Astrology for Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas gunman

The FBI keeps searching the Las Vegas gunman's house when really they should be searching his astrology chart.

A similar mysterious shooting case occurred 51 years ago, on August 1, 1966, when for no apparent reason an intelligent young man named Charles Whitman killed his mother and wife, whom he professed to love very much, and then carried an arsenal of weapons and ammunition up to the clock tower observation deck at the University of Texas in Austin, from which over a 96 minute period he shot and killed fifteen people (including one unborn child) and injured thirty-one others.

Halloran's post-mortem analysis of Charles Whitman's astrology chart for that date appears here.

When Charles Whitman snapped, all the major forecasting techniques were influencing him.

Stephen Paddock was born on April 9, 1953 at 11:05 AM in Clinton, Iowa. His birth certificate appears on-line here.

As the planets change position with time, they can only activate whatever potential is already in a person's birth chart. If you ask any astrologer what planets are the most hard and cold, they will tell you Pluto and Saturn. If you ask what planets are the softest, they will tell you the Moon and Venus. Stephen Paddock was born with the emotionally difficult aspects of Pluto opposing his Moon and Saturn opposing his Venus.

Here are some quotes from his Personal Path report. From Moon opposite Pluto, "You have a rather suspicious nature and don't let others close to you too easily." "Emotional happiness does not come easy for you, and you experience a lot of pain along the way." "you launch preemptive strikes, to be sure you get them before they get you." "Be more aware of the emotional needs of others and watch that your actions do not hurt anyone else. At times you can be just plain hard to get along with." From Saturn square Ascendant, "One of your main goals in life is to achieve and maintain financial security." From Ascendant opposite Chiron, "You have little respect for limiting boundaries. You can be a forceful, controlling person with a sometimes prickly relationship with other people."

The Moon-Pluto and Venus-Saturn oppositions are about 63 degrees apart. A technique that has proved to be very powerful in timing is called Solar Arc Directions, which involves rotating all the planets of the birth chart by the amount of the Sun's progressed motion and then comparing the rotated chart to the natal chart. Stephen Paddock's natal Sun in Aries is at 19.55 degrees and his progressed Sun for October 1, 2017 was at 81.87 degrees, a difference of 62.32 degrees.

When all the natal planets are directed forward by that amount to produce the Solar Arc Directions chart, and one then compares it to the natal chart, that produces the biwheel chart shown here:

Solar Arc Directions biwheel for Stephen Paddock

The Saturn opposition Venus aspect in the inner natal chart squares his Ascendant-Descendant axis. By Solar Arc Direction, the Moon moves from the 8th house to the 10th house where it opposes natal Saturn and squares the Ascendant. Pluto moves from the 2nd house to the 4th house where it opposes natal Venus and squares the Ascendant. This is when Stephen started scouting out events where he could take revenge for his emotional pain. When I do Solar Arc Directions, this is what I look for - two tight patterns that come together as of a certain date. The AstrolDeluxe program makes it easy for you to compare charts. After you select a person's chart from the Saved Charts listbox, you select Solar Arc Directions when you go to Options, Progress a Chart and with that wheel shown you select File and Compare Progressed Chart to Natal Chart in order to see the biwheel.

Like Charles Whitman before him, Stephen Paddock was feeling and responding to invisible inner compulsions. When the materialists come up empty in their search for answers, astrology provides the explanation. As heartrending as this tragedy is, note that all the violent murders in 1966 did not prevent people from coming together for the Summer of Love in 1967.

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