James Buchanan and Joe Biden, parallels between 15 and 46

In my article on "Outer Planet Cycles and the United States", I discovered that when Neptune was opposing its own place in the United States chart in 2021 and 2022, history was repeating what happened when Neptune previously opposed its own place from 1857 to 1859. James Buchanan Jr., the 15th President, was a Democrat with the initials JB who was born in Pennsylvania. Joseph Biden Jr., the 46th President, is a Democrat with the initials JB who was born in Pennsylvania. My article noted the astrological similarities between the charts of the two men.

Now I discover that a writer with a much better knowledge of the history of James Buchanan's presidency has also called attention to what he calls the "Frightening Similarities between the man who started the Civil War and Joe Biden". He says, "There are some frightening similarities between the man many historians blame for the US Civil War and President Joe Biden (D-Delaware). To explain, I think Biden resembles James Buchanan (D-Pennsylvania) the man many people regard as America's worst president."

My article had pointed out that Buchanan and Biden were the only two American Presidents to have in common Marketing as their top-ranked category in the Vocational Potentials Ranking list produced by AstrolDeluxe, version 10.1. In this new article, the history expert ('Daniel') writes that "Buchanan's whole political strategy, like Biden's, was compromise. Essentially, Buchanan thought he could negotiate a deal with anybody."

The article says, "One reason Buchanan could not see beyond compromise was that his entire career was about compromise." Can Joe Biden's career be described any differently? The article concludes, "In the final analysis, James Buchanan's failure shows why we need to fear political experience and politicians who claim to have it. Hopefully, Biden's presidency will not be as disastrous as Buchanan's. Yet the similarities between Biden and Buchanan are frightening. "

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