Lizzie Borden's Astrology Horoscope Screams Guilty

Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks.
When she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one.

Lizzie Borden, who was charged with and acquitted of killing her parents, was born with just one tight aspect pattern in her natal chart, an Arrow Yod pattern in which Mars, Neptune, and Chiron all form stressful aspects to Saturn, the unfortunate focus of the pattern. Additionally, she was born with Mars opposing her Venus and Sun.

On the day of the murder, she was experiencing so many stressful aspects that the astrologer must shout, Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! The first link below will show you a biwheel of her natal chart surrounded by the transiting planets on that fateful day. The first thing to notice is that during the time since her birth, both Neptune and Pluto have simultaneously caught up to the position of her natal Uranus. Another thing to notice is that transiting Jupiter at 25 Aries is exactly square to both natal Mars in Capricorn and the Venus|Sun conjunction in Cancer. The third thing to notice is that transiting Saturn is conjunct her Ascendant square to the transiting Moon conjunct her I.C., and they oppose and square natal Neptune in Pisces on her Descendant. Finally, transiting Mars opposes the transiting Sun and her natal Moon. The second link shows a biwheel of her slow-moving progressed planets on the same day. There are no aspects to the natal chart, but progressed Venus, Mars, and the Moon form a rare perfect Cardinal T-Square, with Venus (affections) and Mars (passion) squaring the Moon (emotions).

The pressure applied by the planets on the astral plane gradually built to the fateful moment. Did Lizzie Borden really have a choice or was she a puppet of behind-the-scenes forces? Is the lesson for those of us with more fortunate charts not to be so smug? "There but for the grace of God go I?" We are actors in a cosmic dance. We each have a different role to play. The day will come for each of us when we relinquish our role. Shall we play it as well as we can until then? We as astrologers can try to understand the potentials in our chart; and we can help clue other people in to the secret forces that affect their lives.

Click to see the transits biwheel chart for Lizzie Borden.
Click to see the progressions biwheel chart for Lizzie Borden.

Click to read the facts of the Lizzie Borden axe-murder case on Wikipedia.

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