Use the Auto-Transit Moving Wheel for Diurnal Charts & Progressions
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Contributor: Terri Nelson
Software Recipe Title: Use the Auto-Transit Moving Wheel for Diurnal Charts & Progressions
Software Requirements: Halloran AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter 6.1

  1. Enter or select a natal chart and Calculate
  2. Click on Edit and select Rotate/Rectify Chart
  3. Enter the date and year you wish to begin from
  4. Press Auto and select speed to view.

A procession of diurnal* charts will be created. A diurnal chart is great for timing progressions and slow transits, and watching lunations. Use the exact birth data for a diurnal, except the date and year change. The world time zone, latitude and longitude should remain the same as at birth (do not relocate). Pressing Cancel on a particular chart will stop the process on that chart.



  1. Enter or select the natal chart and Calculate
  2. Select Rotate/Rectify Chart under Edit drop-down
  3. Press Auto.  Select speed to view.

A procession of daily charts starting from the natal chart enables you to easily watch the progressed Moon move (day for a year), or other planets changing into new signs or houses. Great visual to approximate major progressions!

The auto-transit moving wheel is an excellent feature, and it is truly helpful to me to see the planets in motion around a chart, or two.

*According to Mary N. Hughes in Forecasting with Diurnals: “A diurnal chart is a chart for today based on your natal chart calculations. It is a one-time transit chart as if you were born this day. This chart works for a 24-hour period. When used in conjunction with natal and progressed charts, it can time promised events. … Diurnals tend to “trigger” progressed aspects and eclipses, as well as transit aspects to the natal or progressed charts.”

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