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When present in the horoscope, the aspect points that Halloran Software has recently added - Chiron, the Moon's Nodes, the Black Moon Lilith, and the Minor Square Aspects - appear to make major contributions to bringing a person into contact with higher consciousness. The chart of prolific writer Colin Wilson is one of two charts that will illustrate this effect. You may be familiar with Colin's 1956 book The Outsider, which catapulted Colin to fame at age 24. You may also have seen one of his other 118 books, such as The Occult: A History or Super Consciousness: The Quest for Peak Experience.

Graphic Wheel for Colin Wilson

What appears below is Colin Wilson's Personal Path natal report from which the standard placement and aspect interpretations have been removed, leaving just our new add-on delineations. The close aspects that apply most strongly appear at the start.

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AstrolDeluxe Chart Interpretation for Colin Wilson

Planets in Aspect

Mercury conjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  10.41)

Moon sesquiquadrate Mercury  (Strength:  7.19)

This aspect combines mental cleverness with a wide-ranging, high-level point of view.  Politics is an example of a complex field for which your mind is suited.  You feel a connection to the public, to the working man.  You see how the world functions and you develop rather definite opinions about it.  You see how things can be improved.  It does not bother you to be an original thinker.  One of your assets, which you might take for granted, is your facility with words and language.  You are good at expressing yourself.  You might speak in a deliberate or exaggerated way.  Another of your assets appears to be stamina and persistence.  You can be a playful person, although you do get serious when you are working.  You seem to communicate well with women.

Sun sextile Neptune  (Strength:  7.17)

Jupiter trine BlackMoon  (Strength:  6.92)

You have the ability to creatively assimilate information from various sources into a high concept or into an intriguing fantasy.  This could make you an innovative actor, writer, inventor, or other kind of producer.  Creative projects that are large in scale attract you and you can pull them off.  Your constantly active mind needs constructive channels.  You tend to be a workaholic.  Money may not be your first motivation, but like anything in your life it will come if you apply yourself.  The level of your creative mentality is such that you can successfully branch out from your original activity into very different activities.  This aspect gives a direct line to your imagination, which, depending upon your other aspects, may or may not be a good thing for your emotional balance.  You should be fine as long as you have faith in yourself and avoid abusing drugs and alcohol.  Despite your success, you can be an unpretentious person who keeps his feet on the ground.

Saturn trine Chiron  (Strength:  6.01)

Is it possible to be too controlling for one's own good?  With this aspect, you have an opportunity to find out.  You have a strong focus on security.  It makes you politically conservative and opinionated.  You quickly jump to conclusions.  Your childhood could have been a solitary one. You can have a successful career because your mind is unique and can handle complex matters. Your work can display remarkable technical proficiency.  You could be known for various eccentricities, ranging from your prolific work to your lifestyle and personal behavior.  You have a high opinion of yourself, but may not have many friends.  Internally you could have the soul of a poet or a composer of beautiful music, while externally you are stodgy and solemn.  Your sense of humor could be black.  You could be critical of the vacuity of popular culture.  You have an aversion to hedonism.  You could develop a passion for teaching.  The more that you make use of your mind - the more that you are able to push the envelope forward - the more that you are someone whom it pays to know.  The charitable issues that you care about are things like family planning and world hunger.

Midheaven square Chiron  (Strength:  5.68)

You are not going to go down without a fight.  This aspect develops your character.  You are a fighter.  This aspect puts you in the public arena where you are determined to put up a good fight and do your best.

Uranus square Pluto  (Strength:  5.12)

Saturn opposite Pluto  (Strength:  4.76)

Sun conjunct Mercury  (Strength:  3.95)

Saturn square Uranus  (Strength:  3.82)

Mercury square BlackMoon  (Strength:  3.32)

This aspect can make you a very creative and active individual.  You tend to be a hard-working, unpretentious guy.  You don't let success go to your head.  You have a good capacity for making friends.  Freedom from restrictions is important to you, but watch out lest your disregard for convention lead you to take dishonest or crooked shortcuts.  The laws apply to everyone, including you.  You could become a writer, one whose work explores the meaning of life.  You can be vocally creative as a singer.  You could excel as a painter.  If you find yourself depressed, you can mystically elevate yourself above seeing things as black and white.  Elevating your viewpoint could also save you from alienating your supporters with blunt, insensitive statements. This aspect can make you susceptible to insomnia, which can negatively affect your outlook, so try your best to keep a regular sleep schedule.  Your life should be quite a learning experience.

Sun conjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  3.29)

Moon inconjunct Venus  (Strength:  3.17)

Ascendant square BlackMoon  (Strength:  2.94)

This aspect helps you to maintain your individuality.  You retain your integrity against being swamped or overwhelmed by the group or the powers that be.  You can be anti-authoritarian. You have the courage to fight for freedom.  Military life is probably not for you.  You could have been introverted, studious, and shy when young.  You have a drive for knowledge.  You become more social as you get older.  You tend to be a cool, calm, and humorous person who inspires others and makes them feel good.  You can be liberal, sensitive, pro-feminine, and opposed to all kinds of inequalities or sexism.  If you see injustice, your inclination is to speak out about it. You can be athletic with quick reflexes.  In fact, speed can be a passion for you.  You may be interested in the frontiers of science and technology.  You can be a prolific workaholic.  You could develop a satirical sense of humor.  You could poke fun at people who behave in rigid or unthinking ways.

Uranus sesquiquadrate Neptune  (Strength:  2.90)

With this aspect, you would find a manual labor job to be boring.  You are interested in discussing ideas and principles.  You could like the interaction and exchange of ideas on a TV talk show or other mass media outlet.  You can be an avant-garde or popular culture pioneer. You could be attracted to a popular sport.  You can be stylish and fashionable.  You can help to educate people and to disseminate modern ideas.  You might consider running for political office.  You tend to be an independent thinker rather than a joiner.  You can be an activist for a variety of causes.

Pluto sextile Chiron  (Strength:  2.26)

The combination of these planets exaggerates the drive to escape limiting circumstances.  The three famous charts in which this aspect is most exact are Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, and John Updike, who, before the minor planet Chiron was discovered, wrote a novel Centaur that was a modern retelling of the Chiron character from Greek mythology.  You have both the desire and the ability to escape limiting boundaries.  Mainframe astrology programmer Neil Michelsen and Yankee's pitcher Mickey Mantle both exceeded what anyone thought possible.  This aspect makes you a perfectionist with the ability to leap over bounds of tradition.  You do not like old-fashioned or 'dead' things, preferring to be part of the modern world.  You look for and find new areas into which to grow.  You always have something in the works.  You can be a modernist force for change.  You are interested in the meaning of life and could experience mystical or spiritual transformations.

Jupiter opposite Saturn  (Strength:  1.84)

Moon trine Pluto  (Strength:  1.52)

Neptune semi-square Pluto  (Strength:  1.51)

With this aspect, you could be handsome, magnetic, and elegant.  You could also be a mischief-maker who delights in creating controversy.  You could have a wry sense of humor.  There is a danger of alcohol abuse.  To deal with depression, before seeking medical help, first see if it helps to get your thoughts down into a personal journal.  You are probably not a big respecter of tradition.  You can be an ambitious reformer.  This aspect gives you courage.  There is no side of life that you are unwilling to face.  You could be interested in understanding the mystic forces that lie behind reality.

Mars inconjunct North Node  (Strength:  1.20)

You believe that you can succeed, so therefore you do.  You do not hold back from tackling an ambitious project.  There is a good chance that you have benefited from fortunate family circumstances and connections.  By insisting on high standards in your work you can give back some of the advantages that you have enjoyed to the community.  You are capable of seeing how society works at a high level.  When you were young you may have excelled in sports.

Sun semi-square Chiron  (Strength:  1.15)

This aspect gives you a dynamic, in-charge personality.  It makes you restless, constantly on the move, constantly looking for things to do and ways to improve yourself.  You can be athletic and playful.  If you press your limits, you can expect injuries.

Mars semi-square Jupiter  (Strength:  1.12)

You are a person who actively pushes forward and gets things done in the present, in the here and now.  You do not live in the past.  You need to find constructive outlets for your energy and aggression.  When young, you could be an overweight bully or you could succeed as an athlete. There can be tension with your parents on account of how your mother and father would circumscribe your energies.  Rebellion may be part of maturing, but rebellion is an essentially negative act that will not take you as far as going after positive goals.  When faced with challenges, you can rise to meet them.  You can mature into a hard working man of ideas.  You dislike stagnation and boredom.  You want to be growing all of the time.  You can stand up for a point of view.

Mars conjunct Neptune  (Strength:  0.98)

Neptune sextile Ascendant  (Strength:  0.92)

Venus square Mars  (Strength:  0.92)

Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn  (Strength:  0.72)

You have the ability to reach out and connect with people of all ages, young or old.  You think realistically, like an adult, even when you are young.  You speak in a direct, clear manner.  You see things in the long-term and do not get distracted.  You are courageous and will do whatever you can lawfully do in order to succeed.  You can be quite creative and calculating in discovering what will give you the advantage.  You tend to make economical use of your resources.  You understand how things work mechanically.  You are willing to work harder than your competition.  You could appear handsome and sophisticated.  You can also be crude and direct when needed to be effective.  As a boss, you can engage in battles and disputes.  You understand the value and use of power.  You may appear to be a relaxed model of stability, but if you suppress your feelings it could have the side effect of giving you ulcers.  You have to ask if what you are doing for success is worth having poor health.

Venus sextile North Node  (Strength:  0.72)

A novelist with this aspect connected with the public via an easy and readable writing style. Another hosted a popular radio show.  Another covered politics for a major newspaper.  Another created Wikipedia.  You can be a prolific producer.  You can work with others on committees. You could be good with animals.  Financial difficulties might force you to hustle to make a living.  You could be a high roller who loses most of the money that he makes.  This aspect could make for more than your share of both difficulties and successes during your life.

Uranus sextile Midheaven  (Strength:  0.66)

Pluto trine BlackMoon  (Strength:  0.64)

This aspect combines a can-do attitude with a warmth of personality and bonhomie.  You have discovered that you can flexibly improvise a solution to just about any challenge that you might encounter.  This gives you genuine confidence.  You are very creative and able to think outside the box, which enables you to quickly come up with highly effective if unorthodox solutions and techniques.  It is possible that the techniques that work so effectively for you will not work for most people, so you can be kind of a phenomenon as opposed to a teacher who can pass on what he has learned.  With this aspect, you will probably start developing your talents at an early age. You can be self-educated.  Perhaps because of your talent you have good luck finding people who will help and pay you.  Your technical ability and your willingness to display it can bring you much positive attention.  In your personal life there can be a danger of over-confident rule-breaking, which can lead to legal, financial, and marital difficulties.  This is especially likely once you have achieved your goals.  You can then become unfocused and lackadaisical.  New environments and challenges can be beneficial because they help you to rise to your full height. Whether through a sense of loyalty to your people and your field or through your own devotion to perfection, you are capable in your life of creating true beauty.  With the dynamic energy of this aspect, you should have good endurance well past normal retirement age.  You will probably embrace the challenges and potential of new technology.  You could be on the forefront of adopting energy-efficient ways to live and co-exist on a healthy planet.  You can lend your time and talents to philanthropic and environmental causes.  You have the creativity and perseverance to go a long way.

Pluto inconjunct Midheaven  (Strength:  0.60)

Jupiter conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  0.60)

Chiron sextile BlackMoon  (Strength:  0.37)

An architect with this aspect is known for his elegant and avant-garde style and for works which are personal, vigorous and original.  The same can be said of the historians, scientists, businessmen, lawyers, mystics, poets, actors, politicians, and investigative reporters who have this aspect.  You are likely to be handsome, graceful and generous.  You also can be courageous and direct.  You can speak out even when the ideas that you express are not popular.  Growth and independence are important priorities.  Both mentally and physically, you have speed and energy.  A CEO with this aspect wrote that companies should maximize freedom and speed, and decision-making should not lie in the hands of the few.  He also emphasizes that individuals and small teams can have a massive impact on innovation.  Men with this aspect can become bored very quickly.  You could enjoy painting and become increasingly interested in the arts, including music.

Sun square North Node  (Strength:  0.34)

This aspect increases your intelligence and your ambition.  It helps you to be self-reliant and determined.  Your experiences could enable you to start a new career in business.

Jupiter sextile Chiron  (Strength:  0.33)

You live life with great gusto.  You are a positive and energetic person.  You grow through learning new skills and by incorporating a wide variety of experiences.  You take large chances and can be successful in business.  You feel entitled to make use of whatever resources are available.  You are as deserving as anyone, so you make use of opportunities.  You do not hold yourself back.  You may have strong feelings about what you do and do not want to be part of. You could be an avid collector.  You can turn your hobby into a vocation.  You are willing to pay your dues by putting in the time needed to learn and master your craft or field of work.  You can make a field your own, and then educate the masses about it.  You have the ability to investigate and then innovate new techniques or styles.  You are able to master your field so thoroughly because you approach life positively out of love, not fear.  An injury, illness, or setback can point you in a new career direction.  You are willing to support political causes with which you identify.

Sun sesquiquadrate Midheaven  (Strength:  0.29)

This aspect makes you a natural leader.  It brings you into contact with a wider world, with wider responsibilities.

Saturn sesquiquadrate Neptune  (Strength:  0.27)

With this aspect, you tend to be the rebel or anti-hero who does not cave in to authority.  You can be a politically liberal poet who is on the side of the people.  You could have charming, boyish looks.  You are probably intelligent, with a large vocabulary, but you tend to be self-taught.  Your methods could be unorthodox.  You will be most successful if you do not work solo, but work with a group.  You could seem like the rootless wanderer who takes many lovers. You can have a restless desire for adventure.  You are probably more into meditation than you are into traditional religion.  Your personality tends to be joyous and open.  From a spiritual point of view you see that all people are equal and deserve respect.

Sun sextile Mars  (Strength:  0.12)

Midheaven semi-square North Node  (Strength:  0.07)

You are an ambitious hard-worker.  You can become the leader of a team.  You concentrate well, able to keep to the main point.  If you do not find yourself on a leadership path, this aspect could manifest as rebellion against authority.

Colin Wilson's chart features 21 of our new aspect interpretations. You can see the value of adding them to the standard planets and aspects that make up the Personal Path report. But that is not all - in 2008 we spent nine months researching biographies for the Halloran Aspect Patterns report. These interpretations can appear by themselves in a separate report or can be appended to the end of a Personal Path report. Colin was born with a tight Cardinal T-Square aspect pattern, where an opposition of Saturn to Pluto and Jupiter squares the pattern focus planet of Uranus. This chart configuration heightened the influence upon Colin of the planet Uranus. Here is what the Halloran Aspect Patterns report says about this aspect pattern:

Cardinal T-Square

This chart features a frequently found aspect pattern known as a T-Square.  At least two planets that are in opposition aspect to each other, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, form difficult but energizing square aspects to at least one focal planet, Uranus, where all planets involved in the pattern fall in Cardinal signs.  The T-Square can be an irritating aspect pattern to have, but one benefit of this connection between the planets is that it challenges you and keeps you from being lazy.  The configuration has an energy flow that lets you accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.  Jupiter increases your ability to give yourself wholeheartedly.  You devote time and attention to your interests.  You expand into new areas through experimentation, combining thoroughness with versatility.  You are a positive person who cooperates well with others.  You come across as self-assured.  Your behavior is noble, that of a gentleman or lady, not petty. With Saturn your career could be all-consuming.  You become a master of knowledge and technique.  In business, you watch the store and know what is going on.  When young you surprise everyone with your maturity, especially if Jupiter is also part of the pattern.  You respect and try to learn from your elders.  Your personal life could start late.  You could suffer from sadness and melancholy, which will be aggravated by feelings of isolation.  You could have a satirical or cynical sense of humor, especially if the Moon is involved in the pattern.  You are someone, no matter how high you climb, who always sees a higher pinnacle.  Saturn can give a completely unwarranted feeling of poverty or insecurity which can get you into trouble if it causes you to break the law. Relax!  You have the gift of persistence, but watch out for illness brought on by exhaustion and overwork.  You might enjoy being a teacher.  Pluto can mean that you must rally all of your resources to face a shocking event in your life.  You can tap into toughness, power, and intensity.  Pluto adds range and depth to your mind.  You have the courage to change, to stay fresh through continual reinvention.  Pluto gives you almost reckless bravery.  The concentration of Cardinal sign planets activates your imagination, making the Cardinal T-Square a common pattern in the charts of musicians, painters, actors, politicians and deranged people.  It is less often found in the charts of occupations requiring incredible discipline, such as writers.  While you have the imagination to be a good scientist, you may not have the patience for it.  Cardinal signs are in love with action - with you there is often little gap between thought and deed.

Uranus is a focus planet for this pattern.  The other planets direct their energy at Uranus.  To have so much energy channeled through Uranus means that freedom is important to you.  You are a maverick who rebels against conventionality and restrictions.  It does not bother you to tick people off - in fact, you expect it.  You have an active, intelligent mind that reaches its own conclusions, that does not respect authority at all.  You would be good at astrology.  It may be difficult for you personally to be outside the status quo and the establishment, but you play the very important function of shaking things up.  You ask questions, you do not accept traditional answers, and you overturn old paradigms.  You tear down and expose the obsolete, conventional, stale, and exhausted.  You ask why not.  You loosen up the stuffy and the serious with satire and irony.  If you are in business, you will innovate groundbreaking techniques and pioneer the use of new technology.  You can revolutionize your field.  You are at your most inspired and creative when you are angry.  You live for the excitement of new invention and discovery.  Unless Saturn is part of this pattern, you don't believe in doing the same thing twice.  You get bored easily.  You are always willing to try new things. You are known for your versatility.

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