Richard Feynman and Declination Aspects

Scientists are celebrating the anniversary of Richard Feynman's birth on May 11, 1918. Feynman was a CalTech physicist who was famous for curiosity and asking questions. Scientists may celebrate the memory of Feynman's magical abilities, but they are completely in the dark about the source of those abilities. Astrologers who use declinations can see that Feynman was born when Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto were all in parallel to each other at 19 degrees North of the celestial equator. The hard-nosed investigative reporter Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes had abilities similar to Feynman and he shared the same outer planet declination aspects, being born just two days earlier, on May 9, 1918.

listing of planetary declinations for Richard Feynman

Science News writes about Feynman, "It was not curiosity alone that made Feynman a legend. His approach to physics and life incorporated a willful disdain for authority. He regularly disregarded bureaucratic rules, ignored expert opinion and was willing to fearlessly criticize the most eminent of other scientists." These qualities can be found in other people who had the same declination aspects as Feynman, as synthesized in the following interpretations by Halloran.

Declination Aspects

Saturn parallel Neptune (Orb: 0° 00')

With this aspect you retain your youthful sense of wonder. You find things that interest and amuse you in everyday life. You tend to be an adventurous humanist who stays on the forefront of culture. You could look at science or business with a fresh perspective that makes it interesting and fun. You could modernize and rescue a failing business. You are probably acquainted with many people. Many successful athletes are born with this aspect, so it must benefit your perceptiveness, spontaneous action, or hand-eye coordination. You can become very adept as an airplane pilot, which is the highest ranked frequency vocation for this aspect. You could become popular for your videos on YouTube - a modern-day equivalent to disc jockey. You might have talent as a lawyer, architect, or chessmaster.


Neptune parallel Pluto (Orb: 0° 05')

This aspect heightens the higher mind and awareness. You are unlikely to lead a narrow or sheltered life. You were probably an avid reader. You have a broad viewpoint. You explore and ask questions. You can figure out how to make money from your curiosity and from your rich imagination. You could find a way to paint enlightening pictures of life for the public, as a reporter, poet, illustrator, photographer, actor, musician, or writer. You can also make the connection between money and political influence. You can bring back the results of your scientific exploration. You can travel and be a citizen of the world. This rare aspect occurred in 2006 and before that in 1918. Vocations that frequently occur with the aspect include the military, pilot, scientist, painter, musician, actor, writer, and teacher.


Saturn parallel Pluto (Orb: 0° 05')

You are efficient with the use of your resources. You can make a little go a long way. You don't waste effort on fluff or inessentials. When you are working, you stay focused on the main objective, which is to make money, so that you can enjoy the rest of your life. You do not make the mistake of confusing your work life with your real life, which you keep separate. You could easily adapt to a disciplined job such as research scientist. Saturn wants to know how the world works and Pluto is always pushing to discard the past and realize the future. This can cause you to make discoveries and inventions. In the field of music, you could redefine and renovate your genre. Both planets tend to be austere and frugal. This could cause you to have some harsh life experiences. The most frequent vocations found with this aspect include pilot, musician, the military, scientist, painter, actor, engineer/mechanic, and athlete.


Venus contraparallel BlackMoon (Orb: 0° 11')

With this aspect, you think for yourself. You can be an irreverent nonconformist. You will go beyond what is expected for a person of your background. You do not see the social limits that most people see. This makes you open to new opportunities. You tend to have empathy for all peoples who feel different or who are oppressed with limits. You are an observer of life and human nature. You can be on a search for meaning. Your thinking will be influenced by those acquaintances for whom you have the most personal respect. You tend to be inventive. Money can flow freely through your fingers. Congenial vocations can include psychotherapist and astrologer.


Moon parallel Jupiter (Orb: 0° 23')

With this aspect, you learn easily and can teach yourself. You can develop your own niche, your own style. Your expansive interests and individuality can inspire others. You could be well liked for an easygoing nature and a willingness to consider the opinions of others. You are a social person who relishes powerful company. You probably maintain a variety of interests and activities. You could over-indulge in alcohol. You could excel as an engineer, actor, lawyer, athlete, or politician.

So what do you think? Am I correct? Are the similar planetary declinations in the charts of Richard Feynman and Mike Wallace related to the tendency that both of them had to ask a lot of questions?

If you think that they are, then you should add Halloran's Separate male and female Declination Parallels and Contraparallels interpretations to your arsenal so that you can include a similar declination section in the natal interpretation reports that you generate.

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