Sharing Astro-Maps Is Easy!
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Contributor: Jeanne Garner
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Software Recipe Title: Sharing Astro-Maps Is Easy!
Software Requirements: Halloran AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter 6.1

1. Enter birth data as usual, or take a chart from the files.
2. Go to "Natal Information" screen, click on "Options," then "Astro-Mapping," then on either "Map for screen" or "Map for print," then choose which of the options you want.
3. Use your keys: alt-print screen. This saves your map to the clipboard.
4. Go to a graphic program, like MS Paint; click on "edit," then "paste." There is your astro-map!

Now, you might want to edit it. Use the editing tools in your Paint or other software to snip out the tool bars or other extraneous information if so desired. It's ready to send to a friend or client as an email attachment along with your report.

Sometimes a person is only interested in one specific area, such as "western states" or "midwest." It's easier for them to digest everything if you simply use your editing tools to snip out the portion of the world that is of interest; click on "copy", then "file," then "new", then "paste." All set!

Many astrologers like to post these charts to their websites. They can be an attractive addition to an article, and truly, if you want people to understand an astro-map, a picture is worth more than a thousand words!  To post to a website, use one of your html programs like Frontpage, and add it to the other material you want on your webpage following the instructions on your software. Like the text, you'll need to upload the graphic to your

I am so enthusiastic about these maps that I always include them in my work--they provide insight that regular charts simply do not. In these days of world wide web communications, we often have friends, clients and
associates that are located in the far corners of the earth. Simply looking at a map can offer clues to where your best clients, friends or associates might be found--and show those areas where you almost need to
walk on eggs to avoid misunderstandings. I use my own astro-map as "wallpaper" so I can tell with a quick glance.

To use one of these gems for wallpaper, simply save your edited image. Go to your "Control Panel" and click on "Display," then on "Desktop." A menu appears showing the graphics on your computer. Click on the graphic image of your astro-map, then click on "OK"--it should appear as wallpaper on your desktop.

Note: I am working with Windows XP, and your own version or non-PC computer might have different techniques to achieve these effects. Best to check with your manual, if so!

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