Forecast Astrology, Scott and Laci Peterson Missing Wife Murder Case

Composite Chart of Relationship
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Lunar Return Chart, Laci
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Laci Peterson Scott Peterson

Composite Chart of Relationship

I ran across this case when I was researching and writing interpretations for Pluto in the houses of the composite chart. The composite chart is a chart for two people, preferably with known birth times, where the position of each planet is the point halfway between the same planets in the original natal charts. The houses are determined from the composite midheaven. The Scott and Laci Peterson case involved a fertilizer salesman and his wife in Modesto, California who had been married since August 1997 and who seemed to be very much in love, but the wife disappeared on December 24, 2002 while 8 months pregnant with their first child. The bodies of the fetus and decapitated wife later washed ashore from San Francisco Bay on April 14, 2003.

Cases of celebrity couples where composite Pluto falls in the Eighth House include Elvis Presley/Priscilla Presley, Jackie Coogan/Betty Grable, John Derek/Linda Evans, Kris Kristofferson/Rita Coolidge, and Laci Peterson/Scott Peterson. The interpretation reads, "Your relationship is more likely than most to involve parents and estate issues. There may be disproportionate inequalities between you with respect to power or money. One of you may be accused of riding the other's coattails or using the partner as a steppingstone. The added elements in your life may make it difficult for you just to be alone with each other. If you do not work to share responsibilities equally in your relationship, there is a danger that resentment will grow between you."

"Laci's brother, Brent Rocha, testified that Laci was frugal and careful with money and that Scott was handy and had done many of their home improvements himself. Brent testified that with regards to the Rocha family finances, there was no financial motive for Scott to do anything to Laci or Conner. Laci was to inherit $160,000+ from the sale of her grandparent's home. Laci would have received this money after her grandfather died and when she reached the age of 30. (Laci's grandfather was moved into a skilled nursing facility in the fall of 2002 and died in December 2003.) There was another Rocha family trust valued at over $2,400,000. Laci and her two siblings would have eventually inherited half of that estate." ( This tells us that Laci was the partner with the most power and Scott the most likely to resent his junior position.

Merely having composite Pluto in the Eighth House is not in itself a problem. What is unusual about Pluto in the Peterson composite chart is that it is the focus of squares from a Saturn-Mars opposition, forming a Cardinal sign T-Square. Saturn, Mars, and Pluto are the three planets in astrology that are most associated with cold violence. So this astrological potential was inherent in the union of these two people's charts.

Laci and Scott Peterson Composite Chart

The good composite aspect that brought them together, and which was visible to the world, is seen above in Sun exactly on their Descendant, the 7th House of Marriage Cusp, closely conjunct Venus and trine Neptune on the 11th House of Friends Cusp.

Natal Charts

Now let us look at Scott and Laci's separate natal charts.

Scott Peterson Natal Chart

A Halloran Software Personal Path report for Scott Peterson's chart has these lines regarding his strongest aspect, Moon opposite Neptune - "You sometimes so immerse yourself in the world of illusions that you may find it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. You can become so engrossed in your surroundings that you lose yourself to it, escaping to your own illusion of reality. Personal relationships cannot be founded on illusion, however, and a successful relationship will require your undivided attention to the real situation. You must be able to compromise when necessary and to make adjustments to your partner. The ideal partner for you would help you tell the difference between fact and fiction."

The report has these lines regarding his Jupiter square Pluto aspect - "It is possible that you will meet lovers through your job. People with this aspect often go to extremes in their love life--either a vulgar creep or a very proper and refined gentleman (or lady). You appreciate an impulsive partner who can do things with you on the spur of the moment.
Unless you can look at your own imperfections and improve your attitude, you will have trouble achieving your goals in life. Pluto demands introspection and self-examination, and this is the key to your outer success. Otherwise, you are likely to rebel completely and refuse to learn from the lessons life presents to you."

On October 24, 2002, his 30th birthday, "Scott Peterson, a fertilizer salesman, meets Shawn Sibley at a fertilizer convention at Disneyland and tells her he is desperate to meet an intelligent woman for a Long-term Relationship. Shawn agrees to set Scott up with her best friend Amber." (

The report has these lines regarding Scott's Venus square Saturn aspect - "In truth, you don't want to deal with the responsibility of a close personal relationship. This causes you to become defensive with those you love--you are afraid of the demands they will make upon you. This can be traced to an early rejection in life--possibly by a parent. Because of this rejection you built walls around yourself in order to avoid further hurt."

In June and July of 2002, transiting Saturn returns to the place that it had at Scott's birth and makes the square to Venus, bringing this natal potential into the foreground. Then on October 12 Saturn turns retrograde and starts heading back towards the square with natal Venus.

Scott has both the Sun and Jupiter inconjunct the Moon, which planets, together with the opposition from Neptune, form the Arrow Yod or Boomerang aspect pattern in his chart. The report has these lines regarding his Moon inconjunct Jupiter aspect - "It is difficult for you to understand the meaning behind what happens in your life and for this reason you have trouble learning necessary lessons. Growth seems such a painful process to you and at times you may feel that the only meaning to life is emotional suffering."

Finally, Scott has a conjunction of Mars with Uranus which opposes Chiron located right on the cusp of the 5th House of Children. The report has these lines regarding the conjunction - "With Mars conjunct Uranus, you most likely live a very active life. You are unrestrained and uninhibited and live by your own set of rules, brooking no interference from anyone. You must have total freedom to assert yourself in order to work toward your life goals. There is "never a dull moment" in your life--you see to that.
Your free-spirited impulsiveness may cause problems with others, especially authority figures who insist that you follow the existing laws and codes of behavior. Others may see you as rebellious or a "shit disturber." Somewhere along the line you will have to learn to compromise just enough to play by the rules of society in order to get what you want done. Otherwise, you will encounter repeated obstacles along the way."

Here is the natal chart for Laci Denise Peterson (née Rocha).

Laci Peterson Natal Chart

Lacy was a stubborn Taurus with Aries Rising. The Personal Path report says of Sun in Taurus, "Natives of the sign Taurus are well known for their stubbornness. Like their symbol, the Bull, they are slow to anger but can be quite violent when aroused." About Aries on the Ascendant, it says, "If you carry your aggressiveness to an extreme, you will act impulsively and rashly. This may even result in injuries, especially to the head or face. Don't be too hasty when taking action."

Regarding her Sun in the First House, the report says, "This house placement indicates a very forceful personality. The issue of power will keep reoccurring in your relationships, and you must learn to cultivate a spirit of compromise. However, you would prefer to dominate your partner, simply because you are quicker to act and react than he or she is. Just be careful not to unintentionally do emotional harm to your loved ones. Be sure that you strive for equality of expression in your dealings with others. Don't monopolize the conversation or make plans without asking their opinion first."

Laci's chart lacks the driving aspects present in Scott's chart. The closest aspect is Moon square Mercury, of which the report says, "You are very sentimental with loved ones and prized possessions. You often feel unappreciated, no matter how much you try to please those you love. In a way, this is a selfish attitude. You need to do things for others without expecting an equal return. You can get too wrapped up in yourself.
Your judgment is not always sound because you allow your feelings to interfere with your clear thinking. It is impossible for you to be impartial on anything, because you are overly sensitive. Fact and fiction seem to blend together at times and are hard for you to separate."

Regarding Laci's Jupiter on the Ascendant opposing Pluto on the cusp of the 7th House of Marriage, the report says, "You are drawn to positions of power, and you could have a tendency to take advantage of this power by running other people's lives. Although you may gain financial power over others, be careful not to misuse it. Otherwise you will suffer greatly through the boomerang effect."

Laci's chart also has some harsh aspects involving the major asteroids. Juno, the marriage asteroid, is semisquare (45 degrees) Saturn with an orb of 0 degrees, 2 minutes. Ceres, the parent asteroid, opposes Uranus with an orb of 0 degrees, 1 minute.

Solar Return Charts

The events involving Scott and Laci Peterson in late December 2002 seem to be foreshadowed by every major forecasting tool or method known to astrology, including solar returns, lunar returns, primary directions, major progressions, Hermetic minor progressions, solar arc directions, and transits.

Here is Scott's solar return chart for the year starting October 24, 2002.

Scott Peterson Solar Return Chart

Scott's solar return has the Sun in the 8th House. The Journey Returns report says, "The Sun occupies your Return 8th House where it focuses attention on finances, joint resources, taxes, debts, a partner's income, in-depth studies, penetration, elimination, and personal transformation. There is also an emphasis on wills, legacies, death, and goods of the dead. Your sex drive may become more intense, and you are likely to learn lessons about sharing in intimate relationships. This year you may also undergo transformational experiences that profoundly affect your worldview. Now is a time to get your affairs in order and clear your life of anything that has outlived its usefulness. You would do well to engage in activities that foster personal growth and that get you in touch with the deeper layers of your psyche.
You are likely to be busy with financial responsibilities regarding taxes, loans, credit, inheritances, or investments that involve the resources of others. Research, investigation, and the study of occult matters are favored. Events may occur that highlight the reality of human mortality - such as personal ill health or the sickness or misfortune of someone you know. Such events remind you of the transitory nature of our existence and may prompt you to review your own last will and testament. If there are other indicators in the chart, this could be a year when you or a loved one undergoes surgery or another form of intensive therapy. A significant person could pass from your life at this time."

Regarding the Return Sun semi-square Return Pluto aspect, the report says, "The Sun stressfully aspecting Pluto, the god of the underworld, makes this a fateful year when you may be called upon to deal with forces beyond your control. This aspect sometimes indicates a crisis that can produce a radical transformation of your personality, sense of identity, and outlook on life. Sun/Pluto events tend to have a far-reaching impact, and serve as milestones that divide your life into before and after. Issues related to mortality, power, control, biological urges, childbirth, sexual passion, abuse, and violence come to the fore. It is not uncommon to experience a significant loss, to contemplate death, or to deal with the goods of the dead, in such a year. You grow personally and view life quite differently as a result of your contact with the heart of darkness."

Regarding Return Moon inconjunct Return Venus (Strength: 4.89) - Aspect perfects on 10/27/2002, the report says, "The Moon discordantly aspecting Venus warns of potential conflict, tension, unpopularity, separation, or lack of appreciation in relationships. Make a special effort to let significant others know how much you care about them. You may undergo periods of moodiness and irritability during which you are swayed by emotion and may be unable to think rationally. Beware of acting against your better judgment and acquiescing to the half-baked, misdirected plans of others. If you base your actions solely on emotion, you will suffer the consequences at a later date. Difficulties may arise due to excess, poor judgment, maudlin sentimentality, or overindulgence. This aspect can correlate with difficulties in a love affair, marriage, partnership, pregnancy, or childbirth. Make an effort to communicate your needs clearly and to work out your differences with close associates."

Regarding Return Moon oppose Return Pluto (Strength: 2.99) - Aspect perfects on 3/1/2003, the report says, "You may come to understand, on a gut level, the meaning of human mortality. Issues of power, control, and exploitation could arise in close relationships. A significant woman or an emotionally important relationship may pass from your life. Personal transformation may be brought about through your relationships with women or sexual partners. On occasion this aspect indicates emotional upheaval, sleepless nights, or mourning over the loss of someone or something you care about."

Scott's solar return has Venus in the 8th House. Journey Returns says, "If Venus in the 8th House forms stressful aspects, it could signify a financial loss or the passing of an important relationship from your life during the year." Venus is involved in stressful aspects. In addition to the exact inconjunct aspect from 8th House Venus to the Moon, Venus squares both Neptune and Jupiter. Regarding the Return Venus square Return Neptune aspect, the report says, "With Venus discordantly aspecting Neptune, you may experience confusion, sadness, deception, or uncertainty in close relationships or contractual agreements. A sense of unreality may pervade your love life. Significant people may pass from your life."

Scott's solar return has Mars in the 7th House. Journey Returns says, "The impatient "me first" attitude of the red planet could cause conflicts or disruptions in a marriage, partnership, or contractual relationship. You may view others as selfish, or they may see you as primarily satisfying your own desires at their expense. Remember that you need to give in order to get; otherwise, close relationships could turn into a battlefield during the coming year." Regarding a Mars Pluto conjunction, the report says, " Return Mars conjunct Natal Pluto gives you tremendous drive and ambition to succeed. You are capable of almost fanatic effort in pursuing your goals. You must guard against undue zeal, especially if it means treading on the rights and needs of others. Passions run high. Tempers may flare. The excessive use of force can have negative consequences."

Regarding Return Jupiter exactly trine Return Pluto, the report says, "Return Jupiter aspecting Return Pluto can mean positive changes for your social status. Benefits may come through the government or those in authority. Sexual issues may capture your attention. Events may occur that enhance your understanding of human mortality and promote personal transformation. " The media and the government certainly have made Scott Peterson known to the world. This did not happen for the perpetrators of thousands of other murders.

Scott's solar return has Saturn in the 4th House. Journey Returns says, "Some aspect of family life may become burdensome and need to be put in order....A burdensome situation from the past may come to a final conclusion. On occasion, this position will signify the loss of a family member during the year."

Scott's solar return has Uranus in the Return 12th House, which Journey Returns says, "suggests sudden happenings that disrupt the status quo with regard to clandestine affairs.... A love affair may be carried on behind the scenes. A secret could be revealed in unexpected or unusual ways. Adversaries may surprise you with their opposition to your activities. Opportunities may arise for work involving hospitals, prisons, asylums, museums, libraries, or other large institutions.... Abrupt changes in your life circumstances can leave you feeling despondent."

Here is Laci's solar return chart for the year starting May 3, 2002.

Laci Peterson Solar Return Chart

What is unusual about Laci's solar return is the Sun's square from the 7th House of Marriage to a close conjunction of Moon and Neptune in the 4th House (self-deception in the home). Halloran Software's Journey Returns report says for Return Sun square Return Neptune, "This stressful Sun/Neptune aspect warns that the self-sacrifice of Neptune could turn into victimization, paranoia, martyrdom, or deliberate self-harm. In rare cases, you, or someone close to you, may entertain thoughts of suicide. You would be wise to shore up your mental health and avoid acting as your own worst enemy. You may confront issues involving escapism, confusion, self-deception, hopelessness, or loss of touch with reality." The 8th House of Death is emphasized with 4 planets in it, including a very close conjunction of Mars and Saturn, regarding which Journey Returns says, "You are likely to face circumstances in which you feel as if your forward motion is halted by running into a brick wall....Negatively, this energy can manifest as disputes, accidents, collisions, shocks, injuries, broken bones, losses, sexual difficulties, or a need for surgery."

Lunar Return Charts

Here is Scott's lunar return chart for the month starting December 17, 2002.

Scott Peterson Lunar Return Chart

In Scott's lunar return there is an amazingly exact opposition of cold, controlling Saturn to the Sun, where Saturn is on the cusp of the 6th House of Private Activity and the Sun is on the cusp of the 12th House of Self-Undoing. Mars and Venus are exactly conjunct the Midheaven.

Here is Laci's lunar return chart for the month starting December 9, 2002.

Laci Peterson Lunar Return Chart

What is unusual about Laci's lunar return chart above is the close conjunction of Venus and Mars with Juno the Marriage Asteroid in the 8th House of Death, the close conjunction of the Moon and Uranus in the 12th House of Problems with Neptune right on its cusp, and the exact conjunction of the Sun with Pluto near the Midheaven. Also, cold retrograde karmic Saturn is sitting in the 4th House of the Home.

Primary Directions


Primary directions are slow movements of the planets in the chart. They can relate to events within a year of their occurence. Scott Peterson has the following Classical Primary Directions with Latitude around the time of his wife's murder.

"Directed Pluto in discordant aspect to Saturn: 13-Nov-2002, Exact

"You are likely to undergo a prolonged period of emotional upset and unpopularity. Basic life structures will be challenged and torn down before being built again. An event may force you to confront the issue of human mortality. Your passionate nature may become a source of burden or limitation. Avoid "fatal attraction" types of relationships. A period of enforced withdrawal or restriction is possible. Health may be affected through problems with skin, teeth, bones, or the reproductive organs. This can sometimes indicate the loss of an older individual through death.

"Directed Venus square Mercury: 21-Dec-2002, Exact

"Within a year of this date you may run into snags in your social life or you may experience disharmony in close relationships due to tactlessness on your part. Communication with loved ones does not flow smoothly. An emotional letter may be a source of stress but can lead to significant personal growth. Women may cause trouble or make you the brunt of gossip. Excessive spending or self-indulgences can be problematic. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. There may be upsetting news about a female relative or other woman in your life. Obligatory travel may separate you from a loved one. Women may experience health problems that affect their sense of femininity. On occasion, this may indicate kidney problems or ill health due to excess or self-indulgence. Be sure to read all the fine print before signing any agreements.

"Directed Uranus in discordant aspect to Pluto: 25-Dec-2002, Exact

"For a prolonged period before and after this date drastic changes may radically alter your life. Sudden and unexpected events can cause significant stress and nervous tension. Large scale social forces may redirect your life course. Your willful or autocratic behavior tends to arouse fanatical opposition to your plans. With other strongly negative aspects, there is a possibility of accidents, shocks, injuries, near-death experiences, or mental disorder.

"Directed Saturn in discordant aspect to Neptune: 17-Apr-2003, Exact

"This is a prolonged and difficult period during which your faith will be tested by sorrowful events and heavy responsibilities. A sense of unreality may affect your career ambitions. Feelings of sadness may arise regarding a parental figure. There is a risk of danger, deception, confusion, intrigue, treachery, scandal, or ill-repute. A secret enemy may harm you. Beware of dubious characters and the seedier elements of society. Your physical and mental health may suffer through drugs, alcohol, victimization, mysterious illness, bone or skin disease, or difficult to diagnose ailments. Problems involving the feet may occur. With other negative aspects, there is a possibility of grief, loss, bereavement, violence, abuse, falls, gravity accidents, illness, exhaustion, hospitalization, confinement, isolation, exile, and in rare instances imprisonment. Unsound investments or property damage may cause financial losses."

The gloomy primary directions continue until a jury finds Scott guilty of first-degree murder on November 12, 2004 and recommends a death sentence on December 13, 2004.

"Directed Saturn square Uranus: 17-Dec-2004, Exact

"For a prolonged period before and after this date you are likely to feel stressed by unexpected disruptions in significant life structures. An aspect of your life that has always seemed stable and enduring may suddenly pass away. Some will experience a conflict between progressive ideas and traditional or family values. Others will find it difficult to break free of restricting conditions or influences. There is a price to pay now for daring to be different. Rebelliousness and a restless desire to change may run into obstacles. You might be burdened by work-related stress which can lower your resistance. Someone who is jealous of your success may wish you harm. You may feel like you've been tackled without warning by a professional football player, and it becomes difficult to adjust to the abrupt changes in matters that you thought were completely settled. With other stressful aspects, this can indicate the risk of an accident, wound, collision, injury, or potentially violent confrontation with an irresistible force."


Laci Peterson has the following Classical Primary Directions with Latitude around the time of her disappearance:

"Directed Jupiter in discordant aspect to Saturn: 17-Nov-2002, Exact

"For a year before and after this date you may feel that your growth and advancement are being restricted. Perhaps money is tight or circumstances are limiting. You may feel hemmed in or burdened by family or other matters. You may need to pay the price for excessive pride or ambition as some past excess or violation of the rules catches up with you. You are put to the test. You may be faced with a choice between money and happiness. Your luck seems to desert you, and a fall from grace or decline in status is possible. Now is a time to regroup and cut your losses. Resignation or withdrawal from a vexing situation may be your only option.

"Directed Pluto in discordant aspect to Ceres: 21-Dec-2002, Exact

"Directed Neptune inconjunct Jupiter: 28-Dec-2002, Exact

"During a prolonged period around this date required adjustments, adaptations, and demands on your time may take a toll on your health, stamina, or financial situation. This aspect (150 degrees) often indicates a stressful situation involving some sort of parting, leave taking, release, separation, readjustment, correction, or letting go. The illness or mental instability of a relative or in-law may be a source of stress and confusion. You tend to scatter your energies because of unrealistic planning for the future. Avoid escapism and grandiosity. Keep your feet on the ground and avoid schemes that promise more than they can possibly deliver.

"Directed Moon inconjunct Pluto: 12-Feb-2003, Exact

"For a month or two before and after this date, required adjustments, adaptations, and demands on your time may place a strain on your health, stamina, or financial situation. This aspect (150 degrees) often indicates a stressful situation involving some sort of parting, leave taking, release, separation, readjustment, correction, or letting go. Intense emotional issues may be a focus of worry or concern. Power plays and dogmatic attitudes will only drain your vitality. Lighten up and let the other person be right once in a while. Aspects of your sexual life may become troubling. It is especially important to follow safe sexual practices while this progression is in effect. Be sure to see your doctor if something seems amiss with your reproductive organs. For women, this aspect sometimes correlates with a miscarriage, premature birth, or problem with a pregnancy."

You can see that the above interpretations apply to what happened to Laci.

Major Progressions


In addition to the primary direction aspects given above, we can also look at what was happening with the major progressions (day-for-a-year or secondary progressions) for both Scott and Laci. When tracking the major progressions, one always looks at the house and sign occupied by the progressed Moon.

Scott's progressed Moon entered the sign of Cancer in February and entered the 8th house on May 28, 2002. A progressed aspect from one day earlier tells us something important about Scott's chart, namely that he was born with Pluto square the 8th house cusp and that by progressions slow-moving Pluto had moved to within 2 minutes of exactly squaring the Placidus house system 8th house cusp. From Halloran Software's Journey Progressions report,

"Progressed Moon square Progressed Pluto: 27-May-2002, Exact

"During the month or two before and after this date, strong emotions may lead to a power struggle or a show of force. You may find yourself erupting at times with strong emotions. Passions run high, and a thirst for blood or vengeance may be in the air. Jealousy, lust, or death wishes may underlie current behavior. Sexual energies may be particularly intense and seek expression. Beware of emotional or even physical abuse. Stand up for your rights in an appropriately assertive way. The women in your life may be especially troublesome. Watch your temper and curb any wish to manipulate or dominate others. Finances can become troublesome and complicated. On occasion, this aspect may correlate with an accident, theft, robbery, loss, or bereavement.

"The Moon in the 8th House: 28-May-2002, Moving Forwards at Degree 0 in a 35 Degree House

"The Moon by progression is in the 8th house (the Moon stays in an average 30 degree house for a little over two years), emphasizing jointly-held resources and finances, loans, mortgages, alimony, child-support, taxes, inheritance, sexual issues, and matters related to death and the dead. You are likely to be quite involved in a partner's finances. At some time during this progression you will become preoccupied with matters of sexual intimacy and with issues of death and mortality. There is a distinct possibility of psychic experiences or significant dreams during this period."

We pick up the progressed aspects starting in October.

"Progressed Moon oppose Progressed Jupiter: 08-Oct-2002, Exact

"This can signify some type of loss, costly extravagance, or unwise expenditure. Overindulgence and overconfidence can cause problems during the month or two before and after this date. Beware of starry-eyed optimism. Do not make large purchases, including real estate, without checking all the details and consulting with a financial advisor. A speculative investment that seems like a sure thing now may later be unable to deliver on its promises. Excessive alcohol or fatty food intake can adversely affect your liver. Travel or education may be more expensive than anticipated. Problems may arise with in-laws, or with religious, domestic, or legal matters. Your feelings may cloud your objectivity in dealing with others. Overwhelming emotions may strain close personal relationships. On occasion, this aspect will correlate with an unwanted pregnancy.

"Progressed Mars in discordant aspect to Saturn: 22-Oct-2002, Exact enters orb: 03-Jul-2002, 0.20 deg. orb - leaves orb: 16-Dec-2002, 0.10 deg. orb

"Irresistible force meets immovable object. For a year or more before and after this date, your drive, ambition, and forcefulness may be met with resistance that depletes your energy. Others, especially those in authority, may frustrate your plans and thwart your initiative. A dispute with a boss or governmental agency may cause frustration. Your libido is at a low. You will probably need to shoulder heavy responsibilities related either to your work or the care of an older individual. Workers may go out on strike, and a period of unemployment or diminished income is possible. You may suffer a loss or separation, possibly related to conflict or hostility. With other adverse aspects, your health may be affected through injuries, cuts, burns, wounds, blows, falls, collisions, accidents, fights, fevers, broken bones, abscessed teeth, breathing difficulties, or contact with violent individuals. A need for surgery is possible. Be especially careful around knives, guns, sharp objects, fire, flammable goods, explosive materials, and machinery.

"Progressed Sun oppose Moon: 04-Dec-2002, Exact enters orb: 30-Jan-2002, 0.85 deg. orb - leaves orb: 02-Jun-2003, 0.50 deg. orb

"Within a year of this date you may feel the need to confront opposing facets of your personality that need reconciliation. You may have been avoiding dealing with these issues for some time, but now they have come to a head and you need to reach closure. A woman may oppose your professional aims. Some will experience conflicts with members of the opposite sex. The opposition aspect often symbolizes a separation, loss, or break-up of a partnership or other relationship. Your inner turmoil may take its toll on your health. In a positive sense, this aspect may represent a time in which you achieve personal growth and personality integration."

The above progressions added to the turmoil that Scott was feeling.


In Laci's case, the progressed Moon enters her 12th house shortly before Scott attends the fertilizer convention. Her progressed Moon enters Pisces at the end of November. Pisces and the 12th house both have to do with endings. Journey Progressions says,

"The Moon in the 12th House: 07-Oct-2002, Moving Forwards at Degree 0 in a 43 Degree House

"The Moon by progression is in the 12th house (the Moon stays in an average 30 degree house for a little over two years), highlighting secret or hidden matters, behind the scenes activities, solitude, retreat, withdrawal, meditation, introspection, the workings of your own mind, self-sacrifice, escapism, psychic experiences, subconscious influences, confinement, and those less fortunate than yourself. It is important to pay attention to your feelings, hunches, and intuitions during this progression. When the Moon leaves the 12th house and crosses the Ascendant, some hidden matter may come to light. You are likely to have contact with people in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, or other places of confinement or isolation. Some form of sorrow often accompanies this placement of the Moon. You must resist the temptation to try to escape from painful reality or play the martyr during this period. There may also be a tendency to act against your own best interests, which has led astrologers to call this the house of self-undoing. If the Moon makes stressful aspects, you must guard against deception, con artists, gullibility, over-sensitivity, over emotionalism, or excessive use of drugs or alcohol. You may also get into difficulty because of your relationship with a woman.

"Progressed Moon in discordant aspect to Saturn: 06-Nov-2002, Exact enters orb: 31-Oct-2002, 0.20 deg. orb - leaves orb: 09-Nov-2002, 0.10 deg. orb

"The month or two before and after this date can be a distressing time, marked by self-doubt, loss, delays, obstacles, hindrances, misunderstanding, rejection, and disappointment. You may feel fatigued, burdened and without joy as you are forced to take on more responsibility. This can lead you to say: "I just want to be left alone. " Financial difficulties and career setbacks are possible. You may lack self-confidence and emotional support, and feel a need to be self-sufficient, depending only on yourself to supply your own needs. There is a tendency to feel lonely, constricted, self-critical, despondent, and unloved. You are more than usually cautious, orderly, dutiful, and persevering. Responsibilities related to home and family life become burdensome. Women may be a source of difficulty; they may attempt to control or dominate your life. Career demands can conflict with your romantic or emotional life. You or a family member may suffer an illness or an injury. On occasion, this will correlate with separation, divorce, or loss of someone you care about. Some may seek professional treatment for depression at this time. Women may experience problems with their breasts, fluid balance, or with a pregnancy. It might be wise to schedule a routine mammogram for this period.

"Progressed Moon trine Uranus: 26-Nov-2002, Exact enters orb: 26-Oct-2002, 1.00 deg. orb - leaves orb: 11-Dec-2002, 0.50 deg. orb

"The month or two before and after this date are an emotionally exciting and stimulating time. You enjoy unexpected changes. Your domestic life sparkles, and you may purchase modern gadgets for the home. This can sometimes indicate a marriage (in a man's chart) or the birth of a child. You have an opportunity to make new friends and explore unconventional ideas. A chance encounter can dramatically alter your life. Pleasant surprises and unanticipated travel may spice up your life. This is a great time to study astrology. Inventors can be especially creative now. You can profit through computers, technology, and electronic devices.

"Progressed Moon square Mercury: 29-Nov-2002, Exact enters orb: 29-Oct-2002, 1.00 deg. orb - leaves orb: 14-Dec-2002, 0.50 deg. orb

"For a month or two before and after this date your brain may not be functioning properly. Your thinking might be a bit off, or your speech may get you into difficulty. You tend to be overly sensitive. There is a lack of popularity. You may receive bad or troubling news, public criticism, or negative publicity. An emotional speech or a disquieting announcement can become a source of pain or difficulty, causing you to withdraw from public attention. With other adverse aspects, there is a possibility of malicious gossip or scandal. Communications and written agreements are not favored. You should speak with care and read any fine print carefully. Difficulties with travel or transport may occur.

"The Moon in Pisces: 29-Nov-2002, Moving Forwards at 0 Degrees

"The Moon by progression is in Pisces where it spends a little over two years, highlighting secret or hidden matters, behind the scenes activities, solitude, retreat, meditation, self-sacrifice, escapism, psychic experiences, subconscious influences, confinement, and those less fortunate than oneself. You are likely to have contact with people in hospitals, nursing homes, or other places of confinement or isolation. Some form of sorrow often accompanies this placement of the Moon. You must resist the temptation to try to escape from painful reality or play the martyr during this period. There may be a tendency to act against your own best interests, usually because you let your emotions get the better of you. If the Moon makes stressful aspects, you must guard against deception, gullibility, emotional outbursts, over-sensitivity, con games, and excessive use of drugs or alcohol."

Hermetic Minor Progressed Chart


Hermetic Minor Progressions are calculated maintaining the same distance between the Minor Progressed Moon and the transiting Sun as exists between the natal Moon and natal Sun, according to the method taught by Elbert Benjamine (pen name C.C. Zain) of the Brotherhood of Light. They are used to time more short-term action. Calculating this chart for Scott for the morning of December 24, 2002 yields just one progressed aspect, Uranus in the 8th House of Death square to Moon in the 5th House of Children, where cold Saturn sits on the cusp of this house.

"Progressed Moon square Uranus (Strength: 1.95)

"a rebellious time that may be marked by tension, agitation, manic behavior, and emotional crises. Abrupt unexpected changes or sudden travel may disrupt your life. This can indicate a break-up of a relationship. Rash, careless, or impulsive actions cause difficulties. Upsets or sudden incidents may occur on the domestic scene. There may be problems with electrical devices, computers, appliances, or major purchases made at this time. You may experience difficulties with the women in your life. A baby may be born prematurely, or there might be other problems with or due to a pregnancy. Travel plans may suddenly go awry; and accidents while driving, riding a bicycle, etc., are possible."

Scott Peterson Hermetic Minor Progressed Chart


Laci's Hermetic Minor Progressed chart for the morning of December 24, 2002 shows progressed Venus and Mars conjoined with the karmic South Node in the 12th House of Endings. The closest aspect is Progressed Jupiter trine Progressed Pluto.

"Progressed Jupiter trine Pluto (Strength: 1.07)

The final sentence says, "On occasion, this aspect indicates a death that is a blessing or a welcome release from suffering."

Laci Peterson Hermetic Minor Progressed Chart

Solar Arc Directions Chart


Solar Arc Directions move every point in the natal chart forward by the amount of the progressed Sun. Especially if there is a tight aspect or configuration in the natal chart, it really pays to observe when solar arc directions would advance the natal aspect forward to contact a point in the natal chart.

Scott has two tight aspects in his natal chart: Jupiter at 3Cap44 square Pluto at 3Lib00, and Moon at 1Gem37 oppose Neptune at 3Sag47, which causes Neptune to be favorably connected to Jupiter and Pluto. A solar arc directions chart for Scott's 30th birthday shows that S.A. Neptune has moved up to 3Cap55, where it conjoins the natal Jupiter but squares the natal Pluto. On the basis of this, one would predict that 2002 would be a significant year for Scott.

The solar arc Neptune conjoined the natal Jupiter in August, 2002. Journey Progressions concludes its interpretation of this aspect, "If this conjunction is involved in stressful aspects, there is a risk of deception or illegal involvements." The opposition from the Moon and the square from Pluto definitely qualify as stressful aspects. The solar arc Ascendant then squared Pluto in September, 2002. Journey Progressions says, "For a year before and after this date any tendency toward coerciveness, egotism, manipulation, or lust for dominion over others may undo your carefully laid plans." "Plutonian issues may be a source of difficulty or delay: matters related to death, sex, joint money or resources, inheritance, taxes, insurance, alimony, intense emotions, abuse, etc." The solar arc Neptune entered Scott's 2nd house of financial affairs one day after his 30th birthday, bringing its lack of reality with it. The final aspect of the year occurred on December 4, when the solar arc Sun opposed Scott's natal Moon. Journey Progressions says of this progressed aspect, "The opposition aspect often symbolizes a separation, loss, or break-up of a partnership or other relationship."

Scott Peterson Solar Arc Directions Chart


Laci does not really have any tight aspects in her natal chart, but a solar arc directions chart for December 24, 2002 shows six close inharmonious and applying aspects to the natal chart. Laci is not the one being impelled to action by an inner dynamic, but the confluence of these many inharmonious aspects signifies danger. The Sun is semisquare natal Chiron, applying orb 0 deg. 7 min., the Moon is square natal Venus, applying orb 0 deg. 10 min., Chiron is sesquiquadrate natal Pluto, applying orb 0 deg. 12 min., Mars is square natal Saturn, applying orb 0 deg. 21 min., Uranus is square natal Moon, applying orb 0 deg. 36 min., and Neptune is square natal Pluto, applying orb 0 deg. 49 min. Nothing like this set of aspects existed back in July, 2002, and by the time when Laci's body was found on April 14, 2003, many of these close aspects had gone from applying to separating.

Regarding solar arc Mars squaring natal Saturn, Journey Progressions includes, "You may suffer a loss or separation, possibly related to conflict or hostility. With other adverse aspects, your health may be affected through injuries, cuts, burns, wounds, blows, falls, collisions, accidents, fights, fevers, broken bones, abscessed teeth, breathing difficulties, or contact with violent individuals."

Laci Peterson Solar Arc Directions Chart



The planets in their current, moving positions form aspects to their natal chart positions. On the astral plane the planets are able to interact across time with the configuration that is frozen in the astral body that was created at a person's birth. These aspects, called transits, create a constantly changing internal and sometimes external weather that humans feel and sometimes react to. Let us look at Scott Peterson's transits leading up to his wife's murder. From Halloran Software's Life Trends report,

"Pluto sextile Mars: 10/7/2002 1:06 AM, Exact

"This transit will happen only once in your lifetime. During this time you can accomplish a great deal toward achieving your life goals. Not only is your energy level and your stamina high, but you are also able to influence others to assist you in your efforts. Your energies would be most effective in working with a group during this period, although you can accomplish much as an individual. You have an incredible ability to focus all your resources (physical and otherwise) to overcome any obstacles, and you are determined to succeed.

"You are not in danger of being lost in a group at this time, rather working with others may help you define your own identity more clearly. As a matter of fact, you may emerge as a leader in any group that you join. You feel compelled to contribute to needed changes in society and are sure that you can make a difference at this time. You believe that your contribution will be felt by the whole of society, no matter how insignificant it may seem to some.

"This is an excellent time to make changes in your environment, such as reorganizing your office or renovating your home. Another positive response to this transit is to engage in activities that serve to rebuild your body, such as body building, yoga, etc. You are highly passionate now about life in general and could have a very satisfying sex life.

"You need to work in situations where you are allowed a great deal of autonomy. Otherwise you will feel frustrated when you are unable to use the energy you have pent-up inside. There may be many opportunities passing your way now, but it's up to you to seize them. Some areas of benefit to you could include insurance, taxes, inheritance, stocks or corporate affairs.

"Jupiter sextile Mars: 10/22/2002 11:59 PM, Exact

"Your self-confidence is high now and you are unusually optimistic about your ability to manifest desired results in your life. Now is a good time to begin new projects that require a great deal of energy. The potential for success is there, but you must provide the initiative and take action on opportunities that present themselves.

"It is easier for you to plan now because you are clear on what you want from life. Others believe in you because of your honesty and sincerity. Your sense of determination is high and you can make decisions with conviction. During this time you are tactful enough to convince others of your point of view, and they are impressed with the extent of your confidence in yourself. Your sense of optimism is infectious, and others will follow your lead.

"You deal with others with integrity now, and for this reason they are more willing to help you out. You are not operating merely from selfish motivation but have a larger outlook on everything you undertake. You have an excellent sense of timing now, and you can use this to your advantage in achieving professional goals. Others will support you because they can see that you have worked hard for what you want and they know you deserve to succeed. This transit is especially favorable for projects associated with Jupiter, such as education, religion, or foreign cultures.

"Legal matters will go favorably for you now. You feel more like compromising than usual and should be able to successfully arbitrate any legal problems that arise. Your health is good and you feel physically strong, so now is a good time to engage in your favorite sport. This transit is also traditionally a good time for women to undergo pregnancy.

"Pluto in discordant aspect to Sun: 11/10/2002 3:35 AM, Exact

"This transit only occurs once in life and can be quite traumatic, as you will encounter many challenges. If you are sure of who you are and what motivates you, this transit will go fairly well. Otherwise, you will learn a lot about yourself through crises and drastic changes.

"You are highly ambitious now and if you are a strong-willed person, you could be aggressive and even ruthless in your effort to achieve your goals. This will, of course, stir up opposition from others who feel threatened by you. Don't lose sight of others' needs while you climb to the top. They may want to share in the success; if they've earned it, give them that. Learning to share power with others is part of Pluto's lesson for you. The problem is that you don't feel like compromising right now. You want it all, and nothing less.

"On the other hand, if you're a person who's learned the art of compromise, you may learn from this transit by having another person (probably a man) bulldoze you. If this is the case, Pluto's lesson is to learn to stand up for your rights and resist being pushed around. Either way, the issue of power is a strong one. This type of power trip is most likely to occur in your professional life, but may also be seen on the home front.

"The energy of Pluto is very powerful, and it brings massive changes in its wake. This can express itself physically, and you may experience a sort of physical breakdown if you are resisting the transformative energies of Pluto. Or everything in your world may suddenly seem to be falling apart and disintegrating. Avoid physical fights now; the energies that are present are too powerful and unpredictable. Be careful not to provoke others to assault you; you are more prone to attract that type of energy now. This is a good time to avoid dark alleys.

"The best expression of this transit is to work with determination toward your goals in life while remaining cognizant of the needs and sensitivities of others. Force yourself to hear the other side of every story and to compromise when it is called for. If the Pluto energy is directed outward in a positive manner, it will not turn back on you negatively.

"Jupiter in discordant aspect to Pluto: 11/25/2002 5:28 PM, Exact

"At this time you are inspired to achieve great things and feel more confident than usual in your ability to do so. You are highly ambitious now and will set your sights higher than usual in pursuing your goals in life. If you keep your nose completely clean and exercise only the best of intentions toward others, you can indeed achieve much power, success and social status now. However, you may encounter opposition or resistance from others in your efforts, particularly if you have used shady or underhanded methods to achieve your success. If this has been the case, people will begin lining up to throw mud at you and expose all your darkest secrets.

"Even if you do nothing wrong, others will challenge you now. You may experience problems with authority figures or be involved with conflicts and power struggles on the job, particularly if you work with education, religion or foreign cultures. You may be forced to take a stand for what you believe in and will have to re-examine your own values in the process. Avoid becoming dogmatic or having a "holier than thou" attitude. You may feel the need to lead others, but first be sure you know where you're going.

"Another way to express the energies of this transit is to repair or restore an old building, piece of artwork, etc. It is also a good time to become involved in groups working toward beneficial change in society. Be sure that you keep your ego out of any group projects now; otherwise you will also encounter opposition there.

"This transit sometimes indicates legal conflicts or lawsuits. You may also have difficulties regarding taxes, alimony, inheritance, insurance, or corporate holdings. No matter what the situation, be sure you are completely honest and straightforward. If you have anything to hide, you won't be able to now.

"Neptune is in the 3rd: 11/30/2002 6:19 AM, Moving Forwards at Degree 0 in a 35 Degree House

"Neptune is in the 3rd house now, bringing confusion and uncertainly to relations with close family and neighbors, communication and travel. Speak clearly and realistically.

"Jupiter in discordant aspect to Jupiter: 12/7/2002 3:10 AM, Closest Approach (0.64)

"This transit substantially raises your confidence level; as a matter of fact, you may have to guard against arrogance and delusions of grandeur. This Jupiter contact creates a tendency for overdoing things. Be careful not to overcommit your time or money. Don't spend lavishly now, expecting the funds to be easily replaced.

"You have a tendency at this time to overestimate your capabilities and inflate your ego. You still don't walk on water, so keep your feet on the ground and be realistic in the expectations you place upon yourself. You truly feel as though you could do everything for everyone now and genuinely want to, but when you take on too many obligations, many of them are left unfulfilled, and many who have relied on you will be disappointed. Take time to appreciate those you love.

"Be sure you have the necessary resources (and time) before you make commitments. This is not a good time to take chances, although you may feel like you can't lose. This transit helps you to find out what your realistic limits truly are and to operate within them. Avoid "get-rich-quick" schemes; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

"Sometimes, this transit indicates a stroke of good luck, such as a windfall or sudden opportunity. If you should be fortunate enough for this to happen, just be sure you don't spend it as quickly as you receive it. Also, be careful not to over-indulge in food and drink."


Now let us look at Laci Peterson's transits leading up to her murder. Life Trends says,

"Pluto square Mars: 12/4/2002 7:12 PM, Exact

"This once-in-a-lifetime transit is intensely powerful. Like all Pluto transits, the greatest difficulty is that there are power games at play in your life now. Either you are attempting to dominate and manipulate others for the gratification of your own ego, or this is being done to you. As a result, you may experience emotional, psychological and even physical altercations with people as you test each other's egos. Your life could be disrupted by powers beyond your control, such as war or natural disaster.

"Your relationships are likely to be stormy now, and you may have to deal with a jealous, possessive or domineering partner (or become one yourself). Avoid being overly harsh or cruel to your partner; such conflicts could even become violent.

"You have a strong drive to succeed now (whatever that means to you), and it is entirely possible that you will achieve many of your goals during this transit. However, if you step on the backs of others in order to reach your objectives, your ill-gotten gains will not last long, and soon the wheel of karma will turn against you. You have a tremendous amount of energy and will work hard for what you want. Just be careful not to exhaust yourself so that you are more susceptible to accidents and illness.

"The best use of the tremendous urge to transform that this transit brings is to devote time to worthy causes that benefit society as a whole rather than yourself only. Otherwise, while you may seem to gain wealth and recognition now, you will later lose it all and more. You attract volatile people and situations to you during this time, and this could result in a physical altercation. Avoid venting anger while driving and stay away from guns and explosives now. Be careful to avoid shady characters or underworld organizations now. The outcome of such dealings may not be as lucrative as you expect. This is also an unfavorable time for dealings with authority figures, such as law enforcement officers.

"Neptune in discordant aspect to Venus: 12/10/2002 5:52 AM, Exact

"This once-in-a-lifetime transit often brings difficulties with personal relationships and finances. Neptune's presence indicates that you are not seeing this area of your life very realistically now, and if you are not careful to avoid over-idealizing your lover, you may be setting yourself up for a big disappointment. Any relationship that begins during this transit will be quite romantic and alluring in nature, but you should wait until this transit has passed before making a commitment.

"Be sure to approach your relationships with wide open eyes. You may think you are simply being a forgiving lover, but in truth you are probably refusing to take note of warning signs that are telling you the relationship is not what you'd hoped for. Be willing to see the flaws in your lover and to accept them. After all, they're only human. It is also possible that you will meet and fall for someone who is unattainable, either because they are already involved or because they don't feel the same way about you.

"Even in solid relationships, there is the danger that one of you will attempt to deceive or hide something from the other. This can only have the effect of undermining the mutual trust between you. Be especially careful to be totally up-front with your loved ones now in order to avoid any misunderstandings. And be truthful, no matter how difficult that may be. No matter how difficult the testing, your more solid relationships will survive this transit.

"Beware of financial opportunities that seem too good to be true--they probably are. Avoid using alcohol or drugs, for you may develop a dependency now. Get plenty of rest and be sure to eat right. Stay away from situations which are stressful or overly negative. This transit also serves to stimulate your creativity, and you can use this creative urge to express your feelings through art, photography, music or writing (especially poetry). This would be the most positive outlet for the energies of this transit.

"Mars oppose Sun: 12/22/2002 2:06 AM, Exact

"The ego and business interests are tested. Angry confrontations are possible. Buried resentment could surface suddenly.

"Mars trine Saturn: 12/23/2002 9:48 AM, Exact

"Tackle that difficult, exacting job now. Superiors may reward sacrifice and accomplishment. Activities are favorably structured."


And with that, Laci completed her role. You and I do not know why these two souls agreed to be actors in this drama. We could say that it was a necessary fulfillment of the Law of Karma. The conjunction of the karmic South Node with Venus and Mars in the 12th House of Laci's Hermetic Minor Progressed chart on December 24 might indicate that Laci agreed to pay a karmic debt from a past life. In her natal chart, the South Node conjoins Mercury and Juno, which could represent past life karma involving children and marriage. We cannot know for sure. The greater value of the drama could be the object lesson that it provided to the millions who learned of it. Only from the perspective of the other side could we truly know for what purpose the souls of Scott and Laci agreed that it was necessary for them to enact this drama.

Working astrologers try to follow something called 'the rule of three', in which they look for multiple indicators before they dare to make a prediction. They know that an isolated transit, progression, direction or indicator in a return chart can come and go with little effect. But in this case, all of the multiple astrological indicators collected above prove that the Scott and Laci Peterson drama was meant to be.

Postscript: I looked at the December 24, 2002 transits to the composite chart. There were two interesting aspects - 1) a close conjunction of the Moon's South Node (mean) to Composite Neptune (0d 3m orb), and 2) a close square from Juno, the Marriage Asteroid, to Composite Venus (0d 3m orb). I have since confirmed that transits to the composite chart are a valid technique. I did create a composite chart from their individual progressed charts as of December 24, 2002 and found nothing significant in it.

PPS: Scott Peterson's temporary mistress, and the chief witness for the prosecution, Amber Frey, was born in Los Angeles on February 10, 1975 at 9:49 AM (Pat Taglilatelo at Astrodatabank reports BC in hand). Like Scott, she has a tight Arrow Yod aspect pattern in her chart, but this time with Mercury and Neptune inconjunct Saturn, which opposes Mars. Her judgment may not have been the best, but with Mars on the Midheaven, she is a fighter. The composite chart with Scott also features the complication of Pluto in the 8th House, this time as part of a Cardinal Grand Cross involving Saturn, Mercury, and the Moon. The karmic South Node is close to Saturn, sometimes regarded as a planet that doles out karma, in the 5th House of Love Affairs and Children, just as they are in the Peterson composite.

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