Graphic Aspectarian

AstrolDeluxe Platinum, version 9.2, now comes with a Graphic Aspectarian feature under Options. You can choose one month or one year. The Aspectarian will be for the planets overhead, for the aspects between the moving planets, unless you have selected a chart in the Saved Charts listbox and you click the form's box to Use selected chart. The calculations can be in Heliocentric if you have that Zodiac selected. Financial astrologers often consider heliocentric aspects in addition to the usual geocentric aspects.

The Graphic Aspectarian summarizes the weather, which can be harmonious or discordant, affecting a particular planet over time, by using different colors for the aspect lines. Intensity is shown by varying the thickness of the lines. The Graphic Aspectarian adds up all the aspect lines for each day for a particular aspected planet and shows a colorful summary of varying thickness in a row for that planet. You can scroll down on the form in order to see every one of the aspected planets, their summaries, and the aspects made by each of your selected aspecting planets. Depending upon your selections, there can be up to 18 aspected planets. If you click on the Collapse button, the individual aspects will disappear, leaving just the colorful aspect summary lines for each planet and one big colorful aspect summary row at the top. The Graphic Aspectarian feature makes it easy to see at a glance the nature and power of the aspects for a particular date, either for the world in general or for a particular individual.

Geocentric Graphic Aspectarian for One Year

This shows a Geocentric Graphic Aspectarian for one year. When you are in the AstrolDeluxe Platinum program, the vertical scroll bar on the right lets you scroll down to see all of the aspected planets. You can print this long form, but it will automatically be divided between two printed pages. You can also save this aspectarian to any type of graphic image file.

Collapsed Aspect Summaries for One Year

This shows the result of clicking on the Collapse button. You are now looking at just the synthesized summaries of the aspect energy to each planet. The program can print this form in Landscape mode.

Geocentric Graphic Aspectarian for One Month for John Halloran

This shows a Geocentric Graphic Aspectarian for one month for a selected person's chart. The aspects are from the moving aspecting planets to the aspected planets in the saved chart.

Collapsed Aspect Summaries for One Month for John Halloran

This shows the result of clicking on the Collapse button. You can see at a glance the type and degree of astral plane weather that the person will experience on a given date.

Heliocentric Graphic Aspectarian for One Month

This shows a Heliocentric Graphic Aspectarian for one month. These are the aspects that form between the revolving planets from the viewpoint of the Sun. They are the type of aspects that John H. Nelson found to affect the quality of shortwave radio communications on Earth (based on how calm or excited the Sun is in response to these aspects).

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