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Contributor: Jeanne Garner
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Software Recipe Title: AstrolDeluxe Celestial Weather Soufflé
Software Requirements: Halloran AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter 6.1

1 C Natal chart
1 C "Chart Analysis"
1 C World Astro-Locality Map
Dash "Aspects List"
Historical references to taste

Begin with hearty base of natal chart. Set for first day of the month, one minute past midnight, using the coordinates of the capital city of the country of interest. Save to a chart file. Stir. Observe and note
patterns, planetary relationships, and placement of nodes, referring to "Aspects List" as needed. Calculate proportions of planets occupying cardinal, mutable and fixed signs; add to this mix the proportions of the elements throughout the chart.

Add "Chart Analysis." Scroll down to lunar information, and note the phase, speed, and distance of the Moon.

Special sauce: Add World Astro-Locality Map, and follow the paths the planets on the angles trace around the globe. Carefully noting the meanings of each, determine the relationship to the country of interest, the places most likely to be in the news in the month ahead, and the type of news they might make.

Presentation: Compare past instances of unique planetary configurations, such as a T-Square in mutable signs or lunar events; consider possible correlations with folklore, particularly lunar folklore. Sprinkle liberally over platter, serve.


Chef's notes: It has been said that everything has a birth moment, and that, of course, would include months. This technique depends on the theory that everything has a birth moment, and a birth place too. For the U.S., that "place" would be Washington DC--and of course astrologers could and would argue eternally for other
places, just as they argue endlessly for the time of birth--we've seen many "birth" charts for the U.S. and most with good reasons to support them. My personal theory is that none of them are right. ;) If you do a chart for one minute after midnight (any year) for January 1, Washington DC, you get a Libra rising chart, which, I think, does a good job of describing the U.S.

The fact that the inner planets tend to "hang out" in the same few houses explains the chart still further, and indeed, some years we focus on one area, then another--and Mars, the activator, travels around the chart provoking one area of interest or another, with the planets beyond Mars making their contributions as they make their rounds.

This is a technique I use. I am not sure how many others might use it too. I also use ingresses and solstice charts--but not as often.

For years, I've whipped up these little delicacies to show--usually with amazing accuracy--what the "celestial weather" would be for each month. For instance, December, 2002's serving would tell us that:

As the month of December opens, there is a preponderance of Air (5 planets) and Fire (4 planets), indicating that this month, there will be both talk and action on international, local, and personal levels. The Grand Air Trine (Moon, Saturn, Uranus) bodes well for the communications and media industries--look for new innovations here. One planet is in a Water sign. Compassion and intuition might be less of a factor, or perhaps weaker, than usual. There are no planets at all in Earth signs: this might not be the month where common sense will prevail.

Four planets in Fixed signs suggest the effects of this month's events could be long-lasting; certainly many people will have their minds made up in advance of the facts. An equal number of planets in Mutable signs shows
some flexibility, but perhaps not in negotiations. Ethics, morals and alliances might be subject to change, however. The remaining two planets are in Cardinal signs. This minority is an indication that this month, people may lack motivation and energy--perhaps the holiday feasting is part of the cause, too.

The Moon is close to the earth, 363,269.2 km, and thus is moving fast at 14. 7288 degrees per day. Under fast Moons, events tend to move quickly and emotions can run high. During these periods, many tend to be careless
and hasty in their dealings and actions. If good foundations were laid during the last slow Moon, transactions begun then may conclude quickly and agreeably now.

The Moon is in the Balsamic phase, one of the shortest, being just about 1/10th of the entire lunar cycle. Older texts characterize this final phase in the lunar cycle as being a transitional or seed phase. Persons born under this phase are often prophetic, visionary, and immersed in the future. These individuals can be fanatics or heroes, ready to make personal sacrifices for the future they envision. Balsamic natives familiar to many include Thomas Paine, philosopher I. Kant, photographer Richard Avedon, Rod Serling, journalist Jack Anderson, and composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Worldly events, too, often mirror these qualities of transition, vision, and fanaticism.

This month's news today: Look for more news of marriage and divorce from the West Coast, where such news is hardly even news these days. Nevertheless, the Moon, Venus, Mars and Neptune hold forth over this part of the U.S. The middle part of the country, however, looks like the place to look for quirky news like "man bites dog," or, more to the point, computer bites man or vice versa, since this is Uranus we're talking about. South America, particularly Bolivia, Colombia, and Venezuela could see more political power plays this month as Pluto hovers on the IC over these places; Pluto is also on the Asc over Egypt, Turkey and Russia, and notably on the MC over past hot-spots China and Indonesia.

Pluto, of course, is more about the plotting and behind-the-scenes manipulations: Mars usually puts it all into action. Mars suggests we watch for events in California, Japan, Western Europe (including the UK), Afghanistan and Iran, where Mars appears on the angles at 12:01 AM Eastern time.


Now, you can go whip up your own soufflé. For a more rounded feast, the chef can add planetary stations (courtesy of the ephemeris feature), major conjunctions, retrogrades and eclipses. Mr. Halloran has given us the
tools to look--really LOOK--at the celestial weather around us. AstrolDeluxe is a (celestial) gourmet's delight.


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