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AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is the newest version of AstrolDeluxe for Windows. Although we have made many improvements to the program, including adding the full PC Atlas to version 6, at a price of $169 we have only increased the price by $20 since 1992. This version adds a report-printing engine with a wide range of functions specifically for generating astrological reports. Version 3 was a 16-bit version for Windows 3.1. Version 7.1 is the 32-bit version for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista. Version 3 came on five 3.5-inch diskettes. Version 7.1 comes on a single custom-made CD-ROM disk. The upgrade price from AstrolDeluxe for Windows is $100. The upgrade price from AstrolDeluxe for DOS is $129, and $149 from any registered shareware program. The price to upgrade from any version 3, 4, or 5 AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter to the current version 7.1 AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is $90. The price to upgrade from version 6 to version 7 is $70.

Professional-length natal, compatibility, transits, progressions, and solar return interpretation reports are now options at AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter's Chart Information Screen. The optional interpretation sets that create these professional-length reports normally cost $100 each. These include the Personal Path(TM) natal interpretations, the StarMatch(TM) compatibility interpretations, the LifeTrends(TM) transits forecast interpretations, the Journey Progressions(TM) forecast interpretations, the Journey Careers(TM) career analysis interpretations, the Kid Zone(TM) child natal interpretations, and the Journey Returns(TM) yearly solar return forecast interpretations. These interpretations give reports of thirty pages or longer. The $100 Personal Path natal interpretations are our most popular interpretations.

We have permission now from one of our authors, Carolyne Lacy, to bundle with the program the module with her shorter Spirit Success(TM) natal interpretations, which give about an eighteen-page report, allowing you to get a full-featured calculation program that will also do complete natal interpretation reports for the base price of $169. The interpretations are not separate programs, but are large databases into which the report writer program reaches for delineations as it is constructing reports, so that you will do all of your work within just one program. You can examine complete-length sample reports by clicking here. You can read quotes about the program by clicking here.

There are discounts for customers who already had the corresponding DOS-based programs. If you already had the $178 DOS-based Natal Professional program, the Personal Path natal interpretation module is free. If you had the $59 Natal Profiles or Spirit Success Reports option for Natal Professional, the $49 Spirit Success natal interpretations module is free. We improved these modules by adding Midheaven delineations and Element and Modalities Abundance and Lack interpretations. For DOS customers who had the $59 LifeTrends or the $59 StarMatch, the improved transits and compatibility interpretation modules are $50 each. The LifeTrends set now features much longer interpretations for transiting Jupiter through Pluto, plus it adds Chiron interpretations. The StarMatch set of synastry interpretations has added mutual house placements. New for this program are the Journey Progressions module with professional-length delineations of secondary progressions and the new Journey Careers module which produces 35-page natal reports that make the most use of the capabilities of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter's report-generating engine. AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter gives you unlimited permission to sell reports, which can have your name, address, and telephone.

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is the most technologically advanced astrology report writer on the market today. It runs best on a Pentium-class computer. It runs satisfactorily on a 486DX, but is not recommended for a 486SX or 386. The minimum RAM required is 8 MB.

The price for sample reports using your info is $25 + shipping. Sample reports give you $10 credits towards the interpretations when you purchase them.

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter generates its interpretation reports into a nice built-in Windows-based word processor. You can edit within the word processor, do Print Preview, and save reports as RTF format files which any Windows-based word processor can open. You can also generate and save the interpretation reports to HTML format files which are easy to e-mail to any customer for viewing with a web browser. Interpretation reports can include zodiac sign graphics. In generating reports, AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is guided by user-definable templates, which power users can easily modify by adding, subtracting, and moving up to 55 different report function commands between two Windows list boxes. For immediate use by average and intermediate astrologers, the program comes with pre-assembled templates such as the Standard template and the very sophisticated Intermediate natal template that produces a report by going through the chart in a house-by-house manner looking at each house's ruler(s) and dispositor(s), their placements and aspects. You can create your own templates with additional abilities and have them work with additional text that you create.

Bundled with the AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter program is the Edit Interpretations program, which lets you edit the source interpretations or add new ones, including compound interpretations. The editor makes it easy to translate the English interpretations into different languages so that the reports print entirely in those languages. The same editor program includes a utility that will automatically import complete sets of edited interpretations that you have already created in Halloran Software's DOS-based Natal Professional, LifeTrends, and StarMatch programs.

Download 528K Windows Help file for AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, version 6.1 - this is the real program Help file, learn astrology and answer any questions you may have about this program.

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