Colorful Arc-Transit Roulade
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Software Recipe Title: Colorful Arc-Transit Roulade


One copy AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter
One computer with ability to run AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter
One good quality printer
Five highlighters of various colors (such as pink, orange, yellow, green & blue)


1.) Highlight the desired chart in the "For Saved Charts, Click on Arrow" box.
2.) Select "Progress a Chart" under the "Options" pull-down menu.
3.) Select "Solar Arc Directions" in the "Progression Type" box.
4.) Enter date for which Solar Arc Directions are to be calculated.
5.) Click on "OK" button (the Solar Arc Directions chart will be displayed).
6.) Select "Compare Progressed Chart to Natal Chart" from "File" pull-down menu (bi-wheel will be displayed).
7.) Select "Compare to Third Chart" from "File" pull-down menu.
8.) Enter date and location for which Transits are to be calculated.
9.) Click on "Calculate" button (tri-wheel will be displayed).
10.) Select "Print" from "File" pull-down menu, and then click on "OK" button.
11.) Take printed chart, along with highlighters, to comfortable work space.
12.) Using a 1 degree orb, locate a conjunction, square or opposition between one planet in the middle ring (Arcs) and one or more planets in the inner ring (natal).
13.) Use one color highlighter to highlight the planets involved.
14.) Find all other planets in any of the three rings that are conjunct, square or opposite to the first located planet (you can use a slightly larger orb for planets in the outer ring (Transits)), and highlight each with the SAME color.
15.) Again using a 1 degree orb, locate another conjunction, square or opposition between one planet in the middle ring (Arcs) and one or more planets in the inner ring (natal), and repeat steps 13 and 14 for this aspect, using a different color than was used in steps 13 and 14.
16.) Repeat step 16 for any further distinct sets of aspects, using a different color for each set.
17.) Review each set of highlighted aspects, giving consideration to the house rulership of each planet, the house occupied by each planet, and any significant natal configurations implicated by each planet.

This recipe is useful for identifying transits that are triggering solar arc directions, and thus more likely to manifest in significant ways. A side of tea, cocoa or coffee is lovely during winter months. In summer, try this recipe with lemonade for a refreshing treat!

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