Rectification by Event
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Contributor: Morris Bodnar
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Software Recipe Title: Rectification by Event
Software Requirements: Halloran 's AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter 6.1 CD and diskette



1. Load program to computer.

2. Bring up program.

3. Load your birth data. You don't know exact time of birth but are within 1-2 hours.

4. Calculate your Placidus chart and save.

5. Click Edit, then rotate/rectify.

6. Choose an event in your life. In my case I retired at age 63. Using solar arc progression ( 1 degree=1 year of life), my natal Uranus 10 Taurus will conjunct my M.C. at 15 Cancer at age 65.

7. My natal M.C. is 2 degrees too much.

8. On the rotate/rectify page click M.C. and type in 13, and click cancer.

9. Click rectify - the correct M.C & Asc will appear with correct cusps and planets.

10. Repeat with other major events (marriage, divorce etc), checking with solar arc progression to the angular houses (1,4,7,10).

Very accurate.


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