Halloran Interpretations for Chiron, Moon's Nodes, and Black Moon Lilith

It has been frustrating for astrologers not to know how to interpret aspects to Chiron, the Moon's Nodes, or the Black Moon Lilith in the natal chart. There has been a need to systematically investigate how aspects to these horoscope points manifest in people's lives and record the results in the form of complete delineation sets.

The Moon's Nodes were known to the ancients as the Dragons's Head and Tail - Caput Draconis and Cauda Draconis - the retrograde moving points on the ecliptic where the Moon's orbit rises and sets. Chiron (pronounced ky'-rahn) is a large comet-like body that orbits between Uranus and Saturn. Discovered in 1977, Western astrologers quickly recognized Chiron to be an active chart point. Astrologers in France were the first to start working with the Black Moon Lilith point. The Moon's orbit around the Earth is in the shape of an ellipse, where the Earth is at one focus and the empty focus is the direction of the Black Moon Lilith. Its mean point revolves forward around the zodiac in a little less than nine years. Working astrologers have had little guidance for these three points other than ancient myth and symbolism.

A project to systematically investigate aspects between these points and the rest of the planets took seven months, from early June 2014 to late December 2014. Halloran Software has been steadily expanding its capacity to do such research for more than twenty years. Since the first appearance in 1992 of the Windows version of AstrolDeluxe, the software has come with an included Research Charts module and our optional $59 Famous Charts collection. We have continuously worked to expand and refine both the research module and the charts collection, making them an integrated tool that one can go to in order to arrive at astrological knowledge in an independent way. Over the course of a seven month period of research and writing, I used this tool to select over a thousand male and female celebrities with well-known biographies, where I always started with charts that had the aspect close and investigated what their biographical sketches had in common, trying to avoid people whose charts included competing aspects that might complicate the effect.

My research found strong signatures for the Semi-Square (45d) and Sesquiquadrate (135d) aspects, so the resulting interpretation sets delineate these aspects also, in addition to the traditional major aspects including the Inconjunct (150d; AKA quincunx).

When I started examining the statistics for aspects to the Moon's Nodes, I realized that the frequencies for some of the aspects were quite different between males and females in the Famous Charts collection. Later I saw the same thing with aspects involving the Black Moon Lilith. This convinced me that for the Moon's Nodes and for the Black Moon Lilith I needed to research and write one interpretation set for males and a different interpretation set for females.

One of the first things that I discovered about the mysterious Black Moon Lilith is that it is nothing to be afraid of. 98 people in the database of 5200 Famous Charts have the Black Moon Lilith as their most dominant planet. To give you an idea of the quality of person it produces, just one person out of the 80 famous people born before 1650 had the Black Moon Lilith dominant, and that person was Michelangelo. Together in the list, we find Albert Einstein, Werner Erhard, Federico Fellini, Pope Francis, and Sigmund Freud. The married couple Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe are both in the group. None of the 98 are criminals. Each of their lives made the world a better place. They tend to be irrepressible wild-cards with distinctive individualities. Here is the complete list of the 98 well-known people who were born with the Black Moon Lilith as the most dominant planet in their charts.

The following male interpretation affirms the importance of both of the new chart factors, Chiron and the Black Moon Lilith.

Chiron square BlackMoon

A life with this aspect is dedicated to growth and learning. The aspect exaggerates the flow of all of your energies, whether it be your talents and abilities, your capacity to perceive and learn, your love of women, your feelings, or your generosity. You like to improvise because it makes you feel alive. You don't mind making mistakes because you can learn a lot from them. You experience life as it is without trying to control or restrain it. If you are athletically inclined, your fascination with growth could lead you to experiment with performance enhancing supplements. When you are interested in something, your mind can have a laser-like focus. You can drink in scientific knowledge, especially if it gets you to your goal. You can befriend and support people who are on the cutting edge. Others can see you as a rebel or iconoclast, one who challenges dogmas, sacred cows, and sacred icons. This can make you alternately shocking or funny and refreshing. You probably have an impressive list of hobbies and diversions. Without constructive challenges to stimulate you, you could numb pain and boredom with alcohol and other drugs. A daily trip to the fitness club could keep you busy and healthy. Or you could discover a talent for dance or music. You are capable of being transformed by a mystic spiritual experience. Perfection will always be out of reach, but you can glimpse it from time to time.

You can confirm the effect of this aspect by reading biographical sketches for the following men, each of whom has this aspect exact within an orb of 0d 12m - José Canseco, Werner Erhard, Edmond Halley, Nick Nolte, Arthur Rubinstein, and Paul Taylor.

Check out the interpretation for this Moon's Node aspect found in the chart of the late comedienne Joan Rivers:

Midheaven sextile North Node

Being a stay-at-home housewife might not appeal to you. During your life you could benefit from associations with powerful, famous, or wealthy people. You could have a happy and friendly demeanor. You could marry into wealth. You could run a social salon or start a small publishing company. The danger is if you relax into a party lifestyle that you have not earned. There can then come a time when the easy life departs just as easily as it came. Make sure that you have the skills to support yourself when your powerful friends are no longer there. You are more aware of the larger public world than most and you are affected by it. You can be an entertainer or become an agitator for social change. When you have enjoyed the big world enough, you might decide to spend more time with your kids.

Grace Kelly planet strengths

Above is a graph showing the planet strengths for 1950s actress Grace Kelly, who became Grace, Princess of Monaco, when she married Ranier, Prince of Monaco, in 1956. The three strength bars to the right show that Grace Kelly was born with all three of the newly delineated chart points strong in her natal chart, although the Midheaven, Pluto and the Moon appear slightly more dominant.

Click this link to see a five page report for Grace Kelly that I have specially prepared in order to illustrate the accuracy and quality of the Chiron, Moon's Node, and Black Moon interpretations that astrologers running Halloran Software will now have added to their standard natal reports.

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