Local Space and Astrocartography Maps

As of version 8.5, AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter has been upgraded to calculate and display both styles of maps with planet lines for a person: the well-known Jim Lewis-style Astrocartography maps and the less well-known Local Space, azimuth, or horizon chart maps. This page will use the maps for well-known persons to illustrate how you can use the two map styles to complement each other. Note that these maps only work when the time of birth is known.

Maps for Dr. Barbara De Angelis

One day in 1969, when Barbara De Angelis was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin, a friend asked what she was planning to major in. De Angelis hadn't a clue. "But I knew the thing I cared more about than anything was relationships and intimacy," she says. "As a joke, I said, 'I don't know, I just want to get a Ph.D. in love.' "

The moment proved prophetic. Though De Angelis didn't know it, the me decade was dawning, and the equivalent of a Ph.D. in love (in her case a B.A. in communications, a Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia Pacific University and plenty of workshops on intimacy) would soon be not only possible but a smart career move as well. Today De Angelis, 39, has built a one-woman empire on her self-created role as a "love teacher" (which appears on the license plate of her Mazda RX7 as LOVTCHER). She owns the Personal Growth Center in West Los Angeles, where she leads monthly seminars on "Making Love Work." She has a local radio talk show, where she spends two hours a day dispensing amorous advice. Best of all, her second book, Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know, spent 13 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list. "I've always just wanted to make people feel good," says De Angelis, whose first book, How to Make Love All the Time, was also a big seller. "And here I am, making a living at it. It's amazing." [Source: August 13, 1990 People Magazine]

There are four important locations for Dr. Barbara De Angelis: 1) Philadelphia, PA where she was born on March 4, 1951 at 9:40 AM; 2) Madison, WI where she attended the University of Wisconsin; 3) West Los Angeles, CA where she headed the Personal Growth Center for 12 years; and 4) Santa Barbara, CA where she lives now.

Look first at the Local Space map, that is new with version 8.5 of AstrolDeluxe, where we see the planet lines radiating out from Barbara's birth place in Philadelphia.

Local Space Map for Barbara De Angelis

We see that when Barbara left home at 18 to attend college she followed her Venus and Mars azimuth or local space lines to Madison, Wisconsin. The location of Madison is shown with a cross in between the lines. It was here that Barbara decided that she would try to help people to reconcile the energies of Venus and Mars. The Universe seems to guide us to different places during the course of our lives where we can experience the energies that we need from our different Local Space planet lines.

Is there a place to which Barbara could move or relocate where she would be more likely to be successful? This is essentially what the Astrocartography map shows, lines for those places where one of our natal planets will be heightened by being on a chart angle if we relocate to that place. Look now at Barbara's Astrocartography Map. The cross marking West Los Angeles is difficult to see because Barbara's Jupiter and Moon's North Node on the Ascendant lines go right through it. Having Jupiter rising in the relocated chart opens up a plethora of opportunities for expansion. Having the North Node rising can bring fame and opportunities for advancement.

Astro Map for Barbara De Angelis

Of course, a person can only realize the Jupiter or North Node potential described by the natal chart, even when those planets are maximized, so let us look at Barbara's natal chart now.

Natal Chart for Barbara De Angelis

We see that Jupiter is the focus of a tight Arrow Yod or Finger of God pattern from the outer planets Neptune and Pluto. The 150-degree aspects push the native into growth and the outer planets make the nature of the growth more mental than physical. Here is what I wrote for the Halloran Aspect Patterns report, "With Jupiter as an Arrow Yod pattern focus planet, you are a hard worker with a distinct style and identity. You can put in many long hours of study and experiment in your chosen field. You try to strike a balance between formal and informal on-the-job training. You are neither a dilettante nor a narrow scholar, but instead a wide-ranging adventurer. Like an architect, you master both theory and technique. With this pattern, success comes after you pay your dues. Your efforts to expand your horizons can cause you to be a leader. You have the ability to see beyond superficialities and focus on what is essential. That's how you keep your life real."

It is clear from having Jupiter heightened, first by being the focus of the tight natal Yod, and then by rising in the relocated Los Angeles chart, that Barbara had an excellent potential to reap the rewards of hard work.

Note that Venus on the cusp of the 12th house and Mars are part of a challenging Cardinal Grand Cross involving Chiron, Saturn, and Uranus. Barbara says that her five marriages have taught her more about relationships than if she "had married my high school sweetheart and been living happily ever after." The closest aspect is Mars square Chiron, which is one of the 122 new delineations in the $50 Halloran Chiron interpretation set: "You are attracted to explore issues of current political relevance. You do not shrink from raising awareness about controversial issues. You have an outspoken style. You are someone who could challenge complacent assumptions. You are an active person who likes sports. You are comfortable around new technology. At an early age you developed and became interested in the opposite sex."

I do not intend this page to be all about Dr. Barbara De Angelis. I picked her chart because I just recently added it as #5200 to the $59 Famous Charts collection when I realized that a birth time is known for her and that we did not yet have it. I heard Barbara lecture at a breakfast meeting of the Inside Edge group in Beverly Hills in 1989. I have and can recommend her 2006 book How Did I Get Here? It helped to restart my personal growth when I had become stuck.

Maps for Madonna

The local space position of each of the planets at the time of birth describes a great circle line on the spherical earth. When you move along a planet line, you end up doing the kinds of things that the planet rules.

Here is an example of a local space lines world map for Madonna:

Local Space Map for Madonna

These planet direction lines are also called azimuth lines or horizon chart lines. From her birthplace in Michigan, Madonna followed a line to New York City for Vesta, the asteroid goddess of devotion and focus, which asteroid has only positive aspects in her chart, including sextiles to her Moon and Ascendant and a sextile to Mars. Then Madonna chose to relocate to the southern coast of England, in between her prosperous Jupiter and spiritual Neptune conjunction lines. Note that by retiring to Santa Barbara, Dr. Barbara De Angelis also chose a place that is near her Local Space Neptune line.

Here is the Astrocartography map for Madonna with a cross showing the Wiltshire location of her residence in the U.K.

Astro Map for Madonna

What is most interesting about this ACG location is that it emphasizes her Sun-Chiron opposition. From the Halloran Chiron interpretation set for Sun opposite Chiron: "Experiences in your life have marked you as kind of a tough guy. The result is that you can have close to a fortress mentality, in which you look out for yourself and are determined that no one is going to put anything over on you. This aspect increases your practical intelligence -- you will probably enjoy some success in life, but you will hide that you need the success in order to alleviate inner pain that is left over from childhood. You are able to turn adversity into something constructive. You are quite comfortable being the center of attention -- you will find and perform activities which ensure that you stay there. You can be a fierce and capable competitor. Look for alleviating supportive aspects in your horoscope, especially to the Sun and Chiron -- the activities indicated by those aspects are the ones that will actually bring you peace. You can also turn your powerful mind towards searching for life's deeper meanings. Setbacks or illness might be the impetus for doing that."

Chiron finds constructive outlets for expression by being at the center of a tight Fire trine between Saturn and the Black Moon Lilith, with Chiron closely sextile to both of them. By living at this location, Madonna emphasizes that her career connects her both to the business power structure (Saturn) and to the world of wild, rebellious dance club partygoers (Black Moon Lilith).

Madonna's father largely raised her because her mother died from cancer when she was only six. The Sun in the natal chart represents the father. Here is Madonna's natal chart:

Natal Chart for Madonna

Maps for George Foreman

George Foreman (born January 10, 1949 at 9:15 PM in Marshall, TX) is a retired American professional boxer, two-time World Heavyweight Champion, Olympic gold medalist, ordained minister, author, and entrepreneur (the George Foreman grill has sold over 100 million units worldwide).

George Foreman's Local Space Map is the key to understanding the religious experience that changed George's life on March 17, 1977. George had a reputation as a merciless hard puncher whom the fans disliked, but he had a record of 45-1 and if he won the fight that night against Jimmy Young in San Juan, Puerto Rico then Muhammad Ali would have to surrender his WBA title or defend it against George. That night George did not fight a bad fight, but he was unable to score a knockout, his knee once touched the canvas, the fans were against him, and he was tired at the end of the fight. George lost by unanimous decision. George was not injured, but he felt himself dying back in the dressing room. Although tough George Foreman had never been very religious, he had a religious vision in which God allowed him to live if he agreed to change his ways. George rose from the table saying, "Jesus Christ has come to life in me! Hallelujah, I've been born again!" George felt great and began kissing everyone in the room. With this experience, George Foreman began an important new phase in his life, that of ordained minister for a church in Houston.

In the Local Space map below, San Juan, Puerto Rico is highlighted and you can see that George Foreman followed his Venus and Uranus lines to San Juan. With his Venus line going through San Juan, George wanted the crowd to love him and was hurt that they did not. But the astrologer cannot go just by the general nature of a planet in a person's map; one must see what are the aspects to that planet in the natal chart. In the case of natal Venus, not only does it oppose shocking Uranus with an orb of 0d 26m, but Venus is in quintile (72d) aspect to Neptune with an orb of 0d 02m. The quintile is a minor aspect, but this one is so exact that it cannot be ignored. With Neptune closely aspecting his natal Venus, George channeled mysticism instead of his normally strong Mars. Since there is a particular date, we should also look at the progressions and transits that affected him on that date.

Local Space Map for George Foreman

Before we leave the Local Space Map, note that Foreman followed his Mercury Mars conjunction lines to Kinshasa, Zaire, Africa in 1974 for a major title defense fight against Muhammad Ali. It became the first fight that Foreman lost in his professional career. The fight is so famous that it has its own Wikipedia entry, The Rumble in the Jungle. It is described as "arguably the greatest sporting event of the 20th century." The fight took place at 4 AM West Central Africa Time on October 30, 1974. Saturn was stationary on that date, turning retrograde the next day at 18 Cancer 54, from which it opposed George Foreman's Sun at 20 Capricorn 35 but sextiled Muhammad Ali's Saturn at 21 Taurus 38. Ali would later name the strategy by which he gradually wore out the younger and stronger George Foreman the 'rope-a-dope' strategy.

When George Foreman moved from Marshall, Texas to Houston, Texas to work as a minister at a church, he not only followed his Chiron line in the Local Space Map but he moved to a place where Chiron was within 0d 23m of his relocated IC or 4th house cusp. Chiron, the planet of growth, is strongly aspected in George's chart and the 4th house rules the home. George has a big family with 12 children, both natural and adopted. And yes, it is true that his 6 sons are all named George.

The closest natal aspect to Chiron, with a 0d 13m orb, is Mars sextile Chiron. Here is the Halloran Chiron delineation of this aspect: "The planet for action (Mars) combines with the planet for growth (Chiron) in a constructive way. You do not hold back -- you throw yourself into life. You are more likely to be mobile - to move your residence and to travel with this aspect. You could find success as an athlete. You draw energy from social crowds, motion and travel, as well as from the work that you love. You are not intimidated by challenges. You learn to handle them by being well organized. You probably enjoy a more adventurous life than do most people. A typical office job would not offer the opportunities for action that you desire to grow. This aspect often occurs in the charts of strong women. There is more likely to be a focus on sexuality if there are no outer planet aspects to Mars. The outer planets, including Jupiter and Saturn, tend to sublimate the energy of Mars into more transpersonal, communal, and intellectual activity. Outer planet aspects help to give you the big picture. A caveat is that the addition of outer planet Uranus in trine aspect to Mars can give problems with self-discipline and impulse control. An injury or setback could be necessary in order for you to figure out what you should be doing. You can end up diversifying your interests and growing successfully in several different areas. You are unlikely to get stuck in a rut."

Another important natal aspect is Chiron opposing the Moon. Lois Rodden confirms the typical signature of a challenged Chiron when she says of George, "He was a ghetto kid, very close to his mom, and his world fell apart at 14 when she had a nervous breakdown." Chiron is the planet of growth and healing. Here is George's ACG map, showing that a line for Chiron on the IC goes right through Houston on the south coast of east Texas.

Astro Map for George Foreman

Here is George's natal chart, to which I have added the progressions and transits for the night of his loss to Jimmy Young, after which George experienced his religious conversion.

Tri Wheel for George Foreman

The importance of George Foreman's natal Venus in what happened to him in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 17, 1977 is confirmed by looking at the progressions and transits on that date. Both progressed and transiting Mars are in the same close sextile aspect to natal Venus, whose Local Space line he had followed to reach the fight. Transiting Mars was conjunct progressed Mars at 27 Aquarius, marking the end of an activity cycle, and both aspected the natal Venus at 27 Sagittarius, whose azimuth line crosses San Juan. When the Universe plans for something to happen, it uses more than one astrological factor.

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