Elon Musk complete astrology report

The biography by Isaacson now provides a 7:30 AM birth time for Elon Musk -- referenced at the AstroDatabank web site. Having a birth time increases the accuracy of the Vocational Rankings that were added with version 10.1.

Elon Musk's top vocational rankings

As an active user and now owner of Twitter, Elon Musk has been living his life in the public eye. This makes Elon Musk a good candidate for a sample natal interpretation report designed to let prospective report users around the world evaluate the strength of such a report's astrological delineations.

Astrologers are in competition to provide their clients with reports that are filled with the most accurate information. Since astrology software users are essentially franchisees of the astrology software developer, it is in the software developer's interest to ensure that his products are as complete, up-to-date, and competitive as possible. Halloran Software's most recent report, In The Beginning, draws upon a total of 2,900 male and female delineations for planetary aspects and placements. Our previous top-of-the-line report, Personal Path, only drew upon 758 delineations, and did not cover some very significant influences. It can take years to determine exactly how the many possible planetary aspects manifest, which furthermore turns out to be different for men and women. The result is that I have created two independent sets of 1,450 delineations, one for males and one for females, which the AstrolDeluxe program selects at the time of generating the report. There are also two different spelling sets - one for customers who prefer American English spelling and another for customers who prefer British English spelling.

You can scroll down past the Signs and Houses section to see where the Planets in Aspect section shows just delineations for the closest and strongest 20 aspects. Another 20 aspects could have been included as still being within orb, but as the aspects become less exact and weaker, their delineations tend to apply more to other people.

See the sample Elon Musk In The Beginning report in American English spelling.

Here is a sample female In The Beginning report for Queen Elizabeth II in British English spelling.

The most recent add-ons are well-researched interpretations for 300 Saturn M/F aspects, 300 Uranus M/F aspects, 300 Neptune M/F aspects, and 300 Pluto M/F aspects. It is the only report that includes separate male and female interpretations and new research conducted over the last seven years into planetary aspects involving the Moon's Nodes, Chiron, the Black Moon Lilith, the East Point, the 45-degree and 135-degree aspects, and all of the declination parallel and contraparallel aspects.

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