Susan Boyle's Astrology Horoscope

Susan Boyle's performance on Britain's Got Talent has made millions cry around the world from the perfect beauty of her singing voice. The seven-minute clip of her appearance on that show, viewed over fifty million times and rising on YouTube, has provoked much discussion - particularly about how such talent can hide from the world at large only to finally be discovered at age 47.

There was a lot of confusion about Susan Boyle's date of birth. The Sunday Times reported on April 19 that Susan Boyle's birthdate is June 15, 1961 in Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland. This birthdate has now been proved to be false. I have an e-mail from Caroline Gerard, an astrologer and professional genealogist who has been collecting data for decades. She is the source for 320 of the records in Lois Rodden's Astrodatabank. Furthermore, Michael O'Reilly, author of the Weekly NewsScope on my site, and British astrologer Marjorie Orr, for whom I perfected the web-enabled version of my AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter (on her website since 2003), are acquainted with her and vouch for her. Caroline Gerard supplies the recorded birth date and birth time for Susan Boyle and the coordinates of Bangour Hospital where she was born. She writes,

"The data I have provided, 1st April 1961, 09.50 (BST), 03w34, 55n55, is absolutely the correct data. The source is her official birth entry, as viewed by me.

"I have no idea where this rumour of 15th June came from. It was going about even before "The Sunday Times" published its article. However, to ensure that it could not be anyone else, I checked events such as the deaths of her parents and two of her sisters, as well as some other records.

"You mentioned Marjorie Orr in your first e-mail. We know each other personally and she's well-respected. She was disappointed that the June birthday was wrong, as she thought it fitted better! But she was willing to say that if I said the April one was correct, then it must be so.

"I work as a professional genealogist, therefore I am in New Register House regularly, ie the building in Edinburgh which holds all such official Scottish records. When I am in the building, I may view all open records and transcribe them."

Susan Boyle has Sun in Aries with Moon in Libra and late Gemini Rising. There are several close aspect patterns in her chart. There are two Arrow Yod patterns, the first one involving Pluto and Chiron as the focus and reaction planets together with Jupiter and the Sun, and the second one involving the Sun and the Moon as the focus and reaction planets together with Pluto and Neptune. The Sun-Moon opposition also forms a tight Cardinal T-Square to Mars. Balancing out these achievement-oriented patterns is a supportive Grand Water Trine involving Mercury, Mars, Chiron, and Neptune. You can click to read an AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter interpretation that will explain what this combination of aspect patterns means.

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