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Contributor: Mari Powers
E-Mail Address: "Yemaya Ocean" <> [put "Natal Charts on Tape" as subject]
Software Recipe Title: Reading a Natal Chart
Software Requirements: Halloran AstrolDeluxe 2.3
My name is Mari Powers. I have two computers and use my older Windows 98 system to create charts. I use AstrolDeluxe, 2.3.

Part of my procedure is the order in which I print a chart.

First I print the Graphic Wheel, followed by the Planets and House Table and the Chart Analysis.

Then I print all the Graphic Aspects, followed by just the "negative" Graphic Aspects, then just the "positive" Graphic Aspects.

I then print a list of all aspects, then check where Chiron is and if there are any aspects to it.

After printing in this order it is natural for me to go through the chart and tape record the meanings of the planets, the houses they are in, the most critical aspects and an overall intuitive overview of the entire chart. This includes mention of the shape on the wheel, the number of planets in signs that are fixed, cardinal or mutable and how many of each of the elements a person has in their chart. I include the Rising in this elements count.

I started out writing each individual report and it took so long I decided to begin taping my readings. I deliver the printed material and the tape and am now able to charge $50.00 per reading, each of which takes much less time.

I also have a standard speaking outline that I follow, aided by the printed material and the order in which I print it. This has many advantages to me in that it saves time, imposes standardization and insures quality control in my readings.

Thank-you for producing such an easy to use application that supplies so much information in so many easy to read and print formats.


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