Descriptive Summary of the Best Astrology Software Programs

Windows Software

Astrology for Windows
AstrolDeluxe for Windows
AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, version 8.7
AstrolDeluxe Platinum, version 10.3 - NEW
Halloran TrueType Fonts for Windows
5725 Famous Charts
Economy Bundle
Power Bundle
Popular Bundle
Complete Money-Saving Bundle
Personal Path professional natal reports
Spanish Personal Path professional natal reports
Classic British Astro Report natal reports
Spirit Success hobbyist natal reports
Kid Zone child natal reports
Kid Zone with Sun/Moon child natal reports
Kid Zone Combo child natal reports
Halloran Aspect Patterns reports
Halloran Chiron Interpretations
Halloran Moon's Nodes Interpretations
Halloran Black Moon Lilith Interpretations
Halloran Minor Square Aspect Interpretations
Halloran Declination Aspect Interpretations
Bundle Price for all new Halloran Interpretations
In The Beginning in-depth natal reports - NEW
StarMatch professional synastry compatibility reports
Composite Couples professional composite relationship reports - NEW
LifeTrends professional transits reports
Journey Returns professional Solar Return reports
Journey Progressions professional Secondary Progressions reports
Journey Careers professional vocational reports
Geo Names Atlas
32-bit Astrodynes with Batch Processor
Biorhythms for Windows Pro
Self Search Pro for Windows
Babylonia 1.3
Placidus 5.1
Placidus 7.0
Porphyrius Magus 2.0
The PC Atlas

MS-DOS Software

Handwriting Analyzer


The American Atlas
The International Atlas
Delineation with Astrodynes
How to Read Cosmodynes
Between Astrologers & Clients
How to Start, Maintain, and Expand an Astrological Practice
Guide to Establishing a Professional Astrology Practice

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Astrology for Windows - $45.00
(Previous customers: $35.00)

This hobbyist astrology calculation program is easy to use and very accurate. It includes the new Yellow Book Atlas with time zone change histories going back to WW II for 250 countries and 9,000 cities, color U.S., Europe, and World maps, two sharp color wheels including one with graphic aspects and chart aspect patterns, an aspects grid as well as scrollable list, transits list, solar and lunar returns, biwheels with synastry and current transits displays, and composite charts. Once you have calculated either a chart or a transits list, you can select Interpret to generate the included 40-50 page Classic British Astro Report or the Soul Healing Transits Report, in either pdf format for display in Adobe Reader or in html format for display in your web browser.

Click to read a more detailed description of the Astrology for Windows program.

The new 32-bit version 3.0 of Astrology for Windows is 100% compatible with 64-bit Vista and Windows 7, 8, and 10. The electronic Help file has been converted from *.hlp format to *.chm format, making it unnecessary for the Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10 user to download the engine to read *.hlp files from Microsoft's website. The Europe and World map files have been replaced by the newer and politically up-to-date maps created in 2002 for AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter. The major improvement for version 3 is the addition of the Yellow Book Atlas of 9,000 cities for 250 countries with reliable time zone observance histories going back to World War II and which can be updated in the future through a menu selection for automated Internet download. Version 3 also adds the ability to do interpretation reports, aspect patterns, and composite charts, both between two people and the triad chart with one's parents, which acts like a second birth chart that can say for what purpose the child was born.

The $45 registration codes are new with version 3 - the old $26.50 registration codes from versions 1 and 2 are incompatible with Astrology for Windows, version 3.

For sale now to version 3 registered users for $75 each: Halloran Software's most popular adult natal report, the Personal Path natal (in English pdf or English html), the LifeTrends transits (in English pdf or English html), and the Personal Path natal in good quality Spanish pdf or Spanish html.

Return to contents list.

AstrolDeluxe Platinum, ver. 10.3 - $300.00
Price for users of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter - $200.00
Price for users of earlier AstrolDeluxe Platinum - $85.00
Price for users of versions 10.0, 10.1, or 10.2 of AstrolDeluxe Platinum - $50.00

Version 10.3 of AstrolDeluxe Platinum adds 900 interpreted Planetary Containments and Sort by Exactness buttons to Midpoint/Planet Aspects and ten other lists that can produce so many results as to be overwhelming. Version 10.2 of AstrolDeluxe Platinum added planetary dyad phases and declination synastry interpretation reports. Since Version 10.1, AstrolDeluxe Platinum uses machine learning to determine which astrological aspects are most common within the charts of 108 large categories of people. AstrolDeluxe Platinum can now draw upon those statistical frequencies or signatures to generate a ranked list of potentials for 108 vocational and personal categories for any person's chart. The ability to generate and supply these two-page ranked lists of chart potentials will let your clients take away a sorted list that they do not need any knowledge of astrology in order to understand.

See information here about the Planetary Dyad Phases and Declination Synastry Interpretation Reports added to version 10.2.

In The Beginning in-depth natal reports are the perfect companion to version 10.3

See the exciting Nested Time list and all the other new features added to version 10.

Release Notes for Version 10.3 of AstrolDeluxe Platinum

See information here about the Automated Statistical Research and Vocational Ranking added to version 9.8.

See information here about the in-depth Aspects Grid added to version 9.7.

See information here about the AstroDatabank-type OR searches that were added to the Research Charts option with version 9.6.

See information here about the Life Diagrams, both for progressed declinations and for progressed longitudes, that were added to the Moving Graphic Ephemeris with version 9.5.

See information here about the Map of Degree Strengths that is new with version 9.4.

See information here about the Separate Wheels Page that is new with version 9.3.

See information here about the Graphic Aspectarian that is new with version 9.2.

After eight months of intensive development from October of 2015 to June of 2016, during which we worked with over one hundred Beta-testers, version 9 of AstrolDeluxe has a new name and a new price. See animated tutorials that cover some of the new features of AstrolDeluxe Platinum.

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, ver. 8.7 - $169.00
Price for users of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, v. 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.5, or 8.6 - $40.00
Price for users of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, v. 7.0 or 7.1 - $75.00
Price for users of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, v. 3, 4, 5, 6 - $100.00 plus $5.00 each to put previous interpretation sets on personalized CD
Price for users of AstrolDeluxe for Windows, v. 1 or 2 - $125.00
Price for users of AstrolDeluxe for DOS - $139.00
Price for registered users of the DOS or Windows Astrology program - $149.00

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is version 8.7 of AstrolDeluxe for Windows. This is a full-featured general-purpose calculation and color graphic printing program, which includes a built-in word processor, into which it can generate various interpretation reports.

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter comes with the latest files of the valuable ACS PC Atlas with 250,000 locations plus time changes, that sells for $195. Add the Geo Names Atlas of 3 million world cities for $100.00. New ReportWriter customers receive at no charge Carolyne Lacy's Spirit Success interpretations for doing 18-page natal reports. The competitive strengths of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter are speed, ease-of-use, graphics, reliability, chart comparison, file handling, file conversion, fast, integrated research functions, and a very customizable report writing engine. The printable color graphic wheels include a wheel featuring large, readable glyphs, degrees, minutes, retrograde flags, intercepted houses and center graphic, a zodiac-proportional graphic aspect lines wheel with triangular aspects grid plus aspect patterns display, and detailed biwheels, triple and quad wheels, which can include transits, minor, and major progressions. The multi-wheels can be animated in time with a changing Planet Strengths bar graph. Includes an innovative graphic aspects biwheel. Save charts as GIF etc. image files for Internet display and e-mail. Turn on/off Chiron, the major asteroids, the Vertex, East Point, True Node, Black Moon, and Part of Fortune. Customize the use of 24 aspects and their orbs for eight types of comparisons. Do transit lists to the minute with enter/leave orbs and do various types of progressions and solar arc directions. Display lists of aspects, all angles, midpoints, as many as 265 Arabic Parts or 51 asteroids, and comparisons to them. The included ACS full PC Atlas automatically looks up the right time zone, including daylight saving, for particular dates and places. Has ephemeris generator, astrocartography-style and local space mapping, harmonic charts, solstice point (antiscia) charts, primary directions table, rise/set times for parans, a control to rotate/rectify charts, and prime vertical mundoscopes. Add your name/address info to the printed wheels and data tables. You can import charts from other astrology programs' files and do XML export/import. The program has a fast chart research module, offering 26 types of searches that you can perform on your charts collection. This is the included module that enables the astrologer to create Group Signatures for families, workplaces, etc. Additional derived charts include solar/lunar returns, composite and combined charts, Boehrer Declination Longitude Equivalent conversion charts, Planetary Nodes charts, Tobey's Solar Parts charts, and the Draconic Zodiac. Interpretation sets are available for adult natal, child natal, adult natal in Spanish, natal aspect patterns, career analysis, compatibility, transits, progressions, and solar return reports (see below) (Click to read the report writer details.)

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter comes with an Edit Interpretations program that allows astrologers to enter their own interpretations. There are no restrictions on the sale of any of these reports. Reports are generated from user-customizable templates, which are easy to change by moving up to 83 commands between two Windows list boxes. The program comes with pre-defined report templates, including natal templates in Spanish. The program comes with a 390-page manual as a pdf file on the CD and context-sensitive HTML Help, astrological glossary, bibliography, and an introduction to astrology. Version 8.7 is a 32-bit program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10 (works on both 32-bit and 64-bit).

For additions to and information about version 8, please see this page.

You can now click on the colored planet energy bars in the Planet Strengths bar graph in order to see all the aspects that contribute to those Harmonious and Inharmonious strengths.

 Planet Strengths aspect window

Harmonic Charts Revisited describes expanded tools for looking at harmonic sub-charts.

Software for Sabian Symbols as per Marc Edmund Jones describes how you can click on planet and house degrees to get Sabian Symbol interpretations, and generate complete reports for a chart's Planetary Degree Symbolism and for a chart's House Degree Symbolism.

Release Notes for Version 8.7 of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter

Here is a sample of the new Composite Compatibility page.

Detailed description of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter features

Here is the list of the new features added to version 5:
Display and Print Chartwheels in Spanish and Other Languages, Save and Recall Alternate Versions of Your Print Courtesy Information, Save and Recall Transits List and Progressions List Settings, Save and Recall Aspect Orb Sets, Save Charts to Graphic Image Files, ASCII Chartwheel for Sending Charts by E-Mail, Save Wheel to Web Page HTML File, Swap Inner/Outer Charts on Double Wheel, 32-bit version 5.0 enabled for Chinese, Japanese, & Korean Windows, Customizable Quindecile Aspect, Tables of Declination Aspects and Declination Synastry, Customize Orbs for Declination Aspects, Declination Antiscia Charts, Void-Of-Course Moon in Chart Analysis Table, Ephemeris Generator, Triple Wheel, Pop-up Rotate Chart Feature, Auto Calculate/Animate Feature, Astro Clock, Table of Rise/Set/Culminate/Anticulminate Times, Parans, Table for Primary Directions, Prime Vertical Chart, Harmonic/Modulus Charts, Sensitive Points, Pop-Up Interpretations of Planetary Pictures, Dominant Chart Harmonics in Chart Analysis Table, Search By Strongest Harmonic, Search for Moon Void-of-Course Charts, Search for Charts with Retrograde Planets, Search for Declination Aspects, Search for Sign on House Cusp, Search for Intercepted Planet, Search for Intercepted Signs, Search for Linked Houses, Search for Planet on Cusp, Search for Planets Within Sign Decans, Search to Exclude or Include Derived Charts, Save Search Results to Named Charts Files, Show Pop-Up Formulae for Arabic Parts, Access the More Chart Data from the Chart Information Screen, Backup/Restore Charts File, Update System Clock over the Internet, Verify Time Zone Setting for Here & Now Button, Export and Import Chart Data in Human-Readable XML Format, Import AAF Exchange Format Chart Files, Expanded List of 193 World Time Zones.

View Details of New Version 5 Features.

Here is the list of new features added to version 6:
$185 Full PC Atlas, Astro Locality Maps, Improved Transits and Progressions List, Graphic Aspects Bi-Wheel, Single Planet Aspect Windows for Ascendant, Midheaven, and South Node, Customize for More than 16 Chart Colors, Easily Customize Color of Zodiac Signs, Aspects, and Center Images, Search for Text in More Chart Data, Notes and Memo Fields; Time/Space Midpoint Combined Relationship Chart; Support for Solar Return and Composite/Combined Interpretation Reports; option for Triangular Aspects Grid at Bottom of Printed Chartwheel Page, with Guides to the Planet and Sign Symbols; User-defined house cusps; table of Gauquelin Sector placements; Kt Boehrer's copyrighted Graphic Declination Chart; Quad Wheels; Hermetic Minor Progressions as taught by the Brotherhood of Light; Rotate or Auto Animate Progressed Quad Wheel Charts; Multi-Wheel Aspect Lists; Include Declination Aspects in Aspect Lists; Select Multi-Wheel Chart for Midheaven and Ascendant Angles on Rotate Chart Form; Declination Calculations Added to Ephemeris Generator; Sliding Scale Orbs of Declination; and Pop-Up Bar Graph of Planetary Strengths.

View Details of New Version 6 Features.

Detection and interpretation of Aspect Patterns is the biggest addition to version 7, with the ability to customize these patterns, search for charts with particular patterns, see all patterns listed in the Chart Analysis table with the planets or sectors that are part of each, and display the patterns graphically in a visually dramatic way in the zodiac-proportional Graphic Aspects wheel. As of version 7.1, you can add the $50.00 Halloran Aspect Patterns interpretations set which has 392 delineations for the 35 aspect patterns with all their possible focus and pattern planets. Besides generating a short Aspect Patterns Only report, you can now generate a Standard with Aspect Patterns natal report in which the final section delineates the chart's Aspect Patterns. A chart often has 4 or 5 aspect patterns, but we have seen all the way from 0 aspect patterns to 17 aspect patterns between the planets and Chiron (you have the choice of turning on the Ascendant and Midheaven, the Moon's Nodes, or the four major asteroids as additional pattern points, but these points are not delineated). Also new, Version 7.1 integrates with the ACS PC Atlas a new Geo Names Atlas of three million world cities. We have worked on this atlas for two years - the file for France is included with AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter and all 230 countries are a $100 program add-on. Additionally, version 7 added to the reportwriter the ability to delineate minor asteroids, both their sign and house placements and their aspects to planets, but you must supply these interpretations.

View sample world map showing local space planet lines for Madonna. These planet direction lines are also called azimuth lines or horizon chart lines. From her birthplace in Michigan, Madonna followed a line to New York City for Vesta, the asteroid goddess of devotion and focus, which asteroid has only positive aspects in her chart, including sextiles to her Moon and Ascendant and a sextile to Mars. Then Madonna chose to relocate to the southern coast of England, in between her prosperous Jupiter and spiritual Neptune conjunction. Users of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter can also select and see more detailed maps, showing the local space planet lines crossing Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and the United States. I am still in the early stage of exploring this technique among charts known to me, but already I see the asteroid Juno line correlated with partnerships and the asteroid Ceres line correlated with parenting and child care. A unique feature is that the user can select to see a line for any of the 80 additional asteroids as well as to interactively turn on/off different planet lines or glyphs. By observing what line a person has followed to their present location, the astrologer can zero in on what body is especially characteristic for a person's life.

Halloran TrueType Font for Windows, ver. 3 - $49.00

Price for users of Halloran TrueType Font, ver. 1 or 2 - $15.00

The optional Halloran TrueType Font is a clean, traditional set of over 80 astrological glyphs plus Times Roman-like English and foreign language characters. AstrolDeluxe for Windows, any version, can substitute the single-character TrueType glyphs for the planet, sign, and aspect names in its lists, tables, and as of version 8 its graphic wheels. You can also use this astrological font to put astrological glyph symbols into documents that you create in a Windows-based word processor. Now included at no additional cost - the Halloran Asteroid 1 font with glyphs for 51 asteroids. The Halloran TrueType Fonts come included on the AstrolDeluxe Platinum CD and are an optional add-on for AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter.

5725 Famous Charts, ver. 10 - $59.00

Price for users of Famous Charts, previous versions - $25.00

The 5725 Famous Charts include all top celebrities and historical figures with good birth times for 3761. Call up Kanye West's chart to see how distant Eris is the focus planet of a tight Kite pattern. Any version of AstrolDeluxe can use the Famous Charts collection. Regarding the AstrolDeluxe chart search function that you can use to research either these celebrity charts or your own charts, American Astrology magazine said, "The searches are fast, unbelievably easy to perform, and very effective. This is a very well-designed feature." The Famous Charts come included on the AstrolDeluxe Platinum CD and are an optional add-on for AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter.

Note: for orders through the web-site only, there are five special Bundle offers: 1) Economy Bundle: a price of $215.00 for AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, the Spirit Success natal interpretations, the Halloran TrueType Font, and the Famous Charts; 2) Power Bundle: a price of $345.00 for AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, the Spirit Success natal interpretations, the Personal Path natal interpretations, the Halloran Aspect Patterns natal interpretations, the Halloran TrueType Font, and the Famous Charts; 3) Popular Bundle: a price of $495.00 for AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter with Personal Path natal, StarMatch compatibility, LifeTrends transits, and Journey Returns solar return interpretation sets; 4) Complete Money-Saving Bundle: a price of $1300.00 for Complete Money-Saving Bundle: AstrolDeluxe Platinum ver. 10 with Personal Path natal, Spirit Success natal, Journey Careers natal, KidZone ver. 3 Combo natal, StarMatch compatibility, Composite Couples compatibility, LifeTrends transits, Journey Progressions, and Journey Returns interpretation sets, Halloran Aspect Patterns natal, Chiron natal interpretations, Moon's Node aspect interpretations, Black Moon Lilith aspect interpretations, Minor Square Aspects interpretations, Declination Aspects interpretations, Classic British Astro Report natal, Halloran TrueType Fonts, Famous Charts, and 71 Research Chart Collections - the complete Halloran astrology package, a $1990 value, only excludes the Geo Names Atlas, Astrodynes, how-to books, and Spanish natal interpretations - a bundle savings of $690.

When you order interpretations for AstrolDeluxe, you can specify either American English or British English spelling.

Personal Path(tm) professional natal reports - $100.00
Price for users of Natal Professional for DOS - free

AstrolDeluxe can use this file containing excellent, detailed natal interpretations to produce a variety of natal reports. With the addition of Midheaven delineations and aspects, these are the same interpretations as in the Natal Professional program, whose reports describe the heart of a person better than do reports from any other software program, according to one customer who owns them all. Some delineations are as long as a page in length. A Standard template natal report averages 30 pages.

See sample interpretations.

Personal Path(tm) professional natal reports in Spanish - $100.00
Price for users of Personal Path reports in English - $50.00

We translated our best-selling natal interpretations into Spanish. Versions 5 and higher of AstrolDeluxe can draw upon these excellent interpretations to produce Spanish natal reports according to the templates Standard en Español, Intermedia Concisa en Español, and Intermedia Completa en Español. Versions 5 and higher of AstrolDeluxe can print graphic chartwheels in Spanish to accompany these written reports.

See sample interpretations.

Classic British Astro Report(tm) natal reports - $40.00

Learn from the masters. These natal interpretations for AstrolDeluxe give an in-depth report ranging from 35 to 45 pages. They delineate the planets in the signs and houses and the aspects between the planets. Authors include Alan Leo, Sepharial, Evangeline Adams, Charles E.O. Carter, and John Halloran. There is a special bundle of this interpretation set with the Famous Charts here.

Read the sample reports for Queen Elizabeth II and President Obama.

Spirit Success(tm) hobbyist natal reports - $49.00
Price for users of Natal Profiles/Spirit Success Reports for DOS - free

These natal interpretations for AstrolDeluxe are shorter and more metaphysically-oriented. These interpretations not only delineate the placements and aspects, but advise how to handle the resulting strengths and weaknesses. Most delineations are eight lines in length. A Standard template natal report averages 18 pages.

The Spirit Success complete natal report is bundled free on the CD for every new AstrolDeluxe customer.

See sample interpretations.

Kid Zone(tm) child natal reports - $100.00

These natal interpretations by New Zealand astrologer Marise Payne allow AstrolDeluxe to produce 45-page reports that are aimed at the parents of children. Light and compassionate, as well as detailed and accurate, the text of these very thorough reports describes the child in the third person by using the child's first name. The report concludes first by calculating and interpreting the three most powerful planets, signs, and houses in the child's chart and then by calculating and interpreting which elements and modalities are most abundant or lacking in the chart.

See sample interpretations.

Kid Zone(tm) with Sun/Moon child natal reports - $149.00
Upgrade price for users of the $100 Kid Zone - $50

The KidZone(tm) with Sun/Moon child report draws upon an additional 300 pages of interpretation text from Marise Payne beyond what was in her original Kid Zone database. The new KidZone with Sun/Moon interpretations contain pinpoint accurate interpretations of the 144 Sun/Moon combinations together with text that the reportwriter will insert near the end of the Sun/Moon interpretation in order to describe the combination of the Moon with the Ascendant. The combination of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant gives a very accurate reading.

For cases where the chart is for an unknown birth time, or where the birth was around sunrise which makes the Ascendant the same as the Sun sign, the program will insert text for the Moon/Decan combination.

The KidZone(tm) with Sun/Moon child report requires at least minor version 6.3.15 of AstrolDeluxe. If you have an earlier 6.3 minor version, visit the Updates page. The KidZone(tm) with Sun/Moon interpretation database is 3.8 Mb in size and comes on a CD-ROM disk.

These reports are not just for the parents of children. Many adult tendencies start in childhood. Achieve the deepest understanding of anyone's psychology with these combined delineations.

See sample interpretations.

Kid Zone Combo child natal reports - $249.00 - NEW
Upgrade price for users of the $100 Kid Zone - $150
Upgrade price for users of the $149 Kid Zone with Sun/Moon - $100

See more information, glowing reviews, and a sample report.

Halloran Aspect Patterns(tm) addition to natal reports - $50.00

John Halloran spent nine months researching the lives of real people who have the 35 different aspect patterns that AstrolDeluxe (ver. 7.1 or higher) can detect. The result are these 392 well-grounded, non-theoretical interpretations which include the planets out to Chiron. Print just a patterns report or include at the end of a natal report. Since these patterns represent configurations of at least three or more of the planets in the native's chart, their interpretation represents a higher-level synthesis of how the planets uniquely express their energies in the native's life. The low price should enable all astrologers to start adding these syntheses to their chart interpretation.

See sample interpretations.

Halloran Chiron Interpretations(tm) addition to natal reports - $50.00 - NEW

Click here for more information about the Halloran Chiron Interpretations.

Halloran Moon's Nodes aspect interpretations addition to natal reports - $50.00 - NEW

Click here for more information about the separate male and female Moon's Nodes aspect interpretations. Also see the News page.

Halloran Black Moon Lilith aspect interpretations addition to natal reports - $100.00 - NEW

Click here for more information about the separate male and female Black Moon Lilith aspect interpretations.
Click to read "Futurism, Science, Technology, Rationalization, Max Weber, Disenchantment, Black Moon".
Also see the News page.

Interpretations for the 45-degree and 135-degree minor square aspects, separate for males and females, addition to natal reports - $100.00 - NEW

'Minor Square' aspects can have a major influence upon the person. Click for more information.

A well-researched set of 480 interpretations for all the parallel and contraparallel aspects, separate for males and females, with instructions for reading separately or for including in full natal reports - $100.00 - NEW

Declination interpretations testimonials.

Bundle price to add all the above interpretations to the Personal Path and Spirit Success natal reports - $329.00

In The Beginning natal report, version 4 - $499.00 $399

See a complete sample report for Elon Musk and information about version 4 of In The Beginning.

See Saturn aspect interpretations for Steve Jobs and information about version 4 of In The Beginning.

In The Beginning is our most complete and accurate natal report. It combines 1080 male and female Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto aspect interpretations with all of the new aspect interpretations described above. That is, it combines new interpretations for Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto with all the interpretations that I previously researched for zodiacal aspects involving Chiron, the Moon's Nodes, the Black Moon Lilith, and the 45 degree and 135 degree minor square aspects between all the planets, plus declination aspects between all the planets, both parallels and contraparallels, including to the East Point (Equatorial Ascendant) which I have found to be a significant personal point in the chart. All these new interpretations have been laid onto the interpretation framework provided by the well-written Spirit Success report. The price can be reduced for the many customers who have already purchased any of the earlier male and female interpretations. Ask me to look up your precursor purchases in your customer record and to respond with your reduced price.

StarMatch(tm) professional compatibility reports - $100.00
Price for users of the $59 StarMatch for DOS - $50

To the sign placement and synastry aspect delineations in the DOS-based StarMatch compatibility software program, these interpretations for the Windows-based ReportWriter add delineations for one person's planets in the other person's houses, producing a truly professional report of romantic compatibility between two people. The StarMatch 25- to 30-page compatibility report outlines the needs and strengths that the two subjects bring to their relationship, as well as how they affect and support each other. The report lets the client see the similarities, differences, rewards, and challenges of being with this other person, based on the personal planet sign placements, the mutual house placements, and the aspects between the planets of the two charts, where these interpretations appear in order of strength. The report gives a numerical evaluation of the communication and the harmonious versus inharmonious aspects at the end. Some clients describe using these reports to evaluate prospective partners, whereas other clients have described how the reports gave them a better understanding of their relationship and saved their marriage. Although romantic in nature, the report is free of gender-bias.

See information here about using StarMatch to create the Declination Synastry Interpretation Reports added to version 10.2.

See sample compatibility interpretations.

Composite Couples Report - $100.00

This compatibility report interprets the composite chart that is formed from the midpoints of the planets in two people's charts. Our report interpreting composite charts is different because we looked at so many sample composite charts for our research - a collection with birth times of 150 couples and a collection without birth times of 1068 married couples and 238 divorced couples - enough to finally see what attracts couples and what keeps them together. The results support what conscious marriage relationship counselors have been advocating for twenty years now. Composite Couples is a modern astrology report that puts astrologers on the same page as modern relationship therapists. Partners do not get bored when the relationship enables continued personal growth by providing challenges as well as support. We also found plenty of evidence that couples are being brought together by Fate from The Other Side in order to be together. There are two sample reports that you can examine now - a report for a couple with birth times and a report for a couple without birth times. Click here to read a 38Kb Adobe Acrobat format timed report for Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. Click here to read a 20Kb Adobe Acrobat format untimed report for Duane and Beth Chapman, whom you can see every week on cable television in the reality series Dog the Bounty Hunter. Both of these reports show the astrological power of the composite chart to transform or enhance lone individuals who agree to link themselves in a true partnership.

One can easily uncover many fascinating coincidences and synchronicities involving transits to the composite charts of well-known people. Examples are chronicled here, together with additional Composite Couples reports, for Kobe and Vanessa Bryant and for Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

Further research discovers what composite techniques work in family dynamics , looking at the charts of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Mark David Chapman, Jane Fonda, and Peter Fonda.

See sample interpretations.

LifeTrends(tm) professional transits reports - $100.00
Price for users of the $59 LifeTrends for DOS - $50

This interpretation set for the Windows-based ReportWriter has greatly expanded the transiting Jupiter through Pluto delineations (compared to the DOS-based LifeTrends program). Jupiter through Pluto are the most significant transiting planets. If you are new to astrological forecasting, I suggest that you start with transits before learning about progressions. Progressions are a more advanced technique. You will probably make more use of the LifeTrends transits forecast reports than any other interpretation set on your computer - the transiting planets overhead are constantly moving and forming different aspects to the planets in the natal chart. Transits to the natal chart by the slow-moving planet Pluto are very effective in shaking up one's life, during those years when transiting Pluto aspects one's natal chart angles and personal planets. Talk to any astrologer about Pluto's transits and you will find emphatic agreement about its life-changing power. Astrologers also know how the transits of Saturn correlate with life decisions and career climax points. Jupiter transits are usually times of glamor and prosperity. The LifeTrends interpretation set has interpretations for all the transiting planets, from the fast-moving Moon through slow-moving Pluto and, if you choose to include it, transiting Chiron. The fast-moving planets up to transiting Mars have one-paragraph interpretations. The slower-moving planets starting with Jupiter have three- to five-paragraph interpretations. The report-length depends on which transiting planets you select, the time period of your report (usually from one to three months, but can be as short as one day or several years if you select just the slowest-moving planets), and on the fact that some months are busier and have more transiting aspects than do other, quieter months.

See sample interpretations.

Journey Returns(tm) professional Solar Return reports - $100.00

This well organized yearly forecast report by Anthony Louis delineates the placements and aspects for all of the solar return planets and indicates when, during the year following the birthday, aspects will perfect in a Standard 40-page report. You can also choose the Intermediate, Advanced, or Concise Advanced template in order to add exact timing calculation and interpretation of the sun's transits and the progressed Ascendant and Midheaven during the course of the solar return year in reports that range from 60 to 110 pages.

For many years the author was disappointed with the predictive value of solar returns. Then he discovered the work of the French astrologer Volguine, which forms the framework of this report. Volguine studied the existing literature on solar returns and experimented with innumerable charts to refine a method for interpreting return charts that is surprisingly powerful and accurate. The Journey Returns report provides thorough delineations of all factors in the return chart compared to the natal chart, and you have the option of ending the report with a step-by-step summary of Volguine's method that will delight astrologers. As with all of the reports by Anthony Louis, the author has carefully tested the delineations for accuracy in hundreds of charts of individuals with well documented biographies.

To run the Journey Returns reports, you need version 6.1 or later of Halloran Software's AstrolDeluxe.

See sample interpretations.

Journey Progressions(tm) professional Secondary Progressions reports - $100.00

This is a very complete, professionally written set of progressed interpretations, suitable for delineating the progressions list that AstrolDeluxe calculates. The report begins with a general overview of the house and sign placement of each secondary progressed planet. It then lists and delineates each progressed to natal planet aspect as it perfects in chronological order.

Secondary progressions are a time-honored method of forecasting major trends for the year ahead. They are based on the symbolic movement of the chart at a rate of one day in the ephemeris for each year of life; this is sometimes called the "day equals a year" formula. Secondary progressions represent a powerful technique that provides insight into the dynamic unfolding of the chart during the course of the life cycle. Used in conjunction with a study of transits and the solar return, the method of secondary progressions provides a framework for understanding future trends.

The author based the delineations in this report on a review of the astrological literature and the study of hundreds of charts of family, friends, clients, and public figures. Interpretations were included only if they could be demonstrated to hold water when tested in the lives of actual individuals. The result is a set of delineations of secondary progressed aspects that are often uncannily on target.

The author, Anthony Louis, called my attention to his interpretation for Progressed Mars SemiSquare Neptune as this dangerous progressed aspect was exact for Princess Diana on September 2, 1997, one day after her death involving machinery and drink.

See sample interpretations.

Journey Careers(tm) Reports - $100.00

These career-oriented natal interpretations allow AstrolDeluxe to produce a comprehensive 35-page natal report filled with vocational astrology suggestions about the type of work for which the native is best suited. This ambitious report takes advantage of the report writer's ability to 1) delineate the native's three most dominant planets, signs, and houses, 2) to refine the sign placements by delineating the actual decan within the sign for the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and Midheaven, 3) to delineate intercepted signs within houses, and 4) to outline the dates of the native's career rise and fall cycle based on the fourth house cusp sign.

The author based his delineations on a review of the astrological literature and the study of hundreds of charts of individuals with demonstrated success in various careers. Each interpretation was further tested against a database of clients, friends, and notable figures to verify the accuracy. The focus of the report is both vocational and psychological because personality traits and preferences play a major role in career selection. The result is a fascinating natal chart interpretation with a special emphasis on vocational factors in the chart.

To run these reports, you need at least version 4.1.11 of AstrolDeluxe.

See sample interpretations.

Geo Names Atlas - $100.00 - NEW

The ACS PC Atlas that is still bundled with AstrolDeluxe has 150,000 U.S. cities, but only 100,000 world cities. Because it is frustrating when you don't find the smaller world city or town that you need in the ACS atlas, for two years we worked on this larger atlas of three million world cities. Now when you don't find your city in the ACS Atlas, click on the button for the Geo Names Atlas. It adds 30 times more world cities and you can still click on Read Atlas for the correct date-appropriate time zone. The file for France is included with version 7.1 so that you can see how it works - for $100.00 you can add all 230 countries. The Geo Names Atlas takes about 170 megabytes on your hard disk, which is 0.17 gigabytes.

Click here to order.

32-bit Astrodynes with Batch Processor - $59.00
Price for users of 16-bit Astrodynes for Windows or Astrodynes for DOS - $39.00

This is a new 32-bit CD version of the Astrodynes for Windows calculation program by John Molfese (of the Church of Light). It calculates astrodynes for charts saved by AstrolDeluxe or by the registered Astrology for Windows. The Astrodynes software program is an accurate computerized replication of astrodynes as created by Elbert Benjamine and the Church of Light. To calculate astrodynes by hand for one chart takes about ten hours. The computer performs these valuable calculations of power, harmony and discord immediately. Displays and prints the astrodynes results in the form of tables or colorful bar charts, pie charts, etc. which may be copied to the clipboard or printed. The Astrodynes program is especially useful to anyone who is doing astrological counselling. By totaling the power of each planet, sign, and house in the native's chart, astrodynes quickly reveal the native's true ruling planet and dominant factors. Astrodynes show the counselor the areas of life in which the native is able to operate most easily and effectively.

The batch processing feature of the new program automates finding power and harmony signatures for logical groups of charts.

More detailed description

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Biorhythms for Windows Professional - $59.00

Upgrade from earlier Biorhythms to Biorhythms for Windows Pro - $35.00

See where you and a loved one are relative to the physical, emotional, and intellectual biorhythm cycles for any day of the month on easy-to-read graphs. Learn when are your critical days. See interpretations (NEW) for different points on the three main cycles. Learn how compatible your cycles are with another's. Print the biorhythm chart for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months at a time. This is a program that you can use forever.

More detailed description and/or download program

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Self Search Pro for Windows- $29.00

This spiritually-oriented psychology report writer program analyzes your personality after you answer 83 multiple choice questions about what you would do in different situations. It prints a detailed list of character traits together with useful suggestions for inner growth and development of your best potentials. The complete personality analysis is from three to five pages long. The program graphically evaluates your answers and displays a comparison of your test scores against group averages in seven personality areas. Includes a license to sell the printed Self Search reports or allow clients to use the Self Search program (limited to the sale of printed (paper) reports - does not permit commercial use of Self Search through on-line (Internet based) collection of questionnaire data. Option to automatically print, with each report, up to nine sets of supplementary information on the seven types.Add your contact info to the top of each report.

More detailed description

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Babylonia 1.3 - $120.00

Program and book for Babylonian astronomy and astrology calculations. Calculates heliacal phases for the moon and planets. Calculates both geocentric and heliocentric positions and points in the planetary orbits such as perihelion and aphelion. Converts between modern dates and different Babylonian calendar dates. Provides horizon visibility and azimuth calculations to assist naked-eye planet observers. The optional $30 60-page book includes 14 photos and around 55 graphics and pictures. Flexible engine for calculating primary directions - the dates of directed planet to angle contacts.

More detailed description

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Placidus 5.1 - $290.00

Price for users of Placidus, v. 4.3 - $80.00

Program for predictive astrology calculations. Subtitle is "The King of Primary Directions." Placidus 5.1 calculates all kinds of authentic primary directions in all traditions: Placidus, Regiomontanus, Campanus and Topocentric. There are three very educational books available either with or without the program at $15 each.

More detailed description

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Placidus 7.0 - $480.00

Price for users of Placidus, v. 6 - $160.00
Price for users of Placidus, v. 5 - $210.00
Price for users of Placidus, v. 4 - $240.00
Price for users of Placidus, v. 3 - $290.00

Version 7.0 of Placidusis still the top program for calculating primary directions, but it includes the extensive Porphyrius Magus module for ancient astrology which can also be purchased stand-alone for $250. New Porphyrius Magus features include The Celestial Pentagram of Venus, The Circle of Petosiris, The Oktatopon, Heliacal Calendar, Paranatellonta, Parapegma, Heliacal phases of stars and planets, 2D images of the zodiac with the stars, and The Hermetic Zodiac with all 3 kinds of projection of the stars (simple, paranatellonta and ortus). Porphyrius Magus will find the Hyleg, Alcocoden, and Almuten of the chart - the astral trinity of Hellenistic, Arab, and Medieval Astrology which are needed in order to do traditional style prognostication. The module can calculate according to the rules of 6 Hellenistic, 3 Arab, and 1 Medieval author: Dorotheus, Rhetorius-Valens, Valens, Ptolemy, Porphyry, Paulus Alexandrinus, Omar Tiberiades, Alchabitius, Abenragel, and Regiomontanus. The graphic interface shows in an organized way the intermediate thought processes that lead from candidacy to final winner for The God's Light (Hyleg), The Guardian Angel (Alcocoden), and The Ego (Almuten) or Ruler planet that most epitomises the Nativity. The module shows whether a planet is in a degree of hays, if it is a solar or lunar doriphoria (or 'spearbearer', a condition of eminence), or in its own bounds according to the Egyptian, Chaldean, and Ptolemaic systems. The dynamic Heliacal Module features heliacal phase calculations which, based on over 300 observations, are more accurate than any other modern source. This program is for the serious researcher who wants to go deep into Ancient, Hellenistic, and Arab Astrology. Rumen Kolev has investigated firsthand ancient Akkadian and Hermetic sources and the medieval Greek and Latin books which have been preserved in the large national libraries of Europe (see his book Gauricus & Henry II - Medieval Astrological Prognosis which is volume 1 of The Primary Directions & History of Astrology series). We are fortunate that he has created the technology to reproduce the calculations in these sources and has made that technology accessible to all in this attractive modern computer program.

Details of Placidus 7.0 with the added Porphyrius Magus module

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Porphyrius Magus, Version 2.0 - $250.00

Price for users of Porphyrius Magus, Version 1.10 - $120.00

Program for doing advanced calculations for ancient, medieval, and Arab astrology. See above.

Details of the Porphyrius Magus module

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TimeSearch - $39.00

This easy-to-use DOS-based astrology research software lets you reverse engineer a horoscope. Specify where you want from one to five planets to be during a search period and it will tell you the times when the planets were in your specified locations. You can also search for a certain aspect or angle between any two planets with a desired orb. Great for researching historical cycles, ancient documents, particular horoscope configurations, or astrological influences on world affairs, stock market, weather, earthquakes, etc. Calculates accurately back to 2,000 B.C. Works fine on Windows XP, but not on Vista or Windows 7.

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Handwriting Analyzer - $39.00

This DOS-based handwriting analysis program lets you analyze a person's personality just from a sample of his or her handwriting. The program presents you with on-screen pictures of the possible styles of different handwriting elements; it uses multiple choice questions to ask which alternatives are most like the style of the subject's handwriting. A 42-page manual guides you through these questions and helps you to interpret the results. The personality as unconsciously revealed through handwriting is graphically analyzed along seven general personality dimensions and along sixteen specific polarities. This program is for personal use only.

More detailed description

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The PC Atlas for Windows, version 2 - $185.
Ver. 2 price for users of The Full PC Atlas for DOS, ver. 1 - $75.00
Ver. 2 price for users of The International PC Atlas, ver. 1 - $120.00
Ver. 2 price for users of The American PC Atlas, ver. 1 - $120.00

These software databases allow you to easily access the same complete longitude, latitude, and time zone changes information that is in the atlas books below, approx. 242,000 cities in both. Allow 7Mb disk space for The American Atlas and 3 1/2Mb for The International Atlas. These Wikipedia databases are now bundled at no extra charge with AstrolDeluxe.

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The American Atlas, Expanded Fifth Edition - $19.95 + shipping

This book is especially helpful if you are just using the hobbyist Astrology for Windows program. It gives you longitude and latitude details for 152,000 American cities, but more importantly it includes tables for finding the time zone in effect on a particular date. Without this information, you could easily calculate a chart that is an hour off.

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The International Atlas, Revised Third Edition - $19.95 + shipping

This book contains longitudes, latitudes, and time zone changes for over 100,000 international cities outside the United States.

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Delineation with Astrodynes, by Ken Stone - $12.00 + shipping

This book contains the kind of ready-made text interpretations which are helpful to a beginner.

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How to Read Cosmodynes, by Doris C. Doane - $12.00 + shipping

This book approaches a chart's astrodynes analytically, and thus is especially helpful to a counselor.

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Between Astrologers & Clients - $21.95 + shipping - out-of-stock

Bob Mulligan's helpful discussion for astrologers with clients of the issues of boundaries, money, communication, dependancy, value of the work, prediction, the practical issue of time, confidentiality, ethical considerations, control, the human issue, and hidden agendas. Has the goal of making you a better astrologer who can offer more benefit to your clients.

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How to Start, Maintain, and Expand an Astrological Practice, by OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology) - $17.95 + shipping

Chapters by Georgia Stathis, Chris McRae, Maureen Ambrose, Mark McDonough, Rick Levine, Robert P. Blaschke, Carole Devine, Michael Munkasey, Ray Merriman, Joanne Wickenburg, David Cochran, and Arlan Wise on such topics as activities to make money and how to present a professional image to your clients. 133 pages, 3rd edition, 2001.

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The Complete Guide to Establishing a Professional Astrological Practice - $4.95 + shipping

Peggy Larson and Chris Rogers introduction to determining if you are cut out to be a professional astrologer, projecting a good image, creating a marketing plan, and practical issues of starting your own practice.

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Additional Shipping for Books

For each four-pound Atlas book include the following additional shipping: U.S., Canada, and Mexico - $5.00 extra; Western Hemisphere - $7.00; Europe - $16.00 extra; Asia/Africa/Pacific Rim - $23.00 extra.

For the other books, on orders from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico add $2.00; on orders from the rest of the Western Hemisphere/Europe/Asia/Africa/Pacific Rim, add $6.00 per book.

Shipping and Sales Tax

For addresses in the U.S., the Priority Mail shipping/handling base price is $6.00. For addresses outside the U.S., the base price for Air Mail shipping/handling is $21.00 (except $17.00 for Canada). Download a zip file of the CD - $15.00. Calif. residents add 9.5% sales tax. We accept payment in the form of a check or money order on a U.S. bank, Paypal, cash by registered mail, or Discover/VISA/MasterCard/American Express.

AstrolDeluxe Platinum and AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter come entirely on one custom-made CD-ROM disk, and the customer's interpretation sets are added to that same CD. New add-on orders can be sent either on a single CD or by downloadable zip file. It is best that the customer have a CD of the AstrolDeluxe program for installation to current and new computers, but for $15 and mainly international customers I will archive a customer's custom-made CD to a zip file that can be uploaded and downloaded. Occasionally a domestic customer is not willing to acquire an external drive. See this page for info about getting an external DVD/CD drive for computers lacking a built-in drive.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee (less 9%).

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