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Do you like shopping on Amazon? Many people do. Amazon has done a lot to improve the buyer's shopping experience. Amazon provides high-quality pictures of the products and Amazon creates buyer confidence with its informative customer reviews. Now, Amazon is showing its shoppers what high-quality astrology software looks like. Shoppers can now browse detailed images from AstrolDeluxe Platinum and AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter in order to discover what to expect from good astrology software. They can also click to look at high-resolution images of interpretation pages from 17 report add-ons.

It is still the first listing week, so there are not yet any buyer statistics for Halloran Software's products. You can contribute to public confidence by making purchases and by writing informative reviews.

AstrolDeluxe Platinum.
AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter.
LifeTrends transits reports.
Journey Progressions reports.
Journey Returns solar return reports.
StarMatch synastry-based compatibility reports.
Composite Couples compatibility reports.
Personal Path natal reports.
Personal Path natal reports in Spanish.
Halloran Chiron interpretations.
Moon's Node aspect interpretations.
Black Moon Lilith aspect interpretations.
Minor Square aspect interpretations.
Halloran Aspect Patterns reports.
Journey Careers natal reports.
Kid Zone child natal reports.
Kid Zone with Sun/Moon child natal reports.
Kid Zone Combo child natal reports.
Classic British Astro Reports.
Geo Names Atlas.
Automated Statistical Research CD.

The only item not listed is the set of male/female Declination Aspect interpretations, because they are not yet shipping. I am working now on Jupiter parallel the Midheaven, which is a perfect example of real astrology - of the 22 occupational categories, the highest ranking, at 5.49%, is Politician, where the next ranked category for Jupiter parallel the Midheaven, at 4.14%, is Healer. Of the 1002 politicians in Gauquelin's Politico collection, 55 have Jupiter parallel the Midheaven, but significantly fewer have Jupiter parallel the Ascendant, only 24. Hereditary rulers such as King George VI and Emperor Akihito also had Jupiter closely parallel the Midheaven, within 0d 06m. These people are driven by their charts to make a difference in the public world, as represented by the Midheaven.

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