by Rumen K. Kolev


Porphyrius Magus program for ancient astrology - version 2.0 - $190.

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New features of Version 2.0 of Porphyrius Magus include:
The Celestial Pentagram of Venus,
The Circle of Petosiris,
The Oktatopon,
Heliacal Calendar,
Heliacal phases of stars and planets,
2D images of the zodiac with the stars, and
The Hermetic Zodiac with all 3 kinds of projection of the stars (simple, paranatellonta and ortus).

Since version 1, Porphyrius Magus finds the Hyleg, Alcocoden, and Almuten of the chart - the astral trinity of Hellenistic, Arab, and Medieval Astrology which are needed in order to do traditional style prognostication. It can calculate according to the rules of 6 Hellenistic, 3 Arab, and 1 Medieval author: Dorotheus, Rhetorius-Valens, Valens, Ptolemy, Porphyry, Paulus Alexandrinus, Omar Tiberiades, Alchabitius, Abenragel, and Regiomontanus. The graphic interface shows in an organized way the intermediate thought processes that lead from candidacy to final winner for The God's Light (Hyleg), The Guardian Angel (Alcocoden), and The Ego (Almuten) or Ruler planet that most epitomises the Nativity. The module shows whether a planet is in a degree of hays, if it is a solar or lunar doriphoria (or 'spearbearer', a condition of eminence), or in its own bounds according to the Egyptian, Chaldean, and Ptolemaic systems. The dynamic Heliacal Module features heliacal phase calculations which, based on over 300 observations, are more accurate than any other modern source. This program is for the serious researcher who wants to go deep into Ancient, Hellenistic, and Arab Astrology. Rumen Kolev has been applying himself to investigating firsthand the ancient and medieval Greek and Latin books which have been preserved in the large national libraries of Europe (see his book Gauricus & Henry II - Medieval Astrological Prognosis which is volume 1 of The Primary Directions & History of Astrology series). With version 2 Rumen has gone further back into Akkadian and Greek sources for the observational astrology that began in Mesopotamia and which became elaborated in Alexandria, Egypt. We are fortunate that he has created the technology to reproduce the calculations in these sources and has made that technology accessible to all in this attractive modern computer program.

View or download Rumen Kolev's 22-page announcement of Porphyrius Magus, Version 1.10 - a 2.58 Mb PDF file.

Download Rumen Kolev's 25-page announcement of Placidus, Version 7 and Porphyrius Magus, Version 2.0 - a 5.15 Mb zip file.

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