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This is a set of 122 interpretations for Chiron (pronounced ky'-rahn), delineating the 12 sign and 12 house placements and the aspects to the planets, including to the Ascendant and Midheaven. The aspects include the 0d conjunction, 180d opposition, 120d trine, 90d square, 60d sextile, 150d inconjunct, 45d semi-square, and 135d sesquiquadrate. These are the aspects for which I was able to find strong signatures in the biographies of the 5200 famous people in the AstrolDeluxe collection.

For the sign and house placements, I focused on people in whose charts Chiron has a lot of strength (by virtue of being angular and/or by having a lot of aspects). For the aspects, I focused on people who have the aspect exact, starting with those people where the aspect is within 1/10 of a degree.

One of the things that I have learned is that Chiron is not just about healing. Healing is actually just a subset of the more general concept of growth. Chiron is so important because growth is one of the main purposes for which we are born.

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise have multiple close Chiron aspects. An extreme case of Chiron-inspired rapid growth is actress Alicia Witt, who was a child prodigy. Click to see the unusual number of close Chiron aspects in each of their charts.

 Celebrity Chart

 Celebrity Chart

 Celebrity Chart

I found the biographies that Lois Rodden wrote for her Astrodatabank especially helpful for this research job because Lois included so many descriptive adjectives and relevant personal details. You may find interesting the following quote that I found in the Help for the Astrodatabank -- "the charts of famous people (who are easier to read because they use their planets so well)."

This implies that people can express and utilize the planetary energies of their charts to varying degrees. Famous people tend to be active risk takers who are busy exploring life's potentialities. A passive young person is unlikely to have tried something in all the areas represented by the 12 houses, and has not yet experienced all the ways that their chart's planetary energies manifest. Many famous people experienced a painful Chironic setback in their youth, which had the effect of stimulating their minds to become aware of a larger world, in which they decided to become active.

Sample Chiron Interpretations

Here are two samples that show how the aspect interpretations will appear in reports:

Jupiter square Chiron (Strength: 5.54)

You have great potential. You are capable of gradually evolving into a magnificent person. Your business intuition is excellent. You are capable of self-discipline to an unusual degree. You are probably hyper-active -- incapable of standing still. You can hold strong religious views. You donate generously to the less fortunate. You could be subject to unusual limitations, prejudice, or even confinement at some point. Not everyone understands the creative power that is within you. Your talent is a way for you to fight and defeat the limitations. You are an honest person, true to yourself, not shackled into being politically correct. You do not judge people by superficialities, but you respond to what is inside a person.

Pluto opposite Chiron (Strength: 3.31)

This aspect gives you an unusual amount of personal power. Both men and women with this aspect are usually attracted to and could excel at sports. Women with this aspect seem to be attracted to athletic or powerful men. You have the ability to start new activities, to act as a social leader. You are a deep and ingenious thinker. You are not a stranger to the grimy or unpleasant side of life. You could desire to serve humanity, but don't let yourself unconsciously play the victim. You are capable of reinventing and reforming yourself. Most people think that you are a pretty cool person.

Chiron in trine aspect to Neptune heightens the native's charisma and optimistic emotionality. Actors Tom Cruise and Doris Day, the number one all time male and female movie stars, were both born with Neptune closely trine Chiron. Rock Hudson, who won the Golden Globe Award in 1959, 1960, 1961, and 1962 for World Film Favorite - Male, does not have as many Chiron aspects, but his Neptune trine Chiron is so exact that its orb is just 0d 2m. Click to see the Chiron aspects in each of their charts.

 Celebrity Chart

 Celebrity Chart

 Celebrity Chart

I did not know what to expect from the 45d semi-square and 135d sesquiquadrate, since these are minor aspects, but I found them to have strong Chiron signatures. So I took additional time to write interpretations for these aspects. The interpretations were easy to write because the influence was so strong. I have since changed the default orbs for those two minor aspects in AstrolDeluxe to match the wider natal aspect orbs for the 150d inconjunct aspect.

A search of known birth time charts for Saturn sesquiquadrate Chiron with the orb set to a tight 0.30 degrees gave the following six people: Maya Angelou, Joseph Bernardin, Chelsea Clinton, Andrew Greeley, Oral Roberts, and Dick Van Patten.

Of these six, Joseph Bernardin and Andrew Greeley were both wonderful Catholic priests, Oral Roberts was a minister with a strong religious calling, and Maya Angelou was a writer known for spiritual advice.

It was only the 135d sesquiquadrate or tri-octile to Saturn that gave this particular signature, not the 45d semi-square. I ended up writing different interpretations for the two aspects, based on what I saw in the biographies.

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