Comparing Progressed Charts
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Contributor: Allan Levine
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Software Recipe Title: Comparing Progressed Charts
Software Requirements: Halloran AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter
1. Progress each of the subject's charts and save them in your charts file.
  a. Locate and click subject 'A' from natal chart list.
  b. Click to open "Options" menu, and again on "Progress a Chart".
  c. Click "OK" on Progress Chart Window - Progressed Horoscope appears.
  d. Click "File" menu - again on "Save Chart to File - again on "OK"
  e. Click "File"menu - again on "Return to Natal Chart Info"
  f. Then select subject 'B' and repeat process as for 'A' (Steps 1a - 1e)

2. Compare the Progressed Charts.
  a. Locate and click subject 'A' progressed chart.
  b. Click "Calculate" - horoscope appears.
  c. Click "File" menu - again on "Compare this Chart to Another".
  d. Select the progressed chart for subject 'B' - click calculate.

3. Now, under Display, Synastry, you have the synastry comparisons for the progressed charts of each subject.

In comparing 2 charts to see the synastry it is common to use both natal charts, and this can be useful to see links from birth. But since both parties have moved on in their development since then, as shown by their respective progressed charts, I suggest using those as well. Make a progressed chart for each and save them in the normal charts file or in a separate charts file that you can keep especially for this purpose. Then use those charts instead of the natal ones for comparisons.

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