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When present in the horoscope, the aspect points that Halloran Software has recently added - Chiron, the Moon's Nodes, the Black Moon Lilith, and the Minor Square Aspects - appear to make major contributions to bringing a person into contact with higher consciousness. The chart of prolific writer Elizabeth Gilbert is one of two charts that will illustrate this effect. You may be familiar with Elizabeth's 2006 travel book Eat, Pray, Love, which sold ten million copies and which spent over 200 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List. Elizabeth's newest book is called Big Magic.

Graphic Wheel for Elizabeth Gilbert

What appears below is Elizabeth Gilbert's Personal Path natal report from which the standard placement and aspect interpretations have been removed, leaving just our new add-on delineations. The close aspects that apply most strongly appear at the start.

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AstrolDeluxe Chart Interpretation for Elizabeth Gilbert

Planets in Aspect

Sun trine Neptune  (Strength:  7.57)

Jupiter conjunct Uranus  (Strength:  6.65)

Sun trine North Node  (Strength:  5.26)

This aspect emphasizes your active individuality.  You can contribute on an equal level with men.  You could be interested in science or business.  Your productivity is high.  You could be self-taught.  You have a force that does not allow you to be overlooked.

Pluto conjunct South Node  (Strength:  4.86)

This aspect makes you good at working with the public, with the masses.  You have a grasp of the big picture, which can include the many forces that rule the world.  Your life will bring you into contact with gritty facts and raw, primeval powers.  You could associate with wealthy people as well as with sick and needy people.  You could have strong opinions.  You can be rather single-minded in your determination.  You can modernize and streamline by eliminating the old and useless.  You can lose weight by sticking to a diet.  Challenges have a way of bringing out your best.  This aspect puts your forcefulness and power at the service of the collective self.

Neptune trine North Node  (Strength:  4.05)

Initially, you could have no idea of what you want to do with your life.  You do have a keen sense of what people want.  You can appeal to people's higher feelings.  You have a talent for drama.  This aspect gives you a great capacity for love.  You are someone who can develop many wide-ranging interests.  You are always growing.  In your creative work, you try to achieve the maximum level of beauty.  Your work demonstrates both high precision and feeling.  You might be drawn to exotic or imaginative subject realms.  In your life you could be attracted to the sea or to wild nature and its creatures.  Social and political injustices offend you and could motivate you to act.  You have the courage to go against society's expectations.  The aspect tends to exaggerate your moods and makes self-control difficult.  You may still be dealing with the repercussions of childhood abuse.  You love beauty and will be attracted to handsome men.  You want your husband's approval so much that arguments are excruciating.  You can have a heightened susceptibility to chronic illnesses, including cancer.  You have the respect of most people who know you.

Saturn sesquiquadrate Pluto  (Strength:  3.99)

This aspect lets you apply great technical force and power to your work.  You can execute quickly and precisely.  The challenge is finding constructive outlets for the energy of this aspect. A lot can depend upon the friends with whom you hang out and the kinds of activities that they suggest.  You need to find friends who are not losers, who are not into getting wasted at parties. If you think about it, there are positive, constructive things that you love to do.  If there is something that has piqued your curiosity, then take an afternoon to investigate it.  Do you need to sign up for classes or can you plunge right in?  One of the keys to your getting so much done so quickly is that you tend to have a system that you follow.  That is how your mind works.  You are capable of identifying an audacious goal and then planning a campaign to achieve it.  You could have a range of activities going on simultaneously.  With this aspect, you should experience a fascinating life with many changes.

Mercury trine North Node  (Strength:  3.10)

It is easy for you to change, to try different things.  You get along well with children.  You have a receptive memory and were probably a talented student, advanced for your years.  You could have a love for words and writing.  You have a talent for generating publicity.  You could travel and move frequently, living and working in different places.  You are curious about everything. As long as you do not abuse drugs or alcohol, this aspect should give you good health during your life.

Moon square Venus  (Strength:  2.56)

Sun semi-square Moon  (Strength:  2.44)

This aspect gives you sensitivity combined with toughness.  You could have been mommy's little helper, until you declared your independence.  Your father could have been the more emotional or domestic of your parents.  Early life challenges taught you self-confidence and self-sufficiency.  You could have a talent for working with and appealing to the public, to whom you project a wholesome image, like that of a medical professional.  You find creative ways to engage with others, with the world, and with life.  You like men and could marry more than once.  You probably like meeting and communicating with different people.  You have the confidence to travel in the larger world.  You will stand up for equal rights and you will lend your strength to the needy.

Sun conjunct Mercury  (Strength:  2.37)

Mercury sextile Pluto  (Strength:  2.24)

Mars sextile Uranus  (Strength:  2.20)

Sun semi-square Venus  (Strength:  2.18)

This aspect helps a woman to make her mark.  You have a good understanding of what other people want, which combines well with your own ambition.  A combination of skill and luck enables you to find your niche in the world.  You are not a nobody.  You are a somebody.  The life force is strong within you.  You have an enthusiastic and lively personality that draws people to you.  When young, you could have a love for poetry, literature, art, and music, with a good singing voice.  Try not to be too self-absorbed.  Especially not when a child needs you. Sometimes the answer to challenges is to cooperate more with those whom you love and respect.

Sun sextile Pluto  (Strength:  2.13)

Moon trine Saturn  (Strength:  2.09)

Mars sextile Jupiter  (Strength:  2.02)

Saturn semi-square North Node  (Strength:  1.86)

You are a cool and determined customer, driven to get what you aim for.  You follow your own path.  You disregard expectations and enjoy a fuller life for it.  You could succeed as a businesswoman.  You work hard and you guard your privacy.  You prefer the company of a small group of close friends.  You have the ability to combine disparate elements in a coordinated and controlled way.  You have a talent for examining and presenting all sides of a situation, especially the minority point of view.  You can irritate simple people who do not appreciate or understand your devil's advocate effort to get people to think.

Mars trine Chiron  (Strength:  1.57)

This aspect gives you a confident, affable manner.  As a child you were quite a handful for your parents with your impulsive behavior.  A girl with this aspect could have been a tomboy.  You do not allow yourself to be limited by the "accepted standards of femininity."  You develop an interest in the different forms of sexual expression.  Even if you have some physical limitation, you can be an outstanding athlete, displaying creativity and  spontaneous improvisation.  You are intelligent and highly coordinated.  Hockey player Wayne Gretzky with this aspect said, "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been."  Chiron can relate to healing and it is interesting that Wayne Gretzky's recuperative abilities tested much higher than those of any of his teammates.  His career is partially but not entirely explained by all the hours that he put into hockey when he was young.  In your career you could make innovations relating to movement or transportation.  You are flirtatious and should have many possibilities to choose from.  If Mars has challenging aspects, there is a danger of marrying an angry, abusing spouse, from whom you should immediately separate.  You have plenty of courage and can make it your business to help the unfortunate.

Mercury trine Neptune  (Strength:  1.15)

Neptune sextile Pluto  (Strength:  0.91)

Moon sextile BlackMoon  (Strength:  0.83)

You have confidence in yourself, in what you can do.  You are not looking to attract attention to yourself, but you are so sensitive and observant that you can be very knowledgeable and capable. You probably have many friends and are on good terms with your relatives.  You tend to be witty, outspoken, and playful.  You would make a wholesome, loving mother.

Sun trine Mars  (Strength:  0.42)

Sun sextile Jupiter  (Strength:  0.40)

Sun sextile Uranus  (Strength:  0.22)

Moon inconjunct Chiron  (Strength:  0.04)

This aspect exaggerates the intuitive, feeling side of your nature, although you can still be a tough cookie.  An injury could prompt you to change your career direction.  You have a lively, enthusiastic personality that makes you popular.  You have a self-deprecating sense of humor with a wicked wit.  You are extremely flexible and find it easy to adapt to new opportunities as they come along.  You are not wedded to the past.  You will probably uproot and move several times in your life.  Your great gift is that no matter where you start from, you have the ability to keep growing.  If you had to pay your dues along the way, it just helps you to appreciate what you have.  You can be a high-strung overachiever with a need to relax.  Meditation or journal writing are a better way to reduce anxiety than taking drugs.  You would make a good public speaker, able to get your message across in convincing fashion.

Elizabeth Gilbert's chart features 11 of our new aspect interpretations. The chart of the next author, the energetic Colin Wilson, author of 118 books, features 21 of our new aspect interpretations. Click here to see the Astrology for Colin Wilson.

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