you each can be. Diana has a soothing effect on Charles, while Charles can help Diana gain the courage to fight life's battles.

Synastry Aspect Numerical Totals

Communication Index (Harmonious): +3261
Communication Index (Inharmonious): -1535
Compatibility Index (Har./Inhar.): 2.12
Total Communication Index: 4797

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