George Soros - Strongest Astrological Aspects

George Soros has been in the news. I ran his Personal Path natal report with all my new interpretations. Here are his strongest aspects:

Planets in Aspect

Sun square Chiron (Strength: 7.69)

With this challenging aspect, the universe is pushing you to become more conscious. The aspect challenges you to grow. Look primarily at the house position of the Sun for the area of increased consciousness, particularly if the Sun is near a house cusp. Growth can also occur along the lines of favorable aspects to the Sun. It is best for growth if there is a healthy mix of supportive aspects and challenging aspects such as this one.

You are good at implementing an action plan. You challenge or flaunt conventional behavior and values. You prefer experimental ventures to established operations that might be too restrictive and authoritarian. People might think you brilliant but scattered. You succeed by channeling all of your love, everything that you have, into what you do. You have an inner reserve, a depth of thought and feeling, that transforms you when you call upon it. Your philosophy is, "You can't stay put. The world is constantly changing. I'm open to anything - and that's how I've met so many beautiful people and had so many incredible experiences."

Mars trine BlackMoon (Strength: 6.48)

This intensifies your mentality, giving it a sharp focus. You can take problems as a personal affront. You do not accept defeat. You can be resourceful and inventive. You are a tireless worker. Your mind is open to modern methods. You could be involved with the military, but hold more liberal or modern views than many of your colleagues. You may be quick to laugh in camaraderie with others. You are likely to be well-liked. You treat people with courtesy and respect. You could be handsome, tall, and sing baritone. You could make a fortunate marriage, although once married you may not be the most loving or sensitive husband. Living a celibate existence is not your thing.

Sun opposite BlackMoon (Strength: 6.13)

When it comes to human experience, you have seen more than most. Few people know the real you because there are so many sides to your nature. It is a question as to which side you let come out in a given place and time. You are multi-faceted and multi-talented. You could channel your passions into poetry and art. You grew up with a need to feel worthy and you did what was necessary in order to receive positive attention. This aspect gives you plenty of guts and energy. You look for challenges, are willing to take chances, and are not stuck in the past.

Mars parallel Jupiter (Strength: 5.36)

With this aspect, your forte is spontaneous, improvisational action. You act in the moment, sometimes without knowing what you are doing. You react to opportunity. You can navigate in a chaotic environment. You are more impulsive than reflective. You take risks. Following the rules is not who you are. You can challenge oppressive authority. You have a drive to expand - it causes you to continually test the limits of what you can get away with. You do not avoid confrontation. You could have a high-spending lifestyle. You will probably stay mentally alert to the end. The top vocations for this aspect are actor, businessman, and classroom teacher.

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