Ebertin's Life Diagram and Progressed Declinations

Version 9.5 of AstrolDeluxe Platinum adds the progressed Life Diagram that Reinhold Ebertin developed in 1968. On the Options menu, I changed Moving Graphic Ephemeris to have four submenus: Transit Ephemeris, Progressed Ephemeris, Declination Ephemeris, and Progressed Declinations. The Transit Ephemeris has the original Moving Graphic Ephemeris function and the Progressed Ephemeris does the new Life Diagram. A chart must be selected in the Saved Charts listbox, or else Progressed Ephemeris and Progressed Declinations will be grayed out. Unless you click on the Prog Type button, which brings up the Progress Chart selections form, the Start button will begin to draw planet lines for major progressions starting from the birth date. About 80 years worth of major or Secondary Progressions will fit on the screen.

In cosmobiology, Ebertin focused on aspect angles of 0, 180, 90, 45, and 135 degrees. The 45-degree graphic ephemeris collapses the natal planet positions, indicated by horizontal lines coming from the right side of the graph, so that any of these five hard aspects is indicated by a progressed planet line crossing or intersecting a natal planet line on the graph. Ebertin says that for the swiftly moving planets, a condition can start to develop one or two years before the aspect is exact, while for the slower moving planets it can develop as much as ten years before the aspect is exact. Chapter 8 of Ebertin's 408-page final book, Astrological Healing, has over 100 pages devoted to Case Studies using the Life Diagram. The advantage of the Life Diagram is that the astrologer can visually see when in the life a hard aspect will apply and when it will be over.

Life Diagram for OJ Simpson

It is interesting to note in OJ Simpson's Life Diagram how progressed Mars can be seen to form a hard aspect to natal Neptune in 1994, the year of the Simpson murders. But that is not all. Note how progressed Jupiter gradually moves away from the Midheaven and progressed Saturn moves to conjoin the Midheaven. Saturn is the planet of restriction and OJ has been held in a Nevada prison since 2008.

The time span will be similar if you select Solar Arc Directions at Prog Type, since solar arc directions move every planet at the rate of the progressed Sun's longitude. Solar Arc Direction contacts to planets in the natal chart can be very accurate for timing events. Ebertin used both major Progressions and Solar Arc Directions. Ebertin also looked at the graph of progressed declinations, so I added declination graphs to version 9.5. When doing the progressed declination graph, there is no Prog Type choice for Solar Arc Directions because of the fluctuating nature of declination calculations - if you calculate the major progressed chart for the 30th birthday of a person born on December 6, 15 days before the solstice, the Sun's declination will seem not to have moved at all since birth, still being at 22 S 35. That is because the progressed Sun reached its maximum declination of 23 S 26 around the 15th birthday, and then slowly retreated from that maximum, so the Sun's progressed declination is not useful for directing other planets.

You can also select Minor Progressions or Tertiary Progressions, but those involve more cycles in a given time span, so they let you change the starting date and year to be later than the birth date at the Prog Type screen. Ebertin liked to view the progressed planets, Ascendant, and Midheaven making contacts to the natal points against the background of a 45-degree graphic ephemeris - if you want to duplicate that, the form lets you select and apply a harmonic of 8.

Progressed Declinations Life Diagram

The progressed declinations of the planets, that range over a smaller area, are more likely to divide the life up into activity time segments, measured in years, more so than you see with the progressed longitudes, that range over 360 degrees, that tend to produce shorter duration events. Progressed declination planets are capable of rising to a maximum and leveling out in a straight line for many years, which can result in the native pursuing a consistent activity during that time, as characterized by whatever natal planet lines are in the same vicinity. If the progressed declination line is that of Venus, the parallel natal planets can describe one's marriage partner. No planetary influence stays in effect forever, however, which is why the life tends to divide up into segments. Every person's life has a unique outline and so does each person's declination graph.

Declination Life Diagram for Donald Trump

More Than Just Donald's Love Life

There are many correlations between Donald Trump's Declination Life Diagram and his life. Look at the correlation between his Venus line and his three marriages. Donald married Ivana at Easter in 1977 and she gave birth to his first son, Donald Jr., on December 31, 1977. The importance of that time for him is shown by Venus crossing parallel to the natal Ascendant, Mercury crossing parallel to natal Mars, and the Sun crossing parallel to natal Saturn - all shown at the start of 1978 on the graph. Then, twelve years later, the declination graph shows Venus crossing contraparallel to natal Jupiter around 1990. Donald met Marla Maples in 1989, their relationship became public in 1990, and Ivana left in 1991. Venus contraparallel Jupiter manifested as a time of extravagant self-indulgence. Marla gave birth to Tiffany in October 1993. Donald and Marla separated in 1997. Then around the end of the decade progressed Venus and Mars both approached the equator and went from North to South. There Venus and Mars first crossed contraparallel and then parallel to natal Neptune at 1 South. In 1998 Donald met Melania, a refined photography model, corresponding to the nature of Neptune. They engaged to marry when the graph shows Venus in its final crossing parallel to natal Neptune in 2004.

Many other correlations can be seen. Mars crossed contraparallel to natal Jupiter in 1982, an active year in which Donald supervised completion of Trump Tower. Mercury started to run parallel within half a degree of the natal Ascendant in 1986 - Donald came out with his first book, The Art of the Deal, in 1987. In 2003 progressed Mercury paralleled the progressed Sun and Donald began his TV show The Apprentice. Serious career responsibilities started in late 2016 because the progressed Midheaven dropped down to parallel progressed Saturn -- the declinations of Saturn and the Midheaven were just 0 degrees 4 minutes apart on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017. The progressed Sun will cross contraparallel to the progressed Ascendant in early 2018 -- I need to research if this has any meaning other than a time to have the self shine.

The Parallel and Contraparallel aspects shown by the crossing lines of the new progressed declination graph can be duplicated by calculating a progressed chart for a particular date and then looking at Display, Declination Aspects to get progressed to progressed aspects or by comparing the progressed chart to the natal chart for the biwheel and looking at Display, Declination Synastry to get progressed to natal aspects. You do not need the very latest AstrolDeluxe in order to do this. Using any AstrolDeluxe, if you progress the 3 PM birthtime chart for President John F. Kennedy to November 22, 1963, using the default Midheaven rate of Solar Arc (in longitude), either of the above techniques will show you that on that date, with a close orb of 0d 2m, the progressed Ascendant was Contraparallel Pluto. The graph confirms this result by showing the Ascendant and Pluto lines intersecting in late 1963.

So you do not need the Life Diagrams in order to get results. The diagrams just make it much easier to see an overview of a life's major aspects and times.

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