Advanced Astrology Software for Windows 10/11, Windows 7, and Windows 8 or 8.1

Astrology for Windows™, v. 3.0

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter™, v. 8.7

AstrolDeluxe Platinum™, v. 10.3

Customers are buying one of three astrology programs now -- either the $45.00 Astrology for Windows program, the $169 AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter program, or the $300 AstrolDeluxe Platinum program. The Astrology for Windows shareware program is available in unregistered demo form as a free software download and in registered form for $45.00. The calculations in this astrology program may be all that an astrology hobbyist needs. The $300 AstrolDeluxe Platinum, which is now at version 10.3, branched away from AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter in 2016 when John Halloran worked for eight months with over 100 Beta testers to add an ambitious set of advanced new calculation features, many of which have not been seen before in any Windows program. See animated tutorials that cover some of the new features of AstrolDeluxe Platinum. The $169 AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter program is version 8.7 of AstrolDeluxe for Windows. AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is a full-featured calculation program which bundles the 250,000 cities PC Atlas. Although many astrologers buy it just for its calculation ability, built into AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is an unparalleled report printing engine that lets you print customizable professional-length interpretation reports without leaving the calculation program. It comes with well-written interpretations for 18-page natal reports, and professional astrologers have written interpretation sets for nine longer reports that can be added for $100 each. There are substantial discounts if you are upgrading from an older program.

System Requirements

AstrolDeluxe Platinum and AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter are completely compatible with both 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7, while retaining compatibility with older versions of Windows, such as Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista.

Both AstrolDeluxe programs come together with their add-ons on a single custom-made CD. If your portable computer lacks a CD drive, you can request that I archive your CD into a zip file for electronic download. However, consider that external DVD/CD drives start at $20 on Amazon and that once you have such a drive you might find other uses for it down the road. The physical program CD can be very handy to have the next time you want to install your astrology program on a new computer.

Click to see all the new version 10 features that will make you a master astrologer.

Version 8.6 or later is able to work with the Male Female separate interpretation report files that Halloran has added for the Moon's Nodes, Black Moon Lilith, Minor Squares [45-degree and 135-degree], and Declination Parallel and Contraparallel Aspects.

Version 8.5 let you see local space planet lines drawn on world maps. For details, see here.

 Planet Strengths aspect window

Version 8.4 let you click on the colored planet energy bars in the Planet Strengths bar graph in order to see all the aspects that contribute to those Harmonious and Inharmonious strengths.

For additions to and information about version 8, please see this page.

When Halloran Software creates your personalized AstrolDeluxe program CD, we will add to folders on the CD all the add-on interpretation sets that your customer record shows you to have purchased.

There is no need to contact Halloran Software in order to install the CD to different computers. Product activation may be added in the future for new customers, but I do not feel that product activation is needed for existing customers.

This will give you a CD which will be a reliable means for future installations of your software.

Astrology for Windows is now available in a 32-bit version 3.0 which is 100% compatible with everything from 32-bit Windows 95 to 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. It is available by electronic download with a registration price of $45.00 for new users and $35.00 to previous Astrology for Windows customers. It comes in 15 world languages. For more info, see this page.

Design and Interface

The Windows astrology programs from Halloran Software result from a collaboration between John Halloran and Robert Brown These programs merge our talents for astrology a secure foundation advanced technology and a pleasing interface A reviewer says of the interface: "simple and intuitive", "a pleasure to use", "runs very cleanly", "thoroughly tested", and "I didn't crash the program once" (Mountain Astrologer).
Click to read more quotes regarding the AstrolDeluxe astrology software.

Click to see the user interface (12K image) for the "amazingly inexpensive" Astrology for Windows. The Astrology for Windows shareware program comes with foreign language files for installing it in any of 15 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, Romanian, Finnish, German, Slovak, Polish, and Russian . At this time, the extensive Help manual is only in English, but some customers have written that the program is so intuitive they never had to read the manual. However, "the documentation and Help are very informative, obviously produced with care" (ibid). Click here if you are interested in downloading Astrology for Windows.

Software Features
  • Zodiac calculations for 8,000 years
  • sun, moon, and planets;
  • twelve house cusps;
  • Ascendant and Midheaven;
  • the moon's nodes and apogee (either Mean or True);
  • Part of Fortune (can reverse night births);
  • Vertex and East Point (in Deluxe);
  • Chiron for 1800-2100 AD (Astrology for Windows);
  • Chiron, Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Vesta for 1650-2100 AD (Deluxe);
  • Black Moon Lilith (the moon's apogee, either Mean or True) (Deluxe);
  • Eris for 1650-2100 AD (Platinum);
  • You can customize inclusion of the points other than sun, moon & planets.
  • 80 asteroids for 1800-2100 AD (Deluxe);
  • Tropical, Sidereal, Draconic (Deluxe), or Heliocentric (Platinum) Zodiac with these house systems
  • Placidus and Koch;
  • Equal House/Western Style;
  • Equal House/Eastern Style (whole sign houses);
  • Campanus, Porphyry, & Alcabitius;
  • Topocentric and Monthly (Deluxe);
  • Aries and Regiomontanus(Deluxe);
  • User Cusp (for Equilibrium Charts) (Deluxe).
  • Note: Our astrology programs are the only American-distributed commercial horoscope software to correctly calculate the Ascendant, Midheaven and houses for circumpolar locations.

  • Single Graphic Charts

    Click to see a sample printed chart. (26K image)

    AstrolDeluxe features customizable zodiac sign images at the center of the chart wheel.

    Click to see a sample printed zodiac-proportional graphic aspects wheel. (42K image)

    You can interact with the on-screen graphic aspects wheel by scrolling the aspect orb width and/or by selecting which aspects to include.

    Click to see the Wheel Page With PowerGraph. (40K image; Platinum)

    New with version 7, the graphic aspects wheel screen gives you a listbox of all the aspect patterns that the program found for the chart - clicking a pattern name in the list will clear all the aspect lines and draw just that pattern on the chart - you can arrow up and down through all the patterns in the listbox to see each pattern in the chartwheel. Version 8 lets you add for $50 a set of 392 aspect patterns interpretations for very personal interpretation reports of the patterns that are unique to a particular chart. These reports are both educational and fun to run.

    Click to see the screen with a sample aspect pattern in the wheel. (55K image)

    If you have a color printer, you can print beautiful, customizable color wheels.

    Click to see a printed sample of the Grand Septile aspect pattern in Oscar Wilde's chart. (23K image)

    AstrolDeluxe adds the triangular aspects grid at the bottom of the normal printed chart, plus grids identifying the glyphs of the signs and planets.

    Click to see a sample printed chart with aspects grid. (37K image)

    Click to see a sample printed chart with aspects grid and courtesy block. (37K image)

    Click to see just the printed chart wheel in Spanish. (23K image)

    Click to see a sample printed chart with aspects grid and sample courtesy block in Spanish. (35K image)

    Click to see a sample printed graphic aspects wheel in Spanish. (36K image)

    The above AstrolDeluxe charts were generated by the Save Page as Image (with Grids) feature on the File menu of the Chart Information Screen. You yourself can generate these attractive, compressed image files.

    Save any single chart to an all-ASCII character or HTML wheel, suitable when the display calls for text only - click to see a sample ASCII character chartwheel.

    Click here to see a sample of the on-screen Boehrer Graphic Declination Chart. (19K image)

    Click here or download this Adobe Acrobat PDF file to see a sample of the printed Boehrer Graphic Declination Chart. (18K image)

    BiWheel Chart Comparison Functions
  • Biwheel chart for visual comparison of two charts - click to see a sample biwheel chart (31K image)
  • Graphic aspects biwheel chart (Deluxe) - click to see the screen of a sample graphic aspects biwheel (35K image)
  • House positions are based on the first (inner) chart selected
  • Upon calculation and display of a secondary chart (such as a progressed chart, solar arc directions chart, or return chart), you can instantly redisplay as a biwheel with the secondary planets in the outer wheel houses of the natal chart; there is an option "Compare to Majors" to automatically create a triwheel if the progressed/directed chart was not a secondary progressed chart
  • Click on Edit, Swap to swap the inner and outer charts of a biwheel - helps to see mutual house placements when comparing charts for compatibility and lets you see Return chart planets in Natal houses and Natal planets in Return chart houses
  • Display transits or synastry aspects between the first chart and unlimited additional charts -- aspects list can be sorted by exactness of orbs or by synastry values
  • Calculate and display compatibility indexes based on aspect synastry
  • Calculate composite charts displaying planet and house positions using midpoints of the positions in two individuals' charts; calculate house cusps based on all midpoints or calculate the composite ascendant for the couple's present location (Deluxe)
  • Save composite charts and compare them to other charts (Deluxe)
  • See the rating of a couple's compatibility based on the Composite chart (for a sample, click here.) (Deluxe)
  • Calculate combined charts for the time/space midpoints of two individuals' charts - follows technique independently invented by Philip Schiffmann in Vienna in 1976 and by Ronald C. Davison in London and described in his 1977 book Synastry (Deluxe)
  • report-writing engine supports generating written reports for either composite or combined relationship charts - a professional set of these interpretations is in development (Deluxe)
  • Look no farther for synastry software - AstrolDeluxe comes with a dating service feature which allows you to rapidly search for matches between charts in the database according to user-defined criteria of sex, age and minimum required communication and compatibility index levels (Deluxe) - click to see the search screen (10K image).
  • Pop-up interpretations of planetary pictures formed by second chart's planets to the midpoints or sensitive points of the natal chart (Deluxe) - click to see a sample interpretation (6K image).
  • Display sortable list of aspects between the first chart's midpoints, Arabic Parts, or as many as 70 asteroids and the planets of a second chart, which can be another natal or event chart or a chart for current transits, secondary progressions, minor progressions, tertiary progressions, solar arc directions, noviens, or returns (Deluxe. Click to see a 12K image which uses an astrological font, the optional $49 Halloran TrueType Font)
  • Display declination aspects between the first chart and additional charts (Deluxe)
  • Visually display with a bar graph the strength and harmony/discord for all the planets between any two charts, either for relationship comparison or transiting aspects.(Deluxe)

  • Multi-Wheel Comparison Functions
  • Triwheel chart for comparison of three charts (Deluxe) - click to see a sample triwheel chart (27K image)
  • Quad wheel chart for comparison of four charts (Deluxe) - Click here to see a sample of the on-screen quad wheel. Click here or download this Adobe Acrobat PDF file to see a sample of the printed quad wheel.
  • Animate the triwheel or the quad wheel forward or backward in time with the Edit, Rotate Chart feature (Deluxe)
  • The AstrolDeluxe printed quad wheel includes both the planet minutes and the retrograde flags for all four wheels
  • After creation of the biwheel for a Solar Arc Directions, Minor Progressions, Tertiary Progressions, DR-70 Minor Progressions, or Special Progressions chart, there is an option "Compare to Majors" to automatically create a triwheel with a secondary progressed chart in the middle wheel. Compare to a fourth chart to add transits as the outer chart of a quad wheel (Deluxe)
  • The Hermetic Minor Progressions taught by the Brotherhood of Light already specifies details for the transits chart, so this choice of minor progressions accelerates creation of the quad wheel by providing a File menu choice, "Compare to Majors and Transits", so that the program jumps directly from a biwheel to a quad wheel (Deluxe)
  • Option to create a triwheel or quad wheel by comparing any saved or calculated charts, so that one could also have a quad wheel of three natal charts compared to a Here & Now / Current Transits chart (Deluxe)
  • You can click on any point's glyph in any wheel, and see a table showing the exact position of the point (minutes of arc are not visible in the quadwheel itself) and all of the aspects that point makes to other planets. The table first shows the aspects it makes to its own chart, but continuing to click on the point will sequentially show you the aspects that the point makes to planets in each of the other rings (e.g. to the transiting, secondary, tertiary, and natal chart points) (Deluxe)
  • Edit, Rotate/Rectify Chart, will move the planets of the progressed and transits charts in the quad wheel/triple wheel simultaneously forward or backward in time, either in manually chosen incremental steps or through auto animation - if you have the Planet Strengths bar graph up, you can watch the strengths and harmony/discord change with time (Deluxe)
  • Makes it easy for the astrologer to find the times when the fast moving aspects of the Minor and Transiting planets provide multiple indicators for the influences of the slow-moving aspects of the Major progressed chart (Deluxe)
  • Select from the following aspect list choices when a quad wheel is on the screen: Outer to Natal; Outer Middle to Natal; Inner Middle to Natal; Outer to Inner Middle; Outer Middle to Inner Middle; Outer to Outer Middle; Outer to Outer; Outer Middle to Outer Middle; Inner Middle to Inner Middle (Deluxe)
  • Customization option to automatically calculate and sort parallel and contraparallel aspects between the declinations of the planets into the aspect lists - see sample display (Deluxe)
  • See a pop-up bar graph of Planet Strengths, where the colored sections show harmony and discord, which for the triwheel or quadwheel accumulates the major progressed, minor progressed, and transiting influences - see sample for Halle Berry's Best Actress Academy Award win (Deluxe)

  • Calculation Accuracy
  • All planets are accurate to within one minute for 1600-2100 AD (Deluxe)
  • The sun is accurate to one second and the moon to five seconds of arc
  • The planets are accurate to within several minutes for approx. 8,000 years
  • Pluto accuracy: 1º for 2000 BC-150 BC; 1/2º for 150 BC-1600 AD (Deluxe)
  • Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta accuracy: 1 minute for the period 1650-2100 AD
  • Eris accuracy: 1 minute for the period 1650-2100 AD (Platinum)
  • Minor Asteroids are accurate for 1800-2100 AD (Deluxe)
  • Calculations include delta t, nutation and aberration.
  • Time of birth, time zone, longitude, and latitude can be entered to the second

  • ACS PC Atlas Features
  • Free bundled copy of ACS PC Atlas for 250,000 world cities and 4,300 U.S. hospitals with longitudes, latitudes and time zone change histories, with the most recent data file as of 2016 (Deluxe)
  • Interface to the PC Atlas (Deluxe) - click to see the interface (a 9K image).
  • Click to show on one of the program's six color maps the location of a city found in the full PC Atlas (Deluxe)
  • Perform sound-alike city name searches, display all locations within a distance from any longitude/latitude, see a history table of time zone changes for a location, and add your own locations to the ACS atlas with a function that automatically attaches the time zone history of the nearest included location (Deluxe)

  • Map/Atlas Features
  • VGA-resolution color maps of the United States, Europe, and the World (also Canada, Mexico, and Australia with New Zealand in Deluxe) - click to see the World map (a 21K image)
  • Mouse-click on one of the on-screen maps automatically transfers the state name, time zone, longitude & latitude positions to the chart (Astrology for Windows)
  • Mouse-click on one of the on-screen maps automatically lists the cities found within a customizable radius of the click location in the PC Atlas (Deluxe)
  • Coordinates for 1465 United States, 449 European, 291 Australian, 266 Canadian and 192 world cities (Astrology for Windows)
  • Mouse-click on a city list automatically transfers the country or state name, time zone, longitude and latitude positions to the chart (Astrology for Windows)
  • Add as many as 1700 personal cities of your choice to the atlas
  • Natal Information screen includes a drop-down list box which displays and allows you to select from any of 193 (Deluxe) world time zones

  • Astro-Mapping
  • Local Space Maps showing planet lines radiating out from the birth place. These planet direction lines are also called azimuth lines or horizon chart lines. (Deluxe)
  • Click to see a sample screen-display World Local Space Map for Madonna (for commentary, see here.) (a 47K image)
  • Astro-Locality Maps showing a relocated chart's Midheaven, I.C., Ascendant, and Descendant planet lines on a map either of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia with New Zealand, or the World(Deluxe)
  • Click to see a sample screen-display United States Astro-Locality Map (a 20K image)
  • Click to see a sample print version United States Astro-Locality Map (a 19K image)
  • Click to see a sample screen-display Canada Astro-Locality Map (a 47K image)
  • Click to see a sample screen-display Mexico Astro-Locality Map (a 36K image)
  • Click to see a sample screen-display Australia Astro-Locality Map (a 36K image)

  • Display Options
  • List of transits or progressions from a day to several years in length; show customizable enter/leave orb dates separately with exact times or collated together (Deluxe). Click to see a 22K image of the Deluxe collated transits list.
    A valuable feature shows in the final column the aspect or angle that exists between the two planets in the natal chart. Can include the transiting or progressed Ascendant, Midheaven, Moon's Nodes, and Black Moon Lilith. Click to see a 15K image of the Deluxe uncollated transits list.
    Can do the progressed list for secondary, minor, tertiary, and user-defined rate progressions and for secondary arc directions. For all types of progressions, you have a choice of six rates of directing the midheaven: R.A.M.S., Solar Arc in Longitude, Naibod Longitude, Solar Arc in Right Ascension, Quotidian Standard, and Quotidian Bija (Deluxe). The transits list in the Astrology for Windows program gives times only to the AM/PM and does not use orbs.
  • Scrollable Wheel Page - can also Zoom this on-screen chartwheel page in and out - customize grids or substitute PowerGraph (Platinum)
  • Table of aspects including precise aspect angle and orb for any chart
  • Separate table of declination aspects (Deluxe)
  • in-depth Aspects Grid - Click to see a 43K image of this large Platinum aspects grid.
  • Vocational Potentials Ranking table for 108 vocational and personal categories. Click for more information. (Version 10.1 of Platinum)
  • Table of angles between all planet points for a chart - shows the angle between planets even when it is not a defined aspect (Deluxe)
  • Table of planet and house longitudes - can toggle to 360° numerical format in order to see positions to their full calculation accuracy or for transfer to a spreadsheet via the Windows clipboard
  • Speculum tables for primary directions, either Classic Placidus with each planet's latitude, declination, right ascension, meridian distance, semi-arc, and semi-arc house cusp position or Topocentric with each planet's right ascension, declination, semi-arc, normalized meridian distance, oblique ascension or descension, and topocentric pole (Deluxe)
  • Chart Analysis table includes position, house, direction, and speed, dignities, mutual receptions, dispositors, ruling planet, planetary hour lord, aspect patterns, sign & house modalities & elements, angular planets, critical degree planets, moon phase, moon latitude, moon distance, out-of-bounds planets, void-of-course moon, and dominant chart harmonics (Deluxe)
  • Table of midpoints between all selected planet points for a chart (Deluxe)
  • Table of 1381 sensitive points for calculating planetary pictures (Deluxe)
  • Table of aspects between chart planets and midpoints and sensitive points with Witte's pop-up interpretations (Deluxe) - customize these orbs separately Click to see 13K image of midpoint/planet aspects (using optional Halloran TrueType Font for Windows).
  • Table of Arabic Parts - can draw upon any of several customizable collections - largest collection has 265 formulas (Deluxe)
  • Table of aspects between chart planets and Arabic Parts - uses separate customizable Arabic Parts orbs (Deluxe)
  • Table of the positions of as many as 80 asteroids in a chart (Deluxe)
  • Tables of aspects between natal or transiting planets and asteroids (Deluxe)
  • Display chart planets according to a selected harmonic or modulus (for details, see here.) (Deluxe)
  • Display prime vertical 'mundoscope' - shows true horizon positions (Deluxe)
  • Display local space chart - AKA azimuth chart and horizon chart (Deluxe)
  • Display solstice points (antiscia) chart and easily compare for synastry or transits (Deluxe)
  • Display complete Marc Edmund Jones' Sabian Symbol interpretations in a pop-up form for any of a chart's 360 degrees (for details, see here.) (Deluxe)
  • Display or print the text tables using astrological glyphs for the planets, signs and aspects if you own a TrueType astrological glyph font such as the optional $49 Halloran TrueType glyph font which has both normal letters and astrological symbols (you can use this font to add glyphs to your word processing documents too) (Deluxe)
  • Double-click on any planet glyph in a graphic chart to pop up the name and sign of the planet together with a list of that planet's aspects (Deluxe) - click to see 3K image of a single planet aspect window, using the optional Halloran TrueType Font for Windows
  • Table of rise/set/culminate times for all planets - shows paran relationships (Deluxe)

  • Derived Charts
  • Progressed chart (a day for a year), can direct the Midheaven in six ways - Solar Arc in longitude, R.A.M.S. (Naibod rate in right ascension), Naibod rate in longitude, Solar Arc in R.A., Quotidian Bija, and Quotidian Standard (Deluxe)
  • Minor progressed chart (a day for a lunar month) (Deluxe)
  • Tertiary progressed chart (a lunar month for a solar year) (Deluxe)
  • User-defined-rate progressed chart, which can be a converse progressions rate (Deluxe)
  • Solar arc directed chart (all points directed by sun's progressed movement) (Deluxe)
  • Solar or lunar return chart for any angle (0 degrees, 180 degrees, etc.) and for precessed or non-precessed reference frame
  • Composite chart constructed from the midpoints between the planets of any two individuals' charts (Deluxe)
  • Compound chart for the time-space midpoint between the births of any two individuals (Deluxe)
  • Novien chart (described by Sidereal Zodiac astrologer Cyril Fagan) (Deluxe)
  • Declination to longitude equivalent conversion chart as well as its antiscia chart (Kt Boehrer technique used by the NCGR Declination SIG) (Deluxe)
  • Solar parts chart and lunar parts chart (called the Secondary Chart by astrologer Carl Payne Tobey) (Deluxe)
  • Planetary nodes chart (either heliocentric nodes or geocentric nodes, ascending or descending) (Deluxe)
  • You can instantly compare a derived chart to the natal chart, save it to file, or compare it to other charts, such as transits

  • Additional Features
  • Ephemeris generator for calculating, printing, and saving to file tables of planet longitude or declination positions (Deluxe)
  • Moving Graphic Ephemeris - see animated lines showing the planet positions move across the screen (Platinum) - Click to see an example of using the animated graphic ephemeris (46K image) (Platinum)
  • Planetary Cycles - see the up and down cycles relative to the natal Sun or other planets for transiting Saturn etc. (Platinum) - Click to see an example of the planetary cycles screen for Richard Nixon (33K image) - Click to see an example of the planetary cycles screen for Hillary Clinton (21K image) (Platinum)
  • Calculate Planetary Resonance Phases, based on the recent book, Planetary Resonance, by Dorothy Oja (Platinum)
  • Calculate a table of the Progressed Lunar Phases and generate an interpretation report (Platinum)
  • Calculate a table of Eclipses or Lunations and double-click on a table item to see the chart (Platinum)
  • Pop-up control for rectifying/rotating a chart; auto-animate & astroclock (Deluxe) - Click to see an example of using the pop-up rectification control (57K image)
  • Print an optional information courtesy block on charts with your name, address, and phone (Deluxe) - Click to see the courtesy block entry form (8K image).
  • Choice of fonts for printing; specify size, bold, and italic for headers and body text
  • Customize colors of planets, chart circle, and screen background for the graphic wheels - all color printers are supported
  • Import charts from ASTROL96 or AstrolDeluxe for DOS (into all three programs), Matrix BlueStar™, CompactData™ and QuickCharts™, Astrolabe Nova™, Cosmic Patterns Kepler™, Lois Rodden's AstroDatabank™, Esoteric Technologies' JigSaw™ and Solar Fire™, Janus™, and German programs that save to AAF format files (Deluxe)
  • Export and import charts in Astrological Markup Language to and from human-readable XML data files (Deluxe)
  • Copy wheels and text tables to the Windows clipboard; paste into other programs
  • Save graphic wheels to gif, png, jpg, etc. files at both low and high image resolution - attach these to your e-mails, put on your web site, or use in desktop publishing (Deluxe)
  • Customize orbs for 24 aspects and 8 types of comparison (Deluxe). Click to see the orb customization interface (79K image).
  • Customize aspect patterns with a designer wheel (comes with a file of the predefined patterns Arrow Yod, Cardinal Grand Cross, Cardinal T-Square, Fixed Grand Cross, Fixed T-Square, Grand Air Trine, Grand Cross, Grand Earth Trine, Grand Fire Trine, Grand Quintile, Grand Septile, Grand Sextile, Grand Trine, Grand Water Trine, Hard Rectangle, Kite, Mutable Grand Cross, Mutable T-Square, Mystic Rectangle, Small Talent Triangle, Stellium in Aries through Stellium in Pisces, T-Square, and Yod) (Deluxe). Click to see the aspect patterns designer wheel (34K image).
  • Divide charts between multiple database files, such as for family versus clients (Deluxe)
  • Enables a group of astrologers to share clients' charts by merging separate chart databases and see whose program originated each chart (Deluxe)
  • All date entry and display conforms to your Windows regional settings
  • Supports Double-Byte Character System (DBCS) versions of Windows (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Korean) by allowing the user to enter using local DBCS characters such items as the program user's name, the chart subject's First Name and Last Name, the chart Remarks, the lines of text in the Courtesy Block and Courtesy Footer in Customization, all of the items at More Chart Data, the interpretations in the Edit Interpretations program, and the desired font for each item of the interpretation reports (Deluxe)
  • Customize which planets rule which zodiac signs for two sets - modern and traditional, and select which set the program uses (Deluxe)
  • Automatically calculate a true sunrise chart for any date and place (Deluxe)
  • Access 2.0 database feature in which you can record a chart subject's address and telephone, and three notes and a multiparagraph memo about them (Deluxe) - click to see entry screen (9K image).
  • For a birth place, automatically calculate the hours, minutes and seconds of the local time zone - useful in doing premodern era charts (Deluxe)
  • One-step back-up and restore of chart files to and from a CD-R disk, flash drive, or diskette (Deluxe)
  • Supplemental calculations include declinations, Julian Day, sidereal time, and Delta t
  • Update your system clock by contacting NIST over the Internet (Deluxe)
  • Windows Help which is context-sensitive - the F1 function key brings up the section of the 380-page electronic help manual which describes what to do at your current location
  • Help manual Appendix includes astrological symbols, a trouble-shooting guide, introduction to astrology, bibliography of astrology books, glossary and index

  • Software Features for Astrology Research
  • Perform AstroDatabank-type OR searches (Platinum) - Click for a tutorial page.
  • Enter dated Life History events for chart subjects (Deluxe) - click to see entry screen (13K image)
  • Save charts to a dBase format database file (Deluxe)
  • Paste planet/house longitudes to a spreadsheet program in numeric form
  • Enter source and reliability rating for a chart's birth information; have the source/rating print on the chart legend (Deluxe)
  • For $59, you can purchase Version 9.9 of our Famous Charts file, which contains good quality birth data for 5527 top celebrities and historical figures, including 3,266 with good times - learn astrology by browsing these charts or discover what famous figures have the same placements or aspects as you have - the Famous Charts and the Halloran TrueType Fonts come included with AstrolDeluxe Platinum (Deluxe file format)
  • Learn how to perform Automated Statistical Research with a separate CD of 35,000 charts divided into 22 occupations. Click for more information.(Platinum)
  • User-friendly, fully integrated search module lets you search your saved chart files for charts that have particular placements or aspects (Deluxe)
  • Searches at Options, Research Charts, narrow the list box names to those that meet your criteria - you can do 26 different searches (Deluxe)
  • Searches are cumulative - Undo returns the previous search results (Deluxe)
  • Click on a name in the search list to instantly display the chart wheel (Deluxe)
  • Return from displaying the chart back to the search results screen (Deluxe)
  • Save the charts remaining after a search to a named charts file (Deluxe)
  • Search for charts that have a particular planet in a particular house (and customize advance orb, if any ) (Deluxe) - click to see house search screen (19K image)
  • Search for charts that have a particular planet in a particular sign (Deluxe)
  • Search for charts that have a particular planet in a particular longitude window, which can be as small as .01 degrees (Deluxe)
  • Search for charts that have two planets in a particular aspect or angle, and specify the orb (Deluxe)
  • Search for charts with particular birthdays, and use <, >, and ? symbols in the year field (Deluxe)
  • Search for charts with particular words in the Remarks field, or in the Notes or Memo fields of More Chart Data, and perform logical AND, OR, and NOT searches (Deluxe) - click to see Remarks search screen (81K image)
  • Search for charts that have the midpoint of two planets in a particular aspect or angle to a natal planet (Deluxe)
  • Search for charts that have the ruler of a house in a particular aspect or angle to another planet - select modern or traditional ruling planets (Deluxe) - click to see ruler aspect search screen (86K image)
  • Search for charts that have the ruler of one house in another house (Deluxe)
  • Search for charts that have the moon void-of-course (VOC) (Deluxe)
  • Search for charts with particular retrograde planets (Deluxe)
  • Search for charts with particular harmonics strong (Deluxe)
  • Search for intercepted signs & intercepted planets (Deluxe)
  • Search for charts with a particular out-of-bounds declination planet (Deluxe)
  • Search for charts with a particular planet in a particular one of the 36 Gauquelin sectors (Deluxe)
  • Search for charts with a particular planet in a Gauquelin plus zone, with checkboxes to specify the East, Upper, West, and Lower plus zones, and which finds charts without that planet in a plus zone if none are checked (Deluxe) - click to see Plus Zone search screen (87K image)
  • Search for charts in which the percentage of planets in a plus zone is between a lower and upper percentage boundary, such as the default 66 and 100 percent (Deluxe)
  • Search for charts that have a desired aspect pattern, such as Grand Fire Trine, T-Square, or Boomerang, and even specify that the found patterns must contain particular planets. (Deluxe) - click to see Aspect Patterns search screen (55K image)
  • Searches can exclude derived charts or include particular types of derived charts only (Deluxe)
  • This astrology research software lets you easily create control group files that will help you to discover if a particular sample of charts contains astrologically significant factors, or if your search results coincide with expected astronomical and demographic frequencies (Deluxe)

  • Interpretation Reports
  • AstrolDeluxe generates reports that are controlled by the properties in named templates that you can select and customize. Each template includes a report commands sequence that you can easily customize - click to see the report order commands screen (14K image)
  • The report writer draws upon interpretation databases that you have created with the supplied Edit Interpretations program or which you have purchased from Halloran Software, including natal, compatibility, transits, progressions, and solar return interpretations. The program generates reports into a built-in word processor, allowing you to scroll through and edit a report before printing it - click to see the word processor screen (20K image)
  • The prices for complete interpretation databases written by professional astrologers are $100 each. These reports average 30-pages or longer. Carolyne Lacy's well-written Spirit Success interpretations for generating complete 18-page natal reports are now included at no extra charge with the order of every customer who is getting AstrolDeluxe for the first time (which includes every customer who upgrades from Astrology for Windows or from version 2 of AstrolDeluxe. Click to read sample reports that draw upon the available interpretations.

  • Demo of AstrolDeluxe

    The unregistered Astrology for Windows shareware program is a free astrology software download. It provides experience with the look and feel of our software. Until you register Astrology for Windows for $45.00, you can save as many as 100 charts, but you can only print the two graphic wheels for your first saved chart. After you register Astrology for Windows you can save up to 30,000 charts and print an unlimited number of graphic wheels. You can use this accurate program to calculate on-screen an unlimited number of charts without ever paying the registration fee. A separate demo program is bundled with the shareware Astrology for Windows program which lets you interactively see on-screen all the major features of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter which are not in the shareware program (as of version 4 of AstrolDeluxe). To run the AstrolDeluxe demo from inside Astrology for Windows, select this option from the Help menu on the Natal Information Screen.

    Astrology for Windows - See and Try It Yourself

    Click to read about the new version 3.0 of the Astrology for Windows software program.

    Click to download your own copy of the Astrology for Windows program, version 3.0 - astwin30.zip, a 6.76Mb zip archive of a Windows program that is compatible with everything from 32-bit Windows 98 to 64-bit Windows 11. First, Save the zip file to your computer, Open and extract the five files to a folder, and double-click on the setup.exe file to install Astrology for Windows (if you have an intrusive antivirus program like Avast, temporarily disable it first). The final step of the setup will allow you to choose in which of 15 world languages you want the program. In the future, you will find Astrology for Windows at Start, Programs, Halloran Software. You can always remove it at Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.

    Version 3 will still work with your previous saved charts from version 1 or 2, but it will overwrite the old program. Version 3 is a much better program - the $45 version 3 registration codes have changed from the old $26.50 version 1 and 2 registration codes No one is required to register Astrology for Windows, but there are benefits to doing so and previous customers can re-register at a discount by checking the $35 box on the website order form.

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