If you are looking for top Biorhythms software, you just found it!


 Biorhythms for Windows Professional  features these  functions

  • Easy to use - all actions can be performed with the mouse, even not touching the keyboard

  • Resizable Chart

  • Possibility to export Biorhythms Charts to other Windows applications

  • Built-in Calendar that covers 29 centuries and shows Critical (Risky) Days and Lunar Phases

  • Two different ways of printing of the Chart - WYSIWYG or high quality full page charts

  • Prints charts in color

  • Shows Biorhythms of two people simultaneously (compatibility of a couple)

  • Includes Database for storing of birth dates

  • Runs on almost any platform - Windows XP Pro, XP Home, ME, 2000, 98 or 95, Windows NT; 16 bit version  of the program - on older Windows versions: Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows 3.1 (please ask for its installation file)

  • Minimal Hardware requirements are: - IBM compatible PC with Windows, 32 MB or more RAM, runs on 386 and 468 processors as well

  • Finds days that are similar to the selected one

  • Shows and prints Zodiac Signs

  • Prints full page high quality Calendar pages with marked Critical Days

  • Prints person's name on the Biorhythmic chart

  • Prints optional note on the chart

  • Allows to customize your Biorhythmic cycles by adjusting them

  • Calculates and shows Intuitional cycle (38-day rhythm) and its Critical Days

  • Shows Secondary Biorhythms - Passion, Wisdom, Mastery

  • Prints Biorhythms for entire year on one page

  • You can use program for commercial purposes without any restrictions - you can sell charts generated with Biorhythms for Windows Pro

  • ...and more

Some Screen views of the Biorhythms Pro Program:

Main Screen

Secondary Biorhythms - Passion, Wisdom, Mastery

Two Persons Mode

Biorhythmic Cycles for Entire Year

Biorhythmic Calendar with marked Critical Days

Secondary Biorhythms for Entire Year

I-Ching Biorhythmic Cycles

Sample of printed Biorhythmic Charts (prints in color!)

Hard copy of Calendar with marked Critical Days

Program allows to adjust your cycles

Finds good and bad days

Shows Calendar and Lunar Phases

Stores Birthdays

Finds similar day to selected one

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