" PLACIDUS 7.0" -

by Rumen K. Kolev


"PLACIDUS version 7.0" has all the primary direction and forecasting features of Placidus 5.1, but supports the extensive Porphyrius Magus add-on module for ancient astrology, which includes:
Evaluating a Chart's Prognostication Rulers,
The Celestial Pentagram of Venus,
The Circle of Petosiris,
The Oktatopon,
Heliacal Calendar,
Heliacal phases of stars and planets,
2D images of the zodiac with the stars, and
The Hermetic Zodiac with all 3 kinds of projection of the stars (simple, paranatellonta and ortus).

PLACIDUS 5.1 and 7.0 can both run in WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS VISTA, and WINDOWS 7.

For viewing on your own computer, you can download a 5.15Mb zip file of Rumen Kolev's 25-page Adobe PDF description of the Porphyrius Magus, Version 2 module, or you can click on the following Version 1 links:

Click to see the author, Rumen Kolev. (110Kb PDF)

Click to see the Porphyrius Magus, version 1 Title Page. (80Kb PDF)

Click to see a screen wheel of Adolf Hitler assigning all three astral trinity ruling positions to the planet Saturn. (203Kb PDF)

Click to see an explanation of The God's Light- the Hyleg (Epikratetor), The Guardian Angel- the Alcocoden (Oikodespotes), and The Ego- the Almuten (Kurios). (115Kb PDF)

Click to see how the graphic chartwheel indicates the doriphoria, the diurnal/nocturnal planets, and the heliacal phase dates. (94Kb PDF)

Click to see how the program shows the bounds of the planets in order to know which planet's bounds a chart planet is in, with an introduction to the program's thought processes. (79Kb PDF)

Click to see the eight stages of Ptolemy's thinking in determining the chart's Alchocoden and Hyleg . (194Kb PDF)

Click to see how the user can change the bounds system, the house system, Arab or Ptolemaic Pars Fortunae and the almuten system by which to choose Who rules the Hyleg, i.e., the Alcocoden or Guardian Angel. (157Kb PDF)

Click to see how the Show Source button brings up original sources in Greek and Latin for the last and ultimate deliberation and consideration of the astrologer . (284Kb PDF)

Click to see the Almuten Wizard of Porphyry, how it assigns points to each potential almuten . (256Kb PDF)

Click to see the second register of the Almuten Wizard in detail, showing the 10 stages of its evaluation leading to stage 11, in which "the King of the Nativity, the Ruler, the Ego who commands is proclaimed and crowned". (168Kb PDF)

Click to see how the wizard lets the user revise the point values and rules followed by a particular author's system. (261Kb PDF)

Click to show Porphyry's original Greek text about the Epikratetor, Oikodespotes, and Kurios. (322Kb PDF)

Click to see the control panels which control what you see on the screen, including Birth-Chart or Dynamic Mode and 1-D, 2-D, or Prognosis View. (219Kb PDF)

Click to see in detail what chart elements, including Heliacal Phases, one can show or hide. (102Kb PDF)

Click to see the 2-Dimensional View, Birth-Chart Mode projection of the celestial sphere. (280Kb PDF)

Click to see the Prognosis View of the Birth-Chart. (377Kb PDF)

Click to see the primary directions in list form and how you specify the key (time-measure) and time-limit. (120Kb PDF)

Click to see the step control for Dynamic Mode which lets you see how the Hyleg changes over the day, how the crown of the King goes from planet to planet, how the Guardian Angel changes, and everything- planets in Hays, Doriphoria- real and those with black axes, planets in heliacal phases.... (110Kb PDF)

Click to see the Chart of Hitler forwarded in the Dynamic MODE 43.658 days to 30 JAN 1933. Hitler becomes a Kanzler on this day. (325Kb PDF)

Click to see screen shots of the Heliacal Module and the Alcabitius Hyleg-Alcocoden Module. (426Kb PDF)

Click to see screen shots of the Module showing the Hyleg-Alcocoden-Almuten according to ALL authors and the Syzygy Information Panel. (246Kb PDF)

Click to see the Almuten Wizard of ALL AUTHORS (except Porphyry). (391Kb PDF)


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