Cookbook of Astrology Software Recipes

Table of Contents

Here are the winning contest entries. The criteria for winning was that the routines must be helpful in a practical way to other astrologers or students of astrology.

Just Looking To Help Others On Their Journey! Grand Prize

Asteroid & Arabic Part Synergetic Soup Runner Up Prize

"Filter" Helps Build a Better Client Roster Runner Up Prize

Creating Personalized Transit Datebooks Runner Up Prize

Sharing Astro-Maps Is Easy! Runner Up Prize

Comparing Progressed Charts Runner Up Prize

Colorful Arc-Transit Roulade

Use the Auto-Transit Moving Wheel for Diurnal Charts & Progressions

Reading a Natal Chart

AstrolDeluxe Celestial Weather Soufflé

Rectification by Event

Reversing a Chart - Finding the Date, Time, and Place When Not Given

Karmic Astrology - en Español

Sports Betting Using Biorhythms

Fortune Cookie Generator

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