Just Looking to Help Others on Their Journey!
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Contributor: Mike Alvino
E-Mail Address: AstrologyMike@aol.com 
Software Recipe Title: Just Looking To Help Others On Their Journey!
Software Requirements: Halloran AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter 6.1

I am not sure exactly where to begin. I have been into Astrology now for 17 Years on and off.
Much More on then off since I have gotten Halloran Software.

The first thing I did was get a Screen name that let people know what I was all about. That screen name is Astrology Mike.

Then I go into chat rooms and wait, ( Its Kinda Like Fishing who will bite first)

As you get Emails Or IM's you start to chat with people. At first they are very skeptical. So if I think they're interested I send them their personal chart free! Oh my, I just used that word free shame on me...

Here is the thing - If you're trying to build something you have to start somewhere and a personal chart is where it all starts. Here is why. After they see the Personal Path Natal Interpretation of their chart they are blown away. They think I knew them their whole life. Now the person knows it is not a scam and 99.9% percent are very happy with what I have just done for them.

Now I let them know that I can Progress charts, do Transits, and of course comparison charts. Of course it takes some time to explain what each one is, but it is well worth it. Why? because now My time and the other charts I do for that person are not free.

I personally never got a credit card machine but I am going to get one. Okay so you say well how do you get paid. I send them their chart or charts, get their name address and phone #. Give them my PO box and ask them in good faith to send a check. It does work and most people today have computers so send it on a Floppy no ink no paper =hardly any cost!!!

I never send any other kind of chart without talking to the person on the phone. Here is why, and please take note of this. Some people can get very scared if they don't understand what they are reading, remember you gave them their personal chart that was right on the money! So please just think about that.

Quickly, I also go out to clubs and meet people - again Free personal chart on a floppy, give your name and # and you will get call backs for other charts and naturally you have already explained the cost for all the other charts and there will be a counseling session.

All I know is, I have met a lot of nice people out there. After all, if a person is so happy with the way their life is going they are not looking to have a chart done.

To me the people having problems are looking for help NOT ANSWERS. Ideas plant seeds and positive Ideas start new growth.

As for the program It is very accurate, very very user friendly, and as for programs costing double or triple the money it is right up there with all of them.

Thank you Mr. Halloran for making such a great product.


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