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Program Title: Astrology for Windows (AST4WIN)

Version: 3.0

Program Description:

Astrology for Windows is a comprehensive astrology program that does astrological calculations as well as interpretation reports, that can be in different world languages. It accurately calculates and displays the positions of the planets and houses in either the Tropical or Sidereal zodiac and seven house systems over approximately 8,000 years. Users can save calculated birth charts for review, change, or comparison with other charts. The program displays two types of graphic wheels, including one showing interactive aspect lines as well as aspect patterns, which the program detects. Users can easily look at their current transits or examine astrological compatibility between people's charts. Astrology for Windows includes calculation of solar and lunar returns, transits lists, and composite charts.

Version 3 features the powerful Yellow Book Atlas with time zone change histories going back to World War II for 250 countries and 9,000 cities. There are interactive maps of the World, U.S., and Europe. The program includes the minor planet Chiron and the moon's true nodes. It comes with the 40-page Classic British Astro Report for interpreting single charts and the Soul Healing Transits Report to do chronological reports that interpret the transiting aspects. Reports can generate to pdf Adobe Reader file format or to html web browser format.

Astrology for Windows is customizable and very easy to use - it features a standard Windows interface and context-sensitive, on-line help. The Windows Help includes an introduction to astrology chapter and bibliography. From the Help Menu one runs a separate demo program showing the additional features of the commercial AstrolDeluxe for Windows on which this program is based. All program text is in an editable file, allowing Astrology for Windows to be easily localized for different languages and countries. Users can presently choose at the end of installation from 15 world languages - the English, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, French, Italian, Czech, Romanian, Finnish, German, Russian, Slovakian, and Polish languages.

Intended User: Astrology hobbyists.

While we have been selling the 32-bit version 2.5 on CD since 2009, version 3 is the first Internet-downloadable version to update Astrology for Windows from 16-bit to 32-bit, enabling the download to run on everything from Windows 98 to 64-bit Windows 10. The electronic Help file has been converted from *.hlp format to *.chm format, making it unnecessary for the Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10 user to download the engine to read *.hlp files from Microsoft's website. The Europe and World map files have been replaced by the newer and politically up-to-date maps created in 2002 for AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter.

The major improvement for version 3 is the addition of the Yellow Book Atlas with reliable time zone observance histories going back to World War II for 9,000 cities in 250 countries. Future time zone changes can be automatically incorporated through a menu selection for Internet download. Without having a time changes atlas such as the Yellow Book Atlas provides, the astrologer can guess wrong what time zone a city observed in the past, including daylight saving, which will make a subject's astrology chart incorrect.

Version 3 also adds the ability to generate the included Classic British natal and Soul Healing transits interpretation reports, to list and see all of a chart's aspect patterns, and create a composite chart, including a chart for two people and the triad chart with one's parents, which acts like a second birth chart that can say for what purpose the child was born. As a program user, you can easily develop your own interpretation sets and use the program to immediately create reports from them (you can also have Halloran Software pay you for permission to resell your work to all the program users). For sale now to registered program users for $75 each: Halloran Software's most popular adult natal report, the Personal Path natal (in English pdf or English html), the LifeTrends transits (in English pdf or English html), and the Personal Path natal in good quality Spanish pdf or Spanish html.

Improvements over Halloran Software's ASTROL96, The Public Domain Astrology Program for DOS: High resolution color graphics, nicely formatted printing, biwheel of two charts, greatly expanded city lists and higher resolution maps, list of world time zones, can enter data to the second, sun is calculated to an accuracy of one arc-second and moon to five arc-seconds, has Chiron and moon's true nodes, calculates solar and lunar return charts, has context-sensitive help and an introduction to astrology.

This is a reliable, very accurate, and easy to use astrology calculation program. Halloran Software has been creating astrology software since 1985 and has been selling Windows astrology software since 1992.

Program capacity or limitations:

Astrology for Windows is distributed as freeware, with no requirement to ever register it. The program will calculate and display an unlimited number of accurate charts for any place or time. The tabular displays of positions and aspects may be printed for all charts. However, registration does bring additional benefits such as the ability to save more than just 100 birth charts to file, delete charts, make use of the maps of the United States and Europe, print (or copy to the clipboard) the color graphic wheels for more than saved chart number one, and calculate the list of transits for more than saved chart number one.

Version 2.5 and 3.0 improvements

As above, starting with the conversion from 16-bit to 32-bit, which enabled the program to run on new 64-bit computers.

System requirements

16 Mb RAM recommended, Windows 98 or higher.

How to start the program: (See installation instructions below.)

Click on Start, Programs, Halloran Software and select the moon icon item to run Astrology for Windows. You can put this shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking it and from the pop-up menu select Send To and Desktop.

Download and Installation Instructions

Click to download your own copy of the Astrology for Windows program, version 3.0 - astwin30.zip, a 6.76Mb zip archive of a Windows program that is compatible with everything from 32-bit Windows 98 to 64-bit Windows 7, 8, or 10. First, Save the zip file to your computer, Open and extract the six files to a folder. You will see the setup.exe file with a computer icon next to it. To avoid the bad experience of setup becoming frozen, temporarily disable your anti-virus program, such as Avast, by right-clicking on its icon in your system tray and selecting to disable for 10 minutes in the control option (not necessary with Microsoft Security Essentials). Then install Astrology for Windows by double-clicking on setup.exe. The final step of the setup will allow you to choose in which of 15 world languages you want the program. In the future, you will find Astrology for Windows at Start, Programs, Halloran Software. You can always remove it at Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.

Version 3 will still work with your previous saved charts from version 1 or 2, but it will overwrite the old program. Version 3 is a much better program - the $45 version 3 registration codes have changed from the old $26.50 version 1 and 2 registration codes No one is required to register Astrology for Windows, but there are benefits to doing so and previous customers can re-register at a discount.

Registration fee: US$45.00

(Previous customers: US$35.00)

Materials or services that come with registration:

Registration code that opens additional features; addition to mailing list for update notices; technical support phone number.

The $45 registration codes are new with version 3 - the old $26.50 registration codes from versions 1 and 2 are incompatible with Astrology for Windows, version 3.

List of program files and one-line description of each file:

ASTWIN30.TXT - This file.
READTHIS.TXT - Instructions for installing Astrology for Windows.
AST4WIN.EXE - Astrology calculation program.
ASTTEXT.INI - All program text is externalized to this editable file.
TRANSLAT.TXT - Table of captions arranged by menu for the translator.
ASTTEXT.ENG - English language program text file.
ASTTEXT.SPA - Spanish language program text file, by Rafael Corrales.
ASTTEXT.NOR - Norwegian language program text file, by Hallvard Oestrem.
ASTTEXT.NED - Dutch language program text file, by Nick Zwart.
ASTTEXT.POR - Portugese language program text file, by Pedro Macedo.
ASTTEXT.SWE - Swedish language program text file, by Anders Kihlström
and Per Malare.
ASTTEXT.ITA - Italian language program text file, by G.L. Proverbio.
ASTTEXT.FRA - French language program text file, by Lionel Ancelet.
ASTTEXT.CZE - Czech language program text file, by Tomas Drahokoupil.
ASTTEXT.ROM - Romanian language program text file, by Ghiocel Balan.
ASTTEXT.FIN - Finnish language program text file, by Kari Seppälä.
ASTTEXT.GER - German language program text file, by Matthias Liesenhoff.
ASTTEXT.SLK - Slovak language program text file, by Laco Filo.
ASTTEXT.POL - Polish language program text file, by Mieczyslaw Turlinski.
ASTTEXT.RUS - Russian language program text file, by Alexei Kornilov.
AST4WIN.CHM - Windows Help file has complete manual.
ADDEMO.EXE - Stand-alone demo of additional features in AstrolDeluxe.
DELTAT.WST - Table of Delta t time difference corrections.
STABBR.INI - List of state and country name abbreviations.
ATLASYB.DLL - Yellow Book Atlas Library, design by Jamie Longstreet.
DICRYPTOSYS.DLL - Library for uncompressing atlas and interpretation files.
FLY2PDF.DLL - Library for writing interpretation reports to pdf files.
AUSCIT.WST - City list for Australia.
CANCIT.WST - City list for Canada.
EUROCIT.WST - City list for Europe.
USCIT1.WST - City list for part of United States.
USCIT2.WST - City list for part of United States.
USCIT3.WST - City list for part of United States.
WORLDCIT.WST - City list for the rest of the world.
EUROPE.BMP - VGA map image of Europe.
USA.RLE - VGA map image of United States.
WORLD.BMP - VGA map image of World.
CLASSIC.HRO - Interpretations for the Classic British Astro Report.
SOULTRAN.HRO - Interpretations for the Soul Healing Transits Report.
HHCTRL.OCX - HTML Help control.
HH.EXE - a small executable that loads and starts hhctrl.ocx.
ITIRCL.DLL - Library for Microsoft HTML Help.
ITSS.DLL - Microsoft InfoTech Storage System Library.
COMDLG32.OCX - Windows common dialog control.
MSCOMCTL.OCX - Windows common controls library.
MSCOMCT2.OCX - Windows common controls 2 library.
MSFLXGRD.OCX - Microsoft FlexGrid control.
VSOCX.OCX - VideoSoft elastic form control.
THREED32.OCX - Sheridan Controls library used to create AstrolDeluxe demo.
HSC3032.DLL - Astronomical calculations library.
MBFIEE32.DLL - Library to convert old Microsoft Binary format files
WININET.DLL - Library to allow updated atlas file downloads.
ZLIB.DLL - Library supports on-the-fly file compression/uncompression.
LANGINST.EXE - Program which allows foreign language selection and adds to the Windows desktop the revised name icon for Astrology for Windows.

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The order form is where you can pay the $45 either by credit card or PayPal in order to receive download instructions and your registration password by e-mail. To pay through Paypal, make sure that you supply the e-mail address that Paypal has for you and check the Paypal option (you should receive an invoice from the Paypal website within a day).

The web site order form is where you can also add modern, professional reports to Astrology for Windows, including, for $75 each, the very complete and well-written Personal Path natal (in English), Personal Path natal in Spanish, and LifeTrends transits (in English) reports. Depending upon what program users like yourself develop, more good quality reports may become available in the future.

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