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This page features convincing evidence that composite astrology charts are very real. The birth data for the famous couples joined in these charts as well as the dates and times for significant events in their lives is a matter of public record. I merely had to create their composite charts and compare to the transiting planets at significant recorded times in order to have numerous coincidences and synchronicities pop out at me, as seen in the following examples.

OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson

It is extremely unlikely that OJ would have killed Nicole when the transiting Sun was at the exact same minute as the Sun in their composite chart, but that is what happened - their composite Sun is at 21Gem58 and at the time of her murder on June 12, 1994 at 10:00 PM the transiting Sun was at 21Gem58.

Transits to Orenthal James and Nicole Brown Simpson Composite Chart

Since I started to look at transits to composite charts with the Astrology of Scott and Laci Peterson Missing Wife Murder case, I have seen several dramatic examples of events coinciding with transiting aspects to composite charts - see also the transits to the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman composite chart at the time of the shooting. In the case of the Nicole Brown Simpson murder, why would it happen when the Sun was at its exact same degree and minute as in her composite chart with OJ? The Sun was the most important planet in their composite chart. Here are the major aspects that it formed:

Sun aspects in OJ and Nicole Brown Simpson Composite Chart

Note the Sun trine Neptune aspect in their composite chart. The only other couple in my composite chart collection to have this aspect so exact was Scott and Laci Peterson. At the time of the Simpson murder, transiting Neptune at 22Cap46 was aspecting all of the above planets.

Kobe and Shaq

We do not have Kobe Bryant's time of birth, but just like with Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, we don't really need it to have an effective composite chart with his Lakers partner Shaquille O'Neal. The strongest aspect in their composite chart is the powerful aspect Sun trine Pluto, where Pluto conjoins the cusp of the solar 5th house, the house of games, entertainment, and children. Our Composite Couples Report says of this aspect, "You are connected with a deep source of power, which you project out into your surrounding environment." Together, Shaq and Kobe led the Lakers to three consecutive NBA championships from 2000 to 2002. Their six strongest composite aspects are Sun trine Pluto, Moon trine Jupiter, Mars square Uranus, Jupiter square Saturn, Mercury opposite Neptune, and Sun opposite Neptune. Regarding Jupiter square Saturn, Composite Couples says, "This aspect is found in the charts of couples who have large responsibilities."

Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant Composite Chart

On July 14, 2004, with transiting Saturn at 17Can36 conjunct their composite Saturn at 17Can07 and square their composite Jupiter, and with transiting Chiron at 23Cap19 sesquiquadrate the composite Sun (orb 0d13m) and opposing composite Venus (orb 0d36m), Shaquille O'Neal was traded to the Miami Heat. A feud festered between the ex-teammates. But when the Lakers faced the Miami Heat on January 16, 2006, Kobe and Shaq made headlines by engaging in handshakes and hugs before the game - transiting Pluto at 25Sag27 then trined composite Chiron at 25Ari43 and transiting Saturn at 08Leo45 was at the midpoint of their Sun-Pluto trine, in sextile to both composite planets.

Later that year, their wives would give birth to daughters who were born only six minutes apart, with Me'arah Sanaa O'Neal born 5/1/2006 at 4:57AM EDT in Miami, FL and Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant born 5/1/2006 at 2:03AM PDT in Newport Beach, CA. The planet strengths for the transits to their composite chart then are unusual, emphasizing Mercury and Chiron:

Planet Strengths Shaq and Kobe Daughters Born

Fast moving Mercury, representing children, at 22Ari47 squared their composite Venus, representing their wives, at 22Can44. Transiting Moon at 26Gem32 opposed transiting Pluto at 26Sag29, sextiling and trining their composite Chiron, the planet of healing, at 25Ari43. The Moon-Pluto opposition in the daughters' charts squares a T-Square focus planet of Venus at 27Pis41 - here is the interpretation for a tight Mutable T-Square with those planets. At the time of their birth, there was also a rare, energizing Octile Hexagon, a tight Kite where Mars and Uranus focus on Sun and Jupiter, a Fixed Grand Cross of Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Chiron, a tight Fixed T-Square of Saturn and Chiron focused on the Sun, and a Grand Water Trine involving Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus. Me'arah has the Sun conjunct the 2nd house of money and Gianna has Venus conjunct the 2nd house of money. As I write this, it is their sixth birthday.

Kobe and Vanessa

You can read the Composite Couples Report for Kobe and Vanessa Bryant here. Their strongest aspects are Sun square Mars, Sun conjunct Venus, Venus square Mars, Neptune sextile Pluto, Mercury sextile Jupiter, and Saturn square Neptune. Their relationship combines supportive aspects and challenging aspects, meeting the requirements for a potential conscious marriage. On the day when they became engaged to be married, transiting idealistic Neptune at 06Aqu32 trined their composite Mars at 06Lib20 (which happens to conjoin the 4th house representing their three homes), and to which transiting Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus were all in close sesquiquadrate aspects (135d). Transiting Venus at 25Tau26 trined composite Saturn at 25Vir14, which is a perfect influence under which to make love permanent.

Kobe and Vanessa Composite Engagement

At the time of the Eagle, Colorado alleged rape incident on July 1, 2003, transiting Chiron at 15Cap36 occupied the missing point in a Grand Trine with the composite Jupiter at 15Vir51 and composite Chiron at 15Tau56. Chiron can use painful methods to elevate consciousness.

You should find it very interesting to compare the saved composite charts for your current or past relationships to important dates in your lives together. I did this for the memorable date when my wife and I first went out in 1990, comparing our composite chart to the first date transits, and when I clicked to see the Planet Strengths graph, the bar for Jupiter's strength hit the roof. Of course, every relationship serves a different purpose.

I can chronicle many other striking composite charts and the transits involving them. When I have time, I will continue to do so. Examples include the first date between Joe Di Maggio and Marilyn Monroe (transiting Mars and Moon squared composite Venus, Uranus and Chiron on the MC and IC activated an exact square between composite Pluto and Chiron), the Brynn and Phil Hartman murder case (transiting Venus conjunct Saturn opposed and squared the composite Mercury-Saturn close square), the high-publicity partnership of Anna Nicole Smith with her lawyer Howard K. Stern compared to the transits when her son Daniel Wayne Smith died of an overdose, the transits during the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and the transits to JFK & Jackie in Dallas at exactly 12:30PM on November 22, 1963.

Arnold and Maria

Here is the composite chart for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver and the transits for October 2, 1997.

Arnold and Maria Composite - Maid Child

A timeline says:
Sept. 27, 1997: Maria gives birth to Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger, the now estranged couple's fourth and youngest child.
Oct. 2, 1997: Just five days later-yes, five days-Schwarzenegger's out-of-wedlock son with Patty is born. Baena used a different last name-Pena-on the birth certificate, and also listed her then-husband, not the future governor, as the birth father. As the boy is a minor, his first name has not been revealed.

At the time when the boys were conceived, around Christmas 1996, productive Jupiter at 24 degrees Capricorn was transiting the composite 8th house of sexuality and square the composite Moon at 23Lib59 and trine the composite Sun at 24Vir56.

When the maid gave birth on October 2, 1997, austere transiting Pluto at 03Sag31 was in an exact semisquare aspect (45d0m) to dreamy, dissolving composite Neptune at 18Lib31. LifeTrends says about this transit, "This transit will only occur once in your lifetime and is a time when you are likely to feel confused and disoriented. Through no control of your own, the world around you is falling apart, and you may lose possessions, situations and loved ones from your life." "This is likely to be an exhausting time, both psychologically and physically. You may have to face dark secrets about yourself or your family, and perhaps even be involved in a scandal."

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