Forecasting Life Purpose - Family Triad Charts for U.S. Presidents

When we looked at composite charts and family dynamics one of the examples that we used was the composite chart that we created by comparing Sean Lennon's chart to the composite chart of his parents John Lennon and Yoko Ono. We said that this new composite chart is the relationship from the child's point of view and that it appears to describe the future or life-purpose of the child. We used transits against the new composite chart to forecast an important event in the child's life. This page extends the analysis to U.S. Presidents and other world leaders for whom the birth dates of their parents are known. It confirms that everyone actually has two natal charts - a natal chart for the date of their birth as an isolated individual and a natal chart for being the product of that date and those particular two parents.

If you take the family triad chart into account, then two babies born at the same time cannot have an identical destiny because the astral charts of their parents will be different. When you were born the astral chart that was the union of your parents combined with the positions of the heavens at your birth - to produce a special person with a unique future.

The triad chart is especially informative when both parent's birth times are known, because then you can see planet relationships to the house cusps. With the exceptions of George W. Bush, John Kennedy, and Prince William, the following charts are mostly for unknown birth time parents. Still, as you can see, the aspects between the planets tell a lot about the child's purpose and future.

Here is the family triad chart of W. Mitt Romney.

W. Mitt Romney Triad Chart

Mars is inconjunct (150d) the Sun (orb 0d 2m) and opposes Pluto (orb 0d 44m). The Moon is semisextile (30d) Jupiter (orb 0d 5m). Chiron is sesquiquadrate (135d) Venus (orb 0d 11m) and trine Neptune (orb 0d 44m). Mars and Saturn are the dominant planets because they each make five aspects to other planets.

Here is the family triad chart of Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Triad Chart

Mercury conjoins Pluto (orb 0d 0m). Chiron, the planet that fights limitations, including prejudice, is connected to eight other planets: Chi SSQ Moo orb 3° 43', Chi SQR Mer orb 4° 54', Chi SQR Ven orb 5° 03', Chi TRI Mar orb 0° 18', Chi SXT Sat orb 1° 22', Chi INC Nep orb 1° 21', Chi SQR Plu orb 4° 54', and Chi SES MNN orb 0° 20'. The birth certificate for Ann Dunham, President Obama's mother, shows that she was born at 8:34 AM on 11/29/1942 in Sedgwick, KS. What is interesting is that her Chiron at 29 Leo 11 exactly conjoins the Moon's North Node at 29 Leo 14. She herself did a lot to fight against prejudice and social limitations during her life, including working for women's causes in Indonesia. We don't have a birth time for Obama Senior, but he also had an active Chiron, exactly trining the Black Moon and opposing Jupiter. He was a very other-oriented person because the majority of his planets were in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

The transits to both candidates' triad charts as of election date, November 6, 2012, appear equally good. If you want to see for yourself, I suggest that at Customization, Planets you first turn off Including the Ascendant and Midheaven, in order not to get spurious aspects from these transiting points.

Here is the family triad chart of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Triad Chart

Jupiter exactly squares Pluto (orb 0d 0m). They are part of a Cardinal Grand Cross that also includes Uranus and Chiron. Hillary knows about limitations and overcoming them - I broke down and sobbed uncontrollably when I was trying to summarize for my wife the Wikipedia biography of Hillary's mother, Dorothy Howell Rodham. Hillary has Moon square Mercury (orb 0d 27m).

Here is the family triad chart of George W. Bush.

George W. Bush Triad Chart

Other than Venus semisquare Saturn (orb 0d 46m), this chart has nothing but favorable aspects. Jupiter is trine Pluto (orb 0d 48d) and Mercury is sextile Uranus (orb 0d 21m). The Dalai Lama told Piers Morgan in an interview that aired 4/25/2012, "I love President Bush… As a human being. Not as president of America. Sometimes his policy may not be very successful, but as a person, as a human being, very nice person. I love him."

Here is the family triad chart of Al Gore.

Al Gore Triad Chart

The closest aspects are Uranus biquintile (144d) Neptune (orb 0d 1m) and Sun quintile (72d) Jupiter (orb 0d 6m). Quintile aspects make a person creative. Al Gore also has Jupiter trine Pluto (orb 0d 33d) and Venus semisextile (30d) Uranus (orb 0d 34m). The Wikipedia article about the year 2000 Presidential election says that Al Gore won the popular vote by 500,000 votes and that if he had insisted on a full statewide recount of Florida he would have won that state by 100 votes. The transits to his triad chart were actually better than the transits to Bush's triad chart. The astrologer can blame his lack of follow-through on Neptune inconjunct (150d) Sun, Uranus inconjunct Moon, and Saturn inconjunct Jupiter.

Here is the family triad chart of Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton Triad Chart

The Moon is trine Venus (orb 0d 6m) and opposes Neptune (orb 2d 27m). Venus, the planet of charm and romance, is also semisquare (45d) Saturn (orb 0d 38m) and sextile (60d) Neptune (orb 2d 33m). A trine to the Moon is favorable for a politician because the Moon represents the public. Mars is square to Mercury (orb 0d 17m), energizing the intellect.

Here is the family triad chart of George H.W. Bush.

George H.W. Bush Triad Chart

This is not that strong a chart, but the elder Bush only became President because he was first Ronald Reagan's Vice-President. Chiron is sextile (60d) the Moon (orb 0d 46m). Saturn is trine Venus (orb 0d 57m) and aspects four of the other planets on the eastern side of the chart.

Here is the family triad chart of Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney Triad Chart

Saturn conjoins the Moon (orb 0d 25m) - making Cheney conservative and politically controlling. Uranus is sextile the Sun (orb 0d 35m), giving technical ability. Mars makes aspects to six planets. Cheney was an assistant to Donald Rumsfeld under President Gerald Ford. When Ford promoted Rumsfeld to Secretary of Defense, Cheney became White House Chief of Staff. Cheney served five terms as a Nebraska congressman before becoming Secretary of Defense under George H.W. Bush. While Cheney was working as CEO of Halliburton Industries, George W. Bush asked him to be his vice-presidential running mate in the 2000 election.

Here is the family triad chart of Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan Triad Chart

Venus conjoins the Sun (orb 0d 2m), giving social charm. Mars squares Neptune (orb 0d 5m), the planet of ideals and the film industry. Chiron is semisextile (30d) the Moon (orb 0d 33m) - he sought to lift restrictions from people. The Great Communicator had Moon aspects to seven planets.

Here is the family triad chart of Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter Triad Chart

Mercury conjoins the Sun (orb 0d 9m) and trines Chiron (orb 1d 30m) - Mercury makes a person detail-oriented. The Moon is sesquiquadrate (135d) Pluto (orb 0d 6m). The inventive planet Uranus aspects seven planets and the idealistic planet Neptune aspects six planets. In the election contest against Ford, the transits to Carter's triad chart were better, but the transits were worse in his contest against Reagan.

Here is the family triad chart of Gerald Ford.

Gerald Ford Triad Chart

Mars is quintile (72d) Venus (orb 0d 6m) and aspects Chiron, Uranus, and Pluto. Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, aspects four planets. This is not a strong chart, but consider how and why Ford served as President. The triad chart is calculated for Ford's real father, not for the stepfather whose name he took.

Here is the family triad chart of Richard Nixon.

Richard Nixon Triad Chart

This is a strong chart. The Moon, Venus, Pluto, and Chiron are all strongly harmonious. The Moon is conjunct Venus (orb 0d 9m) and trine Pluto (orb 0d 43m). Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, is the focus of sextile aspects from both Moon/Venus and Pluto. Nixon's career was known for multiple defeats and resurrections. Many constructive social programs and reforms became law under Nixon's administration.

Here is the family triad chart of Lyndon Johnson.

Lyndon Johnson Triad Chart

The strongest aspect is Moon square Mars (orb 0d 11m) - an act of violence made him President and he struggled with the Vietnam war. Saturn is sextile Pluto (orb 0d 40m). Chiron aspects six planets - Johnson worked to eliminate social limitations including prejudice.

Here is the family triad chart of John Kennedy.

John Kennedy Triad Chart

In this known birth times chart, Venus conjunct the Eighth House cusp (orb 0d 29m) is about leaving a legacy, including through romantic conquests. Chiron is square Mars (orb 0d 3m) and trine the Moon (orb 0d 8m). Remember that in its orbit between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron is also a planet of new frontiers, of awakening to the higher mind. Definitely a strong but curious chart.

Here is the family triad chart of Dwight Eisenhower.

Dwight Eisenhower Triad Chart

This is the chart of a man who was more than just President, but who was the Supreme Allied Commander during World War II. There are many strong, favorable aspects. The closest aspects are Moon trine Venus (orb 0d 1m) and Sun square Jupiter (orb 0d 3m). Saturn's conjunction to Venus and trine to the Moon gave him the ability to manage people. Pluto and Chiron both aspect six planets.

Here is the family triad chart of Harry Truman.

Harry Truman Triad Chart

This chart demonstrates the important role that Harry S. Truman played in American history. The closest aspect is Venus conjunct Chiron (orb 0d 4m) - as Vice-President to Franklin Roosevelt he was destined to befriend a crippled President. The Moon is semisquare (45d) Jupiter (orb 0d 5m). Consistent with the challenges that he faced with nuclear weapons and creating the post-war order, Uranus aspects eight planets: Ura SES Sun orb 0° 10', Ura TRI Mer orb 0° 08', Ura TRI Ven orb 1° 44', Ura SXT Mar orb 3° 01', Ura QTL Jup orb 0° 13', Ura SQR Nep orb 0° 29', Ura SXT Plu orb 1° 21', Ura TRI Chi orb 1° 49'.

Here is the family triad chart of Franklin Roosevelt.

Franklin Roosevelt Triad Chart

Mars, the Action planet, sextiles the Sun (orb 0d 11m) and squares Uranus (orb 1d 50m). Venus aspects six planets and the Sun aspects five planets. Chiron trines the Moon - although crippled himself, it was his job to heal a wounded people. FDR got much of the power that he needed from his composite chart with his wife Eleanor.

Here is the family triad chart of Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler Triad Chart

If family triad charts are real, one would expect a world figure such as Adolf Hitler to have a particularly dramatic triad chart - the chart above does not disappoint. Like Ronald Reagan, and to a lesser extent Franklin Roosevelt, Hitler has a close conjunction of the Sun to Venus (orb 1d 24m). Also the Sun trines the Moon (orb 0d 22m), squares Saturn (orb 0d 18m), and is sesquiquadrate (135d) to Jupiter (orb 0d 29m). Hitler had a love affair with the German people (the Moon) at the same time that he had an inflated ego (Jupiter/Sun) and a dictatorial nature (Saturn square Sun), perhaps inherited from his father. You can read about the power that Hitler got from his composite chart with Eva Braun here.

Here is the family triad chart of Prince William.

Prince William Triad Chart

This is the triad chart of the man who was destined from birth to be king. Jupiter conjoins the Midheaven of this timed chart and trines the Sun (orb 0d 55m). Note Uranus conjunct the cusp of the Eighth House of death. Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, died on August 31, 1997 when Jupiter was transiting the triad Twelfth House and approaching a 135d sesquiquadrate aspect to the Eighth House Uranus - the transit was exact on September 2, 1997.

Here are the instructions for how to create these charts in AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter. You start by creating the composite chart by selecting Composite - All Midpoints from the Display menu when you have a biwheel for the parents (see the program Help for how to compare one chart to another to create the biwheel).

Save the composite chart of the parents. I have been saving those to a separate file that I called composit.cht. Then you can select and Quick Display the saved composite chart and click on File, Compare This Chart to Another in order to compare to the child's chart, which I have in my regular charts file so I have to change back to that file (note that clicking on the Status bar at the bottom of the Natal Information screen is a shortcut for clicking on File, Open Charts File) in order to select and Calculate the child's record. You then select Composite - All Midpoints from the resulting biwheel Display menu, in order to see the child's family triad chart. You could then save to a third file triads.cht. If I select and Quick Display the saved triad chart, it lets me compare to transits for particular dates.

Addendum for President Trump

Donald Trump Triad Chart

When you create the composite chart for Fred and Mary Anne Trump, and then compare it to Donald's birth chart, the above triad chart is what you get. It seems to fit President Trump. Instead of picking out just a few aspects, you can click here to read the entire Personal Path aspects interpretation section for this chart. This is a reminder that AstrolDeluxe switches from using composite interpretations to using natal interpretations when it detects a triad chart.

It seems to work to compare the Presidential Inauguration chart against the Triad Chart.

Transits for Inauguration to Trump's Triad Chart

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