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The most frequent problem that users contact me about is caused by an insufficient Windows permission level, which will give error 75. To fix it, right click on the icon for the astrology program and select Run as Administrator. Try this if you get error 75, Path/File Access Error, when you go to open a saved chart. You normally just have to do this once.

On the AstrolDeluxe CD, you may notice a folder called EditInterpretationsForComputersWithOneGigOrMoreOfRAM. You can run the setup.exe in this folder in order to be able to edit interpretations on a computer with 1 Gigabyte or more of RAM memory.

Version 8 fixes the problem where users with 64-bit versions of Windows could sometimes find that the CD autoplay program would not start. They got a system registry error message and didn't get the autoplay screen with the Saturn picture and the button choices to Install AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter and Install Add-Ons. If the Autoplay program does not start, you can bypass it by right-clicking on the CD drive icon and selecting Explore. Then scroll down to and run the setup.exe. I completely updated the Troubleshooting Section of the version 8 manual, saying how to overcome various problems or issues specific to your computer.

If you have any trouble in Windows 7 or newer versions of Windows, you can open the Program Compatibility troubleshooter by right-clicking a program's icon or shortcut and then clicking Troubleshoot compatibility. If part of a caption is cut off on the Natal Information screen, here is a page of solutions.

If your page display is very long and falls outside the range of your physical screen area at the bottom, with nothing that you do allowing you to see the whole screen, then the cause is probably the following:

With Windows 7 Pro, the Display option on the Control Panel has three different settings for the Letters and Font Size. Here are the three different settings below, as I had it set to Larger - 150% to make it a little easier to read, and reset it to Medium - 125% (Default) to fix the issue:

* Smaller - 100%
* Medium - 125%
* Larger - 150%

If you have 64-bit Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 and want to run the hobbyist-level Astrology for Windows program, version 3 of that program is finally available for download. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers. See the Astrology for Windows description.

Add a collection of 30 more asteroids, including trans-Neptunian objects, to the 53 that come with version 8 of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter. To see the names of the 53 included asteroids, click here.

To see the names of the 30 asteroids/objects which the download will add to your program, click here. The files for Sedna (90377) come on the version 8 CD. All of these objects will be calculated to one-minute accuracy for the time period 1800 A.D. to 2100 A.D when you click on Display, Asteroids. The Research module towards the end of the Options menu now lets you find charts that have a particular asteroid in aspect to a planet in your collection of saved charts, including the famous32.cht file of 5100 famous charts (search is on the Search Two tab, By Aspect).

Click to download the self-extracting collection of 30 additional asteroids. When you run the self-extracting program, it will give you the opportunity to unzip the collection into the c:\winastro\asteroid\ folder on your hard disk.

The KidZone and KidZone with Sun/Moon natal interpretation sets were missing sign placement delineations for Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Taurus, and Neptune in Pisces. You can download a program that will add the four missing delineations to your old versions 1 and 2 child natal interpretation set (the adult natal interpretation sets already have these delineations and so do the version 3 KidZone Combo interpretations). To update your KidZone interpretation file, download and run this file and click on its Unzip button.

There is a time zones update for the PC Atlas that is bundled with versions 7 and 8.0 of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter. We can thank programmer Ray White at Astrolabe for creating this update. It corrects some errors and tries to extend the time changes into the future at least until 2015. To update the PC Atlas timezone histories from versions 7 and 8 of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, apply this compressed executable file. If you have version 8.1 or newer of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter then you do not need this download.

I have gotten a report that the above update also successfully updated the time zone changes tables in the older PC Atlas that is bundled with versions 6.0 - 6.3 of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter. At the bottom of your ACS Atlas Lookup form in AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter there is a Table button that will let you see all the past and future time zone changes for any selected location.

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