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Version 10.3 adds a list of the selected chart's Planetary Containments to the Options menu of the Natal Information screen. The list of containments includes the Ascendant and Midheaven, when the birth time is known, and each of the ten planets from the Sun to Pluto. A planetary containment is a sequence of three planets that were adjacent in the zodiac when a person was born. This ancient technique was rediscovered by the French astrologer Alexandre Volguine in his 1974 book Les Significations des Encadrements dans l'Horoscope. The technique detects which two planets enclose or frame a target point irrespective of their distance or asymmetry. After studying more than 6000 charts during 25 years, Volguine concluded that the framings of the Ascendant and Midheaven were so decisive for personality and career that planetary containments allow birth time accuracy to be assessed at a glance. Containments are one of the chief factors to examine when a choice is required between two versions of a chart. To interpret the planetary containments for the Ascendant, Midheaven, and ten planets, version 10.3 adds about 900 interpretations, used with permission from the 1980 Planetary Containments book by John Sandbach and Ronn Ballard. Their polished interpretations reflect good understandings of the planetary natures. After examining the Planetary Containments grid for a chart, click on Interpret, Create Report to get the person's three-page interpretation report. You can print this report by itself, to a printer or pdf file, or you can save the short report in order to copy and append its contents to a longer natal report.

Hunter Biden Planetary Containments

The provided containment interpretations will get you started thinking about and using planetary containments. The Planetary Containments book provides longer discussions of each, including negative possibilities, before it gives these positive summaries. I do not believe in making negative predictions from astrological factors on account of the potential for setting a self-fulfilling prophecy in motion. An astrologer in Massachusetts, Dave Monroe, tells me, "I pick and choose and modify from the long versions in order to fit the context of the person's life and chart. I like Planetary Containments more than Ebertin's midpoints, but they require work to use them." Dave tells me that he finds the three-planet containment interpretations helpful for interpreting Yod aspect patterns as well as for planet to midpoint aspects.

Look at the following Ascendant and Midheaven containments for recent United States Presidents and see if you agree with Volguine about the Ascendant and Midheaven framings being decisive for personality and career.

Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Friday, November 20, 1942 8:30:00 AM


A beautiful personality is projected in a simple and humble manner.



An openness to cosmic energies and a focusing of their force into idealistic pursuits insure social and career success.

A psychological analysis by the Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics confirms the above two personality and career containments for Joe Biden.

Donald Trump

Friday, June 14, 1946 10:54:00 AM


Constructive endeavor which serves high-minded motives reinforces the personality.



Going on their feelings brings much creativity and inspiration into the individuals' work.

Barack Obama

Friday, August 04, 1961 7:24:00 PM


The personality is projected optimistically while engaged in daily activity.



A dedicated attitude toward career and social concerns makes the individuals willing to work within the confines of the material world, because they accept the nature of those confines.

George Walker Bush

Saturday, July 06, 1946 7:26:00 AM


New experiences are approached with flexibility that grows out of the maintaining of objectivity.



Going on their feelings brings much creativity and inspiration into the individuals' work.

William Jefferson Clinton

Monday, August 19, 1946 8:51:00 AM


Purposefulness is projected through the identity in a forceful and constructive manner.



New and progressive concepts which meet the demands of necessity insure career and social success.

George Bush

Thursday, June 12, 1924 11:00:00 AM


Approaching daily situations with a strong sense of idealism and sensitivity leads to an inner fulfillment.



A fresh and unusual approach to social and professional concerns is projected in a quick and resourceful manner.

Ronald Reagan

Monday, February 06, 1911 3:45:00 AM


The personality is inherently enthusiastic and projects this with directness and force.



An idealistic approach to career and social concerns, which has faith in the workings of the cosmos, achieves success.

Jimmy Carter

Wednesday, October 01, 1924 7:00:00 AM


A purposeful and centered personality is projected in a consistent, constant and practical manner.



An openness to cosmic energies and a focusing of their force into idealistic pursuits insure social and career success.

Gerald R. Ford

Monday, July 14, 1913 12:43:00 AM


The personality is independent and forceful.



An enthusiastic and expansive attitude toward career is projected in a free, individualistic manner.

Richard M. Nixon

Thursday, January 09, 1913 9:35:00 PM



A sensitive and idealistic personality is projected with forcefulness and directness.



Concentration projected with great endurance insures social and career success.

Based upon the above containments and the Wikipedia article about the "Madman theory" of foreign policy, that President Nixon originated, it looks like astrologers have Richard M. Nixon's correct birth time.

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