Asteroid & Arabic Part Synergetic Soup
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Contributor: Ron Maehl.  Professional life coach, engineer & astrologer.
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Software Recipe Title: Asteroid & Arabic Part Synergetic Soup
Software Requirements: Halloran AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter 6.1
1) Enter client's data into natal information page.  Check data.  Press 'Calculate Chart' & save chart to file.  Note: Halloran software is extremely accurate and the natal chart is the best this author has seen when it comes to simplicity and eye ease.

2) Print client's natal chart, using tropical zodiac & placidus houses.

3) Display chart analysis to quickly determine chart ruler, hour lord, mutual receptions, angular and out-of-bound planets and moon status.  Note these on natal chart from step 2.

4) Display aspects & print.

5) Display Arabic Parts.   You will note which parts are being activated by either natal, progressed, or transiting planets.  Write the parts onto the natal chart, in their respective places, using highlight pen to signify transit.  Note: Halloran AstrolDeluxe has over 20 accurately calculated Arabic Parts.

6) Display Arabic Part/Planet Aspects.  Note the conjunctions (I find these to be the most informative) to the natal planets and moon's nodes.  This helps to identify specific areas of the client's life that are being activated in this life time.

7) Display Asteroids.  Repeat Step 5 using asteroids.  Note: This presumes that one has done their asteroid study for the numerous asteroids available in Halloran Software.

8) Display Asteroid/Planet Aspects and repeat Step 6 using these aspects.

9) Return to natal info screen.

10) Go to "Progress A Chart" and proceed to progress client's chart to time of reading or other desired time.

11) Compare progressed chart to natal chart (one keystroke!) in bi-wheel.

12) Now compare this bi-wheel with 3rd chart (current transits).

13) Print tri-wheel chart & note info from steps 5 & 7 onto tri-wheel chart, thus forming a 'customized' quad wheel complete with notable Arabic Parts & Asteroids.  Return to natal info screen.

14) Go back to natal info screen and under 'Options', go to 'List Transits & Progressions'. (This is very easily customizable on AstrolDeluxe). First, list current transits for the time frame under question. I usually go back about 2-3 months before the reading date and list transits for the following 12 month period. This gives an idea of what the client is experiencing at the time and is apt to experience in the next 9 months following the reading.

15) While still viewing the list of Transits from Step 14, transfer main transits into margins of chart from Step 13. Pay particular attention so as not to miss one of the main initiation transits (Saturn Return, Pluto square Pluto, Uranus opposition, Neptune square Neptune, or Chiron return), even if one of these transits is nearby but outside of the time frame of the transit search. Go back to natal info screen.

16) Under 'Options', repeat Step 14, except this time click on 'Progressions' and list progressed transits for this same time frame. Note & transfer main progressed transits onto customized chart mentioned in Step 15 in margins. This provides a thorough timing chart to pinpoint surface and subsurface issues which are working in a client's life that may have brought them for a reading and forward timing as to major energies that will impact the client during the requested time frame.

  a) If one wants even more detailed and exact timing info, repeat
steps 14-16 with client's solar return chart.

17) Use customized natal chart (from Steps 3/ 5/ 7 & 4) to look at archetypal energies that are expressing or trying to be expressed in client's life, including talents, proclivities, challenges, and blind spots.

18) Use timing charts of Step 16 to identify current energy flow in client's life and help them develop successful and transformative strategies accordingly.

This recipe, including solar return, takes approximately only 20-30 minutes to prepare the groundwork for a client's reading.  Allow another 30 minutes to analyze and synthesize (and 'feel') the information thoroughly.  Once baked, uncover client's optimum potential in a mutually beneficial session!


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