AstrolDeluxe User Testimonials

In December 2022, I bought another copy of your AstrolDeluxe program for one of my students as a gift. I have several different astrology software programs including yours; and I must say yours is the easiest to learn to use, and the absolute best for doing research which helps everyone from the beginning student to the professional astrologer learn more about themselves as well as others. I encourage everyone to buy your program and see what they can learn by comparing their chart to those of famous people who have some of their planets in the same sign as yours, in the same house as yours, and in the same aspect as yours. I used your program to do more than a year long study of decans by using your search function to discover the people born in each of the 36 decans of the Zodiac. I found much good information that was quite revealing by taking the time to compile these charts and learn from this study. There is so much to be learned when you have the research capability of this program in basically every area used by astrologers such as the following categories that astrologers specialize in: Natal, Synastry, Medical, Electional, Mundane, Political, History, Children, Prediction, Midpoints/Cosmobiology, Uranian, Asteroids, Shamanic, Vibrational, AstroCartography, the Stock Market/Financial, Vocational, Ancient, Psychology/Psychiatry, and anything else one can think of. Love your program John!

Jackie Harvey, Professional Astrologer for 50 years

I have been using your software for nearly thirty years and have found it a reliable source of information and reference. The effort that you expend in developing this suite of reports and interpretations must be truly commended.

As a professional metaphysical counselor, using the AstroDeluxe programs, in all their iterations, has been an invaluable tool in providing information and guidance for those I have worked with.Additionally, I have utilized the software in preparing weekly astrological forecasts and projections for the future.

You have always been a ready resource in using AstrolDeluxe and, hopefully, will continue on into the future. I would recommend your products for beginners and experts in the astrological field. You will not be disappointed!!

Lou Cheek, aka Lou Raedwulfe, author of the Stones and Stars e-book series on Amazon

I wanted to say thank you ... I've spent countless hours with this program, all very delightful. It's a real treat.
I've recommended your software to all beginning astrologers I've met. It's the best, intuitive and a reasonable cost.
Your software is my right hand. I think I've used it for 30 years .... I remember hesitating over the $26.50 purchase after some time with the shareware. Best purchase ever.. Yu rock!
Of course you can quote me!,
Carol Fleming

Thanks John ! I have set it up and had a look around.The nested time and the vocational ratings are fascinating.You have indeed worked hard to provide us with a multitude of amazing capabilities.Once again a big ThankYou.
Best Regards, Anthony.


Excellent job with the Black Moon interpretation set. For me they've really illuminated some important points in a chart. I think most casual astrologers ignore Lilith in a reading. I know I did and mostly because most of my printed reference material didn't cover it. I'm one who tends to try to reconcile events in my own life or the lives of those close to me with chart artifacts and quite often there wasn't a clear correlation between them, until the Black Moon was brought into play. For some things in my personal life these were on the level of "eureka moments", and to some extent to a few I've done readings for as well. It's fun to hear someone say something like, "so that's why......" and this has happened quite a bit with your Black Moon interpretation set.

I'm grateful you took the time to put these together. It's not only been a valuable addition to your other software but has spurred me on to further study and a quest for deeper understanding of Lilith, moon's nodes and other asteroids. I understand you're working on a minor square interpretation set and am most anxious for you to complete that. It's another facet of astrology that seems sorely lacking in other resources and one I believe would also be a great enhancement.


Randall DuCharme (Radio AD5GB)

Hi John:

The progressed Moon cycle is one of the most important facets of my astrological interpretations, corresponding to the evolutionary path of a person's lifetime. The progressed new moon is a seed beginning, the first quarter a crisis in action, the full moon a transformation of consciousness, and the last quarter a crisis in consciousness. The Sabian symbols for the progressed new and full moons in particular symbolize guiding principles in a person's life.

I've been using AstrolDeluxe for many years and am thrilled that Halloran Software is now including the progressed lunation cycle calculations in its software package, since trying to determine the day of each lunation otherwise is a tedious procedure of repeatedly guessing and recalculating. With this addition to an excellent software program, I recommend AstrolDeluxe even more highly than I have in the past.

Tracy Marks, M.A., Arlington, Massachusetts astrologer/psychotherapist
Author of Astrology of Self-Discovery, Art of Chart Interpretation and more

John, AstroDeluxe Platium sounds very exciting. I would like to purchase the beta software and be a part of the beta testing. I have been working with Lorin Baker for several years and at his recommendation have been using your software, which is exceptional. The only time I return to Solar Fire is when I am working with Heliocentric charts. This addition to AstroDeluxe will fill this need. The new feature that allows search for planets in aspect is also a welcome addition. I have been using Crystal Reports to do this type of search from an Access database ephemeris, which is just a "make-shift workaround".

Larry Brown

I love your product. I've tried other astrology programs from time to time on other people's computer, but always prefer yours. I originally got it because it was so much cheaper than others. I don't think I would have got any at all if not for the price as Astrodienst is free online. But I'm glad I did. It has capabilities that other programs don't, and I know you've researched much of the data yourself. It's too bad that other people assume it's not as good just based on the price. So it's a conundrum - you may be chasing some people away by the higher price too.

I shall continue to upgrade from time to time and stay with Astrol Deluxe, just because it's such a great program.

Madeline Rosenstein Brooks

Hello John

Hoping these changes are timely for you, the new price is definitely appropriate and value for money.

Your graphics, functions, and interpretations have been hard to beat (yes, even with all the fancy 'fashionable' graphics that have appeared - your layout approach is more elegant & enduring), and you are always ready with new additions of new functions to incorporate, when or before they are already desired.

Obviously AstrolDeluxe shows good breeding, qualified and consistently reliable performance, and a big heart for the hard yards and the long run.

I'm sure the new sleek AstrolDeluxe Platinum will demand deserved attention and respect.

Elizabeth Howell & Craig Nieminski


No reward necessary. Your fine program is the reward. I still encourage anyone who asks about the one to go to. While I also have your competitor XX, I use AstrolDeluxe more than 99% of the time and might go a month without opening XX, while I use your program many times a day. XX IS A WASTE OF MONEY, but I never regretted buying from you after my own Teacher recommended you.

A long-time customer

"I'm just setting up my new iMac, running Mavericks OS, so I had to get new Parallels on which I loaded my old Windows XP and your programme and all the interpretations. My commitment to Winastro is the only reason I mess around with the PC stuff. it looks like you still have the best, Mr. Halloran.

"btw, this new Parallels makes switching back and forth from Mac/PC just like running another programme. sort of like it was supposed to be when they invented it! also it doesn't seem to slow down my Mac stuff if I leave it open for a while. just in case anybody asks you.

"I'm 70 now and trying to be semi-retired... looking forward to more time to spend with your programme and my own edits. "

Bette in Toronto

Hi John,

I received Halloran Deluxe Report writer this Friday, and I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the program. While I am still learning about its many features, it is far better than any previous software that I have used before.

Best Wishes,

Mike Salter [in England]

I've been using John Halloran's software since 1995, quite awhile before it was a full blown report writer. I bought [brand S] at the same time but I didn't find it as easy or as fun to use. I never upgraded [brand S] but I've always upgraded AstrolDeluxe, despite the fact that three of the four professional astrologers I've consulted with (all well known members of the AFA) tried to convince me to use [brand K]. The only one that didn't try to convince me to use [brand K] knew John, and told me his program was excellent (after all, John is a Capricorn).

My clients have always been absolutely delighted with the reports I've given them. They're awed by the accuracy and they love the color graphics. I have all of John's professional interpretation programs. I just received the program for aspect patterns and I'm completely blown away by how accurate the descriptions are. "I find the descriptions of my three aspect patterns to be 99.9% dead-on. It's like you've lived inside my body and experienced my life."

I love John's hands-on approach to support. When I first called for support many years ago, I wasn't expecting to actually get John on the phone. I just assumed I'd get the usual technical support you get when you call a support phone number. John has personally helped me many times, both by phone and email, even when the problem turned out to be a problem with my operating system and not his software.

I truly believe that AstrolDeluxe is the best astrology software you can buy. I've spent quite a bit of money over the past 13 years, but John's programs and support are worth far more than what I've spent.

Don't waste your money on other programs. You'll be sorry you did, and you'll be absolutely delighted when you buy AstrolDeluxe.

Kathie (Los Angeles)
Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Cancer Rising

I have been using Halloran's astrology software since 1996. The program keeps getting better with each upgrade! I am really impressed with the new option to generate a report for aspect patterns as this feature further helps individualize interpretation reports. I practiced using this option with my natal chart to start with, and I really like the interpretation report. Good job and thanks for providing this option!

Deanna Sava
Buffalo Grove, IL

Dear Mr. Halloran,

I want to make a statement about the Solar Return Software.

It is so superior to the [brand K] software for solar returns.

The forecast delineated by Anthony Louis is so accurate and precise it was amazing.

I am truly satisfied with the Solar Return Reports and the insights I can now depend on for the year.

The best I've ever had. Just exceptional. Very easy to understand.

J. Kathy Knebels
Newtown, PA

I've just recently met another very serious Astrology hobbyist, so I'm giving your site info to her, as we were discussing her need for a GOOD software program to run charts. Yours is the best I've ever used or reviewed, BAR NONE. Every professional astrologer I've come into contact with uses YOUR software to calculate their clients charts. Thought you'd like to know! :)

Melissa Troyer glasgavlen@yahoo.com

Hi John,

Thank you so much for your prompt service once again. The program arrived this morning - already loaded into the system. Just amazing. I feel like my life is complete again now I have this back.

Your programmes still amaze me with the ease to navigate. I suppose we tend to take this for granted when we have had the pleasure of working with your software for over 15 years.

Amanda Hall and Jack Egerton, goldentreeprod@aapt.net.au
Subject: You are great!
From: lambertsmountain@yahoo.com

Thank you for shipping our order so quickly. Linda's birthday is not until March 27th. I was hoping she would get her Report Writer early so she could be looking at her solar return before that. She did. Your shipment only took 2 days to go coast to coast. I installed it on Saturday and she started using it right away. I was amazed at how quickly she was in the middle of it. I was also very impressed that all of her data from Astrology for windows 2.3 automatically got imported into Report Writer 6.3. She is really enjoying her new program. Thanks again!

I should add that she said your program is really intuitive and easy to use. Nice talking to you!

Mark and Linda Lambert

I've installed AstrolDeluxe 6.3 and I'm very pleased with its new features. Please, keep me informed on any new release.

I've tested many other astro programs. AstrolDeluxe is surely the best one, even in order to its price.

Alessandro Cantelli
La Spezia - Italia
Bravo John,
You have now answered my inquiries completely on Planet Strengths and the practical usage of the quadwheel. I will go to the website and look at the News section and get educated.
Thanks again, you are certainly a good Capricorn, a very practical and noble business man.

"Mario G. Cucuzella", mariogc@qwest.net

[Version 6.2] arrived and I am enjoying it enormously - you have done some very good things since Version 4 which was the last that I had received. Thank you for a chart that can be used for rectification - and I still say what I have been saying for years - your programs are the best!

Kt Boehrer

(sadly, Kt passed away in January, 2004, but not before John kept his word to her and programmed her copyrighted Boehrer Declination Graph feature in version 6.2 of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter)

Kt wrote about this in October, 2003,

You are wonderful!!! It is perfect!~!




> Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 20:23:43 -0800
> From: "Kt Boehrer"
>Subject: GOOD NEWS
>I just received John Halloran's superb program for my declination chart that I love the best. It is vunderbar!! you can see both longitude and declination at a glance! It is actually better than I knew.
>John's ability and expertise are impressive - how he does it simply blows my mind! 'scuze me for fizzling!! Kt
>PS Contact John for purchasing info. I don't do money - I only spend it. Kt

I received my copy of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter yesterday. This is my first exposure to "professional" astrology software, so I don't have much to compare it to, but I am totally blown away by your software. I avoided some of your competitors because I was frankly turned off by all the overly flashy screens that look like web sites (are they productivity apps or games?) and some of the ooey-gooey new-age crap-a-rooni reports made me want to poke my eyes out with a crystal. I want to do astrology and your software helps me do that! 'nuff said.

But anyway... the main reason I'm writing is that I've seen reference in the software and on the printed order form for Kid Zone child natal reports, but I don't see it listed on the on-line order form. Are these available? I would like to order them if they are.

Thank you for writing no-nonsense software that works!!

Carl Miller

[Carl has a 10-year career background in Information Technology; his message implies that he liked the five interpretation reports that he got with the program. The Kid Zone reports can now be ordered through this web site.]

Dear John,
I spent most of yesterday visiting AstrolDeluxe for Windows Version 6.1. I really don't know how you do it John. I've briefly used three or four well-known programs which are much more expensive than yours, and AstrolDeluxe equals and/or surpasses them.
All of the improvements are a big help. I particularly like the new Graphics Aspect Chart. The bullets help so much in identifying the aspects between planets.
I really feel that I owe you a thank you for providing a remarkable astrological program that I can afford.
Once again, John, please accept my thanks for all of the time, work and talent you have put into AstrolDeluxe.
Your friend,
Dick Green
Have been using Astro Deluxe and report writers for a couple of weeks. Thank you for providing such quality astrology software at such an affordable price. Tried both [brand K] and [brand S]. Your effort is equal if not superior in most regards. AstrolDeluxe is very pragmatic and is not encumbered by the somewhat superfluous frills of the programs mentioned. I look forward to many years of enjoyment with your outstanding product.
thanks again,
Dave Walsh

I really love your program. I have AstrolDeluxe Report Writer, Version 5.0. It is so clear and easy to decipher that I end up using it more frequently than the other more expensive programs I have purchased.

Thanks again, Christine

Dear Mr. Halloran,

I just wanted to send a note to thank you for the excellent astrology program you have put together. We have AstrolDeluxe 5, plus the natal report writer, transits and progressions. We are delighted with the ease and simplicity of using your programs. We are additionally impressed with the latest update - both the notification and ease of installation. Just wanted to let you know that it has been one of the most simple programs to own and we appreciate your efforts in making it that way.


Joe and Dolphina Nagle
Dolphina Glende/Joe Nagle

Your AstroDeluxe ReportWriter Program is a very beautiful and elegant program and I am very excited to have and use it. It continues the Excellent work that you do and have done over the years. It is very appreciated and valued!!!


Robert LeClaire

Dear John,

I've been meaning to tell you how much I love the new features on Version 5 of AstrolDeluxe. My favorite feature is the instant Rectification Menu. That alone was worth the upgrade!

My other favorite new features include:

Swap Inner/Outer Charts on Double Wheel
Ephemeris Generator
Triple Wheel
and all the search features you've added.

I wanted you to know that your hard work has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. I love this new version of AstrolDeluxe!

I think it's the best thing on the market. Couldn't live without it!

Thanks again,

Diane Zeines

Hi John! Just wondered if you received my order for the Careers Reports module. If my order did not go through, I'll reorder. By the way, I'm still very impressed with the rock solid way you've made all these things work with each other. You've done an admirable job of structuring. But that's what Saturn is good at, isn't it?
Scott Groce otterscott11@aol.com

From: "Julia Pissano" <jpissano@hotmail.com>
To: john@halloran.com
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 01:54:49 -0000

AS the saying goes here: "estoy m?s contenta que perro con dos colas" (I?m happier than a two-tailed dog). I might even need a third tail to wag, because I received the program last tuesday, and I have already converted my old files PLUS tried several of the new features (composite charts, Lilith and Chiron placements and so on) As I have expected, you delivered the goods. Thank you very much!!
Looking forward to future business with your firm,
regards. J.

Attention: Ordering department (Halloran Software),

I have your "AstrolDeluxe Report Writer" with "Personal Path" & "Journey Progressions" programs. I am very satisfied with this original software which I have already received. I would now like to order the "Journey Careers"(tm) Report.

Jennifer Sindorf

Dear John,
I must say I am extremely happy with your program. I have never seen such speed and accuracy on all the modes available, and the clarity and layout of the chartwheels and tables really make working with this astrology tool very efficient and pleasant. I have never found any other program in the German-speaking astrology world either to come even anywhere near this program in its scope. I am looking forward to your future additions and developments. Please keep up the excellent service you provide.

David Evans, Vienna, Austria

John, I just want to tell you how pleased I am with the software I purchased from you. It makes sense to a beginner like me! I've already been able to help some of my friends with nice natal interps.

[a month later]
I continue to be pleased with everything I've purchased from you. I've just begun work with the StarMatch software you sent 2 weeks ago. I love to use the interps as a basis for my consulting help to my friends and then add the "personal messages" I am lucky enough to receive to modify those interps. I can't believe how they open me up to that help we all need sometimes. I've always known astrology has worked for me personally and through your software I've found my way to help the ones I love.
Thanks, Gary.

Gary Massey

A note of thanks to you and your staff for getting the "goods" to me pronto. I got it all in this weekend. I have tested just about everything at this point, and I can only say WOW.

My congratulations to you on an excellent product. This is something I could only dream of back when I started studying astrology over two decades ago! Whether this be for commercial or private use, the insights provided by Halloran Software will undoubtably impact and assist even the greatest skeptic in their own understanding of themselves and the energies around them!

Thanks again.

Jan H. Taylor, Sales Manager
Siemens Information and Communication Networks

Dear John,

As a student and hobbyist astrologer, I have had the privilege of using your software practically from its inception. As the most well-rounded, concise, user-friendly software out there (and I have tried them all from "Expert Astrologer" through Winstar), AstrolDeluxe is the only program I use for my family and friends. Perhaps the most valuable feature in the report writing software is the direct messages which accompany the detailed planetary activity---your few concrete words do a much better job than flowery sentences designed to be vague to help the seeker "get the message". As most of us admit, the hardest people to read for are those we love and your reports make the message understandable and applicable without our natural defense mechanisms getting in the way of our understanding. So, thank you John for all the hard work, inspiration and persistence---as well as always being there with a helpful response when my impatience, lack of computer skills, and astrological ignorance get in the way of your program.
Martha Humphreys


I remember when I ordered my first simple chart program from you. It was the beginning of a pleasant journey. Over the years I have added and upgraded the programs as you made improvements. This month I received my updates (4.1). I really like the addition of Chiron.

Whenever a new student asks me what to purchase, I send them to Halloran Software. It is a good way for them to get started and the student can add programs and upgrades as he/she develops skills and understanding.

Your programs are user-friendly and I can customize the appearance of the report without a lot of fuss. I also find the reports easy for non- astrologers to read and understand. I am looking forward to any new programs or additions you offer.

Dian Bustillo

After searching for and examining many different software report programs, I am delighted to have found John Halloran's AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter. It is an information source that not only gives what it promises--it gives more! As not the most advanced of voyagers in cyberspace and computerland, it is very reassuring to know that John himself is on the other end of the technical support line, offering his help and counsel. My highest recommendations.

Alan Oken

Dear John

Having had time to go over AstrolDeluxe, I have to say that it is a brilliant program. Simple and effective. I have Solar Fire 3 and I must say that AstrolDeluxe is a clear winner over Solar Fire 3. The chart conversion from SF3 to AstrolDeluxe is simple and quick and using it with Astrodynes is simply superb. With Astrodynes it really is an unbeatable combo to use in Astrological Research.


I want to begin by saying that I am more than happy with my new AstrolDeluxe program. In fact, I LOVE IT!!! the charts look great, the amount of information the program can generate is astounding, the Atlas is incredible, and I'm VERY happy with the FontMapper, which makes exporting tables much nicer. I couldn't have asked for a better value.

Sincerely yours,
Philip Covitz


I've been using your software for quite a while now -- the Report Writer, and several modules -- and it's past time to write a note of appreciation. You've produced fine software and it's a pleasure to use it. It's clean, quick, efficient, non-crashy, and answers about 95% of my needs. I have Winstar, so I have a good basis of comparison and I far prefer your product. In fact, I recently went so far as to uninstall Winstar entirely! I'm glad to know that you're producing a 32-bit version of your program but I hope you don't overcomplicate it and thus duplicate the mistake of other vendors. The great virtue of your program is its usability. Please don't sacrifice this by adding a lot of new features that will overcomplicate the software. Better that it stay just as it is!

Thanks again.



Dear John

I too should write ..thanking you for your programmes ...I have other programmes purchased over the years ..but have to say ..use yours everyday ...It is uncluttered reliable ..and simple to explain to clients ..when teaching

Am one very Uranian lady ..so have never used the interpretations of others ..but have seen yours ..and are excellent ..for someone needing this

Your programme has never let me down ......so thankyou ..have never enjoyed calculus ....so love the avoidance of maths

have researched ..many programmes ...well am a Scorpio ....but daily use yours .....

Thankyou pia ...England

Greetings, John:

As you well know I have used and enjoyed your Astrol Deluxe program since I purchased it in 1994 at the AFA Convention.

What you don't know is that while I went there to introduce a new concept of Declination and my book, 'Declination: The Other Dimension' as a faculty member, I also went determined to look at every astrological computer that was available. I wanted to meet the programmers as well because I knew from the experiences of friends that personal contact was sometimes the only way to solve problems encountered in learning to use the programs.

Believe me, I knew exactly what I wanted and I knew when you demonstrated your program that I had found it. I found your chart design clear, highly legible and aesthetically pleasing - important because I give every client a copy of his/her chart. They would have to be printed in color for additional appeal. You see, most of my clients frame and hang their charts. No, don't laugh! I have clients who have created family trees with their astrological charts. And when the chart is as beautifully designed as the Halloran charts the family tree makes a wonderful conversation piece. But that is the light side. There is more to come.

In fact, I returned to El Paso after the convention and replaced all the charts included in my book with Halloran charts - a real improvement and well worth the effort and expense!

I found your program in its entirety very logical. Step followed step in perfect order. I hardly had to touch the manual provided. And, when I did I found the manual written in 'plain English' and, in my opinion, deserving of a Nobel Prize. Yours is the only computer manual I have ever seen that didn't need a translator.

But this is becoming too lengthy - and I have more to say. I was delighted when I saw the declination printout; a graphic work of art for me since I had worked thousands of hours with declination conversion to longitude, longitudinal conversion to declination and the correction to the Ecliptic which is absolutely necessary for the research that I have been engaged in for the last 25 years. And you had left sufficient space for me to list it all on the same page. You will never know what a help that was to me.

There are many more reasons why I find AstrolDeluxe the very best - too many to list but there is one important issue that I cannot fail to mention. You were courteous and receptive to me and to the possibility of creating a computer program for the calculations and positions necessary to make the use of declination viable. The single exception among all those present. I appreciated that because it told me so much about you as a person and as a business man.

Later on I suggested that you needed to add Arabian Parts - I know I was only one of many but you listened to all of us and now your program includes the most excellent compilation of Arabian Parts that I have ever seen. It is an important aid to rectification because in a correctly rectified chart the appropriate Parts will activate at the appropriate time. A necessary ingredient in the practice of astrology.

I am looking forward with the greatest pleasure to your new program introducing your wonderful declination charts and conversion tables PLUS the North Node and South Node Charts and the charts set for the Lot of the Sun and the Lot of the Moon which will be available soon and will add only that you will have contributed more to astrology by presenting material of great value and making it feasible for individual astrologers to do a thorough and complete reading for every client than any other person that I know.

Thank you, John!

Sincerely, Katie Boehrer

Fax: 915-587-9233
Email: ktb@whc.net

Dear John,

I believe in offering praise where it is due. This is one such occasion.

Your AstrolDeluxe for Windows is an excellent program - perhaps the best out there for satisfying the everyday needs of the typical astrologer (like me) who needs charts and data computed - fast, but who can (or prefers to) handle the interpretation side themselves. And who is not (materially speaking) wealthy.

I was recently seduced by glossy advertisements to purchase the W program, which was reputed to be the end-all software program only dreamt of in all astrologers' wet dreams. Now, in hindsight, I wish I had saved my money.

Your program is so easy to use I have barely opened the user's manual (which, when I have consulted it, is very well-written for astrologers like me who may be great at astrology but who may not be well versed in computers). The term "intuitive" definitely applies here. Also, AstrolDeluxe is "solid", in fact I would say it is a textbook example of your Capricornian solidity, reliability, and thoroughness. I have had very few problems with it - and when I have, you have been there to help me, with your very patient and no-nonsense manner. I particularly like doing instantaneous horary charts (using the "Here and Now" button) and the way your program handles current transits to a natal chart - immediately. And the synastry weighting system is very useful. You even provide the asteroids and Chiron, something I have been interested in for some time. I call AstrolDeluxe my "everyday" astrological software program. It may not have trendy Transpluto or the Uranian planets, but personally (who really needs them?), I don't even understand them, not to mention do not use them every day. What I need, really you provide.

In contrast - that W. What can I say about it? It has been a major disappointment. $200 I really couldn't spare, that I may have wasted. Sure, I have discovered the fact, the ultimate reality, that no one astrological software program has it all - it is practically unavoidable for a serious astrologer (not mathematically gifted) to have to buy a number of different programs these days to get exactly what they want. W had to offer, or so I believed, over "200 charts", Transpluto, the Uranians, Astro-Clock, etc. etc. etc. They are nice, yes. But not essential. The "etc." is a little overdone, at least from the perspective of the average astrologer. W doesn't even have fixed stars, and the number of charts you can actually print is substantially less than 200. Color, color, color - on screen, yes, but forget about printing all those color charts, unless you're into just the Aries wheel, and I'm not. And the manual - a nightmare. Ugh! I have not used the W program as much as I might have because it is not as easy to use as I had imagined. When I have called (the non-800-number) for user's technical assistance and waited my turn, I have gotten at times a haughty "we don't do Windows" attitude when my questions deviated into the sphere of Windows 95 - in which, admittedly, I am just a novice. (But, you M folks, this is [snip] isn't it! "Win", I thought, stands for "Windows". I don't need that kind of putdown - I don't care what the manual says about how "understanding" they are about astrologers who are not computer wizards. It just isn't true.)

Yes, W does some nice things. When you can figure it out. Unfortunately, the "when you can figure it out" is a major, a major factor. I've had W for over a month, and still don't know how to use it. The manual is very poorly written. I have a copy of DeVore's Encyclopedia on my shelf that I can always turn to - I don't need it on line. And the quick popup interpretations and Sabian symbols - please! Any novice should already know enough of the basics to do without that feature - and I personally am less than Sabianally convinced I ought to use these verses on a constant basis. Actually, I am very skeptical.

Instead, with AstrolDeluxe, for $50 less than "basic W", I get the indispensable ACS atlas. As any astrologer who has made the fatal mistake of getting caught with his pants down can understand all too well, having gotten his time changes mixed up, and, having guessed wrong, has gambled and lost a client or two, this Atlas is indispensable. I am amazed how many areas in the U.S. did not observe daylight savings time until very recent years - how it varied from city to city, and we all know what a difference an hour makes, 60 little minutes, and half an ascendant. Never again. I hesitated when I bought it, the usual "Do I really need to spend the extra $50?" The answer is a very audible "YES". I am so glad I did that - the best $150 I have spent on astrological software was spent on AstrolDeluxe for Windows.

Seriously (Virgo rising).


Mark Gould
915 C St., SE, Washington, DC 20003

P.S. You may quote me in print.

Good Morning John!

Wow! I got your AstrolDeluxe for Windows over the weekend. It's MUCH better than I'd hoped. I simply love the searching features...those features alone will save me countless hours of digging through my charts when the whim overtakes me to find everyone with Mars conjunct Jupiter in the 5th house. :) :)

I'm afraid that I'm 'harder' on software than most. Overall AstrolDeluxe for Windows performs VERY well. This is by far, the best and most reliable astrology program I've had a chance to use. I'm quite impressed.

Thanks for all your help and patience. One thing is for sure...I always brag about this program; now I'm bragging about your wonderful service and help too!

Lorri Sloane :)
Sanford, Florida

The above are some exchanges by e-mail with an astrologer who works with computers for a living. She gave permission to quote her statements. " I enjoy your software. Anything I can do to ensure that you keep coming out with software is ok with me! :)"

Wonderful upgrade, just super. I haven't given it nearly the test drive I'd like to yet, but everything looks just incredible. Love the research section, which works for _my needs_ far better than my old CCRS92.

Thanks again for creating such a great astrology tool,

Jeanne Garner, Lexington OK/jeanneg@icon.net

Hi John!

Just wanted to write and let you know I received Astrodeluxe for Windows as well as the Shanks books and I am VERY pleased with your software!!! Thanks again!

I also wanted to tell you that I was impressed when one day I saw that someone posted a discrepancy in your software, and it was great that you were on-the-spot to clear it up [what the user needed to do differently]. This is a big plus in your favor.

Thanks for a great product!

Susan Marfield
Boulder Creek, CA

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